New Jack City: Oscar Hopefuls Hold On Local Screens

BigScreen_logoSMALL1This doesn’t happen often!

With last week’s announcement of the Oscar nominations, we’ve got an unusal situation.

All nine films nominated for Best Picture are still showing in local theatres.

Why? Because they were all released in the latter part of the year prompting some of the studios to either extend runs or re-release their possible award winners.

This is your RARE opportunity to experience this year’s major Oscar hopefuls the way they were meant to be seen—on the BIG SCREEN.

Here’s the line up of the nine motion pictures nominated for Best Picture. 

Bradley Cooper stars as Richie Dimaso in Columbia Pictures' AMERStill in current runs:

* David O’Russell’s brilliant con game AMERICAN HUSTLE with 10 nominations.

* Spike Jonez’ quirky HER with five nominations.

* Martin Scorsese’ celebration of greed in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET also with five nominations.

Newly expanded runs:

* The knockout DALLAS BUYERS CLUB scoring six nominations.

* The heartfelt PHILOMENA with four nominations.

* Crusty NEBRASKA with six Oscar nominations.

smuggling-money-in-the-wolf-of-wall-streetNewly re-issued engagements:

* The powerful story 12 YEARS A SLAVE with nine nominations.

* The photo-realistic outer space thriller GRAVITY with 10 nominations.

* The pirate hijacking at sea drama CAPTAIN PHILLIPS with six nominations.

(Note that ‘Captain Phillips’ will come off after tonight’s showings but may continue on a couple of local screens with limited performances. It also became available this week on video.)

All nine contenders are now showing ‘For Your Consideration’ on the big screen throughout Kansas City.

And remember, be courteous. No texting or sexting while enjoying these fine motion pictures in their theatrical setting.

You know, or else maybe…

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2 Responses to New Jack City: Oscar Hopefuls Hold On Local Screens

  1. PB says:

    So far, have only seen Gravity, Wolf and Hustle, but plan on at least a few more in the coming weeks, most likely Nebraska and Dallas Buyers Club, perhaps 12 Years A Slave and will for sure catch Captain Phillips on video. I can wait for Her and Philomena on video down the road.

    FWIW, of the three I’ve seen so far, they each had their own particular strengths for me…

    Gravity…best visual experience
    Wolf…most entertaining
    Hustle…best acting and best overall film

    Funny, but in some ways, Wolf was almost Scorcese doing more of a David O.Russell-style comedic film and Hustle was most definitely Russell channeling Scorcese’s prime. At least that’s kind of the way I saw it.

  2. jack p. says:

    Hey PB—
    Agreed! You think O. Russell and Scorsese were separated at birth?

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