Glazer: Get Out of the House for Comedy & Football & Watch the Chiefs Lose

616341_487614994600663_421292964_oLike most Kansas Citians, you’ve probably been shopping, hanging with relatives or trapped at home over this past holiday week…

But now that the weather’s cleared up, it’s time to get out and raise some hell.  One thing sure to put a smile on your face would be going to one of the two Stanford’s Comedy Club locations here in Kansas City.

Enjoy former Kansas Citian comedian Jon Schieszer’s at the Legends Friday through Sunday with his hysterical sidekick Jeremiah Watkins from Los Angeles.

Stanford’s On Broadway, by the Uptown is featuring America’s youngest headlining comic, 18 year old Aaron Branch who beat out more than 100 regional comics to win Comic of the Year in 2012.  Aaron is honing his craft in Chicago with the famed Second City Improv Company and  has been compared to a young Will Smith and Kevin Hart.

If you’re like many, you haven’t made plans for New Year’s Eve yet. 

Allow me help you out. Years ago we had the number one comedy ventriloquist of today, Jeff Dunham, who won the hearts of America.  These days you see him and all his puppet pals at venues like the Sprint Center where he played last year.  New Year’s Eve through Saturday, we have Dunham and pals’ evil twins in Otto and George, who are regulars on Howard Stern, the Tonight Show and even have their own Showtime special.

my-way-frank-sinatraNow Onto the Football Picks & The 2013 Sports Year in Review

Like Frank Sinatra (almost) said, it was a very good year…for Kansas City…

All our pro teams stepped it up, so a tip of the hat to the Royals, Chiefs and Sporting KC.  We also need to acknowledge the best overall sports franchise in this area is the University of Kansas basketball team, that won its 9th consecutive Big 12 title as well as making a nice run in March Madness.

And KU looks to be even more talented this year.  The University of Missouri football team could equal one of its greatest seasons ever with a win over Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl next week.  We even have to send a smile Kansas State’s way for ending up in a decent bowl against Michigan next week.

While many Kansas Citians enjoy their college teams and cheer for the Royals, the big news is still what’s going on with our Kansas City Chiefs. 

You know the saying, the better you get, the more you want.

Our Chiefs shocked the NFL with a 9 and 0 start but then fell to earth with a 2 and 5 finish (assuming they lose to the Chargers, which they will).  This is a huge improvement over last year’s 2 and 14 team.  Head coach Andy Reid is likely NFL Coach of the Year, Jamaal Charles is the best running back in the NFL and an All-Pro.  Several Chiefs will make the All-AFC team including Alex Smith, Derek Johnson and Tamba Hali.  You might even see Poe and a couple Special Team guys on the list.

I’ll be honest, when you start out 9 and 0 and finish out 2 and 5, that big improvement takes a hard kick to the groin.

We all now know that the Chiefs never beat a very good team the entire season.  What we’ve learned after 15 games is the following:  our pass rush is nearly non-existant, the Chiefs secondary is well below average, the Chiefs have no true NFL starting receiver anywhere excluding running back Charles. And with the exception of Dexter McCluster, Alex Smith and Charles, there are no offensive weapons on the Chiefs worth mentioning.

To be blunt, one could argue that while their record improved dramatically, the team itself is almost no better than last year’s.

MediocrityThey just have a better coach, quarterback and running back.

I fear that next year this team will still be somewhere around average.  And after seeing the Chiefs poor performance against Indy at Arrowhead it’s tough to believe they will win that road game in Indianapolis next week.

But, let’s hope for the best.



Minnesota (-4) over Syracuse


San Diego (-3 ½) over KC teased with Denver (-5) over Oakland

San Francisco (+6) over Arizona teased with Philadelphia (-1/2) over Dallas

San Diego (-3 ½) over KC teased with the Rams (+17 ½) over Seattle

I’ve had a good run so far with 53 wins and 33 losses against the spread. I’d love to hit plus 60 wins and stay in the 30’s on losses by season’s end.  Happy New Year. Follow me on Twitter @KCKingofSting 




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42 Responses to Glazer: Get Out of the House for Comedy & Football & Watch the Chiefs Lose

  1. Kerouac says:

    An 11-5 end secured, comes Francis Albert’s ode a 2013 season: “And now, the end is near & so Chiefs face, the final curtain”… SD wins, so too IND following week, KC fini.

