Glazer: Put Up Your Dukes, Losers — Scribe Calls Out Anonymous Commenters

IMG_0201(1)You know, if the shoe fits…

The Kansas City Star had an interesting piece Sunday about Internet trolls and “sadists.  It was titled, “New research finds that many Internet trolls are ‘everyday sadists’ who feed on suffering.”

After I read it, all I could think about was finally, the insanity of vile, evil, anonymous, fake-name comments has come to the surface. Turns out a Canadian research team has been mulling over the data from these commenters who regularly attack individuals who write stories or make the Facebook posts, with little to no comment about the story itself.

Sound familiar?

The research team refers to them as “everyday sadists” or more pleasantly, trolls. The Star story says, “Anyone who’s ever encountered Internet trolls, those vile, racist, sexist and often profane people who gorge themselves on others’ misery, might have concluded they are psychologically disturbed.’



Darla Jaye

The Star interviewed conservative KMBZ talk radio personality Darla Jaye about these kind of commenters.

“It happens every night,” Jaye said. “I get stuff on the text line all the time where people swear at me and call me the foulest names. … It’s easy to throw something out there when you’re anonymous. That’s the thing about the Internet, especially about trolls. Most of these people are cowards.”

I find it most interesting that researchers and radio personalities use the same terms for these crazies I’ve used.


Calling anonymous, fake-name commenters cowards is appropriate. 

And nothing the blogger or columnist can say or defend with proven facts ever changes these crazy’s minds.  I like to call them haters – people who hate for no real reason.

A recent example for me came when a couple of them who called me every name under the sun in order to get me to meet them at a designated time and place to duke it out.

glazeOnce again, I showed up both times.

Knowing either way it went, I’d be attacked. But even after my showing up and being the braver person – and showing some integrity – they called me a fool and asked me why I didn’t get that it was a joke.

Of course, had I not shown up I would have been called a coward and a blowhard.  So obviously there’s no winning.

Of course, there have been many other attacks on everything about me from my age and my hair to the women I choose to date. On and on these gutless characters carry on, ad nauseam.

Look, I think you all know that I don’t mind people disagreeing with what I write. Having a different opinion is totally fine.

Their research also indicates that the higher the profile the individual being bagged on, the more the ‘trolls’ respond.

Clearly eliminating fake-names and anonymous comments would slow this down dramatically.

Craig AdsviceHowever, it would probably not stop it.

We’re dealing with sadists, after all. Sadists of a very particular order.  Here’s psychologist Erin Buckels take:

“We use the term ‘everyday sadist’ to emphasize that we are referring to sub-clinical levels of sadism, and not the more extreme forms that are seen in serial killers and criminals,” Buckels recently wrote.

“The essential aspect of sadism,” she told the Star, “is enjoyment of cruelty. Persons high in sadism gain some emotional benefit from causing or simply observing others’ suffering.”

I’m sure we’ll continue to hear from these losers in the comment section below and/or in the near future.

So you know, bring it!
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76 Responses to Glazer: Put Up Your Dukes, Losers — Scribe Calls Out Anonymous Commenters

  1. Jim says:

    Ever notice that the less articulate a “poster” is, the more over the top his/her comment is? If you can’t string together a few well-considered thoughts, it’s easier to just shout the other guy down. JMO.

    By the way, I’m only half anonymous. I really am Jim.

  2. KC Res says:

    Shots fired at Richard Cranium. Sounds like he is going to be invited to a meeting in front of he Beaumont Club.

    And, Mr. Head, I’d show up if I were you. The last guy that didn’t died under some mysterious causes.

    • admin says:

      Rest in peace, smartman!

      • hot harley says:

        his heart and mind were so filled with hate that it probably
        still rages thru his body.
        his comment “burn the jews” was the ultimate…showing
        how hate can overtake a human.
        hate is a terribole emotion to carry…it can eat up
        a person from inside.

        • admin says:

          He was a very strange man in many ways.

          A very interesting and clever man as well.

          But clearly the smartman did have a VERY dark side.

    • Richard Cranium says:

      The problem with arguing with a moronic 60 year old wannabe, is from a distance all you can see is his pathetic comb-over.

