Starbeams: KCI Pat Downs, Skater Envy & Mirror, Mirror

awkwardliftEight airlines that service KCI are working with the city to update the airport and make it more convenient.  Am I the only person pushing for a self-service airport security section?  Since I’ve been married, I’ve gotten good at giving myself a pat-down.


A Leawood orthopedic doctor won $1 million in the December Mega Millions jackpot. That might be the most depressing sentence you will read all year.


46 percent of men admit they get “turned on” while watching women’s figure skating.  I get depressed.  I’m straight and I’ve yet to find a woman who will let me hold her above my head with my thumb.


Bill O’Reilly says the Internet is making young people self-absorbed, ignorant and distracted.  Read all about it on BILLOREILLY.COM!



MSNBC’S Joe Scarborough says he might run for president. The news came as a shock to the 20 people who watch MSNBC.

Kelly Urich hosts the morning show on The Point 99.7 FM

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