    2014 and beyond, the ascent also ran to top tier beckons/will be hardest. No longer an NFL dreg, Chiefs are finally mediocre (one of the many). In order to take the next step up ‘above mediocre’ like DEN/NO, more than adding WR, CB or (insert other position of need), one difference sets those two teams apart from KC: QB play.

    Manning is ranked #1 in the NFL, Brees #2; for comparison, KC’s Smith is ranked 15th (even SD’s Rivers is #4 without formers Floyd & Alexander, their leading WR’s 2012), and NE’s Tom Brady is #6 (latter without formers Hernandez, Welker & Gronkowski, latter most of 2013.)

    DEN may have better WR’s than does KC, but are SD’s any better as a group? What about NO? Answer ‘no’, SD & NO leading receivers are their TE’s. Otherwise, a WR (veteran Colston NO & rookie Allen SD) are arguably no better/perhaps lesser KC’s Bowe. Does that mean draft a TE high in 2014, hope that Kelce returns from injury & develops or go out and get a better QB? (latter being easier said than done, least case KC.)

    If getting a better WR is the recipe, consider that the Dolphins obtained the best WR available on the free agent market 2013, former PITT Steeler Mike Wallace. He has scored fewer tds this year than ever before course his career… MIA on the precipice missing post season once again, even with Wallace (whom the Chiefs were reportedly interested in last off-season) and an improved year two MIA’s QB, Tannehill. While a WR, a CB, an OL, a LB or a DL (again/another one?!) any could help, appears per the usual that KC should strongly consider getting a “young QB of the future”- a wish has gone unfulfilled here since, well, nigh on forever (emphasis “future”, not just “young”.)

    Beathard, Livingston, Jaynes, Fuller, Blackledge, Elkins, Blundin, Barnes, Stenstrom, Croyle, Stanzi – have we forgotten any? Probably. Compare with Dawson, Montana, Krieg, Bono, DeBerg, Grbac, Moon, Green, Thigpen, Huard, Smith – the hits/Chiefs just keep on comin’/missin’. Doesn’t seem make any difference whether they draft, trade for, reclamate, fish out the dumpster, beg, borrow or steal one, any; they can’t win a Championship no matter what their modus operandi.

    This never-ending cycle unrequited forays has abated but once in 50 years in KC, the conclusion 1969 season. If 2013 is better than was 2012, i.e., is a precursor to reward soon a Championship tomorrow then Al Einstein will beg to differ… so does Kerouac.

    The Chiefs missed out on Marino in 1983, Manning in 2012, and on Favre, Brady and Rodgers in between (like all the rest NFL teams, latter three guys)… the difference is, KC keeps stubbing their toes. Time has come for KC to ‘shoot for the stars’ a boom or bust type, both QB’s fitting the bill own unique means. The adage ‘you can’t win if you don’t enter’ comes to mind: as the guys letter ‘M’ seem to have it (the Chiefs have not), time rectify said 2014 draft – Manziel or Mettenberger Chiefs #1 draft choice, if either is available where they pick.

    • CG says:

      I agree draft Johnny Football if he is there and he may be, we need a real “star” in this town to liven it up…he’d be that.

      • Kerouac says:

        Exactly so: Manziel typlifies a ‘boom or bust’ type. Though since youth I have preferred low-key QB’s Dawson & Starr to out-size egos/talkers like Namath, Manziel etc., as you say this is at least as much about bringing ‘star power’ to the Chiefs.