      • admin says:

        Uh, better get those eyes checked, Richard.

        It’s definitely not a comb-over

      • Bob says:

        I gotta go with Hearne on this one. That mat of transplanted pubic hair on his head is clearly not a comb-over.

  3. the dude says:

    Oh Lord Glazey, you actually showed up to one of these online taunts again?
    Are you seeing a pattern here Mr. Mensa?

  4. hot harley says:

    or how about chuckles the sad clown of kcc…this sound familiar“

    Anyone who’s ever encountered Internet trolls, those vile, racist, sexist and often profane people who gorge themselves on others’ misery, might have concluded they are psychologically disturbed.’

    to a tee this fits this dude. Always with the hate of an entire race of human
    beings…categorizing the acts of a few to run down the entire 30 million….
    always with nothing but hate and threats of violence directed toward
    the entire group. Not just jabs or factual fun comments…lighthearted
    jabbing or debate…but some of the most disgusting low gutter language
    from reliable sources like racist news outlets…world news daily or the
    dozens of other phony losing footnote videosand horrid vile cut and pastes
    from everyone from the kkk to the Aryan websites.
    You don’t need to just direct your hatred at glaze or myself…you can
    direct it at entire groups of humans….where small misfits hurt theoverall
    reputation of millions of people.
    the same techniques used by tyhis horrible individual were the same
    tactics used by hitler/stalin/etc. to debase entire groups of humans
    and to use those word to heighten the hate and anger against
    a single group of people. yes..its the clown of kcc….chuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but sorry glaze you’re wrong again…here’s your money quote

    “Of course, had I not shown up I would have been called a coward and a blowhard. So obviously there’s no winning”

    no you would not have been a coward…a coward would have shown up…afraid
    someone would say he wasn’t man enough to fight someone he never
    met nor knew. The haters had nothing to lose. They’re losers…they’ve
    got nothing to lose in a fight in case someone unfortunately gets hurt…
    or with the new laws like stand your ground or protection of yourself (remember
    the fireman and the policeman in downtown kc and the end result of a
    man losing his life on his wedding night…tragic!!!!!!) you could have
    lost everything…your freedom…your business…your home….your
    future…everything that you put your sweat into over the last 40 years.

    stop usingthis article as a crutch for the anger and hate directed to you.
    people have disdain for you…whether its warrantd or not.
    You can stop your personal attempts to make yourself a star…go back
    to working your club and not trying to impress people…drive a ford focus
    instead of that sports car…remove your piece….follow the road of those
    who attack you…or continue to taunt and be taunted by those who
    hate successful people and hate the fact that you’re different.
    whatever you decide…again…you can walk away from all the
    hate and comments…but you wont. It seems you thrive on the attention
    and the notoriety. You’re too into your shctick to do that.
    so as they say….and as everyone from Limbaugh to Hannity/maddow to
    Michael moore…from Obama to bush….if you can’t take the heat get out
    of the kitchen RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

  5. hot harley says:

    and glaze…youdidn’t and I didn’t need a special scientific study by
    top flight Canadians or the words of dalra jaye to tell us asbout these
    people who hate.
    I’ve gotten emails from commentators on kcc threatening me…my
    family…friends…they stalkedmy house…tried to find me….they
    sent emails of hate and vicious comments that were beyond anything
    you’ve gotten.
    these people have nothing…they’re do nothings….but you can shut them
    down so quickly…
    just don’t write any more columns or appear on the radio….and they
    will go away. use afake name…or just stop with what you’re doing.
    kcc would go on…tonys blog would go on….its the heat you can’t
    stand or is it the attention you get that you crave so much.
    I think you need the attention…because without it …you’re just
    another one of billions in the world.
    you love it….don’t lie to us…it’s an adrenaline rush for you…we see it.
    and again…if you don’t like it…you know how to bring it all to an end!

  6. Hot Carl says:

    Not sure about some others on here but I don’t hate Glaze. In fact, I find his Forrest Gump-like intellect to be one of the best parts of my daily internet meanderings.

    • admin says:

      That a backhanded compliment?

