Hearne: The Countdown’s On – ‘Alice’ is Dead – Long Live ???

Layout-1_Page-3_4All bets are off at Alice 102.1 FM

Or perhaps on, depending upon how you look at it. Because as predicted here last week, the low-rated Adult Album Alternative (AAA) station is doornail dead and a robotic on-air countdown is on – presumably leading to whatever format the station debuts at sometime tomorrow.

Will it be a Gold Based Adult Contemporary format as hinted on that mysterious Facebook page that radio insiders suspect was a curveball thrown by Alice to draw attention away from whatever the real format will be.

Besides, “KC 102.1” and “More Music, Variety & Fun!” is lame, insiders say.

“Think about what radio stations say about themselves,” says an insider who asked not to be named. “Most radio station positioning statements will say what the stations are and what they do, and that doesn’t really say anything at all.”

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 10.01.45 PMAs for the listening format Alice will select, the possibilities may appear endless but there are really only three or four ways that halfway make sense:

1)  Hot Adult Contemporary which would pit the station against Entercom’s The Point 99.7 FM.

2)  AAA but with an 80s / 90s mix that skews a bit older like the “World Class Rock” of KBCO FM in the Boulder/Denver market – a format aimed more towards adults 45 and up, versus Alice’s which targets younger listeners closer in age to 35.

“In my opinion that’s a mix that’s not being covered in the Kansas City market,” the insider adds. “There’s no handle on it per se, but it’s a mix of ’80s and ’90s pop and rock.”

3)  Alternative a-la 96.5 The Buzz seems a somewhat unlikely choice because, “Alternative’s already covered and The Buzz isn’t knocking it out of the park” the insider says, adding that the Facebook hinted at “Gold-Based” AC format would likely be another loser.

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 7.16.58 PM“Why would you stunt for another 2 share? I think they are going to go for something with more mass appeal. Because right now it’s just a wasted signal – 83,900 listeners is nothing – non coms are achieving more than that. KCUR FM is achieving more. They’d be better to go back to KY102 for God’s sakes.”

*******       *******       *******

The $64 million Question: Which way is up?

“Look, they’re not going to go Country. They’re not going to go Rock. They’re not going to go Contemporary Christian and they’re not going to go Urban. I have no idea what I’d do after those three. I think choice number two is probably the most likely. I mean, KUDL and Star 102 survived a long time together. But if I were doing a radio station here today, I’d look at the 80s and 90s mix because it’s a music genre that’s not being covered in the market.”

There’s more…

Insiders say, based on the theory that program director Thom McGinty is still in the mix for the format change, it would be unlikely the station would go alternative.

Me? I’d suggest you stay tuned, except for that obnoxious countdown…

So give it a few and we’ll all find out shortly.


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11 Responses to Hearne: The Countdown’s On – ‘Alice’ is Dead – Long Live ???

  1. CG says:

    You are right, they shut down Alice today and new format starts on Monday. My pal Darren emaied me tonight about it. We are on Friday mornings but won’t be this week due to them just playing music all day. We will be back next Friday with the changed format. I like Darren and Tom. We have been with them and Shorty before them for a couple years. Our big stations there are Mix and Q. Stanfords has been on both for years, Alice is next door so we do them as well Fridays. Nice guys.

  2. Harlis H Harlinator says:

    You call this reporting…. Ewe
    Just turned on
    Your radio and here….
    different music?
    Stick two things u …..
    …..really no, like, well….. eye
    don’t no
    that wood bee.
    I need too take you and Wilson
    to the wood shed and beet you ….
    …….like red headed step children
    with trust funds. Due your home owner covenants
    you’re mega million
    estate in Luerunce allow
    sheds or due
    have too due this sum where else?
    Love always with slow deep kisses yer BFF Harlis.

    • hot harley says:

      come on whoever wrote this crap…be more original…
      not even funny.
      if you want to put a comment up show some intelligence
      and data to prove a point. until then please refrain from
      making a fool and idiot of yourself.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Oh man, I was kind of proud of that!
        My apologies….

      • admin says:

        Dear hot harley:

        Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

      • teh real harleys says:

        I no all there iz to no about the radios, if u reelly wunt to no about the real radio sichuation subscribe to my radiobiz podscast @ harlinatornosradio.net. All u other people are lozers and don’t know anything.

    • admin says:

      Nice attempt at typing, Harlis…

      Remember, the longest journey begins with the first keystroke. or something like that.

  3. Mysterious J says:

    Nice that dead radio stations stir up Hearne the way that dead people do!

  4. Radio dude says:

    Harley, you really need to stop posting on anything having to do with radio. You look like part of the dumb and dumber act.

  5. Mike says:

    They really know how to screw up a good thing alice was a great station you suck KC!!!

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