        KC hasn’t really had such a draw or a talent (based on the Texas A&M QB’s college heroics) since Montana was here; the fact that Manziel has a chance (with refinement of his game) to become a true difference-maker is reason enough to draft him… the Chiefs already have enough ‘just another guy’ types on their roster.

        • the dude says:

          Manziel will be lucky if he gets drafted and anyone who is stupid enough to will regret it. Nfl material the kid ain’t.

          • Kerouac says:

            The short answer, you may be right re: Manziel his ultimate impact, but, drafted he ‘will be’ and he may in fact become great, only time will tell.

            Upshot – what have the Chiefs got to lose, road less traveled another Superbowl theirs?

            Lesser talents have succeeded, greater’s have not & personalities ran the gamut went either way. I believe that talent writes epitaph final analysis, a player’s ‘want to’ being sufficient, right situation/management.

            Manziel is cocky, reckless and talented – he’s been great – KC has never had such a QB. If Dawson was as Starr, a Johnny Manziel may categorize as a latter day Namath, or Bobby Layne, perhaps Tarkenton, Theismann or a McMahon or Plunkett, Jim’s x2.

            The other hand, may be the another Jeff George, or Joey Harrington or…’you can’t win if you don’t enter’ as the sweepstakes adage offers.

            Do know that watching / having watched a cast characters named Smith, Cassel & Thigpen et al has gotten/will get Chiefs no closer the promised land, my opine.

            Marty Schottenheimer rolled the dice late 90’s, bringing in talent wasn’t necessarily as pristine as one would like as to deportment; he tried if he failed. As it stands, Chiefs have been trying to get to Lombardi Blvd. via taking all the usual routes – without reward – for far too long. For a child born in 1970 and now 43, they are nigh on kin to Cub fans.

            Case the Chiefs, they are stuck upon a treadmill; they’ve been building, re-building, tearing down, reclamating, adding additions and (lather, rinse, repeat) for over 40 years now – and they are no closer today than they were since they started… it’s time for them once again to BE BOLD.

            Again? The closest KC has gotten was bringing in ‘star power’ Montana, Marcus Allen – guys could also play; even so, wasn’t good enough. Manziel offers star power & talent, least on the collegiate level. Where will Johnny Football be in 5 years? No one knows; looking back half a decade we can see where a Cassel & Green got KC. I reiterate, Chiefs need to strike before their aging if limited talent usable football life (Charles, Hali, Johnson etc.) expires.

            “Yeah but yeah but” we have a new coach, a new GM – it’s a new day in KC! Isn’t it always, every few seasons same.

            With apologies to ‘midwest’ sensibilities, the line forms to the right cash in all that guarantees far as football success. Want success? In GB, spell it R-o-d-g-e-r-s, out in NE the letters B-r-a-d-y (latter was less renowned than Manziel, or lucky to be/almost not drafted to borrow your gist.)

            Andy Reid? In 14 years of trying PHIL could not get it done, dag McNabb-it. I don’t think he’s an great coach any more than was Schottenheimer, or Marv Levy or Bud Grant – ‘all’ failed conquer the football world, making them no different the majority, game’s history: also rans. There are no trophies for runner ups, and be no atta boys that suffice, the tough venue of pro football (nice guys finish last baseball too, as Leo Durocher said.)

            Roll the dice, take your chance & shoot for the stars: $ell your soul to the devil (or do not and continue down the ‘long & winding road’ theirs never culminates in reward.)


            Waiter, check please.

  2. CG says:

    Kerouac you are the best man…good points…there is no super star on this team outside Charles and you need the big time stars to win big, we have but one.

  3. Mysterious J says:

    I have no idea who “Otto and George” are, but I can assure you they are NOT regulars on the Howard Stern show as I listen every day.

