Hearne: Jeweler Bails From Fancy JOCO Digs for Far Lesser Quarters

black_jewelry_display_caseA funny thing happened on a recent Friday after KCC’s Paul Wilson tried to make contact with a local jeweler embroiled in an ocean of controversial rumors…

If you recall, the jeweler’s offices were closed that day with a posting on the door advising of that and there were several packing boxes in the darkened entry. And just before Wilson left, he noticed what appeared to be an unmarked police vehicle with numerous communications antennas on it  in the parking lot.

Little did Wilson suspect that the jeweler – rumored to be behind on rent and facing eviction – would move out that very night, according to a source.

“His partner came in to work the next day on Saturday and all of his stuff was gone,” the source says. “And she just said, ‘I’m out.’ She had been getting (strange) calls for him from people of authority.”

And now?

“She’s still in the same spot,” the source says of the jeweler’s former office mate. “He moved out that Friday night and got a place a few blocks away. So she paid the landlord a sum to stay awhile until she can find a new place.”

And, and?

“She thinks there’s foul play. I didn’t ask anymore questions, but I do know it isn’t good.”

ProgramPage_MightyFallenA check of the jeweler’s website reveals a move to a nearby location had gone down.

So yesterday afternoon late I paid a visit to the rather plush, handsome quarters that had been left behind and the jeweler’s former office mate.

Most striking was a large showroom arrayed with jewelry display cases that lay empty. The two women I spoke with said the other jeweler was not available and took my name and number along with a request for a return call. A call I have yet to receive.

From there I traveled the handful of blocks to a nearby office building in Prairie Village – albeit an older looking and far less impressive one. After parking I wandered its long, aging corridors until I came to the suite listed on the jeweler in question’s website.

There was no signage, just a plain, unassuming wood door with a metal mailbox slot on its lower half. I knocked but the door was locked and there was no answer.

As I started to leave I thought, I wondered if one could see in through the mail slot, so I kneeled, opened it and tool a look.

Inside I saw a very plain, small office loaded to the gills with mostly large, clear, plastic packing boxes that appeared to be filled with paperwork and records. The entire small room was engulfed with these boxes that looked to have been hastily dropped there and left, with no apparent effort to unpack or organize them.

Yet here, the scion of a prestigious, iconic Kansas City jewelry company was now officing.

How far the mighty appear to have fallen.


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15 Responses to Hearne: Jeweler Bails From Fancy JOCO Digs for Far Lesser Quarters

  1. chuck says:

    I was once a mail slut, girls saw right through me.


    Seriously, would someone just tell me who this is?


    • chuck says:

      I know most of you folks know who this is, but I don’t. Imagine reading all of the Jardines postings and no one mentions Beena.

    • Big D in the O says:

      After spending waaay to much time super sluething (prob 10 minutes) I am going to guess it is (name deleted). It looks like he has changed addresses recently to an older office bldg and the name was the only recognizable name of one “who has fallen” when looking up PV Jewelers. And he had a female partner (per an old invitation found while searching). You’re welcome.

    • Gassedup says:

      It’s a Jr.High game of I know something you don’t. Or a case of “we don’t have the balls to tell anyone until it’s national news.”

      • Markus Aurelius says:

        I agree. WTF? Publish a bunch of posts trying to obscure the person at issue sufficiently to avoid a claim of slander? If it’s news and its true, there is no concern or risk in reporting what is known. I don’t know who it is – but the only ‘name’ jeweler that comes up with a Prairie Village, KS address is a name similar to Rob Riggle if R’s were T’s, B’s were M’s and G’s were V’s.

        On an unrelated note, is the Tivoli theater still open?

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    There was less teasing with no pay off at my junior high school dances than this ridiculous story.

  3. snappietom says:

    So what did (name deleted) do that got him into this trouble?

  4. Big D in the O says:

    Oh man…not sure if you are scared or just mean.

  5. Rico_suave says:

    the great Met’s hurler , Dwight Gooden, was a perrennial all-star, great stats, fine career. Ended up with a few brushes with the law, tho.

    Just sayin’

  6. admin says:

    Look guys,

    This is a still to break hard news story. I’m not going to libel this website for the sake of appeasing the comments section. On the other hand, I’m not trying to tease anybody. I’m trying to reveal everything that on can, as I can, when I can.
    I’m being as forthcoming as I can under some very delicate circumstances.
    I apologize for falling short of your expectations if I am, but reading the last chapter of a book is not all that there is to a story.
    Bear with me.
    You may feel like you’re in the dark, but you’re way ahead of the curve by normal peope measures

    • hot harley says:

      wilward and hearnstein…..a match made in heaven….
      this story is really not worth the time to dream it up….
      most of it is just duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stuff…

  7. BS says:

    Just remember when the story breaks that somebody did something, you heard it here first that somebody might have done something.

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