Hearne: Adios KU, Lawrence — Bill Self NBA Bound

the glazeThe handwriting’s on the wall…

And sooner, rather than later. Vaunted KU basketball coach Bill Self is not long for this world – that being Lawrence – says sports handicapper Craig Glazer of Stanford & Sons.

“It just makes sense, he’s pretty much done all he can do there in college basketball,” Glazer says. “We all know his marriage is in trouble and probably won’t survive. And he just has that NBA persona. He’s great with the media. He’s an attractive person. And KU probably has more players in the NBA than anybody else in college basketball.

“Bill has a knack of getting all these one-and-done, 18 year-olds who go on to the NBA and get drafted in the first round. He’s become almost a professional, college coach. He’s the king of one-and-done players like Andrew Wiggins. The McDonald’s All Americans want to play for Bill Self because he’s proven that his teams are very good and they get lots of national attention.

“All the media want is for Bill Self to be a No. 1 seed, but his team’s are kind of a poor man’s UCLA – from when UCLA was great – minus all the championships. Bill Self’s a great coach but I don’t think he can keep doing what he’s doing. He’s taking it easy this year; I get the feeling he’s satisfied. Like his college coaching resume is complete and he wants to win one more national championship before he goes to the NBA.”

Recruiting future NBA rookies that stay at KU just one year is a ton of work and can’t be much fun. It’s almost like coaching an NBA all-rookie team – a different one every year.

“Bill’s already an NBA coach, he gets all these kids and they have a brief relationship and then they move on,” Glazer says. “Why not move to the NBA? At least if you get a LeBron James you’ve got him for a while. You know, Bill has one, maybe two more years at KU, then he goes on to the NBA and makes $7 million or $8 million a year – probably as a single guy – and he gets to live another life.”


Bill Self schmoozing * chowing for free @ The Salty Iguana

“You mean, he loves doing those Salty Iguana commercials and eating there for free?” Glazer quips. “The people who say he’ll never leave Lawrence are wrong, I think he’s ready to move on. This guy’s looking for brights lights and a big city. And I think Bill Self will probably become the highest paid coach ever to come out of college. He may make $10 million a year. He’s the perfect NBA coach.”

One reason some locals say Self may bail; to escape living in a fish bowl.

“He can’t do anything there without people looking at him,” Glazer says. “And he certainly can’t have an affair without people knowing about it. I’m sure Bill’s looking forward to moving on. He’s looking forward to not flying in a twin engine Cessna. He’s a small town guy who wants to get a taste of the Big Apple before he dies.

“I’ll tell you what he doesn’t want to do. He doesn’t want to go to the NBA at age 57 or 58 – that’s too late. KU might get one more year – maybe two – but next year could be it.”

Leaving KU basketball exactly where?

“It’s always scary,” Glazer says. “I mean, they’re going to have their pick of coaches because it’s KU. But Bill’s the best coach KU’s ever had and they’ve had some great coaches. But Bill Self has paid his dues.”

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54 Responses to Hearne: Adios KU, Lawrence — Bill Self NBA Bound

  1. hot harley says:

    wrong again glaze…
    self is nowhere close to Kentucky in one and done players…almost the
    entire starting team of Kentucky freshmen go pro after their first year at kentrucky.
    who are you to saythat bills marriage won’t last…I hope you don’t include
    yourself now as a marriage counselor…
    you say self wants to escape living in a fish bowl…what do you do in thenba…
    every coach is ina fish bowl especially in markets like l.a./Miami/etc..ny/
    and other big markets…..Lawrence is a small pond compared to the
    likes of nbacities.
    then look at bills work with those one and done kids…outside wiggins
    few of them had good years at ku as freshmen and lookedout of place
    selfs real ability is to take a player and over time make them great.
    wiggins is the exception…the others did okay but nothing close to
    what wiggins has done.
    you’re also wrong about nationalattention….they get little for as goodas they
    are….the east coast teams get it all….duke/Syracuse/nc/etc…that’s where
    the big ratings come fromand that’s where all the ink goes to…..ku gets
    nothingcomapred to those legacy schools out east…maybeherein kc they
    get a lot of play…but outside here few people follow norcareabout the
    jayhawks….they’re a Midwest school. Big 10 and east coast are the talk
    on most national talk shows!!!!!!
    self could go pro….but he’d have to learn how to deal with the
    egos that he doesn’t have now. And not many collegecoaches have
    made the move to the nba successfully….some went to the nba then
    headed back to college.
    worst comment of the year “HE CAN’T HAVE AN AFFAIR WITHOUT PEOPLE
    glaze…not every man in a relationship cheats…not every guy is looking
    for an affair…..that’s a terrible statementtht shows how ridiculous your
    words are. not everyone lives their life like you do…thank god.

