Hearne: KU Quietly Puts Screws to Women, Dials Back ‘Fieldhouse Apartments’


“It’s like this, guys. You gotta bunk in the old place.”

Keep this under you hat, but Bill Self‘s $17.5 million luxury apartments complex just got whacked…

What, you didn’t read any news stories about it either? The first mention of the whacking – from $17.5 million down to $10 million or less – came in the form of an editorial in Sunday’s Lawrence Journal World.

Which is kinda funny, cause when KU’s athletics department wanted to wipe the egg off its face after getting embarrassed by the Kansas Legislature recently, it put out enough press releases to get coverage about a “lead donor” being found for the Fieldhouse Apartments that it was even mentioned in the Washington Post.

But now that they’re going halfsies on the deal, mum’s the word..now here’s why.

Forget about women’s sports and Title IX insuring that “no person be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

The reason KU athletics is running quiet is they’re running scared.

Because the money KU’s saving on Self’s luxury dorm ($265,000 per apartment) is coming out of the Lady Jayhawks side of the ledger. That’s right, the almighty men’s basketball team will get it’s pound of opulence, but the women players will have to wait.

Wait for what, you ask?

Wait for somebody to lay some sort of politically correct guilt trip on the Kansas Legislature, that will be forced to have to avoid the embarrassment of denying the remaining $8 million in funding so the women players can get a fair shake.

155206-330-0And don’t think for one second that boosters like Kent McCarthy – who is getting his mother’s name on the mens apartment building as the “lead donor” – will be lining up with anything approaching the fervor to make sure the women players get similar digs.

Nope, and the reason the Journal World tucked this bit of unreported news into an editorial was to avoid the sort of headline that properly belongs on a news story reporting these planned changes.

A headline like this:

“KU women basketball players evicted from Fieldhouse Apartments”

Instead we got this headline from the “journalists” at the Journal World:

“Scaled-back plans have set a more positive course for a new apartment building near Allen Fieldhouse”

More positive for whom?

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29 Responses to Hearne: KU Quietly Puts Screws to Women, Dials Back ‘Fieldhouse Apartments’

  1. Jim says:

    What?! Women’s sports at KU aren’t the cash cow and they aren’t upgrading their facilities to be able to recruit the top players in the country? No way! Next thing you know, Division I universities will be pouring tens of millions of dollars into upgrading their men’s football facilities and not into………oh, wait.

  2. the dude says:

    So in the end this will wind up being whittled down to a damp cardboard refrigerator box when they build it. Enjoy!!

  3. Hot Carl says:

    Jim’s comment is perfect. You’re trying to make a story out of a non-story.

    • admin says:

      Non story, huh?

      KU proposes a ridiculously expensive apartment building for the men and women’s basketball teams. Get’s shot down by the Kansas legislature and then quietly – with no formal announcement or comment – elect to leave the women in the dust and just build it for the men. That’s not a story?

      C’mon, Hot Carl. I think you know better.

  4. Keith Forbis says:

    Just buy there own trophy. Its got to b cheaper.

  5. Kyle Rohde says:

    While I agree that the LJW is easy on KU, this is the 3rd time I remember reading a column about it in the past 30 days, and second time today. Considering there isn’t that much going on in Lawrence to fill a paper with hard-hitting, investigate journalism every day, KU basketball is the thing that sells papers so, thinking as a business person, it’s hard to blame them for not hammering KU at every opportunity. I know that goes against all the journalistic ethics but it’s hard to be holier-than-thou when you no longer have a paper to publish, as would be the case without huge KU bball coverage.

    As for women getting the “screws”, I think they’ll survive. The women’s team needs more than fancy dorms to get the success they’re still chasing.

    • admin says:

      Agree for the most part, Kyle.

      Actually, the Journal World takes KU to task more than the Star. But if you were a sportswriter trapped in Lawrence, you’d undoubtedly have to spend the lion’s share of your time writing about KU sports.

      Then again…

      I remind you of Jason Whitlock, myself and others, who given the same basic predicament in KC with the Chiefs and Royals (and KU, K-State and MU) made a pretty good living (and had pretty good sized followings) calling those teams and their management on the carpet.

      Man does not live by blow job alone.

