Hearne: KU Confidential Meets KC Confidential

KU dawgSome of you may have noticed a tweak to the KC Confidential masthead…

A year or so ago, after moving to Lawrence, I kind of half-assed launched a companion website called Lawrence Confidential. The objective; take advantage of my being stationed here in LA and try and offer this laid back, basketball-crazy burg an alternative news and entertainment option.

After all, with the exception of the odd tabloid that came and went over the years – the Lawrence Journal World and the small town boss hawgs in the Dolph Simons family had thingspretty well buttoned up when it came to what passes for news here.

Alas I was too ambitious, a crazy year got the better of me and I didn’t have the horsepower to make a full time go of it.

The flip side of that coin?

As the recently defrocked editor of the Journal World told me the other day, this town is just too sleepy, too content, too complacent. And frankly, I have to agree.

imagesThere’s a handful of business dudes who run roughshod over the populace – often with the blessings of KU – and the rest of the folks are divided among those to whom college basketball is the center post of their lives and/or they’re suffering from a lifelong affliction of chronic shoulder shrugging.

Because when you get right down to it, after a little more than a year of living here, I haven’t the foggiest notion of what defines this town, outside of basketball and the mundane presence of the university and its ubiquitous student population and rental properties.

Let me drill down a bit further…


There are no true, standup civic leaders in Lawrence, not one…not really.

Just self-dealing, vested interests. That and a 95,000 strong herd of “contented cows.”

JayhawkMichaelsSo I’m basically crying, “Uncle!” but not totally.

It took too much time to just manage a separate site. Time that I could have better spent writing a story of four every week. And by consolidating the two, that’s what I hope to accomplish.

I’ve always thought of Lawrence as a suburb of Kansas City.

That’s why I wrote about it so often in my column in the Kansas City Star. Some sports fans from Missouri and K-State thought it was because I was a homer for the Hawks, but I’m an Arizona dude. And now that I’m bunking here, the cult-like status of the Jayhawks is a total turnoff, rest assured.

No, I write about KU and Lawrence because it’s a satellite of Kansas City. Cowtowners come here for all sorts of reasons – to shop, buy clothes, dine out, partake of entertainment options – just like I did.

Pardon my saying so, but damn few people in Kansas City make a habit of hanging out in Columbia, Missouri or Manhattan, Kansas. Nor do they care much what goes on in those towns outside of sports or some dramatic crime happening.

images-1So I’m pretty sure that most of the topics I write about involving Lawrence or KU will be of some interest to many KC Confidential readers.

Things like Starbucks screwing over the locals. Rumors about KU coach Bill Self‘s sex life. The nastiest, rodent-infested movie theater in the region and the health department that continues to turn a blind eye to the situation.

too tooSo as I prepare to turn out the lights and direct the other site here, allow me to liberate a few stories for you in the next day or two that ran on Lawrence Confidential in the interest of maybe showing you what you missed, what you might expect and preserving them for posterity.

Thanks for listening…


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24 Responses to Hearne: KU Confidential Meets KC Confidential

  1. the dude says:

    Drink the jayhawk fool-aid Hearne, drink freely of the fool-aid.

  2. hot harley says:

    hearne…seems your new hometown is having a murder surge.
    What is going on in Lawrence. would be interested to know your
    take from the inside scoop.

  3. chuck says:

    Are those REAL tattoos?

    • KC Res says:

      “As the recently defrocked editor of the Journal World told me the other day, this town is just too sleepy, too content, too complacent. And frankly, I have to agree.”

      Potts is still in Lawrence? I figured he would have scurried back to the east coast by now.

  4. hot harley says:

    hearne…I keep suggesting stories for you to writeabout…
    I’m gonna have to start charging you.
    And while you’re at it…since news broke yesterday about the best d lineman
    in the nation…maybe we get y our entire writing crews opinion about
    I can see it now…whinery says its all a leftist communist conspiracy plot to take
    over Americas favorite sport…..yes.

    • admin says:

      Ah yes, where would we all be without your kind advice?

    • Jim says:

      Best “D” lineman in the nation? Good God! Try not to be such a homer, H-Man. There are (17) to (20) other D-lineman projected to be drafted before Sam.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Hell Harley, Sam wasn’t even the best defensive end on his own team. That distinction goes to Kony Ealy.

        • chuck says:

          Harley probably knows Michael Sam and his family from his lawforlife.com efforts. In fact, I would bet money that if Michael Sam ever goes down for Sodomy, Harley can get it reduced to “Following Too Closely.”

        • hot harley says:

          tell that to sporting news….usa….all the major
          rating services in America!!!!! was kony unaninimous
          Kony had a great year…I just go by what the real
          experts in evaluating talent say….now what
          you think you know.
          I’ve read your comments…not too bright…and this
          one surely provesthat you’re not correct again.
          They’re both great players…had great years….
          but sam got all the big big big big time awards
          across the nation from the people who are experts.
          you don’t know anything compared to the experts…
          so refrain from comments like you made here. It
          makes you look stupid…especially to MU fans!!!!!!!!!!!
          your friend

      • hot harley says:

        little jimmy…..why would you doubt Harley….did you read
        what I said…best d lineman in nation.
        NOt my opinion…but Sporting News (I think they know
        more than you) plus about 3 or 4 other very well known
        organizations that named him one of the best…that
        statement I made didn’t mention his draft position because
        many drafts said he was too small for that position.
        as far as being best in the nation…I think the people who
        really know football at the college level know more about
        talent than you and you’re little stupid comment.
        Learne to read boys…it will make you more successful
        in the real world…..
        In my opinion he’s the best although your ignorance
        makes me realize that maybe you should learn to
        use data from expeerts instead of trying to show Harley
        is wrong..
        remember you two boobs…Harley is never wrong!!!!!!!!!!
        go read sporting news or that he was unanimous selection
        then get back to me.
        Don’t try to deny Harley….look at old man baldy chuck..
        he’s tried and look at his life situation!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha

        • Jim says:

          Sorry, Halinator. When you are drafted in the 4th or 5th round and 15 or 16 other defensive linemen are drafted BEFORE you, there isn’t much question that you are NOT the best D-Lineman in the nation. Period. this isn’t an opinion. It’s fact. Kiper and all the other draft “experts” have him projected at a 3rd to 5th round draft pick. It appears I am not the only one that thinks he is NOT the best D-Lineman in the nation.