    • admin says:

      As one who shares Self’s fish bowl, I can assure you, H Man, that it’s far worse here than it could possibly be in New York or LA.

      The reason? Because there’s only like two or three fish in this bowl and 95,000 pair of eyeballs taking the measure of every time Self so much as scratches his crotch or picks his nose.

      When it comes to fish bowls, size matters…the smaller the worser

      • hot harley says:

        obviously you’ve never been around really famous people…
        put bill self in lax and no one knows him…put him
        in jfk…probably no one cares…
        put him in miaim …south beach….he’s no big deal….
        your little lawrrence world shows how shallow you are.
        Have you been with real stars? no you haven’t …..and
        that’s why you’re wrong about a fish bowl.
        Try Sylvester stallone….in his days…
        self is a celebrity here in the Johnson/Kansas area…
        outside…he’s nothing..
        don’t fool yourself…
        you think you still got it….but just like the other
        commentator said…you aint go nothing going..this
        story like the rest stinks!
        I could write better than this !

      • Bob says:

        Big fish in Lawrence’s small bowl.

        1. Bill Self
        2. Hearne Christopher
        3. ?

        /I keed I keed.

        Good work on trolling KU fans. However, none of this is actual new news. Self was supposed to have left after the National Title. Rumors of his infidelity have been around for years.

        • admin says:

          I beg to differ Bob.

          THIS infidelity rumor didn’t just have legs, it had wings.

          And just because he didn’t leave before doesn’t mean he isn’t nearing that point.

          Now that I’m living here and can observe things firsthand it’s easy to see what a pain it would be living in a fish bowl the size of Lawrence.

          What’s more, Bill Self is NOT the ‘Goodbye, Mr. Chips’ kinda guy. He likes flying in a private jet to golf in Scotland, living in multi-million dollar, over-the-top homes, partying with his coaches and the odd booster. Paying top dollar for his hair pieces.

          Lawrence is delusional about basketball and kidding themselves about into romanticizing how Self ultimately might feel.

      • hot harley says:

        sorry hearne….you’re not well knownin Lawrence..
        the murdere capital of America!!!!

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    I wonder, would he give up total control over the players to have to try and manage players who have guaranteed contracts and owners who have little to no loyalty?

    KU ranks 4th in NBA players with KY, Duke and NC leading the pack.

    He has the Star and Journal now for lap dogs. Can’t imagine newspapers in any NBA city treating him with kid gloves. They’d be on any affair like white on rice.

    • the dude says:

      He knows which side of the bread is buttered. He would be an idiot to go to the NBA. My money would be he goes to OSU first.

    • admin says:

      Self does have his media lapdogs here, Orphan. I can attest to both examples that you cited.And I think putting up with NBA egos might be a task for some, but I think Self could handle it…easily

  3. Jim says:

    Slow news day, apparently.

    • admin says:

      For whom, Big Jim, you?

      This is the exact time of the year when all eyes are upon Self and KU and looking ahead is an excellent topic in my book. Then again, I’m biased.

      • Jim says:

        An article on Self’s alleged affair and his departure to the NBA? Wow! There’s some original material. It would be an “excellent” topic if it wasn’t written about EVERY year at this time. No?

        • admin says:

          I don’t know, Jim. That’s up to you to decide if you found it interesting.

          But darned if you didn’t both read it and take the time to comment.


  4. Mysterious J says:

    What does the Watson’s girl think about Self?

    • the dude says:

      Yeah, did a call go out to the gays dudes on this one?

    • admin says:

      She thinks he’s h-o-t and luvs his rug!

      What did you expect her to think?

      Now, now, Dude. Leave those gay dudes alone. One’s in the slammer and I’m not sure what the other is doing. You do have an excellent memory though

  5. dreamwriter326 says:

    “And he certainly can’t have an affair without people knowing about it.”

    Damn the luck.

