Hearne: The Fall & Rise of Jason Whitlock

120501_IQ2_Jason_WhitlockEX.jpg.CROP.article250-mediumThings are looking up for former Kansas City Star sports scribe Jason Whitlock

At long last.

“I’m not saying he’s Bryant Gumbel, but at least he’s showing up,”  says sports guru Craig Glazer. “There’s no point in my guessing his salary, but I think he’s making some halfway decent money now.”

Not long ago, that wasn’t the case.

“If you go back three or so years ago when Jason left the Star and Nick Wright said he was going to make millions of dollars, obviously Nick was wrong. That was somewhat naive of Nick Wright and the number he gave out was outrageous because people like me knew better that those numbers were pretty dicey. Bloggers don’t make that kind of money – even working for the big boys like ESPN and Fox – unless you are an established, big name player.”

However things have changed since the big fella returned to ESPN last year, Glazer says.

“I think Jason is on the upswing,” Glazer says. “In the last few months he’s been showing up quite a bit on ESPN. And he’s been filling in for entire weeks on Tony Kornheiser’s show ‘Pardon the Interruption.’ As a matter of fact, he was on the show all last week. And unlike when he filled in for Jim Rome years ago, where Jason was third string, on Pardon the Interruption – which is a more important show because it’s on television – Whitlock has moved into the No. 1 spot. If someone is gone Jason moves in for the whole week.

18x0ik3zq8e8mpng“They even brought Kornheiser and Jason on SportsCenter after their show to talk about Johnny Football. So I think his stock is rising and you can see it in Whitlock. He was very calm, very upbeat and he was dressed better. Because in Whitlock’s past television appearances he didn’t come off very good. And what he chose to wear wasn’t – it wasn’t horrible – but when you’re a big guy like Jason, everything has to click. And this time I think it did.”

The bottom line:

“Since Jason’s starting to show up more, that tells me they’re grooming him to be more important,” Glazer says. “And it tells me that his pay day has risen. Is he going to have his own show? That I don’t know, but I’m thinking we’re going to see him more this fall as an analyst when football starts.


Joe Posnanski

“And give the guy credit; look there hasn’t been a whole lot of prominent stars on television in sports that have left here. Even Joe Posnanski with his book about Joe Paterno hasn’t had the presence Jason now has. It looks like Joe is blogging now for NBC Sports.

“So whatever you want to say about Jason, as far as sports, he has the biggest national presence right now of anyone coming from the Star sports section. And if he continues to appear on all these shows, his stock is really gonna come up and so will his pay day.”

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28 Responses to Hearne: The Fall & Rise of Jason Whitlock

  1. hot harley says:

    the laziest writer in Kansas city is hearne.
    he goes to someone who knows nothing about sports…much less sports
    broadcasting..never did a sports broadcast…uses fuzzy math to make himself
    out to be a handicapper…has been wrong on every major sports team
    including the chiefs (over 100 times he’s been wrong)…wrong about the
    royals (predicted terrible second half of season last year!!!)…and someone
    who pretends to know something about everything but knows nothing.
    Glazes record in picks is horrible…he uses math that no other
    bettor would use…refusing to double up loses and makes himself
    look like he knows everything. He picked ku to win it all (when Harley
    3 months ago said it would not happen and gave reasons)…..
    so hearne goes to him to get info on whitlock.
    What glazes idiocy shows is tht shitlock was to be with the new
    fox sports station but eventually went back to espn. Glaze…there are
    40 sports channels on now…and more coming. Have you seen the quality
    of the commentators on some of these shows. The commentators are
    horrible…know nothing…can’t speak English…hard to understand..their
    analysis is far off…AND THERE ARE MORE COMING.
    and whathappens is with all these jobopening…the prices paid are going down.
    the top line talent is getting paid big…but look at ythe final four this year even…
    DOUBLE TELECAST!!!!!!!!!
    Jason has his best earning days behind him and even if he had made more
    how would the worst prognosticator and sports analyst glaze know anything
    about it.???????????????????
    glaze goes: ‘IT TELL ME HIS PAY DAY HAS RISEN”…according to who
    and what…another lazy lazy article that shows hearne is tired and
    throwing in b.s. to fill up his long list of weird and off base articles.
    MEN VERSUS WHITE MEN….this is what this kcchas come to??????????????
    then glaze says “he’s better dressed…before he didn’t look good?”…obviously
    glaze doesn’t do anything but chase hookers at whispers…do comedy…because
    Jason has been on other shows recently (including hall/and in the past on
    oprah/even on cable networks where he looked really good)…but glaze
    says “now he looks good”.
    then another stupid quote…”he has the biggest national presence of anyone
    coming from the star”…who came from the star to ntional prominence
    glaze….poz did with his book on penn state..then disappeared…this Russian
    guy has no talent….so who are you comparing Jason to glaze.
    YOU’RE MAILING IT IN HEARNE…glaze knows nothing about sports and
    its been proven that he’s never right. not once…check in on his predictions
    that change daily on any sports team or athlete.
    a lazy article meant to fill space with someone who has no inkling what
    they’re talking about.
    glaze is not a sports analyst…he’s never been….he’s great on comedy/
    hookers/nite clubs/drinking/but you could take any commentator
    on greg hall/or tony/ or even the consistent commentators on this site
    and you would have people who know sports.
    print this hearne…Harley speaks the truth…has the facts and data..
    and knows whats going on….
    this attempt at analyzing Jason career by a know nothing is really really