      • Hot Carl says:

        Kind of. I really do get a kick out of him mangling the King’s English on a routine basis. The grammar police weep for you, Hearne. It must be a Herculean task to take his ramblings and make something coherent out of them.

        • hot harley says:

          hot talking bout glaze or me???????

        • admin says:

          Actually, since he left last year, Craig dictates most of his stuff to a Stanford’s staffer with a background of some sort in writing, so if it has Craig’s byline it’s been sanitized at least once before it even gets to me.

          Trust me, that’s a lot easier than the ones he typed up all those years. Especially before his brother taught him how to use spell check a year or so in.

          • Bob says:

            “Actually, since he left last year, he dictates most of his stuff to a Stanford’s staffer with a background in some sort in writing, so if it has Craig’s byline it’s been sanitized at least once before it even gets to me.

            Trust me, that’s a lot easier than the ones he typed up all those years. Especially before his brother taught him how to use spell check a year or so in.”

            That is fantastic.

    • Lance The Intern says:

      I think of Glazer more as a “Dewey Crowe” -like character (from Justified)…

      • Bob says:

        Nah. Dewey didn’t have a rich Daddy. He is more like Quarles. Thought of himself as way smarter than he actually was and got to where he was by being able to fall back on his rich (in Quarles’ case, surrogate) father.

        Much respect for the Justified reference, however. What a fantastic show. Had a rough couple episodes this season, but it is fine form right now.

        Ah, hell. I love Dewey…

    • Nick says:

      Now that’s funnny…

  7. Richard Cranium says:

    The level of self fellating going on with this clown is REMARKABLE. Does he really truly believe himself to be “high profile”? Because he sniffs the butts of a few radio and blog “personalities” and pretends to hob knob with the big named comedians? His club isn’t even the best by his own acknowledgement. If he wasn’t so helplessly ignorant and had a credible thought on his own, it would be sad. But in this case it’s just funny, as he continues to try propping himself up by in an imaginary world full of imaginary people he can get upset with.

    Sir. The 80s died. I think your persona should follow suit. Good luck with the next roid injection or hair plug trying to retain that ever elusive 4 years you were something.

  8. Paracelsus says:

    Key to understanding a person is the way they take criticism. One way to deal with it is to lump all criticism into a broad discounted category: “haters” and “sadists”, for example. It’s a bargain. You don’t have to listen to the immediate feedback and you exempt yourself from all future feedback from that source.

    The problem is that’s extremely weak sauce. Even weaker is the notion that turning off comments would help. With a generous handful of readers at best, can the blog afford to wall out the few who pay attention?

    Bottom line, if you put your name to public statements as a local scribe or whatever, you just can’t afford to be so fragile and precious about responses. Suck it up.

    • admin says:

      Who’s turning off comments, Paracelsus?

      We’ve got a few bad words in our screener that require approval but it’s just there as a reminder. 99.9 percent of those comments even get approved intact

      • Super Dave says:

        And those bad words are? I just had a post blocked for moderation not a cuss word one in it. I don’t believe that to be fact then.

        • admin says:

          There are a few other parameters that WordPress has in the filter system. Chuck knows what they are, more than however many links.

          And some of the words in the screener are not “cusswords.”

          Like I had to put “gay” in there to keep Craig from using it as a derogatory term in responding to some of his harsher critics.

          If you go into moderation – that’s not blocked, it’s screened – go ahead and place the comment and chances are it will be approved. It’s rare that one isn’t.

          I do have Harley on a short leash and once in a while one of his comments doesn’t pass muster. But when you think about it, he gets about a million in a week, so an ever so slight diet isn’t such a big deal.

          Except to him, of course

    • expat says:

      This. From everything I can see Craig is doing a great job enjoying the hell out of life. He should continue doing that and not let himself be unmanned by internet commenters.

  9. Libertarian says:

    I sure do miss Paul Wilson.

  10. Mr Brown says:

    Didn’t this website used to have a lot more tits? I mean at this point I’d even look at Glaziers. Words are boring

  11. CG says:

    See what I mean?