  6. morbo says:

    Can you get Glazer’s opinion on other topics that he obviously doesn’t know anything about?

    Like this stuff with Russia or the lost jet. Craig certainly doesn’t know anything about those topics but that won’t stop him from giving his opinion. And it won’t stop Hearne from writing about it, because Hearne ain’t got anything going on.

  7. Scott Hall says:

    Alternate headline: What did glazer pull out of his butt today?

  8. Curtis Blow says:

    I have it from a good source that Larry Brown is coming back to Lawrence.

    Allegedly they are finalizing the numbers now and will announce a week after Self leaves this off season.

  9. JimmyD says:

    Nothing to see here folks. Even casual readers of KCC know Hearne knows very little about sports. CG knows less than that

  10. Paracelsus says:

    Next Headline: Aliens Land on the White House Lawn!

    Well, not really, folks, but to give us his opinion on extraterrestrial life and its implications, let me ask this guy I know.

    • admin says:

      Get right on it, Para…

      Glazer isn’t just a “guy I know” – he’s one of the most out there people in KC pop culture of the past 30 years. You should see his clips folder at the Star, count the radio and TV stations he appears on every week, check out the Pitch cover story about him last summer.

      He’s a local institution, like it or not. As evidenced by your taking the time out of your so very busy schedule to bag on him.

    • admin says:

      Can’t wait to hear what you find out, Paracelsus.

      Don’t keep us in the dark!

      I’ll check out your alien story when the next issue of the Enquirer comes out

  11. Late Breaking says:

    So hold on Hearne… you’re ok printing that Bill Self is cheating on his wife, because it’s a quote from a guy who owns a Comedy Club… but you won’t print the name of the jeweler that might be in trouble with the law.

    You can stand behind the whole “public figure” thing if you want, but do you have no morale compass? Was that really the basis of your story on him leaving? If that’s the case, there must be thousands of men in KC trying to get out.

    Let’s forget that your “sports source” has no credentials. That’s fine. You could have written the story that he’s tired of the “one and dones” or that he’s been there done that… but you had to add in the allegation that he is/was cheating. Listen we’ve all heard the same rumors, so it’s not anything new, except that you are passing along rumors as fact without back up… Just seems like a hatchet job piece.

    BTW.. you already wrote this story in August of 2013… because the NCAA tourney is coming up, you wanted to run with it again…. Don’t they call that Trolling? I know they don’t call it journalism….unless you have new facts?

    You and I discussed your moral dilemma’s not too long ago, when you wrote about how DUIs and the people who get them are horrible… Except when I asked you about the glass house you lived in, you wrote it off as “barely drunk.” You don’t see yourself as someone who drove drunk, even though you got a DUI? Convenient…

    Bottomline the site is a fun read, but some credibility and a little bit ethics would probably go a long way.

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      Gotta agree with this. Glazer might be a well-known character but that doesn’t mean you should be using him for opinion on almost anything that happens around here. What possible knowledge of this situation does Glazer have beyond that of any KU fan?

      It’s just bizarre that you publish a column like this with your name in the headline like it’s full of journalistic work you did, when in reality it’s nothing but tired rumors and stuff you said last year and probably the year before, quoted by Glazer.

      You’ve got plenty of interesting stories that aren’t necessarily covered elsewhere, like the Republican Convention one from earlier this week, so I’m not sure why you have to stoop to stuff like this post, other than you’re pretty obsessed with telling us how small-town Lawrence is. Dodge City is a small town. Ottawa is a small town. Lawrence ain’t that small.

      • admin says:

        Appreciate your comments as always, Kyle.

        However, what makes Glazer a “well known character” in no small part is that he does indeed shoot his mouth out on all sorts of topics and – say what you will – as often as not it generates a great deal of discussion.

        It also happens to be an interesting and viable opinion from a guy who spends more time obsessing about and studying sports than most and has hung out with all kinds of local sports heroes and sports media over the years.

        The fact that it’s a controversial opinion (and probably pisses off Jayhawk fans) is not a negative in my view.

        It opened a discussion and garnered a number of opinions that I found interesting to consume…including the ones bagging on Craig. He’s pretty thick skinned; he can take it.

        You’re right though, it’s not a pure piece of journalism. Not even close. It’s a slice of life from one of Kansas City’s most out there personalities.