      And the fact that Keegan would show his teeth every full moon or four would not disqualify him from appealing to readers. In fact, it would increase his credibility if anything and probably cause more people to follow what he writes.

      Former Journal World columnist Bill Mayer was tenacious in criticizing the KU athletics department and at the same time, effusive in his praise.

      You’re also correct that the Lady Jayhawks will be fine. But that doesn’t mean they’re not getting the short end of the stick with no explanation whatsoever from the athletics department or KU.

      And just as the dashing digs are thought to be a magnet for top mens players, the same would hold true of women players. So clearly it would have helped the women’s team just as it will the mens.

      Except it ain’t happening now.

  6. hot harley says:

    thanks to Charlie who between eating them out of dorm and
    and the Kansas politicians who are cutting back on everything.
    I have to agree with Kansas politicians…when you lost what 65 million
    dollars because of stupidity to insure 100,000 Kansans…when you
    have to steal business from y our neighbor….when your tax base
    is slim….and you are facing one of the worst droughts in history (and yes
    its coming folks….we need rain!!!!!!)
    then y ou have a perfect storm in your face.
    Self is a god…he needs to go to Topeka and let those dudes up there
    have an earful.
    he needs these dorms to compete? how muc h do anyone want to bet
    that these players even care….does wiggins care? did any one and done
    bball player care? suere in Kentucky they have a huge facitlity for the
    players and texas has a palace in athletic facilities…but Kansas.
    self better get used to these stingy politicians and their lack of
    support…..because its gonna get worst.
    self will be looking elsewhere soon. He gets what he wants right now.
    can get a resortbuilt in still water if he moves there….ku be careful…
    he’s the #1 guy in the state right now and in all ofcollege bball
    ….don’t lose him!!!!
    and you jokesters thought MU move was bad…they’ve got
    quarter billion ready to spend…and ku can’t even fix self up
    withsimple barn for all those one and done players.
    question is would it affect recruiting to stay where they are…
    that’s for the ku faithful to figure out…
    maybe selfs loking for an out??????

  7. Jim says:

    H-Man, can we get real here for a moment? Difficult for you, I realize. There are 15 or 20 D1 Universities whose total revenue actually exceeds their total budget. In other words, profitable. Additionally, there are only about 8 or 10 that don’t require subsidies (State and Federal) to make up for their shortfall. The big lie is that D1 college athletics actually MAKES a profit for the universities. Aside from a handful, none of them do. MU and KU aren’t part of the handful. They are in the same boat, even though KU actually collects more TV revenue for their major sports than MU does.

    • admin says:


      I suppose it’s for the numerous basketball games that get televised. Way more than football, I suspect.

      I wonder how the television audience size stacks up. How many people watch national TV for an Mizzou-Illinois or Texas A&M football game, versus a KU Kentucky or North Carolina basketball game.

      • hot harley says:

        not evenclose hearne…come on..i thought you were
        the ratings guru….ku does well in our town…outside
        few could care less…..
        nc/duke/etc…big national followings and alumni….
        muis ranked 20th in national fan rankings….I doubt
        ku is even close.
        mu now has a national footprint that they didn
        t get in big 12.. texas/okalhoma do too……big 10
        schools with those huge enrollments have big national
        followings and fans like nortre dame…
        ku kstate…uh…well…uh…well…..theyre big in

        • admin says:

          I would say that KU basketball has its share of watchers/fans.If only based on the team’s record, performance and history.

          Hey, both MU and KU are flyover state schools. Nobody nationally grows up dreaming of living in Columbia, Jeff City or the vast majority of Missouri towns, although aside from Lawrence, Western Kansas comes in a distant last.

          I went to school in Tucson and I remember driving thru Columbia to visit friends and feeling fortunate that I wasn’t stuck living there. I could have been though, H Man. My parents house was in KCMO.

