Glazer: Here Come the NFL Playoffs & Bowl Games; Watch Out Chiefs!

jovan-belcher-kansas-city-chiefsThis past week the mother of former Chiefs linebacker (and murderer) Jovan Belcher filed a lawsuit against the Kansas City Chiefs for wrongful death…

In a nutshell, his mother and her attorneys are after a payday.  Their position: Jovan suffered from concussions.  His mother maintains that medical professionals with the Chiefs were aware of his lack of civility due to injuries sustained while playing for the team.  And that it was those injuries and pressure put upon Belcher by management – including former general manager Scott Pioli – to play well or lose his job.

Professional football is a dangerous game therefore NFL players are paid handsomely.  And everybody is threatened with losing their job if they don’t play well, because it’s a business.

Many players suffer injuries, including concussions, during their careers.  However Belcher’s the only one I know of who got high on alcohol and drugs and went to his girlfriend’s home and emptied his handgun into her because she was bugging him.

It’s clear the victims here are the girl Belcher murdered and their child. 

I don’t think this falls into a category where Jovan’s mother should receive money because her son went crazy and killed a defenseless girl.  I do think the Chiefs SHOULD (and have) contribute money to the welfare of the infant girl and let the public know exactly what that amount is and how it will be regulated so it benefits the child not her extended family of hanger-oners.

The Chiefs don’t need to go to a hearing to provide this relief.  Jovan Belcher did a cowardly act, he murdered a defenseless young girl for no good reason with a firearm at point blank range.  I see no defense for his action.


Okay Chiefs fans, get mad at me now, because I think a win on the road at Indy is a steep climb. I want the Chiefs to win as much as you do, but a reality check says that just isn’t likely.  ESPN said this morning that the Chiefs overall defense ranks 24th, but in the last eight games it was even worse…as in dead last.

Isn’t it strange with eight Pro-Bowlers and five on the defense? I don’t get it.

Either we have a defensive coaching problem or our players are over-rated…or both.  My personal opinion is the latter.  I think two of the most over-rated defenders in the NFL are Eric Berry and Brandon Flowers.

I see Eric as a small linebacker, not a big-time safety.  And I’m sick of hearing how great Flowers is. All I see on TV is a receiver in front of him headed towards the end-zone with the football and lots of separation between them.  And I see far too many penalties, big ones, because our defenders don’t know where to be on too many plays.  Either the coaching is poor or the talent is over-rated…again, I think it is a bit of both.

chiefs-fans-elite-daily1-800x400I’ve never seen such a lousy group of NFL receivers make the Playoffs.

The best is running back Jamaal Charles, the rest are below average or just bad. Alex Smith is a good quarterback, but not a great quarterback. He’s ranked 14th in the NFL, makes him just above average.  I think Smith’s better than that, but unfortunately when you think of the last 10 or so Super Bowls, the quarterback’s names were Manning, Brady, Brees, Roethlisberger, and Rogers.

The bottom line being, if you don’t have an elite quarterback, the Super Bowl is likely not in your future.  Alex is very good but not elite.  There are some guys on the way up named Collin and Cam and Russell, but the Chiefs have too many holes to fill the next season or two to be anything more than a mere playoff team.

Yes, that’s better than being not in the playoffs and as you guys always tell me, “anything’s possible.”

Riddle me this though, how come the media in Kansas City never even mentions the Super Bowl as an option for the team? They just focus on whether we can win a playoff game.

I predicted that MU was more talented than OSU and would defeat them.  I also think FSU is the nation’s most talented team, not Auburn.

College Picks:

MU (+2 ½) over OSU.

FSU (-7 ½) over Auburn.

Pro Picks:

Indy (+5) over KC teased with Green Bay (+9) over San Francisco.

San Diego (+13) over Cincy teased with Green Bay (+9) over San Francisco.

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36 Responses to Glazer: Here Come the NFL Playoffs & Bowl Games; Watch Out Chiefs!

  1. balbonis moleskine says:

    Botello’s sloppy seconds

    • CG says:

      How do you see this game Chuck and Balbonis? Tell us now before it starts. Lets hear from the Chiefs now on this site before game time.

      • chuck says:

        Colts win. Andrew luck gets 4 to 6 seconds to pick apart our suddenly weak defensive backfield. Take the over.

        We had a great year and there is promise for the future.

        Green Bay upsets San Francisco. Brrrr…… Take the over.