  12. CG says:

    want tits ask Hearne

  13. Rainbow Man says:

    Profanity and a vituperation of personal attacks have never made KC Con interesting. What makes it interesting is the feedback from the audience at large and some clever content and a little clever ribbing of the scribes.
    Now to Hearne’s credit, he has stuck to his guns on allowing what he allows and I am sure he has wrestled with this. So like Lorne Michaels or Tarantino, Hearne is doing it his way.
    Hey I don’t mind an expletive when it is completely pertinent, but there is a limit.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Rainbow…

      I started the screening at a point a few years ago that things were getting needlessly raunchy.

      Smartman was the main offender, but he was also arguably the King of the Comments Section. Remember his clever song ditties?

      Putting the filter in calmed things down adequately and I pretty much let 100 percent of the F words, etc, in. And with smart man dix feet under, the C word has completely disappeared. Happily.

      I do think you guys in the KCC comments section do an overall excellent job keeping on topic, with a sustainable percentage of haters and typo-lovers.

      I don’t look at Tony often, but the least interesting part of his site – to me – are the endless stream of hardcore anonymous commenters. Reading them, one after another, is like going into a really trashy public restroom and reading the walls. Who cares?

      With you guys, while you may be anonymous, the identities you’ve established makes what you each have to say far more interesting, in that we have gotten to know you and have a frame of reference.

      That’s my take anyway.

  14. Richard Cranium says:

    39 responses just to suck on to commenters? Seems soft for a “reporter” as Hearne. Seems perfect for a sniffer like glaser. Good luck Just For Men.

  15. StillAtMyMoms says:

    Glazer got an editor, ha.

  16. Super Dave says:

    Craig Glazer being condescending on anonymous commenters when basically the only other website that will print his blabbering of stories is a site built upon and stands on the right to allow commentators to comment as they please while being anonymous. Talk about taking a dump where you eat. But then when has this ever stopped Craig? He lives for the attention and strokes the fires to get it just as he is here in this story. You can’t have it both ways and if you do then you just take your lumps and go on in life. To many people Craig will always be the convict, drug user, drug seller, snitch, law breaker, liar, ripped off own father, rug wearer or guy with something dead on his head, tactless, ill mannered, has no scruples, roid raged flare ups, dead beat, phony, whiner, thug, rat fink, and many other things and nothing is ever going to change the minds of these people. So Craig, long as you fuel the fire then be man enough to take the heat when it flares up. That or find a new profession.

    • admin says:

      Craig has never been a snitch, Super Dave.

      And a number of other accusations in your list / diatribe are baseless in my opinion. Unlike you however, I have had extensive dealings with Craig and a pretty good body of information and experience to draw upon.

      Calling somebody every name in the book without an adequate basis for many of them kind of hurts your credibility.

      Now did you get a few right? Obviously.

      Craig is no saint and he’s done his share of wrongs, but two wrongs – the second being yours – do not make a right.

      • CG says:

        Thank you for clearing that up Hearne. Dave when I am out in public and that’s often, nobody ever says any of that. One almost none is true, other than being a former outlaw and all that jazz which is well documented. I took nothing from my Dad, he and I are very close. We had a lawsuit with him over money not taking his club. By the way we won the court case. All these things were in the news many times Dave. You fit the article, “troll” hate for no reason. I don’t know you and never did anything to you til you attacked me online with comments. I responded. As Hearne wrote, “you have no credibility, cause you hide behind a fake name and make things up to be mean.” You are the guy who went on and wrote a horrible book review on my book. I am sure you never read it. All this for what? Just to be the jerk you seem to be I guess. That KC Star story fits YOU.

        • hot harley says:

          normally I would tell glaze no no no no no no
          about confronting slime ball about some ofhis
          lies which include allegations that he could
          face serious legal problems with concerning
          a persons business and personal life….yes…there
          are laws prohibinting what this f*ck w*d said.
          but this time…I ‘d be interested for personal
          sake to track down this rodent just to know
          what type of low rent scum bag he is.
          I have a pretty good idea…but I’m sure theres
          more info on him.
          paybacks can be helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
          the bloodhounds are out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Super Dave says:

          Craig, I’d really would respond to your comment with facts but no matter what, you can’t and will not ever be able to deal with the truth. You and Hearne can both say what you want but I repeated what I have seen said about you and that’s public knowledge. Want to call me a troll and hater go right ahead think I will lay awake at night because of it?