          • hot harley says:

            stats prove yyouwrong mr. admin….
            you haven’t been there in 40 years?????
            things change dude….
            according to stats…mu has the top 20 largest
            fan base in nation…not near ohio state/
            Michigan/ notredame….but ku doesn’t
            even rank.
            why….theres few footprints outside the
            Kansas area….go to st. Louis…no ku
            fans….go to st. Louis….hundreds of
            thousands of ku fans..
            I went to watch a game in Jacksonville
            florida of mu fans….must have been 500 people
            you have no idea what the sec did for Missouri…
            and now with sams publicity (whether you
            sayits good or bad)….its growing big time.
            did you see the numbers for that football
            game….theres no interest in mu…..
            Missouri…a fly over state…with st. Louis
            and Missouri…2 of the top 30 markets in
            one state…come on hearne…
            money magazine rated it one of best cities
            in America….and then look at the alumni
            across the nation….
            again…if basketball is so srong why did they
            have a problem getting dorm money.
            basketball does not draw money to ku
            like it does at nc/duke/Syracuse….big time
            universities with huge monied alumni.
            i’ll get espn numbers outside of kc for ku
            games….very weak….except in kc area..
            in texas/California/Oregon/Alabama/
            florida….Kansas is just a prairie state…
            no one cares!!!!!!!!
            we dobecause its part of our metro area…
            its a suburbof kc…and when the chiefs roll
            remember the ku mentions were few…
            when chiefs had bad season…there was only
            ku to talk about…
            YOU WERE 18 45 YEARS AGO….go see
            it now…incredible ……buildings…and now
            they’ve got student housing that will make
            that student apartment in Lawrence look
            like section 8.
            come on hearne…get outside your little
            city of lawwrence and experience the rest
            of the world….
            here’s the deal..i’ll pay for you and jim and
            glaza to take the big grey dog to Columbia…
            see a real college town that’s growing..
            expanding and happening!!!!!!!!
            when was the last time they had a concert
            in Lawrence with a big name band….ask
            your old bar tarvern friend….now Columbia
            has some big concerts there…..
            and its got money….heard of the waltons…
            go see what they’ve added to Columbia.
            stop wishing and dreaming….without bill
            self again Lawrence is justanother truck
            weight station on i70…
            and I’m waiting for you…jim…or any of the
            Lawrence lovers to give me one good positive
            thingsthats occurred or happened to Lawrence
            in the last 5 years.
            winning championships is nice…but it don’t
            pay the bills…ask zenger or self.
            better get that money together…boone sees
            an opening and he’s got a blank check for
            billy sitting for him to sign………….
            better take care of self…he is getting antsy!!!!!!

          • admin says:

            As always, you’re a man of few words, H Man…

            Getting some of your facts right is another matter. I’ve been to MU football games and passed thru town a number of times over the very recent years. So there’s that.

            As for Columbia and St. Louis (and for that matter KC and Lawrence) not being part of what’s referred to endearingly as “the flyover,” are you nuts? Body count and market size do not pertain to flyover status. You think people want to vacation in St. Louis? I mean, people who live in Florida, New York, Arizona and Oregon?

            Not unless they have relatives there.

            Look, I live in Lawrence and yet I’m still highly critical of the town. It doesn’t totally suck and has many virtues, but it’s lacking in some key areas. Your dressing up as a trans gender cheerleader for Columbia, Mo. brands you as a small time, small town homer.

            I may be in the minority here at KCC, but I think you’re better than that. Move on, man. Move on. There’s a big bad world out there to be explored; why don’t you check out Italy and even Tucson and then get back to me.

            Oh and leave your golf clubs in the trunk of your Radillac.

    • hot harley says:

      read my posts jim and admin…..mu has 250 million…that’s million
      for stadium and athletic facility improvements……ku….whatever
      they can get.
      MU 80 million in fund controlled by major firm….ku…well maybe
      nothing because its short.
      MU gets asked by state of Missouri to loan it money….ku gets cut
      back by state and now struggles financially.
      Its not just the athletic departments….60 millionin privatedonations
      from tv reality show producers to dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      MU athletics bring in the cash….but since neither of you understand
      the econoimics or the working of the univsersties….lets ask this.