        Cincy kills Kero’s Chargers. Take the over.

        Philly pounds a hapless road team in the NO Saints. Take the over.

        Florida State CRUSHES Auburn.

        I am up about 180 bucks this year on my weekly parlays at the bar. That comes out to about .10 an hour. Sheesh…

        But, I won my fantasy football league–Yahtzee!!! 630.00

        I could blow it all in the next two weekends.


        • CG says:

          Good calls, good reasons…I like almost all of them…like you I want KC to win but I just don’t see how. If the Chiefs can repeat that Philly game back on Thurs. Nite a few months ago, then yes we could win. The Chiefs need a quick lead and big plays on D fast, but again I don’t see it. I agreed on FSU and Eagles for sure…good calls. Chuck glad you won some dough..

        • Orphan of the Road says:

          Got to love Grantland (sometimes).

          SUGGESTION NO. 6: “Before you pick a team, just make sure Marty Schottenheimer, Herm Edwards, Wade Phillips, Norv Turner, Andy Reid, Anyone Named Mike, Anyone Described As Andy Reid’s Pupil and Anyone With the Last Name Mora” Isn’t Coaching Them.

        • Kerouac says:

          “Kero’s Chargers”

          – finished 2-0 vs Chuck’s Chiefs… that the 9-7 Chargers can (and will, my opine) end the Bengals season at 11-6 (same as the Colts ended kcinderella’s) is affirmation all records are not created equal. SD shouldn’t win Sunday and logic suggests will be DEN vs SEAT the Superbowl; then again, farce that is the NFL 2013, all bets are off.

        • Kerouac says:

          “Cincy kills Kero’s Chargers. Take the over.”

          – close; take two aspirin and call a doctor in the morning… SD 27 bungles 10

  2. CG says:

    Last week was a poor one for my calls..we are now 54-36..with the win yesterday we are 55-36(MU). What a fun Cotton Bowl, huh? In the end MU made the biggest play of the day on Defense, with the sack,fumble, touchdown play. It was a game of big plays for both teams. OSU was right with the Tigers all the way. I was a bit unhappy with MU Defense…looked like the Chiefs…4th and 27 late in the fourth quarter and your D gives up a first down throw to OSU..yikes, very Chiefie!. However MU makes that big play later to win the game. Hope our Chiefs were watching and it gets them fired up for todays big game.

    I know I have written some hard words on the Chiefs. It’s just that’s the facts Jack. I don’t want them to be so weak, but they have been. Hey maybe today is their day to step up. I would be thrilled if they do. They just have so many issues, too many to be very confident. I’m a bit sick of hearing this one..”They have Justin Houston back so he and Tamba will make a difference!” Really where was the dif for the six games after they both had 17 sacks and added but 2 after that for a third of the season? I don’t get it. Remember Justin went out in game 11 against the Chargers…he was nearly sackless for 6 games before that. Hmmmm….well maybe the layoff helped we’ll see, I’m sure I was too hard on our boys.

    • CG says:

      By the way, Gary Pinkel has arrived as a top ten coach in college football. This season and that game, coupled with his many plus 10 wins seasons the last five years, will help him get top quality players, or rather continue to do so. He already has a nice looking quarterback for next season. I think MU will be ranked number 4 or 5 in final polls this year…tying their all time best season. I also see them as a top ten pre-season favorite in 2014. Way to go Tigers your program is now a big deal, keep it up.

      • gary pinkel says:

        Thanks Mr. Glazer for your kind words. However I know
        that you’ve been down on our program for many years
        trying to make us look bad.
        Now go f*ck yourself!
        You don’t know diddly squat about football.
        However, if you’re ever in Columbia lets share a couple 30 packs
        and go pick us up some of those “golden girls”!
        I hear you’re much better with the young hotties than
        you are with the sports predictions!