    • chuck says:

      Sweet baby Jesus Harley, that was just BRUTAL. I went to this website-

      (The Geneva Conventions, no Haley, there are no hot chicks at this convention.)

      to see if this rhetorical waterboarding you inflict on innocent kcc readers would be allowed if in fact, we were prisoners of war on foreign soil. I couldn’t find anything, but I think that is only because the true horror of your screeds are not yet comprehended by the general public.

      After searching the web, I have come to the conclusion that the ONLY guy on earth, who would do this to kcc readers, would be Dick Cheney.

      Just Brutal…

      • mike t. says:

        “rhetorical waterboarding”….heh…good one chuck.

        • chuck says:


          I like the first sentence.

          “the laziest writer in Kansas city is hearne.”

          I gotta believe not capitalizing the first word, of the first sentence in a comment that takes 15 minutes to read is the very definition of “Lazy”.



      • hot harley says:

        the clown is the most disgusting hateful spiteful racist
        low life ever.
        If you read his vile horrid comments about
        every subject you can understand why this
        disgusting excuse of an individual is a hate mongering
        I have never read worse comments and anyone
        who condones this type of language should
        be ashamed of themselves.
        He is quite simply the worst of the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. chuck says:

    By the way, if you go to the PTI website, you can listen to Friday’s show, where Jason evixcerates Kobe Bryant for not banding together with all African American in support of Trayvon Martin. Specifically, he attacked Kobe for his lack of support for the Miami Heat, when the whole team had a picture taken while wearing over sized “hoodies”.

    Here is what Kobe said-

    “I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American. hat argument doesn’t make any sense to me. So we want to advance as a society and a culture, but, say, if something happens to an African-American we immediately come to his defense? Yet you want to talk about how far we’ve progressed as a society?

    Well, then don’t jump to somebody’s defense just because they’re African-American. You sit and you listen to the facts just like you would in any other situation, right? So I won’t assert myself.”

    He has since had to apologise and is now pilloried throughout the Main Stream Media for this outrageous comment.

    It really isn’t his fault, he (Kobe) was raised in Italy and was not hypnotized with the “Narrative” like the rest of us.

    Whitlock’s commentary on this subject was a hypocritical disgrace.

  3. chuck says:



  4. CG says:

    Harley damn son who put a bug up your butt! My not knowing sports. Well someone thinks I do, I am on 610 almost every week talking sports and comedy. I have done hundreds of sports shows in KC, 610,810 with Whitlock, Mauss and Tim as well as Petro and KK…done tons of sports Harley even did 5 sports films, produced them, Champions Forever. My NFL picks are always online and have been very good for three years. However you don’t like my stories. Well not much I can do about that. This story was about Jason Whitlock on the rise. I think he is, if you don’t that’s your opinion.

    Harley you are special and we will leave it at that.

    • CG says:

      SORRY Maas

    • hot harley says:

      you don’t know crap…just like the guys on 610…the losers of a sports
      station….you make them look like geni8uses….because they know
      nothing and you know less.
      anytime you want to compare predictions or prognostications with me
      I’m up for it.
      you’recomments lack any depth…any reality…are false and most importantly
      are wrong. sorry glaze…you don’t know sports…and just because
      some rinky dink station with college dropouts using you as a source
      for sports information doesn’t mean squat.
      the guys at 810 know more than all the 610 guys together…with a
      classier and much more profitable and much more correct take
      on sports.
      wywon’t they let you on 810…because they know you’re not wroth
      the time. You’ve been consistently wrong….and your picks have been
      fuzzy math as has been pointed out by numetsous outher commentators
      on here. You’re not taking the double losses…just one.
      if you need some expert advice refer to my stories…they’re spot on…
      and they have more than a Ouija board explanation to prove what is
      just because you make some films doesn’t make you an expert.
      those were 40 years ago…ancient except for seniors like yourself
      who only look back.
      if you need some real sports knowledge contact me at law4life1000@yahoo.com…..harley has the answers…
      you’ve been wrong so many times you make a fool of yourself with
      those incorrect picks.
      don’t try to enhance your sports knowledge. My dog can do better than

  5. Mr Glock says:

    CG, did you rumble at Woodside ? LOL

  6. Craig will have the Club Sandwich says:

    12 critical health code violations for woodside’s food areas according to the KC Star.