    • CG says:

      Brother you don’t know who anyone is…Louie Anderson, Tom Arnold, Carlos Mencia, TJ Miller, Chris Kataan…thats in the last 10 weeks, maybe the nations best line up of comics in a club those are ALL theater acts…rare, very rare. Otto and George have been on Stern, Showtime, Tonight Show and much more…maybe they aren’t on Stern every week or month, but who is..just his staff and regulars, no they are not on as a fulltime job, neither is Lewis Black…another Stanfords guy…but he’s on…Otto and George have never been to KC, very funny, can’t wait to see them myself..P.S. Westport had Jeff Dunham and Peanut twice in the late 90’s now they get 200 g’s a night at places like Sprint Center where they were last year and a half ago..before 10,000…

      • Mysterious J says:

        Otto and George have never once been on Stern. Sometimes when you tell a lie, someone calls you on it. Deal.

        • CG says:

          Well asshole number one their resume says they have been on several times, why don’t you call them and say they are liars they will be here all week. Guys like you who call me a liar should be run over by a car you punk ass little dick fat ass. How’s that…I bring the best talent to this little town and that’s all you have to say I am a liar. Hows this eat it….why would I lie about someones resume..I have 52 comics a year…I’VE BEEN ON STERN…with Bubba the Love man … on my book…its not that big a deal…ok…I NEVER LIE ABOUT ANYTHING..if I say I did it I did…SO COME CALL ME A LIAR TO MY FACE FAT ASS…TRY THAT…God I hate little nothings like you…I really are a’ve done nothing you will do nothing..and nobody gives two F’s about you…got it…now what have you got to say you punk ass little nothing..

          How was that, did I go off? I just get so tired of little fake name comment punks like this nobody do you hang at Jaspers? Probably…

          Just wish I could run into you somewhere, but you are too much a coward to ever show yourself…all haters are..all of them 100% I will restate a fact IN MY LIFE NOT ONE, NOT ONE, NOT ONE, NOT ONE PERSON HAS TO MY FACE SAID ANYTHING LIKE THE HATE WORDS HERE, CALLED ME A LIAR OR ANYTHING CLOSE…BE THE FIRST J…LOVE TO SEE IT.

          • CG says:


          • CG says:


          • iharley says:

            F******ng DISGUSTING..
            we just had a long discussion about you and
            your wanting to fight someone!!!!!
            how stupid.
            apologize and move on and lets just stick
            to the facts.
            you should have hearne put the dudes resume
            on the site and let it go!!!!
            its not that big a freaking deal.
            the j dude just wants to rattle you a little…
            have some fun…throw a few barbs to
            have fun and move on ….but threatening
            is really not cool.
            who knows…the guy might be an mma
            fighter and kick ass.
            let it go for gods sake

          • iharley says:

            glaze is right here…no one deserves to be called
            or written about like the haters on this site.
            its disgusting. glaze made a mistake threatening
            another commentator but after all the
            names he’s been called/the harassment
            on here of his family/business etc. he has
            to let the steam out and take on the
            losers who continuously harass him.
            he is wrong threatening others…but he’s
            taken more than anyone deserves on this
            site and on tonys.
            no one deserves to have their personal
            lives/their business that they built with
            sweat and work/or their families publicly
            humiliated like glaze gets on here.
            I don’t blame him in reality…it has got to
            get you down.
            he wrote a story about football and comedy
            and even if you disagree with him about what
            he write (which I do from time to time)
            theres no excuse for using the language/
            vile comments that he gets in every single
            story that he is writing or featured in.
            Why super dave and the rest of you write
            this crap is beyond belief.
            We can disagree with glaze or Wilson or
            whoever…but to put in public view
            the disgusting language that these low
            lifes use is totally uncalled for.
            I can disagree with glaze…will make my
            point…but never use the vulgar language
            or horrible comments that many of you
            be civil.
            I disagree with glazes threats…they are
            totally out of place…but after years of being
            shot down with horrible comments about
            his personal life/his family/his business
            or his friends…I can see where he might
            go a little nuts once in a while.

        • Davey Jones Locker says:

          HAHAHAHA and to think CG was bashing hateful comments not much more than a week ago. Worse then a liar.. is a hypocrite.