        • CG says:

          I have not been down on MU for years…I am an MU fan, my folks went there…this year I thought they would only win 6-7 games, they proved me wrong. Glad they did. Great season for MU. I’m proud of them…always want our local teams to do well…I just can’t be a homer each week, have to watch and see what these teams are doing each week…the Chiefs are last years team with a better QB…their D is horrible and has been for years now…that’s why they lose. Need some new stars..simple as Alex and Charles

      • gary pinkel says:

        you know nothing about mu recruiting either glaza.
        mu has made huge strides in making 2 star and 3 star high
        school athletes into first round draft picks….many of the
        stars mu recruited were not really recruited hard by the
        top other schools…escept Sheldon.
        its the coaching that made these guys great.
        mauk/Wilson/ealy/sam/ etc. were not highly sought after
        players….same with weatherspoon…..the cumulative
        coaching of the mu staff made these guys really great
        players…..ealy is first round…sam could be 2nd…their
        d backs could go high….but since you know nothing about
        mu recruiting I recommend you read rivals before
        making any more ridiculous statements.
        and thanks to hearne for censoring my articles that
        use facts and date to point out how absurd the predictions
        on kcc are.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          Hilarious. If you’re going to shoot your mouth off, at least be right. Ealy and Mauk were both HIGHLY recruited players. Ealy was a 4 star guy and had offers from major programs (Arkansas, Nebraska, etc). Mauk was highly recruited as well and had offers from Notre Dame & Michigan, among others.

          • harley says:

            lets see…..ealy never visited any other school
            but mu….11 in his position nationally when
            recruited…yost brought him in because he
            was followed for years in high school….
            mauk…20th in his position…I know the story
            here….lots of offers are thrown out….mauk probably got 20…including ball state….
            he was not recruited to be astarter…and his
            look at Michigan and notre dame who they
            got that same year and the 2 years prior to
            play qb.
            if you know anything about recruiting (which
            you don’t ) offersmeannothing…kthey’re
            like paper….mauk probably would have saat
            on the bench at thoseschools…still just a
            3 star prospect…..guy…know how many 3
            star prospoects make it into the pros…
            go look at the number of 3 star palyers mu
            has gotten intothe pros….sure they might
            be given offers but he felta better chance to
            start at mu (missosuri) than notre dame
            or Michigan……….also…same year maukwas
            in signing period notre dame signed gunner
            kiel (6 star/sure fire starter) and mauk felt
            he had no chance to start.
            so guy….before you take on Harley…get your
            because again Harley is right and you’re
            please list all 3star mu players who are now
            in the pros….you’d be surprised…..
            now go back and shovel that snow!!!!!!

  3. iharley says:

    I got some boots on because when glaze starts talking/pretending to be
    a football expert….the bull sh*t starts coming.
    This guy has more opinions in the wrong column than any commentator
    on any blog in the entire nation. From bleacher report to tonys sloppy excuse
    of a blog to this blog…no one….yes no one has more b.s. than glaze.
    With opinions that change faster than the weather in kc….this guy has been
    on every side of every game every week.
    He knows nothing!!!! Let me repeat that….he knows nothing about football.
    Hisvpicks for the first 2 years were not that great…ecept that during that
    period there were few if any upsets in major contests during that time (nate
    silver pointed this out inaugust).
    Then this yay hoo comes on this year saying everything from “the mu move to
    the sec was a bad move”…”mu won’t do much in the sec”….the royals will
    be 100 game losers again….chiefs are a bad team….maybe win 6 games…
    and on and on and on….regurgitating the typical 2 sides of everycoin
    opinion every week.
    and now he thinks he’s better than the Ouija board he uses to pick games
    with thse same back and forth predictions.
    Again….he’s all over the place.
    So to recap the real winner and the real #1 prognosticator in this city
    lets look at Harleys record. Glaze believes that his phony teases are
    real…and he counts them with that fuzzymath that politicians use….and
    his record is not any better than a blind dog throwing darts at a wall to
    pick a winner….no his record is actually worse.
    1. Harley is #1 again. Despite the thousands and thousands of posts and
    public b.s. that Missouri made the wrong move to the sec Harley knew the
    facts. I’ve used them in every single comment to explain that this was a
    major major move for mu and that it would prove to be the biggest
    positive action taken by the university since they decided that it was
    useless to waste time playing Charlie and his high school chumps at
    arrowhead ever again. What a great decision. And who in at least
    10-12 posts derided this decision….the same losers…glaze and hearne
    who together know nothing about sports at all. Hearne had to turn to
    a slim pickin bar owner in Lawrence to get an opinion (who also proved
    he knows nothing about anything)…he turned to glaze (who knows nothing)..
    instead of learning what Harley said all along….this move by mu was huge.
    Yes…Missouri won another game…huge game…andthis could rank
    above the 2007 when they finished 4 in final ap poll. So now what does
    glaze say…”pinkel is top 10 coach”….well welcome to the party late.
    hell…the beeers all gone and the chicks are in bed already and you come up
    with your typical “johnny” comes lately prediction.
    Please hearne…no more b.s. save the b.s. for tonys column for glaze
    to pontificate about things he knows little if anything about.
    He can’t make up his mind…he can[t make a final decision….
    go back and read Harleys columns…spot on…facts and figures to
    back up every comment….real world predictions instead of this
    flip a coin style used by glaze.
    INI2014 we need someone with brains/analysis ability/facts/data
    to give us the truth about sports.
    glaze has been wrong almost 90%…and its time for hearne to let
    tony put up glazes wrong predictions in 2014.
    So happy new year and hopefully glaze will return for his usual
    stories that do not entail anything about sports. When you’re wrong
    90% of the time…its time to hang upyour keyboard.
    thanks to all…happy new year..
    and as I’ve said from my early days as the #1 fan in America….
    MIZ ZOU….MIZ SEC……remember…Harley is ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!!!!
    never forget it….and if you need any advice about finances/life/economics
    or even just to talk with the wizard…email me at
    thanks again…..

