Hearne: Dreadful Football Program Starting to Take Toll on KU Basketball


Future KU multi millionaire Andrew Wiggins

The poor play of the University of Kansas football team is starting to cause difficulties for the school’s vaunted basketball program.

Take the smackdown of KU’s so-called Fieldhouse Apartments.

The outlandishly expensive, $17.5 million dollar apartment complex represents a failed recruitment tool schmooze for KU basketball coach Bill Self.

“Housing, where our student-athletes reside now, is way, way, way, way behind what the competitors would be housing their student-athletes in, in a big way,” Self has stated. “In order for us to maintain and even exceed what we’ve been doing, there are certain things that have to be done…Bells and whistles are very, very important…It’s for the benefit, and certainly for the development, of the student-athletes.”

However a Kansas Legistlative Committee shot down KU athletics request for financing.

The reason why?

“Here’s the deal,” says a source close to the situation. “Former KU athletics director Lew Perkins left KU in a lurch because we’ve got so much debt with all the football facilities, Allen Field House and on and on.  He also raised a lot of money, but the athletics department doesn’t have any borrowing capacity. So Lew did a lot of good things, but he left the athletics department cash strapped.”

Which is why KU had to partner up with a controversial Lawrence developer to build the $22 million-plus Rock Chalk Park currently under construction, the source says.

That’s also why the athletics department had to seek funding authorization from the state, “Because KU can’t afford it,” the source says. “They needed to get the legislators to fund it. They wanted to use the state’s borrowing capacity.”

Lew Perkins You got it. You spend it. You don't got it.

Lew Perkins
You got it. You spend it. You don’t got it.

Which brings us to the villain in all this: KU football.

“The football program is kind of what’s dragging them down,” says the source. “Because to compete, they’re going to have to do something big, big, big at Memorial Stadium and that’s the main priority. They’ll be able to raise a lot of money privately, but not (enough) because of the way they’re playing. If they’d have had enough money (to do the Fieldhouse Apartments), they’d just have done anything they wanted.”

The bottom line on the state shooting down Self’s pricey pipe dream:

“If you’re a state legislator and you have a backbone and you realize that the primary goal of a state institution is to educate people – not to cater to athletes who are going to be making tens of millions after coming to KU for one year – it’s a no brainer.”

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19 Responses to Hearne: Dreadful Football Program Starting to Take Toll on KU Basketball

  1. the dude says:

    Broke-assed KU trying to spend money it doesn’t have.
    Guv Brownshirt shall show you no love unless the Koch Bros. tell him to.

  2. hot harley says:

    to hearne and:
    the bar owner in Lawrence with the run down operation
    the ku fans who cried when mu left the big 12
    the ku fans who said “mu leaving thebig 12 was ahugemistake”….
    to glaze…who said the move was wrong…

    as I’ve said…ku is dead broke. Thanks gov and thanks Charlie and
    the rest of the overweight coaches you guys hired as your football
    team sunk to the WORST IN THE NATION…..even with grunny!!!!!!

    See I think in the real world. Not some make believe world especially
    today where it unfortunately is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.
    You can win 12 national championships in basketball but you’re still
    broke and on the hold when you can’t make a dime.
    Remember what I said…basketball is secondary. You can fill up
    allen field house every game but it doesn’t change the economics
    at ku as a faulty economic situation hovers over it.
    Self can’t recruit without that palace for his players? bull!!!! He’s a
    good enough coach and if he doesn’t get what he wants he’ll probably
    say bye bye…..
    HARLEYS BUSINESS ACUMEN SAID “ohhhhhnooooo….its a bad bad move”..
    well fellow kcc readers/writers and commentators…and especially hearne
    and his buddy with the brew taps in beautiful alwrence who knows nothing
    about anything…
    SEE THE quarter billion dollar in athletic stadium and facilities investment.
    See thev incredible new housing in downtown Columbia…its nicer than
    most of the villas in joco!!!!!!
    see 6 million bucks just donated by the reality series producer to make MU
    the leading university in the world in documentary innovation and production?????
    see the capital works projects…the millions upon millions in fees…tv rights…
    sec network….academic grants…research dollars….SEE IT HEARNE AND THE
    BAR GUY AND GLAZE??????????????????????????????
    yes…while ku argues over a few million bucks to keep the only good thing
    left at that university (Bill Self) MU is flying and soaring…and becoming
    the top universities in the nation.
    DON’T FRET DENIERS…you took on Harley when Harley spent long
    copy to prove you wrong.
    KU now needs the state of Kansas to fundthis high rise high dollar
    project for kids like wiggins/embed (who probably is going to make
    50 million but probably still sleeps on a cot)…..they need the state to
    pay for this…
    FROM MU ….because MU had so much cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hearne..the bar owner…glaze…the sadku fans….Harley put it in
    economic and real world terms while you sat there and tried to
    make us believe it wasn’t the right move.
    NOW….your boy billy self is crying the blues cause the bank is broke…
    football in college is king…its the golden goose.
    basketball is a one month sport…in march….before that…after that the
    only ones who care are in Topeka/Eudora/Ottawa etc.
    KU IS A MESS!!!!! You better pay self or he’s gonna leave ya and then
    you’ve lost the best coach in college!!!!! Go borrow som money…or
    have a fundraiser at the bar owners tavern….