          • Mysterious J says:

            He is a hypocrite and a liar.

          • Steve Kramer says:

            When our city has an entertainment option as storied as STANFORD AND SONS, and a no name idiot attacks Craig who really has brought more name TV and films stars to our city than everyone else put together and in a private small venue, can’t blame Craig. I’d like to punch the guy in the nose myself. The only liar is this J pretend person.

    • Super Dave says:

      Sorry J, in you own mind you might be right, but in the facts department you’re wrong. Otto and George have been on Stern’s show before, but was a number of years ago. So it’s possible they was on there before you started listening to Stern. I as you know very little about Otto and George and am sure many in KC are in the same boat and some might even go, “Oh that guy after seeing him do something.” My sources say tell me he is ok but not great hence the reason he has been performing for over 34 years and never really broke out big.

      Craig you are so the hell out line it isn’t funny. Guess you have forgot what you said just 9 days ago, ” Scribe Says Filthy, X-Rated Comments Need To Go” So what do you do but start right in as always with you trashy, cussing, name calling crap that proves you’re the hater a majority of the time. Instead of trying to educate people on matters you resort to your chest beating tactics and can’t back what you said when with just one phone call I was able to have the facts to explain to J why he is wrong. You could have done the same, but no you’d rather remain a hateful thug.

  4. iharley says:

    now we add kerowacky to the list of people with glaze who know nothing about
    football.. Most garbled b.s. about nothing. Kerowacky just makes it seem
    better because he can complete a sentence.
    And he gets credit for knowing allthe chiefs former qb’s which is an amazing
    feat considering he knows very little about football.
    Getting that “great” qb is a long long shot. Brady was a 6 or 7 round pick…and
    now is great. Brees went thru hell in san diego and caught on in new Orleans
    after maybe 6 or 7 years of frustration in san diego. Marino never won
    a super bowl but had some great great years….outside manning and Elway/bradshaw
    (Montana was not a high draft pick) there are very very few so called franchise draft qb’s who do well.
    Stafford/ryan/carr/couch/Russell/baker/and many more “turn around” qb
    draft choices failed…many more fail than make good.
    It’s luck my friends…and in 99% of the cases its having great receivers (like
    bradshaw /Montana/brady had)…..once in a while you see a qb who can turn
    an average receiver into a super star (manning in Denver/brady this year)…
    but dream on little boys….it takes a lot of luck to find that needle in the
    dream on….and next time do some research before making fools of yourself.
    you are wrong.
    with qb’s its best to be lucky than smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. iharley says:

    also kerowacky….since youre so good at naming old players…
    give usall those great receivers kc had in the past…those superstar
    receivers that qb’s could throw to …..funny I can’t think of more than
    3 or 4 that made an impact or were of high quality status. Try throwing
    to bowe (who can’t run a route or catch a pass)….or the rest of the
    has beens or never were receivers in chiefs history.
    None went on to great stardom anywhere elese…maybe gonzalez…
    but if a qb of less than immortal status (like Elway or manning or brady)
    has no receiving people who can get open within 3-4 seconds….that
    qb is a bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    without receivers 95% of the qb’s fail…or they were just not great
    qbs to begin with.
    Manziel….get your stuff together…probably low first round choice unless
    he shines in combines….

  6. Mysterious J says:

    Ok, I am here to admit my mistake….not because I am afraid of “the scribe” (I have met him before and I don’t live in KC anymore anyway), but because I was mistaken. Upon researching Otto and George, I do see that they were on the Stern show in 2002 and 2003 (but no record of any appearances since August 5, 2003). I was totally mistaken and CG was not, in fact, lying.

    I still think he is a hypocrite for calling me names and daring me to face him less than a week after saying “Attacking people online by threatening violence is just wrong. And yes, me calling people out for attacking my character (among other things) was wrong too.” Even so, I am man enough to admit when I was wrong.