  4. Kerouac says:

    Agree for the most, CG. My only dissent – I don’t feel the Chiefs owe Belcher / his kin anything; morally one can argue said, materially no, regret the attorney’s only claim.

    Agree 100% re: the Chiefs. Flowers is a joke & Berry is a bigger one… that their team mates Smith & Lewis play in the same backfield allows the former’s appear majestic, not unlike Charles the backfield makes the offensive line appear impressive.

    Smith has a common surname – which matches his level of play… better than Cassel, not as beautiful the state of Montana; Bono-esque, in a word, and likely never more.

    On any given Sunday the Chiefs could win; alas, today is Saturday…

    Colts 23 KCinderella 13

    • CG says:

      Kerouac I amazed at how many of the TV guys pick KC? In fact Keyshawn Johnson picks them to go to and win the Super Bowl? WTF? What do they see we don’t? Sure I want them to advance, I just don’t see the talent except at running back and somewhat a quarterback, somewhat. I think our defense is just plain bad. Yes they make a big play now and again, something they didn’t do the last few years, but its the same D as last year for the most part, bad. I just don’t know why after 16 games of being a defense that is weak, you all of a sudden are a STOPPER. Why? The coach has a secret plan? Andy Reid is a genius and has held back? Justin Houston and Hali all of a sudden start sacking Luck? I just don’t get it. Hey anything can happen, but boy it would be surprising and on the road and to a team that has our number and in a dome and on and on and on and a team that drilled you two weeks ago here!!! And yes we went all out that day!

      Maybe we get lucky. You think?

  5. harley says:

    sorry…tried to pull a joke on the jokester glaze.
    hearne…you keep cutting my comments off…why…
    I have facts and comments to bqck up every point I make.
    Just because you and glazxe don’t know anything about sports is no
    reason to censor the most popular writer on this site.
    if you can’t take the heat….get out of the kitchen and leave the
    real stats and data to those who use them..not some guy with a
    crystal ball who is right less than my grandpa.

    • CG says:

      Harley you are a strange bird. Clearly I know football pretty well based on my picks record. You don’t do the picks before the weekend, EVER. You just bitch and talk about the Chiefs. That’s all. I have not read anything from you on anyone but the Chiefs and MU and usually after the fact.

  6. Kerouac says:

    Any Chiefs fan (Kerouac has been one since year one, 1963) who speaks honestly sans red-colored glasses is considered ‘not a real fan’, a hater etc to not pick KC & disparage their cupcake schedule, their recent losing mark 2-5 including 3 straight losses therein.

    As for prognosticators, a 50% chance being right or wrong exists, but the incalculable as always (injuries, officiating errors etc.) is fluid, so outside ‘fluke occurrences’ which happen rarely, a body of work a season’s worth read in the proper context opponent strength, injuries, a team that is peaking (rather than ending 2-5) holds more stock than a ‘Johnson’ who apparently bases his choices upon something other than facts.

    Kerouac picked the Chiefs to lose most every game this year – that said did not occur is more a reflection the overall weakness NFL 2013 than it is any KC merit. Take Charles away from KC (ditto Manning DEN) and neither club makes it to post season; there’s a difference between a great ‘team’ & great individual player (Jim Brown was great but CLEV was not his time there, despite Hall of Fame caliber teammates some them. As was the case Chiefs 60’s, despite its share of ‘stars’, CLEV won but one Championship.

