Hearne: Arrest of Jewelry Store Scion Rumored

DiamondThis just in…

I’m going to continue to play this one close, but a prominent society matron emailed me this morning – out of the blue – and dropped the exact name of the rumored local jeweler said to be under investigation for smuggling drugs and diamonds. If true this will be the biggest Kansas City scandal of the new millennium to date.

Check it:
“What’s the deal with (Blank)?” the email begins. “Was he arrested? This is the shocker of the decade! He must have a serious drug addiction..can’t see this guy doing anything illegal unless he had a really good reason. I just had him do an appraisal of a  very valuable necklace..should I have the stones checked to see if they’re the same ones?”

On further examination, “I haven’t seen any evidence that he was actually arrested, just (that he) told people he would be,” says the source. “Feel sorry for his wife and son.”

A call to the party in question at his place of business on the Kansas side came as a complete surprise to the woman there who answered the telephone and declined to give her name. Don’t know anything about it, she gasped. No, he’s not in, she then added. Will he be in later, I asked? Maybe, she said.

At which point I asked her to call or text the gentleman in question and give him my cell number, which she agreed to do. However when I called back a half an hour or so later, and again an hour later, my call went straight to voicemail (caller ID?) which is unusual for a busy workday.

Here’s the deal; if indeed said scion was arrested, is to be later today or is turning himself in, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney‘s office said he would probably be brought before a judge this afternoon. At which point you can bet every single local media will be hitting this thing hard.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 11.52.44 AMAs of an hour ago however, neither the US Attorney’s office in Missouri nor the Department of Justice in Kansas showed anything on their dockets for today yet.

“The DEA policy stipulates that we don’t comment about an investigation unless he’s been arrested and charged,” says U.S. Attorney’s office spokesman Don Ledford. “But if there were a case like this, there would probably be a press release.

“And if it’s a sealed indictment, the jeweler would likely be brought before a judge (later) today and the judge would unseal the indictment. If it’s not a sealed indictment they could file a criminal complaint before they go to a grand jury.”

Either way, said jeweler would appear before a judge and all hell would break loose.”

Stay tuned…

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57 Responses to Hearne: Arrest of Jewelry Store Scion Rumored

  1. the dude says:

    Spill the beans hearne, spill the beans.
    We know you are gonna try and milk this turkey for all it is worth so just tell us who the hell it is.

  2. HerschMcW says:

    Plaza biz??

  3. Zak says:

    If you have the scoop you should tell now before it is reported. If not why are you doing doing this blog

  4. CG says:

    I guess you can’t give name til its done? Wow.

  5. John Altevogt says:

    What about the guy who allegedly got robbed twice, but doesn’t bother to intall security cameras?

  6. Los jimmy says:

    Mazzarese or Tivol? Both have a plaza and a joco store. I don’t think vinca has a joco store.

    • Stomper says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong here admin., but the initial piece made a Jewish connection. Mazzarese family is from Italy.

  7. Zak says:

    If you wait til it goes public then it is not a scoop. I read your blog for scoops. Guess I will start reading Tonys kc

  8. chuck says:

    What about Zoe? She is always on the edge.

    • hot harley says:

      email writer wrote:

      should I have the stones checked to see if they’re the same ones?”

      always do that mam…..its so easy to switch stones….

      good job hearne….yougot all 12 readers up in arms…will be interesting
      to see what happens……..but I gotta agree with one dude..
      the guy who got hit twice an never had a alarm?
      now that guys nutty.

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hey guys, its really hard to spill the name while its all speculation, thats what law suits are made of. When you’re dealing with mega money people, they’d drag your ass into court in a heartbeat, right OR wrong. Hearnes got this one, dead on, I’ll back him up when it breaks…. but you’ve got enough here to put your own puzzle together.

    • hot harley says:

      this probably ends up like the dud Wilson wrote on the kid stalker….
      dead end…going nowhere…..forgotten…and eventually they got

  10. Stomper says:

    Yep, at least a half dozen good hints between the two posts. If you don’t have the name, your list should be pretty short.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Plus, Stomper, as we both know, everyone already knows the whole story… Harley told us last week this was OLD NEWS!! I’m surprised we have so many low information readers, huh? Old news…. nothing to see here, everyone go on home.

