Paul Wilson: Ruminations on MLK Day With a Side of Alonzo

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Crime Fighter Alonzo Washington

I’m not a Twitter person…

At last count I have 49 followers. I don’t even know how I got them as I use Twitter to follow, not be followed.

It’s there to feed me, not the other way around.

Over the weekend I received a message from a guy noting the insane level of posts from resident crime fighter and Twitter-twit, Alonzo Washington. I did a piece on the local comic book caricature several weeks back – cornering him with a series of facts – and watched as he melted into a pile of goo. No surprise there, typical behavior for Washington when he can’t baffle with his bullshit.

Put another way, Alonzo has a dizzying intellect.

It was at that point it struck me that I’d not heard from him for some time. So I looked at my Twitter account and what did I find? I’d been blocked by the crime fighter himself. This prompted me to take a look at last night’s stream of consciousness, that I like to call Alonzo’s chronic case of digital diarrhea.

After a hard day at the old salt mine, Alonzo sits at his desk and, from his bunker, sends an insane number of repetitively redundant tweets a night and communicates with his secret tipsters on what he calls the “hoodnet.”

This he considers fighting crime; if only there was a Twitter Imodium AD…..

gty_martin_luther_king_jr_car_waving_mn_thg-130828_wmainI’ll give you a smattering of his tweets launched in mere minutes of each other last night:

  • The good news so far is that the plaza crackin event was peaceful. I sounded the warning & informed the plaza owners.
  • The KC Crimefighter helps keeps the peace once again. Too bad no 1 heeded my warnings about the all the random shootings.
  • Let’s hope the killings slows down this week & some good tips to solve some murders come in. Please no more vigils!
  • The media is 100% unfair of their coverage of White murders vs? Black murders. It’s been a blood bath of murders in the hood.
  • However, murders in Lawrence, KS & 2 murders of white females that are 20 years get major packages in the local press.
  • It’s racist how the press operates. Black murders are rarely given big packages. 20 years later the press wouldn’t cover a black murder case
  • However, it’s very easy to see that the press doesn’t really care about black people being killed in mass numbers.
  • Sending a press release & writing a blog won’t cut it!
  • If most of the murders in this city are black people why aren’t more black people working with the tips hotline.
  • I know all the hood slayings won’t be on the news anymore as these other cases will continue 2 be spotlighted by white news producers.

There are two kinds of stupid in this world.

The-Simpsons-s22e12-Prince-is-not-the-son-of-Martin-Luther-King1First, there’s the Bart Simpson kind, where you don’t know that you don’t know. Then there’s the kind where, with a gun held to your head, you couldn’t name who was in Grant’s tomb or when the War of 1812 started.

I’m not sure which one Alonzo is, but I do know this; he’s little more than a small time, insignificant race baiter. In that line of work, you have Junior Baters and Master Baiters. Alonzo is and will forever remain the lowest form of Junior Baiter.

You won’t ever be Jesse or Al – much as you’d like to, Alonzo – so please, just stop.

The Plaza Merchants Association didn’t have a meeting Friday to hold anxious hands, read your tweets and form an action plan to get them through the weekend without shootings, death and destruction…as much as you’d like to think they did.

While Alonzo attacks blogs, press releases and candlelight vigils, for their lack of effectiveness in fighting inner city crime, he’s doing something even more worthless; Tweeting the same 375 people, over-and-over while bloviating and opining the same words night after night.

He’s the embodiment of living next to a train track; after a while you don’t hear the train anymore, you are that train. Do us a favor and move it on down the line.

If you want to fight crime, get out there and “take the hill,” Alonzo – do something that matters!

Finding photo ops and Tweeting the same crap isn’t fighting crime. But you have no interest in taking the hill, do you?  In order of importance of your mission is to promote Alonzo first, second and third.

He allows himself to be featured on TKC with nary a rebuttal as the “N” word comments fly in his face, story after story.



Alonzo’s community is torn to shreds in the comments section over there after what pass for stories are posted about him.

Where’s your crime fighting cape, little man?

In reality, he’s our own little Donald Trump.

In other words, “any press is good press,” even if it dishonors his people and flies in the face of those he claims to be fighting for, while being Tony’s girl for the day.