    AGAIN…HARLEY WINS….if you think in the make believe world like
    hearne or radio dud or the bar owner…then you end up with a situation
    where you’re broke.
    I analyze/extrapolate/decipher/then make a real world judgement not
    on some misbelief and mistaken data/numbers. I deal in the real world.
    hearne…glaze and the bar owner…..remember…HARLEY TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hot harley says:

    hearne…your boys are broke?
    I told you that in 2010….this isn’t news…self’s been complaining about
    the money situation for years now.
    bring back mangino….he’s good for a few funny fat man jokes.
    or bring back don fambrough (oh…he can’t come back)
    maybe Charlie will throw in a few bucks to name a wing (not a chicken wing! hahaha)
    of the new living quarter in his name.
    or maybe just have all coaches cut back on theall you can eat buffets at the
    athlete cafetertia.
    isn’t there anyone who can solve this problem.
    call up the kochs…they got billions they love to waste on losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bob says:

    KUAC is far from broke (please learn to distinguish between the University of Kansas and the KUAC.) However, they don’t have the money they need. East Coast Lew’s stench will linger for years around the university.

    • Bob says:

      I should say… the money they want. Not need. They have plenty of money.

      • hot harley says:

        they can’t get a few million dollarstogether for the
        new condos for the real money makers and job creators
        (the bball members and self) then that’s a sad situation.
        Missouri could make 2 calls and get the cash.
        KU is a dying insittutuion. Look at the numbers of
        kids leaving kansasto go to college.
        now….ku law school and umkc law school are at war
        to get students…who do you think wins?
        state government killing ku.
        And realize I livein Kansas…Kansas needs a great
        education system ….

        • admin says:

          I think it’s a little early to write KU off on those apartments…

          They say they haven’t given up and are seeking funding elsewhere. They also have those point dollars coming in every year from extorting basketball and football season ticket holders a handful of years ago.

          Unfortunately for KU, their football team went south and now they’ve got to dig themselves out of a financial hole after foolishly alienating thousands of their supporters.

          • Bob says:

            The apartments will be built. There is no question about it. They were doing the smart thing and asking to use other people’s money to do it. It’ll happen.

          • hot harley says:

            ku having to go out and beg for money…
            where is that bar owner hearne that youqouted
            who was so sure hehad all the answers…
            just hold a kegger at the bar owners joint
            andraise a couple hundred bucks…that should
            get the ap[artments started!!!!!!!
            or maybe hearne might kick in a few
            bucks…….wilsoncan furnish the apartments
            and then ku oneand done stars are happy!!!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      I understand the difference between the school and KUAC quite well, Bob.

      But after noting it initially, it’s easier to refer to them as KU.

      • Bob says:

        Fair enough. Just making sure you understood. Too many people get the two confused and then go on to make dumb arguments about taxpayer dollars. Is some rich alumnus in California wants to donate millions of dollars to KUAC, then it shouldn’t be much of an issue to taxpayers.

  5. balbonis moleskine says:

    Keep in mind the basketball players live in the Jayhawk towers now, which are the nicest apartments on campus and are halfway through being renovated now. They are literally right by Allen field house.