          • hot harley says:

            you’re an idiot…can you read…..then why
            didn’t the other linemen win unanimous
            all American…sporting news top d lineman…
            I never mentioned his draft spot or anything
            about his draft..
            many times (as I will school you in this) the
            top player in the position is not drafted before
            others less talented.
            how many quarterback were drafted behind
            tebow…..how many all American players
            in college get picked further down the
            board than others who weren’t given the
            big awards.
            Not a homer…sam had a great year according
            to the experts IN COLLEGE!!!!!
            they don’t base those college awards on
            where a guy gets drafted….
            Idiots like you do!!!!!! How many all
            americans are drafted after others who
            werenbn’t chosen by usa/sproting news
            etc….it happens all the time.
            You’re an idiot!
            REMEMBER DUMBY….THIS….
            when you get unanimous selection as all
            American those same people who voted
            probably realized that sam was considered
            by talent scouts (not some amateur idiot
            like you) to be a little too small for his
            position in the pros. some considered making
            him a linebacker like what seattle did.
            But nooooooooooooooooooooooo…idiiots
            like you who argue from fantasy ideas wants
            to continue arguing when the facts are
            pretty evident.
            As I said…Harley is always right….you are
            wrong again.
            Letm e repeat that…Harley is right…..
            go to sporting news…read what they said…
            even they said he probably would go in the
            mid rounds….but THEY STILL MADE HIM
            one of the best dlinemen in the nation.
            Fools always try to impress people.
            You are a fool…but you don’t impress people.
            Ive received emails already from people
            on this issue and resoundingly they
            say that you are a freaking loser and you
            are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            read my commenyts.
            You obviously pay a lot of attention to what
            I write having said I’m a “homer” etc…etc…
            for that I thank you for reading all my
            I’m one of the few on here who is highly
            read besides probably wislon and glaze.
            Youfollow me like a little dog.
            Now go back to your dog house.
            Your friend

            let me make this point…I do count you
            as one of my valuable followers. You read
            everything I write. And I thank you
            for that. I have never read anything you
            write because you don’t say anything besides
            worthless garbage.

          • Jim says:

            Poor, poor Harley. It would be a nice change if you could articulate a point without name calling. For some reason, I’m an idiot, a dog, a freaking loser and a “dumby”. I think you meant dummy, but what do I know. Do you know me? Have we met? Once you start slinging around insults and name-calling, you’ve lost the debate. Now, listen to me carefully. Winning awards to NOT make you the “best” anything. It makes you an award winner (see UNDRAFTED Collin Klein). I know these distinctions are difficult for you to understand, But give it a shot. Hell, ESPN Scouts rate him the 12th best defensive lineman. Repeat, the 12th. Now, go rant and rave and name-call those ESPN “idiots”. Don’t they know Harley says he’s the “best”?! Thanks so much for reading more of my “garbage”. I’m curious how you can respond to something you don’t read.

  5. KC Res says:

    “As the recently defrocked editor of the Journal World told me the other day, this town is just too sleepy, too content, too complacent. And frankly, I have to agree.”

    Potts is still in Lawrence? I figured he would have scurried back to the east coast by now.

    • admin says:

      He bought a house here for his one year jaunt at the Journal World.

      Don’t think he’s in any hurry to leave but my guess is he’ll be here for a while anyway. Lawrence may be sleepy, but it’s a nice place to visit.

  6. Markus Aurelius says:

    Who exactly makes the boring trek to Lawrence “to shop, buy clothes, dine out, partake of entertainment options”?? I don’t know anybody that does this — and that includes even my beaker friends out in JoCo. Other than partaking in such activities before or after a basketball game, I’m not sure there as many people making that trek as you think. They sure as hell aren’t driving there from up here in God’s country north of the river.

    Word of advice (or personal plea) — tag any post about Lawrence with “Quantrill’s Revenge” so those of us not drinking the kool-aid can keep on walking.

    • admin says:

      Easy Markus…

      I’m not saying it’s a wholesale migration, KC to LA. But I don’t know many people who travel to Blue Springs, Independence, Raytown, Fill-in-the-Blank either.

      That said, Lawrence is part of the KC eco system and by my measure, a far cry of greater interest than towns a two to three hour drive away…unless you grew up or went to college there.

      I’ll do you a favor by trying my best to make whatever I write about in LA worth your while. Starting first thing tomo morning.

      Don’t miss it!

      • hot harley says:

        shopping in Lawrence…didn’t the kmart shut down?
        target in Lawrence? restuarants…is your buddys
        steakhouse still open or did they burn that down too?
        bars….? how about comedy? they have comedy in
        lawrnce don’t they….?
        tourist atrractions? uh..fambroughs bench?
        they do have allen field house but even you are bored
        with that whole scene.
        money…wealth….lots of that in Lawrence…uh nooooo!
        lawrnce is a major business center …lots of top ceos
        and business movers and shakers? uh no….
        more to come dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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