      if Charlie asked for `10 million mealy bucks for new high class dorms
      for football team do you think he’d get it? nooooooooooooooooooooooo.
      only self could dothat…ask fro money and get it….zenger can’t.
      When mu made the move to the sec it wasn’t just profits to the
      athletic department that I mentioned….it was the millions and millions
      of dollars thru donations/endowments/exposure on national tv with
      sec football brought in milliions…..licensing….the flood of out of state
      students that now pay into the university (Alabama I think makes an
      extra 60 million a year off out of statestudents who come there for
      what…the beautfil landscape…no…football made the university!!!!)
      then go look at what football did on campus for Alabama….look at
      the millions the university wasv able to loan…yes loan the fraternities
      to build what looklike Malibu beach houses…huge complexes in the
      greek area…..
      is football profitable in mu…you bet it is…but its all the new and
      huge income streams that come with the university growing..expandind
      ….moving….they just got millions from the guy who developed REAL
      WORLD ON MTV…….
      and as far as revenue….you forgot the sec has new negotiating rights
      coming up and the sec network….what do you think that brings in
      down south with those people and in mo.
      come on jim and hearne…you’re looking like complete fools trying
      to say this crap. KU can’t raise nickels…,mu got billions in endowments
      already collectedand coming in.
      its the total of the sum…..wait til new tv right…
      as far as whos watching a ku game…well nationally it sucks…
      unless you’re in kc/Ottawa/Lawrence….topuka…………..
      as far as cash on hand…financial condition….money flow….income
      streams…mu makes ku looklike that beggar on the plazawhowas
      hearnes good friend…wasn’t his name jerry.
      theres no comparison….bball is fine…but not the golden goose
      money king that football is….
      don’t make yourself look like fools again….
      jim….I will get more info…but never put muand ku in the same
      category when it comes to money…..ku is going B R O KE…
      if not for Shawnee mission/blue valley students dumping in state
      students ku would be another……pittsburg state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      no comparison…
      sorry….better try nexttime…
      and remember…Harley knows all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      good luck ku…better pay that apartment bill…or self might find
      somewhere else to coach…..and buy that piece.

  8. hot harley says:

    for hearne “ratings guru extraordinaire” and jim…..read this to see
    whats happening at mu….

    via press release from CBS]



    SEC Championship is 2013 Season’s Most-Watched College Football Game-to-Date

    CBS Sports’ national coverage of the SEC ON CBS for the 2013 season is the highest-rated regular-season college football package on any network for the fifth consecutive season, averaging a national household rating/share of 4.5/10, up 15% from last year (3.9/9).

    The 4.5/10 is the highest average rating for a full season of SEC football on CBS since the Network began airing primarily an SEC-only schedule in 2001.

    CBS Sports’ coverage of the SEC ON CBS was highlighted by the top three highest-rated college football telecasts of the 2013 regular-season.

    #1 (Tie) – Auburn beating Missouri (8.6/17; 12/7/13; SEC Championship)

    #1 (Tie) – Alabama beating Texas A&M (8.6/19; 9/14/13)

    #3 – Auburn beating Alabama (8.2/17; 11/30/13)


    Read more at http://www.thefutoncritic.com/ratings/2013/12/12/sec-on-cbs-scores-highest-rating-of-any-college-football-television-package-for-fifth-consecutive-year-627511/20131212cbs04/#cVw5uvCQhChReGoM.99

    that translates into billions of bucks……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just a league championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!no lesss

    • Jim says:

      H-Man, I know you are never one to let the facts get in the way of a good argument. Spending money as opposed to MAKING money are two very different things. University budgets versus expenses are also two very different things. Realizing you probably think Forbes is some right-wing wacko publication, check out their issue on college athletics and the financial arms race going on in D1 institutions. There are a handful to BCS schools that actually MAKE money off their athletic programs. MU ain’t one of them.

      • hot harley says:

        jimmy….you’re wrong….you didn’t read my article
        because I’ve conteneded that mu going to sec
        and all the additionaol income streams (gate receipts/parking/
        concesssions/licensing/tv rights going thru the roof/enodowment
        donations….athletic fund contributions…I mean if you
        consider just the increase in attendance in 2013….
        lets look at attendance….average of 20,000 extra
        fans per game x 6 games…120,000 extra tickets avg
        price of $50= 60 million extra bucks….just on the gate…
        but lets just say its an extra 40 million dollars.
        cocnessions/parking/all the other things…maybe an extra
        5 million……new rights package: $10 million dollars….
        donations to funds/donations by 2 dogs/tv producer..
        gotta be close to 20 million bucks easily……
        sponsorships…1 million………licensing: $1-2 million dollars…
        the fund for athletic facilities…(ithing they threw in 40
        million…not sure on exact amount)….
        sec network….I’m guessing 5 million extra….
        new tv rights…another 5 million….
        I’m not including endowments….donations (which is huge)…
        jim and hearne you’re talking hundreds of millions of
        dollars coming in with change to sec.
        don’t add the huge footprint nationally for the team…
        I’m talking sbout serious money…
        and ku can’t pay the bills because Charlie eating school
        out of all you can eat cafeteria…
        lets get real boys…
        Kansas legislature is cutting back higher ed big time…
        they’ll have to scrape together money.
        theres not the long lines to get into ku right now…and
        truth be known is that mu has waiting list…and huge
        numbers of out of state students on that list which adds
        millions to the university…..
        so if you want to talk money/stature/fans/etc. theres
        no comparison…and rmemeber mu got a part of that
        sec championship gate..i’m guessing 3 million plus
        money for cotton bowl (1-2 million )……so lets
        not argue anymore..
        you’re pretty stupid to think that you can argue with
        Harley…..Harley has facts/data/stats/numbers and
        all you’ve got it some larryville resident with a blog who
        is still trying to find the jewelry theif by hiding as a
        bush outside the suspect office.
        STOP….ITS GETTING OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • admin says:

        Thought you were talking to me there for a minute, Jim.

        I was about to own up to it. Go figure.

        • Jim says:

          Good Lord, I wish I was HC! Better than banging my head against the wall with ‘ol Har-Har. I looked up THICK in the dictionary today, it said “See Harley’s head”.

          I guess Forbes, CBS, ESPN, et al are full of crap when they report the financial losses of all the D1 athletic departments save a precious few. It’s a giant myth.

          OK, OK………”Uncle.” I give.

  9. hot harley says:

    mu has hundreds of thousands in stl Louis…more than the population of porbably
    all of Kansas east of hutch.

  10. hot harley says:

    One of the obvious flaws is how you can’t compare per athlete spending across conferences. All conferences sponsor the sports that are high cost (ie football, basketball, baseball, and women’s basketball). However, when you get into the sports that are lower cost such as soccer, lacrosse, track and field, etc., conferences that sponsor these sports come across as lower spending per athlete. This lower spending per athlete isn’t a function of spending less money, but rather just having more athletes at the tail end of the distribution curve in sports that require nothing to operate. Coincidentally, some of these schools with lower athlete per spending would be paying more in total spending. The Big East being at the tail end of the power conferences, and behind Conference USA, makes a lot more sense when you consider its sponsoring of 18 sports.

    Secondly, the entire comparison of athlete spending versus student spending is apples to oranges. Ignoring the previously mentioned issue with the study, a far better comparison would have been athletic department deficit per athlete compared to spending on non-athletic students. If you’re spending $113,000 per athlete but bringing in $120,000 per and funding scholarships, as many SEC, B1G, Pac-12, and Big 12 programs do, I would call that a good investment rather than a perversion of the student-athlete model. Conversely, it would be a better way of identifying the Conferences that are running up massive deficits, and truly subsidizing their athletics with student activity fees.

    theres more to this story than jim says…I will present more data to refute
    his point.
    as far as hearne…ben more places to you….not been in Lawrence in a long
    as far as Missouri iwill check on their tourism counts.

    • admin says:

      The very fact that you give a you-know-what to check on Columbia’s “tourism counts” says it all.

      I rest my case.

      • hot harley says:

        no hearne…you’re getting bad eyesight….you said
        “Missouri” wasa flyoverstate…. but
        last year tourism boomed in Missouri…
        can’t say the saem for Kansas where the #1 attraction
        is……………………………….Nebraska furniture mart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        read what I write you dufus………….or else!

  11. hot harley says:

    plus you continue tobe proven wrong along with little jimmy know nothing…
    what more do you need sire?

  12. Art Fawcett says:

    Title IX is a joke and hurts legitimate sports. Football revenue should be excluded. Not only that, if men’s basketball brings in 10 million (random number), and the chicks 1 million, the women shouldn’t get 5.5 million. They should get 1 million.

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