      • hot harley says:

        Wilson…your past 3 stories have been zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…
        nothing new in htem….just cut and paste….zerios.
        at least this one is fun with everyone guessing
        who didit.
        like csi on tv…. but with hearne’s twist and his
        “inside” information.

      • hot harley says:

        johnny/vinny/nick/lou/scar face/jimmy pig etc….
        I’ve heard nothing new….

  11. mermaid says:

    My money’s on Vinca two robberies both suspicious

    • Stomper says:

      Ks. location ???

    • Hearne says:

      Sorry Mermaid…

      If you don’t succeed at first

    • hot harley says:

      hearne should talk with whinery….innocent til proven guilty…
      its fun guessing…but if this whole deal goes the way of
      Wilson story on the stalking kid….or his story of the girlfrom mizzou….this is
      going to be just another huge bust …another adoe about nothing…
      according to emails I received…those stories were busts..just kind
      of nothing in them beside cut and paste…no original investigations….
      but its cool to think of who the guy is….feelsotrry for his
      wife and son….they suffer too.
      as to hearnes female friend who worried about her stones being
      switched….happens all the time sweetheart….
      be wary…..because 99.9999%
      of people know nothing about gems or what they’rebuying.
      If I was buying in kc..I trust /#1 ; Harold…#2: mierottos #3
      mazzareese (good people) #4 swirk the rest I don’t know anything
      about….but these I named have great reputations
      as to the guy who asked if I knew anything about gems…no…
      I don’t wear much jewelry….but

    • hot harley says:

      interesting mermaid….some others chose that too.
      good to hear from you…hope dave is doing well…..
      have agreat day.

  12. mermaid says:

    You’re right stomper doesn’t fit our ks mo clue but the plaza clue numbers it down to just one and that doesn’t seem possible – I’m stumped!

    • Stomper says:

      Plaza location and Ks. location. There are at least two that fit that scenario. I think Hearne dropped 6-8 breadcrumbs for us. Possibilities don’t seem possible to me either. I expect to be stunned and depressed.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      A family business could be on the Plaza… you could be elsewhere… food for thought if youre hungry, and I usually am.

  13. hot harley says:

    isaid mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm inmy
    last post for a reason.
    In my workwith the fbi I have seen these thingsgo south real fast.
    guy must have gotten letter he was the subject of investigation….
    or maybe he kenw to lawyer up…..
    we know its not warren buffet for sure….Harold no….had a wife and son
    so that lets the little lady in op off the hook….
    andto be honest Wilson….its ptobably not new.
    having worked with some of the largest jewelry organizations they’re
    all goniffs (check your Hebrew)…they’re at 500-600 % markup…..
    and yes…check all your stones and pckets when you leave one of them….
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm or bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb…
    my moneys on one of the two!!!!!!
    whatever the case…..if y

    • chuck says:

      Harley, what was Elliot Ness like?

      • Stephen Burstein says:

        Harley…I am sure you worked in jewelry…LOL…idiot

        • hot harley says:

          Mr. Burstein…or mr. meyer….have bought several
          nice pieces from you in the past…
          I did do work quite a long time ago for Leading
          Jewelers, which I ‘m sure you know is/was
          a leading coop/group of majordependent jewerlers from
          kc to Colorado/California to east coast.
          About 400 jewelers.
          Not all of us got a free start in business like you
          did with your family and had to work to get
          what we have.
          obviously you don’t read much of kcc..but if you
          did you would realize that Harley is always
          to talk further feel free to contact me at
          Even my dad bought jewelry from your family when
          it was meyer backin the day.
          your friend

          • Stephen Burstein says:

            LOL Harley–I still get called Meyer by just a few people.. Catalog group? Although I always thought I would play baseball, I did get to work for my family. But being a grand son, son, nephew and brother and cousin made me have to work harder. I started my multi-hundred dollar business out of my apartment in 1977. Never got a penny from anybody ever to keep this business up and running. I may make 1-20% max on diamonds..I was just laughing at 500-600%…
            Hope all is well,. I will pay more attention to KCC.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          SB; Harley’s in every major industry known to man and friends with all the titans of said industries.
          Aren’t we past due for lunch?

