Valentine: Kansas City in B Reel of a Batman Movie

kcbatIs Kansas City trapped in a Batman movie?

Suddenly, villains and mayhem are at every turn. The vile stream began with the wild shoot out at The Zoo. It was a nice day in a peaceful setting when evil erupted upon an unsuspecting populous. Shaken, but believing it was an isolated incident, the metropolis moved on.

Then before the citizens could catch their breath, news of random highway shootings put them in the national spotlight again. How many shootings? Was it 12 or 20? Are they connected? The pompous local mayor took to the airwaves to try to restore the calm.

“It is nothing unusual. This is going on right now in other cities,”the mayor told  innocent city dwellers as they awaited a plan from the mayor that never was spoken.

chcimp_storyScarcely a moment had passed before the reporters’ cameras began broadcasting a mass escape of chimpanzees. Frantic mothers and children were holed up in the zoo’s theater. Televisions across the nation watched the feed from news helicopters as the hairy primates were rounded up.

Had to be the work of The Joker. How else to explain such random chaos?

Then before another news cycle could pass, a new monster arose.

neoFrom out of nowhere, a crazed Nazi perpetrated a heinous hate crime at The Jewish Community Center.  It surpassed the city’s ability to engender trust in the safety of its children to police and elected officials.

Unfortunately this is not a Batman movie.

There are far too many villains and our  heroes may not be big enough.

There is no call for a sequel.


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3 Responses to Valentine: Kansas City in B Reel of a Batman Movie

  1. the dude says:

    Where is my batphone and batsignal when I need it?

  2. mike t. says:

    No call for a sequel, but you know there will be one.

    Perhaps worse, if these things keep happening, it’s possible some lone citizen will take on that ‘batman’ mantle and decides he can do the same thing after watching a few too many Charles Bronson movies.

    • admin says:

      I dunno, mike t

      I’ve got a feeling if someone is still watching Charles Bronson movies they’re too old for the gig

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