Is Washington’s sociopathic ego that big?

On this day when Martin Luther King asked us to judge a man not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character, Alonzo is the worst offender of Dr. King’s admonition to his followers.

“You have been weighed in the scales and found wanting.”

You can find that in the Book or Daniel, or misquoted in A King’s Tale, take your pick.
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18 Responses to Paul Wilson: Ruminations on MLK Day With a Side of Alonzo

  1. Alonzo Junior says:

    As I understand it that whole Plaza thing was a setup to make Tony Botello look foolish.

    Mission accomplished

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Thanks, Junior, you are correct. Now, go repeat your mantra to Tony; Thank you, Daddy, may I have another?

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    I am reminded of the movie, One-Trick Pony, with Paul Simon.

    I was living in Philadelphia during the Baby Doe activity. He did beat the drum when most of the “leaders East of Troost” sat quietly.

    But the blind squirrel quantum-theory hit early and he kept chasing the dragon.

    Just doesn’t have the corporate sponsorship of the Master Baiters. And that fraternity spans all strata of life.

    Dr King spins in his grave like a dreidel to see what he worked for has become. Sure there is a ton of work to be done. You can’t walk through this world without picking up predjudice than you could stroll through Hell and not sweat.

    Perhaps the masked crusader forgot these words of Dr. King’s Montgomery Bus Boycott?

    “Remember that this is not a victory for Negroes alone, but for all Montgomery and the South. Do not boast! Do not brag!” — from SLATE.COM

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      “Dr King spins in his grave like a dreidel to see what he worked for has become.”

      I see what you did there, Orphan; you never fail to come through!

  3. chuck says:

    “You won’t ever be Jesse or Al – much as you’d like to, Alonzo – so please, just stop.”

    Just my opinion Paul, but Mr. Washington is a single Racial Hoax Crime away from relevance and noteriety in the esteemed pantheon of hucksters, grifters and luminaries who now make up the multi billion dollar a year business of separating tax payers in the middle class from cash by way of white guilt. Washington’s pastiche is Sharpton’s writ small only for lack of a Tawana Brawley, Crown Hieghts, Freddy’s Fashion mart and the dead victims Sharpton leaves behind. With some effort and good fortune, Mr. Washington, like Mr. Sharpton, will find a would be victim and vault onto the national stage where he will be appreciated by the hive minded subscribers to a narrative that employs and provides succor from suckers for an ever growing demographic. Mr. Washington is Mr. Sharpton’s equal in all things but good fortune.

    Both are self aggrandizing arrivistes, armed with the time worn jeremiads swallowed again, again and again by those who would wallow in self pity and a contagion of blame that substitutes indolence for initiative, reparations for responsibility and acrimony for ambition. These demogogues are ubiquitous all over America, all remarkably similar with similar messages. Any one of them could be Mr. Sharpton, or Mr. Washington, the only difference is luck. The incessant, metronomic insistance of that tautology, that narrative, is noteworthy on this day, dedicated to MLK.

    The results of Mr. Wahington’s and Mr. Sharpton’s efforts, seem musical to me, a crescendo of rappers all across America screeching out lyrics exalting in a blood simple, pointless, death grinding ruin. That distinct lack of acceleration in the African American community, is part and parcel of the sacrifice needed for a continuing revenue stream for Mr. Sharpton and those who make bank off of the very people they would have us presume they speak for.

    The content of Mr. Sharpton’s character is self evident.

    • jimmy Cliff says:


      Had to go to the glasses on jeremiads.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Chuck, thats exactly what he has in mind, unless he is, as I posed, Bart Simpson stupid. No one sits and sends 50 tweets a night, saying the same thing every night, that can have no earthly affect on crime while claiming to be fighting crime.
        Cops are racist.
        News is racist.
        Blacks are killed, no one cares.
        Send tips, black or white.
        I ask you this, hows that “fighting crime?”
        Answer; its not. And he knows it.
        I do think youre correct, he’s waitng for someone with a grant to approach him and FUND his effort. That way, like Aim4Peace, which he hates, he can get $150K a year to sit in his basement and send the tweets, while getting paid for it.
        Aim4Peace does that now, totally ineffective.
        Give Alonzo the same money, let him take the same path and he’d preach night how effective he is.
        Whats the difference? Alonzo does want to fight crime, he’s pissed Aim4Peace gets paid to do nothing and he doesnt.
        He wants an income stream, plain and simple.
        Situational ethics; its an amazing thing, huh?