  7. bow shot says:

    Coke dick little bitch

  8. balbonis moleskine says:

    If I show up on monday at stanford’s will you give me a hundred dollar bill too (plus approx $6 for gas money)? No touching weiners though

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      not to disappoint though but I have no reason at all to rumble with you

      where’s Paul? Is he suing the entire internets?

    • the dude says:

      I would show up for my Benjamin but I am afraid of being attacked and butt raped by a hairy, doughy dude.

  9. Steve Kramer says:

    I’m glad this person came clean and said he was wrong. Look at all the comments here, attack after attack on Craig Glazer. He wrote a story on football and comedy. Craig never said Otto and George were the second coming. I looked at Kansas Cities line up at the Midland and a couple other venues that have big name comedy acts. Craig introduced almost all of them to KC at Stanfords over the last twenty years or more. It’s a fact, Jim Jefferies, Lisa Lamponelli, Kevin Nealon, Lewis Black and even Kevin Hart. I worked in front of several of these acts in the 90’s and beyond. I opened for Damon Wayons in the late 90’s at Westport, he told me the only reason he came to our city was Craig met him in LA and talked him into coming. I really think you should give my friend Craig more credit. I know you hate to do that, but our city would have missed out on so much without Craig. We had these people when nobody knew some of them and with acts like Wayons, when he was on top but had no interest in our city at the time.

    • Jess says:

      You are right….I see the light. What would Kansas City be without Damon Wayons? Nothing is the correct answer…..

    • Mysterious J says:

      I admitted I was wrong. Now are you ready to apologize for saying how you wanted to punch me in the face because of a comment I made on the internet?

    • Davey Jones Locker says:

      Hahaha attack after attack. Hardly first off those didn’t start till he decided to go down his hypocritical path of name calling and violence mongering. After he clearly spoke out against it. Your “friend” is his own worst enemy with the tolerance of an 8 year old bully being picked on by a girl. That ain’t hate it is in black and white here in the pages of KCC.

    • iharley says:

      great steve…appreciate the fact that you opened for some acts…but
      glaze didn’t make these acts successful. Playing kc didn’t make these
      acts huge so stop trying to make it seem that glaze is the
      reason seinfeold…etc. made it big was because they played Westport.
      truth is that tv made these acts. Had they not got on tv they would still
      be playing small clubs in midwwest town for nickels and dimes.
      Tv made lewis black…larry the cable guy may have played standfords
      early on but that’s hardly the reason he’s making millions now.
      TV gave him more expsorue in one setting than a thousand clubs
      on the comedy circuit.
      glaze didn’t make these people. its their talent hat made them big.
      glaze gave them a place to perfect their talent in a small time
      town with 300 people in a setting in Westport.
      glaze and his family may have brought them here when they were
      unknown…but they in no way contributed to their stardom.
      I think many people on here find it absurd to think tht glaze made
      these people…he didn’t
      and to go back 20 or 30 years to prove a point is pretty ridiculous now.
      we live in a fast changing/ever instant world where stars are made
      in minutes on youtube/and the internet.
      glaze may have given them a chance to make money in Westport
      with their comedy routines but everyone on here realizes that
      these talented comedians madevtheir success not in any way because
      of glaze but because they had talent to hone their craft.
      tv made these comedians famous…not a circuit of small town
      comedy clubs!
      give credit where credit is due. This town got some greattalent early
      before these comedians made it big. b8it their huge success is not
      because they played in kc…but because they were talented/funny
      and the huge viewership of tv exposed them to millions and millions
      of people which they never got in the small town clubs.