  6. PB says:

    “the ku fans who cried when mu left the big 12”

    The only ones crying about this seem to be MU fans that can’t ever let go of the fact that KU doesn’t play them anymore and thusly give them some relevancy in the KC market. No worries, the in-breds living at points south can now compare tooth numbers with their Arkansas brethren. It’s a match made in Dogpatch. We get it, you cashed in and yet most of you can’t seem to shut up about the end of a rivalry that you yourselves severed. It’s ALL you ever talk about in relation to KU while most KU fans barely acknowledge your existence anymore. You’re basically Miss State now as far as we’re concerned. Enjoy the tournament you’ll have to win in Nashville to even experience that so-called one of month of important basketball. I’ll be bellied up a mere few miles from my home in the P&L where the IQ-level was considerably raised by recent subtraction.

    • hot harley says:

      that’s correct…never heard anything from ku fans from july thru January…
      because they have to worst team in football.
      read the blogs like greg hall…of course the ku fans were upset..all their
      predictions were 1000% incorrect…including hearnes…the bar owner
      and glazes.
      we don’t miss the little 12….its dying on the vinedude…
      and whe the university of Kansas hastoget on their knees to beg
      to build a housing unit for the best bball team in the nation that’s
      disgusting. Tell us about how well ku is doing.
      What’s even funnier is that there’s nothing going on in ku….not one
      of you fans can point out anything positive happening there…why?
      because its a dying college….broke….out of money….classes cut back…
      faculty leaving….a rampage of murders ………while the only thing
      that’s positive in ku is self and his bball team.
      Note to us mu fans whats going on at ku positive!!! you can’t
      …..there’s no money…no xpanision…..so what are you left with?
      allen field house and bill self.
      like the rest of the ku alumni….go beg for that 20 million….
      but you and hearne and the bar tavern guy never say anting positive
      about whats happening in lawrnce or ku.
      ITS DYING……….while we are soaring!!!!!!!
      the rivalry….we kicked your ass in football (the big time/big time
      money and prestige sport) while you won basketball which doesn’t
      even pay the billsfor zenger and Charlie to grab a meal at
      taco bell on 23rd street.
      see ya later Jayhawk….we’re riding high.
      if you haveanything good going on…put it on kcc….or is your university
      really as bad as the media reports make it sound.
      hey pb…love self….greatest coach…but he’ll be moving on unless you
      getthe cash he wants….too many other schools will pay him5-6mm and
      give him the world. would be a shame for Kansas to lose him!!!!!!!
      so get out and collect those coins to SAVE SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hot harley says:

    ALSO PB….I never downplayed the ku students or people who live in
    Kansas. I live in abeautiful subdivision in Kansas.
    Iput down the people who were wrong about mu leaving and now
    see mu soaring.
    the ku students are great kids…I know hundreds of them…its just
    that the university and the athletic department can’t do anything right.
    sure they got self and he’s built a great program…but besides that ku
    is a mess. Politics? lack of planning? poor management? terrible
    leaders….that’s the problem…not the good kids up there.
    its just that while the heads at ku were crying (including self) about mu
    leaving for greener pastures…they ended up being wrong again and again.
    remember pb….Harley is always right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. PB says:

    I guess KU can come up with some funding afterall.

    LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — The University of Kansas has received a lead donation from alumni Kent and Missy McCarthy to help finance the first phase of the Fieldhouse Apartments project, which will house basketball players and other students.

    The complex is expected to cost $17.5 million and will be built on Naismith Drive, just south of Allen Fieldhouse. The amount of the donation was not disclosed.

    The donation was announced during the fifth-ranked Jayhawks’ game against Oklahoma on Monday night.

    The apartments will be home to 32 men’s and women’s basketball players and 34 non-athlete students. NCAA rules prohibit student-athletes from residing in dorms by themselves.

    Kansas coach Bill Self has said the project will give the school a significant recruiting advantage by offering a major upgrade over current student-athlete housing.


    • admin says:

      Easy PB, you think getting one donor a $17.5 million apartment makes?

      The betting money is they’ll get it – one way or another – but they’re still a long way away, money wise.

      • PB says:

        Significant donations bring other donations. Apparently it’s enough to go forward with the project. It’ll get done.

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