Hearne: ‘Alice’ Owner Wilks Goes for the Gold with KC102.1 FM

kc102-logoAs tangled webs go, the behind the scenes demise of Alice 102.1 FM was a lively one…

Juxtaposed alongside the rebirth of competing AAA station The Bridge 90.9 FM made for one soap opera albeit a short lived one. Then there was the station’s Facebook fumble late last week, in which what appeared to be Alice’s new format was revealed as KC102.1 “More Music, Variety & Fun!”

A revealing accident or merely a stunt?

Lame as the station’s new name and catch phrase was, some insiders figured the latter. They couldn’t possibly going with that poor of a name choice…or could they? 

“I can’t believe they kept that name,” says one radio insider. “But so it is a gold-based adult contemporary format. It’s 80s and 90s to today. It looks to me like they’re targeting women between the ages of 30 and 45. And The Point 99.7 FM is probably targeting women 21 to 35. And Mix 93.3 FM is targeting 18 to 29 year-old women. 

“So the new station’s closest competitor is The Point –  and women 25 to 54 is their broader category target – but it’s really more women 30 to 45 and maybe 50.”

Screen-Shot-2013-03-12-at-11.56.19-AMThink of it as a rewind of the old KUDL FMStar 102 competition.

“Basically it’s the old Star 102, KUDL battle,” says the source. “They’re just doing it for younger listeners. Think about it; the target audience is the same as it was 20 years ago Both stations are playing 80s, 90s to today’s music. The difference is The Point will probably play more current music.

“But they’ll both play all three genres and they both will play mostly pop. Although KC102.1 says they’ll also play music by artists like U2, John Mellencamp, Goo Goo Dolls, R.E.M. and Kid Rock.

And KC102.1 will be a little bit older – you’ll hear more 80s and 90s and 2000s on it than you will The Point.. But they’ll both play the same music, but they’ll play a different mix of the four eras.”

star1021The trick for KC102.1 will be to figure out how to promote its new signal.

“The thing about it is, how are they going to tell anybody about it? They’re probably not going to spend any money.”

It all goes back to the fact that AAA is not a bankable listening format.

981kudl“They’re going to be a much more mainstream radio station now,” says the source. “They’re going to play music people are familiar with. The people who want to hear brand new music and have very eclectic taste are in the minority. And that’s why Alice’s ratings were so low.

“You have to play music people are familiar with and that’s the reason The Bridge will not succeed in Kansas City. Even with Alice gone.”

Another problem for “the new Alice” will be its choice of a name, insiders say.

“KC102.1 is just a lame name. I mean, The Point is easy to say and remember. Star was easy to remember. Mix is a handle. Fox is a handle. Jack. Alice. Nobody’s going to call this station KC. It’s just a bad handle and a bad positioner. People will probably just call it 102.”



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18 Responses to Hearne: ‘Alice’ Owner Wilks Goes for the Gold with KC102.1 FM

  1. Mysterious J says:

    Which will ultimately be higher: the number of regular listeners, or the number of stories here on this topic? My guess is that this will be a close call.

    • admin says:

      My guess is that’s the worst guess you ever made

      • Mysterious J says:

        Well you have to admit the new format is starting in quite a hole!

        • admin says:

          Maybe, MJ…

          However going from AAA to a far more established Adult Contemporary music format should yield significantly higher ratings and thus revenues.

          As the radio insider I quoted said, based upon its ratings, Alice was a wasted signal.

  2. hot harley says:

    your radio insider also knows nothing about radio hearne.
    Tell him to go check the 10 months of radio ratings before the nov/dec
    skewed ratings. Tell this “insider” to see where mix is….they are getting
    and are ranked almost at the top of all segmented female numbers….
    Where do you get these so called “experts”.
    from sipping lattes at Starbucks.
    “Hey buddy….come over here…need someone to tell me about
    radio…can ya help me?
    And again…don’t use thenov/dec ratings…according to real knowledgeable
    people (not some latte sipper) they were definitely not to be used
    because of a major station (kfkf) switching to xmas music which is very
    popular that time of year!!!!!!
    Next time you need an expert on anything…send me a note at law4life1000@
    your friend

    also..would be interested in glazas take on the diversity controversy with
    jerry Seinfeld in the comedy world and his take on all the ink given to
    the fact that his show is not “diverse” enough for some foolish/unfunny
    comics who have attacked him….would be a nice story from a guy whos
    in that business…not some latte sipper!

    • admin says:

      My radio insider is a full time, highly paid exec in the industry H.

      Naturally that pales alongside you wealth of verbage

      • hot harley says:

        tell your “expert” he don’t know sh*t and I’ll prove it
        when I get the info. lol
        Tell mr. zurwesty Harley says hello!!!!!
        hearne gets PUNKED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • admin says:

          Do you gaze at yourself in the mirror when you write this stuff?

        • kansas karl says:

          Please get the ratings and post them here, particularly the “money” demos you slobber about, please do. Know this your source will get a call from Neilsen/Arbitron for publishing copywritten material, the fine will exceed his/her income for the year, so please oh great Harley publish your info, odds are you don’t know shit and you have locked onto 6+ vs money demos and are unable to understand the realities of copywrite law. Hearne cannot legally publish any ratings other than 6+

          • admin says:

            A valid point, Kansas karl except for one thing…

            In the past I have indeed been able to get the money demo numbers from sources who were Arbitron subscribers.

            It’s true they could have gotten in trouble and/or been fined. But they never were. Naturally I would have and will protect them as sources. I just haven’t really pursued the radio ratings much the past year or two.

            However, since you understand the biz, you know that the 6-plus ratings are still strong indicators of overall performance.

            Am I wrong?

  3. balbonis moleskine says:

    I think you should send Paul Wilson to the gathering of the Juggalos that was announced in the Ozarks this summer.

    How much would it take to pitch a tent and spend the weekend among the white trash clown kids?

  4. hot harley says:

    Wilson probably not a big fan of ICP!!!!!
    maybe send him to philly philharmonic festival.

    • the dude says:

      How the hell would you know? Maybe he has pondered the magic behind how magnets work and who the Great Milenko is.

  5. brad canaday says:

    I loved Alice- the contemporary new, the eclectic (which allowed me to learn and enjoy) and the older cuts which I grew with. A great match for this 57 yr. old. I found a new station that said “screw classic rock”, and I did. Only a few years-such a shame. My only hope is this will die quicker while I search for something else. You will live with this poor decision. Brad (definitely NOT MORE FUN)

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