        Consume at your own risk.

        • Kyle Rohde says:

          Thanks Hearne. Fair enough response from you and Glazer both. I’ve only been around this town since 2005 (and Lawrence since 2001) so guess he’s not quite the institution to me that he is to others. I did read the Pitch cover story on him last year, so I tried. Maybe just not my cup of tea. Cheers.

    • Mysterious J says:

      You really think he is going to develop credibility and ethics now that his career is pretty much over?!?

    • admin says:

      Easy Late breaking…

      I wrote about the Self rumors under my byline long before Craig here. You gotta keep up, dude.

      Secondly, I live here and have many sources and Self is a way public figure.

      You stick to DUI sniping and I’ll take care of who I out and when. Deal?

  12. CG says:

    Some good points here. I have made an educated guess on much of this…but KC folks the reason I am asked my opinion so much by Hearne and others in the media…I’m right most of the time. Lets see all those Obama can’t win…Glazer uses Vegas as a measuring stick, how stupid…they were right I was right. My football picks and saying the Chiefs are a poor franchise have been DEAD ON…I know many don’t like it but its all true. My picks speak for themselves nobody else in our media does that, nobody…I pick before the games and have a damn nice three year record of winning…on and on…so that’s why…plus I am a local guy involved more with media stars here and in LA than maybe anyone else…people like to tell me things, as they like to tell Hearne…way it is…no I’m not always right, nobody is…again I say Bill Self NBA soon, just makes sense. Can’t blame the man…if he goes, he’s earned the shot. Hey I like the man.

    • Late Breaking says:

      CG… fantastic reply… your comments are exactly why you should be a part of this website, you’ll answer to both critics and believers. That’s appreciated. Your picks are usually pretty good, and are entertaining to read. That’s the great thing about sports… and picks/betting… everyone’s perspective does have some relevance.

      Even saying you think Bill Self is leaving is fair… the point about “he’s cheating on his wife” that part just wasn’t needed, yet it’s not your fault. You are a shock jock, and have become an institution by doing it, it’s your nature.. you clearly understand how to “hook” people into a story.. It’s Hearne who needs to be held responsible for how much he wants to Troll the opening of a story with rumors (even if we’ve all heard them)

      As I pointed out, he plays both sides of the coin. In this case he’ll hide behind “public figure” laws to justify spreading rumors. When it comes to the jeweler, he won’t say a thing because he knows he’ll get sued. That’s the type of decision making that would be best be described as exploitive (especially when he ran the exact same story months ago)

      • CG says:

        Well thank you for getting it sir. Look these are entertainment sites, mostly for ‘hot’ news or local color. Who’s in who is out…sometimes that falls on me or Hearne at times. Nobody wins all the time. We are all proud to be Kansas City folks and should be, I am. Sometimes calling ‘homers’ out is a good thing. The Chiefs are our bread and butter in the news. We all know for a fact, they don’t deserve to be, hell most of them don’t even know how to spell Len Dawson, Otis Taylor or the Royals George Brett, they don’t know or care…WE DO. It’s OUR LOCAL HISTORY, NOT THEIRS OURS. That’s why we protect our local teams honor and our coaches when they have earned it like BIll Self….what will he do, who knows…what I said makes sense and may well happen, then again……may not.

      • admin says:

        Obsess much, Late breaking?

    • hot harley says:

      you’re not even close glaze.
      thatfuzzy math you do with your picks are just that ….PHONY …
      when you do the teasers and don’t count them as you should.
      TIME ABOUT THE CHIEFS…ROYALS….sure you change your
      mind whenyou see something…but you’re no handicapper in any
      Rememeber you change your rants on a daily basis as often as
      the sun sets…saying the chiefs aregood…the chiefs ar4e bad…
      its notlike anyone doesn’t see the samethings you see…you’re
      just never right from the start…the mark of a true handicapper.
      Last year you predicted the chiefs would be bad…during their
      9-0 start you changed your freaking mind hundreds of times…
      then they hit a rough patch and you just like everyone else
      saw their flaws…you are not a true bettor….you know nothing.
      royls…same thing…you said at all star break they’re done…what
      happens they get hotand wow…then glaze jumps on thebandwagon…
      just like all the restof hearne’s readers….
      you’re wrong more than Wilson.
      as far as 5the greatest prognoisticator it has to be Harley and the
      2012 prez election and pickingthe electorl vote range perfectly…
      probably a 200-1 shot pick…you’ll never equal that!!!!!!!!!
      and as far as media people going to you for your opinion…that’s
      sad…sorry dude but when the media have no one togo to in this
      little mill town for an opinion besides someone who is wrong almost
      all the time itsays this town is devoid of people….you’re notthe
      great spokesman you think!!!\
      love ya dude…will stick up for ya….but you’re way off base and the
      quotes on here leave you looking terrible especially about the one
      where self can’t have an affair in Lawrence….that not only
      makes you look horrible but its one of the most shallow comments
      I’ve read ina long time.