    And that doesn’t include all the two sided wig tape and back hair they have to skim out of the filters when he takes a swim.

  7. CG says:

    HARLEY you have to cut it out boy, I have a boatload of sports credits more than most of our local media has, I don’t want to list them again, movies, talk radio, tv, artilces you need to take a breath, the hater, sorry Troll who trashed Woodside and me, you can get 12 violations from the health dept. at the White House. Woodside is by far, our number one sports club and pools. No close second. The Chiefs have ALL their cheerleaders working out there and swimming and yes eating when needed. It’s clean and very, very nice. The health dept. can find violantion in a clean room in a hospital its all about money and fines.

    • hot harley says:

      you still have been consistently wrong again and again
      about almost every story you have been quoted in and written.
      this whitlock story is something you know nothing about…and it
      showed. you know nothing about his career…pay…the sports networks
      that are now doubling in numbers…you know nothing about
      hispaychack…espn….fox sports…you know nothing about analysis
      of any sport besides sitting and watching it on tv at home…
      you never played the sports….you have noknowledge of the
      athletes any more…and most importantly when you put yourself
      out tghere as “knowing” something yu need to do some research
      and find out about what you’re talking about.
      nothing personal…but your opinions are fair game for those of
      us who know the situations that exist….we’re not just guessing
      or making a ridiculous statement for te sake of hearn needing
      someone to give an opinion. Had hearne gone to a sportscaster..
      a person in the sports media who’s got experience in the field…
      someone whois upon thechanges that occur dailyinthesports
      broadcasting/writing field then he’d have a story.
      your story wasfilledwith totally inaccurate and unsubstantiated
      b.s….straight and simple….and that’s afact basedon the
      industry and what’s happening in thesports broadcasting field.
      You know nothing about whitlocks career…his future…you just
      guess….like the rest of your comments.
      I’d bet you I know more about alithan you do…having relatives
      who knew him before anyone else did in Kentucky. asking questions
      doesn’t give you the ability to knowledge to know much more than
      askin those questions.
      again…you stepoutside your arena with completely wrong statements.
      Again…if you can’t take the criticism then go back to your
      legends store and not try to make people think you’re an expert in everything.
      there was not one single piece of evidence to back up your statements.
      when you write about comics you include their background..their
      history…past appearances…its something you know about.
      …its your business to know and stay upwith whats happening.
      in sports…you have noclue what you’re talking about.
      I work with/know someof the most intelligent analysts in sports
      today….they haveknowledge of the players/teams/strategy/
      they know why teams draft the way they do…why certain players
      make it….you don’t.
      so when someone takes you to task youo immediately tryto fool
      them into thinking you know jeverything bout everything.
      maybe do some research…even Wikipedia proved your comments
      wrong and I’m sure you refer to that site when making comments don’t
      stay with what you know…because I get emails from people saying
      the exact same thing I put on herer…glaze is a knowit all without
      knowing anything.
      I’ve defended you when you were right on…took on the haters
      who have beat you eiyh vicious lies and comments…but when you
      put youor nameonsometing here on the internet you put yourself up
      for tremendous criticism.
      bythe way…challenging and showing uptofight your haters was
      not only immature but was something you said yourself was
      completely wrong.
      If you can’t take the heat…move on.
      your friend

  8. CG says:

    We needed comments about Jason not me or Woodside. If not you likely are a Troll.

    • Craig will have the Club Sandwich says:

      The question remains…will you be goaded into meeting at some third place in real life so you can sit in a parking lot and have a time out?

      For somebody who owns a comedy club you sure can’t take a joke or realize when one is being played on you!

      • CG says:

        When someone regularly attacks you like that, a guy who is not used to backing down reacts. I shouldn’t have, you are right. It’s not a joke when comments are ‘sadistic’ in nature over and over. Their game is to repeat lies to give them some value. My showing up ‘twice’ to prove a point. No I didn’t think anyone from the ‘troll’ team would be there. I work out around then anyways.

        Anyone who is high profile that writes on blogs/websites will have the same fate in different ways. It’s now the nature of the beast. Maybe a badge of honor in a strange way. The attacks are heavier towards people who others are interested in most. Some of the more behind the scenes writers don’t get much from the trolls cause the trolls figure less readers care.

        The attacks have some entertainment value of course. However I have tried to respond to a lesser extent these days. I wish the comments were more on the stories. Just the way it is and yes it is silly to get all involved in their nonsense. I agree.

        • CG says:

          Whoever you are above, you did what they did yourself. Attack. You call it a joke. My stories don’t do that to anyone. Life is up and down for everyone. Myself included. I guess people let off steam by writing the meanest things they can come up with.