        • Lance The Intern says:

          Glazer — quotation marks (“) are used for direct quotes . I don’t think Hearne stated (certainly not anywhere here in the comments section) the comment you have quoted him here as stating.

    • hot harley says:

      you forgot to add one thing “super dave”….he’s also a human being.
      and yes..he brings some of these things on by what he writes about..
      but civil people don’t act like the haters on tkc and kcc.
      we’re not animals….these people would never walk up and say those
      things to his face…..
      I give him the “biz” about sports…I know it gets him a little crazy…
      but no way I attack his family like others have.
      he’s done some wrong things in life…but we all have….
      now maybe he’s changed…
      and as I’ve always said…”life is about second chances and
      redemption”….that’s not just your god saying that…my god
      says it too.
      we can disagree…we can debate….have some fun….throw some
      jabs and funny lines…but you’re interpretation of him was
      just plain freaking over the top.
      maybe you need a little redemption in your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Steve Kramer says:

    I’m glad Hearne finally did call out one of these people who are sadistic for no reason. Steve Kramer is my name, like Hearne I’ve known Craig for nearly 20 years. He’s always been kind and fair with me as a comic and as a friend. Craig does many nice things for people who are less fortunate. I have seen his charity work at close range and often. Feeding soldiers families in Westport after 911 for free on Sundays. He did that for months. All the programs for charity from Red Friday to the Royals Bust Out in Blue, which he invented. I even preformed at a ‘Get Otis Taylor To The Hall Of Fame’ function with Len Dawson, Craig was the organizer of that event. Too many to name. You never read that here or hear about it.

    Like Hearne said Craig’s not perfect, he doesn’t pretend to be, his life is an open book. Yet Super Dave, you rattled off all these horrible words about him, why? Craig was never a snitch or rat, quite the opposite. I was interviewed by his lawyers during his last federal indictment. He sold no drugs and was never asked to ‘snitch’. He had more than 30 witnesses to the fact he was not guilty of the charges. He did admit to using drugs for personal pleasure. So have we all.

    If you knew Craig, you would not be so full of hate. He’s a good guy. Simple as that. His life is a reality show. It just happens.

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      If you are a drug dealer and you give information to the authorities on your enemies to wipe out the competition, that makes you a narc snitch.

      He has been involved in 3 felony cases over 3 decades. In each his story was found to be exaggerated.

      • the dude says:

        Agreed, probably does not help to be running away like a little chicken when your supposed “friend” is getting gunned down 20 feet away from you in one of your alleged “stings”. So if he says he has your back, I don’t think I would trust it.

        • hot harley says:

          is that what happened.?..never read king of sting…
          but that was 30 years agowasn’t it.

        • Steve Kramer says:

          Trolls, I never ran from anything, Woodbeck and Wojt were shot in the back, I didn’t see it and thought they shot the other guys. I was not in the room. Cops came everyone outside scrambled, all in the news. I testified against the people I saw there. With immunity, so I had to tell what happened or lose the immunity, not that you care.

          Balb, here I was actually responding to your sports picks and now you write this b.s. Why? I would give up dealers to eliminate competition? WTF.

          I stung dealers, back in the 70’s, there was no coke just weed. In the last deal of 2001 the government made it clear in the end I only used. No dealing. So again what are you even talking about. All this is public record, not gossip.

          Like Hearne said ‘not an angel’ all this 30 years ago. It’s all in the book and documented by press and others. Let it go boys.

          • Hot Carl says:

            So is Steve Kramer actually Glaze? Because the post above is written as if he is. And, if Glaze and Steve Kramer are the same guy, it makes the post even further up in the chain laughable. Now who’s hiding behind fake names, Glaze?

          • the dude says:

            Glazer said he was standing outside the apartment in which his associate was about to die when he heard the sounds of a struggle.
            “What did you do then?” the prosecutor asked.
            “I walked back to the elevator and hit the down button,” Glazer said, adding that he heard shots as the elevator door opened.
            Another attorney asked Glazer why he didn’t go back to help his friend.
            “You want me to get shot?” Glazer asked.

