Starbeams:Fat Chiefs Fans, Roofing KCI, Lorde Knows & Kelly’s Mom

lordeOpponents of the new KCI one-building terminal got enough signatures to force a public vote on the matter.  I, for one, am hoping they keep the current airport design and cover it with a giant rolling roof.


Pray that the Chiefs beat Indy for the sake of our waistlines!  A report in “Psychological Science” says sports fans eat more junk food when their team loses.  Fans flock to high-fat, high-sugar comfort foods to deal with their emotions when their favorite team is defeated.


THIS JUST IN:  My mom is threatening to sue the Chiefs if they lose the game and my weight increases.


Barbara Bush is in good spirits but still recovering from a respiratory ailment that left her hospitalized last week.  Doctors say she should be fine, but has been looking rough since the 1970s.


chiefs-tatguyTHIS JUST IN:  My mom is threatening to sue Team Garmin for not making me wear a better bicycle helmet during Bike MS.


Music sensation Lorde says she’s turned down millions of dollars by saying “no” to things she thinks are too corny.  Rumors have surfaced several hair product companies have approached her about her hair.

Turn down endorsements…WHAT A GREAT IDEA!….said NO ONE on the Kelly Urich show.

Listen to Kelly’s radio show on the wildly successful 99-7 The Point in Kansas City!
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    Funny stuff Kelly happy New Years my friend.

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