    • Hot Carl says:

      CG – “I’m right most of the time.”

      That’s easy to say when most of your proclamations consist of “the sky is blue”, “water is wet” and “the chiefs are overrated.” You don’t have an original thought in that swollen head of yours. Bill Self to the NBA? NO WAY? THIS IS THE FIRST TIME ANYONE’S EVER MENTIONED THAT POSSIBILITY! CRAIG GLAZER IS A GENIUS!

  13. CG says:

    P.S. If not me who would you pick for inside comments? Someone not a homer? I like Bill Mass for football, C dot for college sports, on media if not me, maybe Johnny Dare, so on and so on. You gotta have someone.

  14. Monkey says:

    Were it not for the NBA buck$, I’d suspect Self considers himself a college coach. Part of that gig is recruiting kids to his program and sending them on to professional prosperity. Maybe the legislature denying him his luxury apartments will figure into his decision.

    But if he goes, who’s to succeed him? Mark Turgeon? Former ‘Hawk, pretty good coach in his own right. Gregg Marshall? It’s gotta be tough to stay in Wichita. (the best restaurant in town is the Hardee’s out on the turnpike)

    • Bob says:

      Turgeon sucks. He is a whiny asshole.

      Marshall already burned that bridge. He has used the term “chickenhawks” too many times at WSU alumni events.

  15. BS says:

    world’s laziest gossip journalist gets quotes from world’s shallowest man.

  16. CG says:

    Why BS did Hearne speak to you, I didn’t know. Huh.

  17. b12 says:

    The name of this site needs to be changed to kcglazed.com it’s not glazers fault. Hearne calls him, gets his opinion on whatever, and posts it. Every day.

    But, I always read it. Can’t say that for the rest of the contributors except Wilson.

    Have we heard the scribes opinion on KCI? Cause I actually would enjoy hearing his (insert adjective here) logic on that.

    • admin says:

      Every day, B12?

      Hardly. Scroll back a few weeks. He used to write here EVERY DAY though and I do mean every day. Seven days a week, 365 days a year.

      And if you’re a longtime reader, you’d already know what Craig thinks about KCI; that it sucks and is an embarrassment to Kansas City for visitors and people with connecting flights there.

  18. CG says:

    Ah B12 and that IS the point, people read my stories. Some agree, many don’t and I am always the bad guy. We all have opinions. As Hearne mentioned I get much press and attention and somehow that leads to all this noise. Over 50 years the KC Star made me the most written about private citizen in our city. EVER. Should they have, who knows. It does give one some ability to have a ‘loud’ opinion. Much of that came from being involved in so many areas of ‘news’…entertainment in KC, Hollywood, Sports Films, Outlaw, Law Man, Being in Prison, Criminal court cases here and in LA, all the wild stories Hearne wrote about being a ‘player’ with females, on and on. Granted people like the Mayor, or Bob Dole, George Brett, Dawson and others had tons of press, but mostly on maybe one or two subjects, not six…..or more…you don’t have to like me for it, but it is a fact.

    • b12 says:

      Hey CG, I don’t know you…so I don’t know if I like or dislike you. What I do like about you is that you don’t post and run. You stand up for yourself, and I think that’s cool.

      And yeah, you’re a compelling guy. Some people just are. You are, and people respond and react to you. Tongue bath is over.

      I would agree KCI is an embarrassment. Why put new tits on a 50 year old when you can go get a new one for not much more money.

      • CG says:

        Now I like this guy…he’s for real…we need more like him…you always can have some comp tix at Stanfords…PS THANKS KC FOR SELLING OUT CHIPPENDALES TONIGHT..APPRECIATE IT.

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