          • hot harley says:

            maybe youshould have listened to those
            titans advice about business…..
            i’msure they advised youon what to do…
            I listen to them…they’re more expeireinced
            in biz than me….I learn from them…
            maybe you should have done the same thing!!!!!

          • hot harley says:

            congrats b urstein….met you yearsago…
            you’e done a hell of a job…no doubt…
            back in the day (our fathers day) there
            were some great people in the jewelry
            many still around today …..
            that you built a business isgreat..I know
            how tough that is to do. Know the
            hard work it takes. then there’s those
            guys on here who never made a successful
            business and just gave up.
            but ata leading jewelers convention I was
            surprised to see the markups…I know
            the plaza guys got big markups because
            its like buying a car…. but those markups
            from years ago probably don’t reflect the]internet…etc. that makes the jewelry
            biz more competitive.
            I bought some nice pieces from you…excellent
            work and will probably come again.
            thanks for the ink…good luck…
            know whatyou mean about a family biz..
            I grew up in one too….so I know what
            its like…..
            take care
            your friend

        • honest Abe says:

          Amazing that Harlingen knows all markups in all business if all people in the gems to e biz made at least a 600 percent markup it would be wonderful I am willing to bet he knows nothing about gems.

          • hot harley says:

            that’s what it was back duringthe time
            I worked with leading jewelers.
            I’mguessing you’re in the jewelry biz…
            go ask Harold….that’s what his “price
            as marked is …..maybe a little less at 400%…
            depends on the store….zow is probably
            300%…..chain stores probably less….
            and yes..I’ve worked with many smart
            very successful business titans in Kansas city
            and around the nation.
            Ilearned a lot andn its helpedme a ton.
            I had many people I considered “mentors”
            THEY’RE AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Meise Putum says:

      Can if is Yiddish you putz

    • SHANA putum says:

      I think k it’s Mr
      Mustard he is a Rasta man and according to Harley makes a profit of at least 15 per cent

  14. hot harley says:

    Wilson…have younothing beter to do than classify and document all my
    past writings? I know you love to email mestuff about your brother and
    things likethat…but isn’t it strange that you keep all my comments in
    a file trying to prove me wrong….BUT ALWAYS FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    f’or ch*sts sake….stop stalking me and my writings…you scare me!!!!!
    IS THAT your new hobby since you gave up making
    furniture ??????????????????????????????
    and if you wanted to know more about some of these same types of stories
    send me an email…I’m connected to everything in kc………………….
    like what major politician is sleeping with backpage girls??????????????

  15. StillAtMyMoms says:

    Completely off topic, but can someone write how in the hell Osterheldt manages to keep her job when she writes about f’in massages? Seriously, and her prose is high school caliber.

    • Hearne says:

      Jenee has gotten better this past year…

      She still has a long way to go but at least she’s trying to pick topics with a wider appeal.

      For her to really take off though she needs to put race on the distant back burner and concentrate on news and stories that have a bit more edge and some humor. Because society (and the Star) don’t need more part time preachers, they need a couple ass kickers and entertainers.

  16. Peter Utz says:

    It is a tragedy for a family to have to go through with what this site is implying!!!

  17. dougie Z says:

    Sounds like someone got paranoid and talked about himself out of school (based on the info HC has posted).

  18. hot harley says:

    dougie z…
    no…..someone got paranoid and themselves “back into school” as in
    going to “school”….jail.

  19. chuck says:

    Colonel Helzberg did it on the Plaza Library with the Candlestick.

  20. KC Res says:

    And as predicted, KU found the money to build the basketball player apartments. It didn’t even take a week.

    • admin says:

      BS, KC Res…

      They got ONE “lead donor” – whatever that is, first, I guess – and now they’re making the rounds tin cup in hand

  21. SHANA putum says:

    It was Bill Delphi that did it to recruit Hassidic Jews to play basketball next year

  22. hot harley says:

    the crime of the millennium hearne shouts.
    obviously hearne and his legal buddies don’t know the law.
    many crimes are committed and the law enforcement people never
    make the crime public because they use the accused to get to
    higher ups.
    glaze can give us info on that.
    Look at Christie case….wildstein may never be charged…aand nooone
    may havev ever heard his name had he rolled on Christie before his
    hearings before the jersey legislature.

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