    Back to the present…

    Specifically, KC has gone 0-5 this year vs current playoff teams (DEN x2, SD x2, IND) in the regular season. Chief logic suggests (as did you) all factors being considered and playing in IND vs a team that already trounced them in KC, the Colts will likely win. If they do not, it doesn’t change anything: the better team doesn’t always win, the lesser doesn’t always lose.

    [ *As an aside will add that Charles is not in Brown’s class (but then, no one outside a Gale Sayers perhaps ever was.) To wit, Charles yards per carry average has declined in each of the past two years and will continue to do so. A career of 1,043 carries a 5.6 average is a far cry from 2,359 and a 5.2 mark; it’s all relative. Those who imagine an Charles as being better let alone as good a running back as Brown are daffy; let us see how much farther Charles average yet tumbles after another 1,300+ carries when he has carried the ball as much/taken the same amount of punishment that Brown took. My opine, Charles already evident descent will diminish even more quickly, ongoing.

    Btw, Brown ended his career with a final season mark of 5.3 yards per carry on 289 carries – which was even higher than his career average. ‘That’ is greatness, greatest ever based on career totes/workload alone, just shy his 30th birthday. ]

  7. CG says:


    • dreamwriter326 says:

      Yup, just like you called it. LMAO.

      • CG says:

        Well I did call it huh, in the end. Sorry I was right.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          LOL @ Glazer. I’m right! No, I’m wrong. No, wait I was right! Careful Glaze, with these strong winds around the city this week, you might blow away. SMH

          • CG says:

            Look this isn’t really about being right or wrong…as we all know anyone who has a media voice and must come up with predictions before games is right sometimes and wrong sometimes..I can’t think of one of those people that the public refers to as a person who ‘knows the answer’…cause we don’t…just like you..its all guesswork..teams rise and fall weekly…as we have seen…their have been just a couple NFL teams that have been fairly consistent..and they will lose and surprise us on any given week, like Denver or Seattle.

            I think we can all agree there are five teams or so that look like real Super Bowl contenders, from the AFC its Denver and New England, NFC, Panthers, Seattle and SF… but the others have a chance…simple as that…the Chiefs were not ever a legit contender…too many problems..the poor receivers and bad defense..none of that ever changed all year.

  8. Die says:

    Hey Craig! Die in a fire! Or more likely a car fire!

  9. CG says:

    Well thank you for the pleasant comment Die guy..anyways THE CHIEFS ENDED UP LOSING AS YOU NOW SEE, I am sorry. I wanted them to win. No defense, no post season wins. 5 Pro Bowlers huh. Really, they should turn down those God. Unreal and I’m sorry.

  10. Kerouac says:

    The image that will remain etched in memory, Kerouac’s: the ‘great overhype’ berry & his premature flexing, celebrating early in the game after (finally) making a play (about the only one he made all day, when he wasn’t otherwise getting beaten like a drum like, you know, like, all game long… he is indeed a joke.

    Chiefs had injuries? So did the Colts. Charles out? Wayne out. Flowers hurting? Both of the Colts CB’s hurting. kcinderella CHOKED so hard Kerouac’s throat was asphyxiating Defense? We don’t need no stinking defense.

    Wait till next year part 45, kcindy…

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Choke? More like blowing a rod in your engine from trying to get too much HP out of it.

      Despite the Eagles twisting the knife the Chiefs put in my heart, they were competitive games.

      Both teams suffered from some horrendous officiating. Nurse Robin was throwing flags before the commentators mentioned WTF how was that missed.

      As a meal, this season was a satisfying hamburger. But I really want a steak.

      As Andy always sez, time’s yours.

      Taylor Swift knew, tried to tell folks this would happen.

      • CG says:

        I watched the video…great song about Andy being in the end, not a winner… yes I can see that here… thanks for putting that up.

  11. “I don’t think this falls into a category where Jovan’s mother should receive money because her son went crazy and killed a defenseless girl. I do think the Chiefs SHOULD (and have) contribute money to the welfare of the infant girl and let the public know exactly what that amount is and how it will be regulated so it benefits the child not her extended family of hanger-oners.”

    How will the trial attorneys eat with such a short-sighted vision? Where they gonna get their cut?

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