  4. Libertarian says:

    Paul, I seem to recall you spelling it out quite clearly for AW in your last post regarding inner-city black crime.

    We could all give him a list of things to do to actually earn that label of “crimefighter”, but why bother?

    Until the black community figures it out for themselves, nothing will change.

    Help must come from within, not from the smartphone of Alonzo freaking Washington.

  5. hot harley says:

    I have read and seen Alonzo.
    I have followed his path as I have known many of the leaders in the black
    community over the years who have tried to slow down the
    violence in that area.
    We don’t get it. We’re white. And no one can even begin to explain what its
    like to be black in this nation. There are plenty of problems…but for each
    black man stealing a dollar there’s aman in a suit and tie stealing 10X that
    Neither is right.
    For Alonzo…yes his tweets are sometimes ridiculous…yes…he takes some
    serious heat from the whites who barrage him on blogs and the internet.
    But when no one really gives a damn…at least he’s out there trying to
    make a change. His blog/tweets have manytimes asked for witnesses
    to come forward in some of the murders…but they didn’t and the murders
    go unsolved.
    give Alonzo some credit…at least he’s trying todo SOMETHING….when
    really no one else gives a damn.
    at least he’s trying. And if he saves one life…that’s good enough for me.
    Weall love attention…Wilson now writes on here for his personal gratification
    as does glaze and lefty and the rest of the writing crew. That might be why
    he does it…or maybe in his heart he’s trying to make a change. I don’t know..
    Inever asked the man.
    Weshould support him…not run him down. At least he’s trying.

    • Zo Da King says:

      Shut de hell up jojo.
      Wilson did not want to pimp my nephue so I block him from mah twatter.
      Buy mah comic book white devil fools!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Harley, I do this for my own fun. It pays nothing, I get nothing but grief from it, but its a fun little hobby. In the mean time, I’m getting picked up by some regional papers. Its fun. Period.
      Im not claiming to BE doing anything here. Im not claiming Im the NEW Hemmingway and tweeting 50 times a night, “Im the new HEMMINGWAY, he wasn’t capable of carrying my luggage” like Alonzo is claiming to fight crime.
      Answer me this, plain and simple, H-man…. if I start tonight, tweeting over and over; “I bet sumone be gettin shot tonight but no one care.” “Send me tips on whos killin who, please”, “Im Paul Wilson, crime fighter, tell me whos committing the crimes, I’ll protect your identity.”
      What have I really done with my 375 twit followers?
      Thats what Alonzo is doing, nothing.
      He can ramp it up and say those things 50 MORE times a night, he’s still doing nothing. Just whisling in the dark.

      • chuck says:

        Or the graveyard.

      • hot harley says:

        congrats paul on the syndication.
        I don’t know if this guys sovled a crime but one thing
        is certain…he has all of us (black and white) continuing to
        realize theres a problemwith urban crime.
        the star…zero.
        tv news…zero…
        at least hemakes us aware that theres a serious problem

        don’t know if he makes any money…but what little he may
        do its more than the other media do combined.

  6. Paracelsus says:

    Yes, Lonzo is trying to do something. He’s trying to accomplish a revenue stream and self-promote. It’s an entrepreneurial exercise for him. He has yet to solve or prevent any crimes. The chief accomplishment of this basement Batman is to ask meaningless rhetorical questions on social media. It’s an old-time grift in the classic style; I take your money, resources, or attention, and give you nothing valuable in return.

    There is definitely a need for activism. But what’s telling about Lonzo is that it’s all about him. It’s a hell of a way to shill comic books.

  7. mike says:

    I notice how he gripes about there not being enough coverage for crime in the inner city. If the crime in the inner city were covered more, he would probably say that the press is trying to make them look bad by only focusing on the negative. I have seen the race baiters complain about all of the coverage that crime committed by African-Americans gets on TV. You can’t win with them. If you give it extensive coverage, you’re a racist. If you don’t give it extensive coverage, you are a racist.

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