  10. iharley says:

    give me a freaking break.
    stanfords is just another comedy club on the circuit for new talent..
    justb happens that some people who made It big happened yto play there.
    same for memorial hall/kemper/hurricane/freedom palace…cowtown etc…
    until glaze give up this bogus stuff that he’s the reason these comedians made
    it big was because he lety them play at his place he’ll get the same old reply.
    lets be serious…these comedy clubs get comedian s on the way up or on the
    way down…and no matter what anyone says its a circuit.
    who care that Seinfeld played here 20 years ago…glaze didn’t make this
    guy a success…or that lisa played here 30 years ago….she made it because
    she got on tv and that made her huge..just like lewis black…jj walker..
    Seinfeld…lamp….and every other comedian.
    only glaze continues to shout out that he made these comedians…he made
    no one…they got hot…had a good schtick ….got a good tv gig and made
    it huge…..glazes club may have given them a stagte early on…but in no
    way did itb make these comedians successful.
    If larry the cable guy played small time clubs like glazes he’d still be
    a small time comedian. TV made this guy huge!!
    same for every othert comedian.
    who give a f**k if they play kc 20-30 years ago…its old hat now…they’ve
    come and gone.
    Seinfeld…he’s old hat…no shows/no tv show….he’s so old the 25-40 yeqr
    olds don’t even know the guy..
    so glaze stop trying to impress us with who you paid money to play at
    your place 30 years ago…itous old…its old 5 years ago…and frankly no one
    really cares except for you.
    you did a nice job giving struggline comedians a place to make a few
    bucks years ago…but that’s ancient history
    louie Anderson..jj walker….they’re good for a few old laughs but
    no one cares anymore.
    clubs are old school…now I can watch 1000 comedians on you tube
    or the internet long before you have them…and with the death of
    the comedian competitions no one cares.
    like the rest of entertainment…comedy is dying…few real big stars…
    a few making movies but stand up is like vaudeville…a dying art
    that’s about to go totally out.
    you’ve done a great job in the past…but start living in the present…
    just like all forms of entertainment …well all be watching the new
    comedians on streaming video/tv/hbo etc and the days of the
    comedy club will be dead…
    that’s whats happening…in sports/entertainment/live events etc….
    and with fewer venues for comedy we’ll see fewer and fewer
    comedians break thru.
    its the reality…get used to it…the guy s on here know it…
    you’re just a little slow realizing that live entertainement
    is dying a slow slow death.
    who cares about 20 or 30 years ago…the present is what
    happened 10 minutes ago in our lives.
    take care..yourvfrienid

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      harley hits the nail on the head here. Although I do think there will always be standup comedy clubs if only places like Carolines and Comedy Store which are work-for-nothing-get discovered type of places.

  11. admin says:

    For the record, Craig needs to calm down…

    Whether a couple of comics were or were not on some radio show is of little importance. Although I will say that MJ was obviously off base in being wrong and calling Craig out as a liar.

    Frankly, I feel like I’m intervening after the fact in a playground dispute between two children.


    I mean, like Craig is going to make something like that up…or successful comics are going to lie about something that obvious on their public resume.

    To MJ: What is it that makes you want to call Craig out as a liar when you didn’t even bother to get your facts straight and now admit it? That is chickenshit and it is cowardly to do so while hiding behind a fake identity.

    To Craig: Keep it in your pants, Big Dog and consider the source. You knew you were correct and MJ was wrong, so what? Why concern yourself? Ignore him.

    Now I want you two boys to shake hands and I’ll see you in Anger Management Class after school tomorrow.

    • Mysterious J says:

      You’re right…nobody ever lied on a resume. *eyeroll*

      I admitted I was in error. I have yet to see either of the guys who threatened me here admit that they too might have been out of line.

      • CG says:

        Yes I might have been J…look I don’t know you or if we met I don’t can’t recall based on this information, however…I say this its a New Year lets all try and get along. The stories are the stories try and comment on those if you can not me so much. That’s a good angle for all. Then we won’t have these silly blow ups. I’m good if you are…Happy New Years. Yes I wish Paul would write again, he did a great job.

  12. Stomper says:

    Paul, please come home.

  13. balbonis moleskine says:

    I miss paul too hope he doesn’t spend his new year trying to sue the internets for not liking jaz. And harley’s new Iphone appears to have made him smarter and more on point. He is working on the whole brevity thing though.

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