            And Vern Miller, a former Kansas attorney general who hired Glazer as an undercover agent in 1975, said:
            “I wouldn’t believe what those guys told me if there was only the three of us left in the world.”

        • the dude says:

          Yeah, stand up guy indeed.

    • hot harley says:

      now superdave….tell us about yourself…what the f*** have you done
      in your life? something for others? maybe a charity you ran….
      maybe even buying girl scout cookies…
      I doubtyou have much to talk about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    For the love of god the horse is dead already!

  19. admin says:

    Kramer appeared at Stanford’s last night and used Craig’s computer to comment but changed Craig’s name to his own.

    Craig did not notice when he put the second “Kramer” comment above that Steve had changed his name, so yes, the second Steve Kramer comment above is Craig, not Steve

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Dude there was much more to it than those one liners. Miller when not knowing at that time what happened in another case, had to protect himself. Who knows…there were good and bad said by all. As for Woodbeck’s death, he and I were in several gun battles this one did not include me. I was there to try and stop him from going into the situation. He went, I thought he shot the bad guys when I heard shots. I had no weapon. End of story. I didn’t know he was shot for two days. Nobody thought I ran out on Don. He went in with Jim against my telling them to not go. Lucky I thought he fired, had I gone back two things would have happened…the shooter was armed and waiting…I had no way to know…and the cops, had he not shot me would have arrested me as part of the situation.

    These comments are put in to get me going. I faced gunfire several times at point blank range and made it through. With Don and others. Nobody argued that, have you?No. So I’d be quiet old buddy.

    • the dude says:

      Hey man, I was only picking from the newspaper article, I am sure than there is more to the story than what was printed. You have to agree though that it does not paint a pretty picture of you and Woodbeck and the stunts you pulled. Have you changed over the years to doing good? You and people close to you are probably the only people that can answer that.

      I hope you have for your own sake.

  21. Craig Glazer says:

    In conclusion thanks for all the response. This article had many examples of what it talked about in comments here. Attacks by fake name people who have no real reason to do so except ‘hate’ or be mean spirited. That’s the way it is folks.

  22. hot harley says:

    steve Kramer is glaze and glaze Is Kramer??????????????
    wtf is going onhearne…you knonw the ip addresses…you [re
    losing all credibility on this issue…..
    whats upwith this phony b.s.????????????????????????????????????????

    • admin says:

      Yeah and while we’re on the subject, should I mention that from time to time “Hot Harley” has multiple IP addresses?

      No conspiracy here.

      Kramer used Craig’s office computer last night and changed it from Craig’s name to his.

      And computer genius Craig didn’t notice the change when he commented today.

      That baffle you or something?

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Harley Steve is a regular at Stanfords, did our cartoon and was with me in Montreal for the JUST FOR LAUGHS talked about in KC Star. He had his own show, HYPE in the early 2000’s with Caliendo. He is a close friend and when here, and on weeknights sometimes I’m not, he uses my office to go online and do whatever he does. He just dropped a comment in and I didn’t see he had changed the name, that’s all. He has commented many times in the past.

        As for dude’s comments, again there were many more flattering stories even on Don and I, “Butch Cassidy, Yes He Was” Front page article had many upbeat comments about both of us from Paul Wenske, KC Star, who spent a week in LA on me and Woodbeck’s life and death, on back of my book.

        When we choose to be negative we only see the dark, not the light on folks. We all do it some more than others. Bad sells, good not so much…too bad. Again all those things happened decades ago. Hey I’m ok with it, it was quite a life. Now its much more normal. I’m not young enough to do that stuff today. Such is life.

      • IP THIS U POS says:

        What hypocrisy. For starters that fact that you know someone has utilized multiple IP Addresses is proof positive your trolling for identities. Although that might not be a problem it is for certain unethical. I know for a fact some of those IP’s have been provided to certain “scribes” trying to gain the identity of their haters.

        So fess up Hearne just how many people have you provided IP Addresses too and just how often? How “informed” are your scribes about the negative posts and the details provided to the scribes on those posts?

        I’m calling BS just as one should protect their sources you as a publisher should be protecting the information of your readers.

  23. IP THIS U POS says:

    Should your silence be considered confirmation of my points?

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