          • Craig will have the Club Sandwich says:

            It wasn’t an attack. It was me gently telling you that people are trying to make a fool of you (april fools) so don’t show up In Real Life to fight anyone from the internet, they will never show up ever. Not because they are cowards (you are a 60+ year old man who stands under 6 foot tall, Craig) but because it is a longstanding way to make someone look dumb.

            You play off your persona and allow yourself to be mocked for the publicity of your club (unless you don’t actually know what Dare is saying about you when you are not yet mic’ed up in studio).

            If the “Comedy Club owner who can’t take a joke” is a character then bravo. If not then you should probably ratchet down on the Deca-durabolin.

            Anyway, for what it’s worth your articles are good entertainment and I doubt people who haven’t met you in real life feel one way or the other about you too strongly.

            I don’t want to be a harley (this this is already long enough) but if you were a bit younger and internet savvy I doubt you would find the comments sections so infuriating to the point you would want to actually risk your freedom and liberty to prove some point.

  9. CG says:

    I see your point. However again, using my age as an insult, you are 60 and under six feet tall, is what I am talking about. I have worked hard to stay not only young at heart but in great shape. Its worked out so far. Hey everyone who gets older is called out for it, as in sports, “hey he’s grandpa now” about a 38 year old quarterback. Yet that guy takes his team to a Super Bowl…nobody can beat the clock. We just try and hang on as long as we can. I was always one who cheered on the guys getting older in sprots and entertainment even when I was younger. I knew one day I would be the older guy.

    Thats all. As for Dare, yes I am well aware of what he says when I’m not there or not on the air. It’s his show his mic, not mine. We have an odd relationship. Of course I’m playing a ‘part’… I talk about strippers and all kinds of crazy things I’ve done to entertain, nothing more. It’s like the likable bad guy in films. Sometimes people want to believe you are that guy. In real life I have done more than my share of helping others. Enough said.

    • hot harley says:

      glaze is right…and I mentioned it on tonys blog.
      glaze takeschances on young talent. hegives them a chance to fine
      tune their talent.
      he gives them a start…but is hardly responsible for those wo go
      on to be successful.
      he’s just a small part…the biggest part of those comics success
      is their talent and probably that someone gave them a break.
      for that glaze deserves gratititude . he;s risking his business
      by giving young comics a chance…and that’s a huge risk.
      but glaze has to understand hat that star article said…if he puts
      his pic and name on some of his statements…he better be prepared
      to defend himself and take the heat.
      oh and for those commentators who complain about my
      length of my posts you should read the interesting comments
      and discussions that go on at my email address.
      many many readers are so tired of the mundane/off base/
      incorrect/and stupid comments made by posters and writers
      that they enjoy having someone like myself who has facts/
      data and can analyze the info behind a story and come to
      a factual conclusion.
      I received about 20 emails from people complaining about
      that jewelry thief story on here. One owner who attacked me
      even apologized for his comments….no big deal…I’m not
      hurt. But I’ll bet if hearne uses his google analytics he’ll see
      that my comments are very well read…not by the fools who r
      on here to blast racist vile comments and hate…but intelligent
      forward thinking people who enjoy the back and forth
      conversation with out the hate and racist and attack comments
      that are almost all of the comments.
      don’t fool yourself…people red my comments…all of them…no
      matter how long…because Harley uses facts and data to back
      up statements. We may discuss those facts but they are proven.
      just too much opinion on here without any real thinking behind
      the articles.
      too bad…as I wrote before…and which hearne never printed..
      this site and hearne can do much better.

    • hot harley says:

      glaze and dare are type AAAAAAAA personalities which have a hard
      time getting along. no news there.
      dare knows glaze can entertain listeners with his stories…
      except the women hate glaze…they hate his terrible attitude
      toward women…but dare doesn’t care…the rock wants men
      and glaze helps entertain those 18-34 year old men.
      glaze is an actor…that all…just wish he would stop playing his
      acting role in real life. fights are stupid. especially with stand your
      ground /protection laws…remember the fireman and police officer
      and what happened.
      glaze needs to realize that the real haters on the internet are losers…
      with their hate and vile disgusting comments they are big time
      losers. From their comments its obvious they have nothing happening
      in their lives…and have nothing positive in their world.
      glaze has to realize those haters (including the clown) have nothing
      to lose if something should go wrong inthat fight. Glaze does..
      he’s got lots to lose.
      hopefully glaze understands this…and never puts himelf in that
      type of situation again.

  10. stephen burstein says:

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLl I cannot believe it but I agree with Harley on most counts here…NOT about Hearne or Craig but about Whitlock…I wonder if he wrote any of his stories at The Star…….Heard a lot contrary to his writing skills…Good ghost writers..I have never been able to stand the guy in print or on air……He belongs in Chicago….

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