Hearne: Scribe Has Not One Good Thing to Say About KC Chiefs

Rottenecards_99982926_k87nvs36hjGet the black armbands out, unfold those crying towels and make an appointment with your shrink, the party’s over…

The Kansas City Chiefs probably won’t win another game this year, won’t being going to any Super Bowl’s in the next five years and their fans have nothing but mediocrity to look forward to in the foreseeable future.

That according to Stanford & Sons main man Craig Glazer, who doubles as a college and pro football handicapper and prognosticator.

“It’s like with the Royals, if you’re happy being an also ran and a borderline contender, then be happy,” Glazer says of the Chiefs. “I’m not.”

Glazer points the finger of blame directly at team owner Clark Hunt.

“Look, Clark took over a bad situation,” Glazer says. “Carl Peterson ran the team into the ground and Scott Pioli took it further. But Clark waited too long to pull the trigger and try and fix things. I think next year with a tougher schedule, we’ll be talking about a .500 season again. There’s nothing to get excited about, because all of the good things in the first five or six games this year went away and all that’s left is the bad stuff.”

Sunday’s loss at home to Indianapolis was devastating, Glazer says.

“The Chiefs got their pants pulled down and were exposed,” he says. “”Every time they’ve faced a good team this year they’ve lost. They’ve only beaten bad teams. I don’t think they’re going to win another game this season, this is it. They’ll probably lose to San Diego next week and then Indy again in the playoffs.

peterson“If people are happy with what they’ve done this year, then enjoy it – they’ve had their season – their season’s done. And this isn’t flip-flopping, this is analyzing the NFL week-to-week. That’s what you have to do.

“Fans can pretend that they have all these stars like Eric Berry and Brandon Flowers, and they do have some very good players, but they’re not great players. Jamaal Charles is the only Chiefs player that’s great.”

Is there a fix?

“There’s no easy solution,” Glazer says. “This team is very light in talent. Chiefs fans are kidding themselves.”

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19 Responses to Hearne: Scribe Has Not One Good Thing to Say About KC Chiefs

  1. Super Dave says:

    No Craig has nothing to say about the Chiefs who proved he was wrong. He had his pants pulled down just like he said happened to the Chiefs. Now be nice and say your sorry to all the people who you point fingers at saying they are wrong all the time when in fact they just might have been closer to being right than you.

    • Super Dave says:

      Yes I know “your” should have been you’re but I have a crippled left hand and auto correct at times takes my aborted you’re and turns it into your and I don’t always catch it. My apologies to the grammar police.

      • CG says:

        Calm down haters Hearne wrote this not me, he interviewed me and quickly dashed off and wrote the piece, we all make small errors when we are in a hurry. Even you guys…point is…Chiefs are goners. Season is over. That’s the point.

  2. Snappietom says:

    GC is correct on this. We have been exposed. We have such a weak and soft secondary. They can’t make a tackle or won’t. Defense is so very average.
    Recievers can’t catch the ball or get seperation. Charles is the only one that stands out among the rest of these very average players.

  3. CG says:

    Thanks Snapp, yes now the comment whacks will try and somehow blame me? I did pick KC to win this one. Why? Indy is weak, no weapons, can’t stop the run, etc…a low level playoff team at home and us coming off two nice wins with lots of offense. Then you saw what happened. I didn’t do it, the Chiefs did. Again they are just a bit better than last year. Sounds odd, with the big dif in win/loss record, but we just aren’t that much better. We weren’t really a 2-14 team last year, and we aren’t a 11-5 team this year both are around .500 types…just a break here and there, getting Smith and Charles doing so well, soft sched and Andy Reid…in the end its 2010 again…I’m sorry it just is. Hope I’m wrong and they do better in the post season…we all know they won’t.

  4. balbonis moleskine says:

    Clark Hunt doesn’t care about KC and the Chiefs are merely an investment. He lives in Dallas and if he had his druthers he would have kept the MLS teams that they divested and sold the NFL team. That’s what he wanted to do originally. He never wanted the Chiefs.

    I wouldn’t put too much stock into a meaningless week 16 game against a team we are going to play in a few weeks.

    • CG says:

      The Chiefs played this one to win. They rested nobody and gave it their all, remember they felt Denver could still be had. No this was their best effort for sure. If you think it was a lay down, think again. This is the Chiefs. Or was.

  5. harley says:

    glaze is no handicapper…a dog is better at picking games than him.
    He said they were going towin…they lose.He’s got 18 different sides
    to every issue…he’s worthless as a handicapper…wrong again and again!!!!
    He’s never right..he does those phony teases then uses fuzzy math to come
    up with his numbers.
    He’s wrong again..been wrong picking this team and every other team
    all year…..he’s been exposed as a terrible handicapper and fraud.
    Anyonelooking at this team before the season and during the season
    who thought they would be a “contender” had to have their brains examined.
    55 players…a new coaching staff…33 new players on the field…
    a new system….after a 2-14 season….glaze has been exposed as a fraud
    if he thought they would be in thetop 4-6 nfl team contenders.
    He went after smith continuously…another fraud. There are not
    but 3 or 4 top franchise qd’s in the league. Manning/brady/breese/..manning
    obviously one of the best in nfl today…brady a lucky pick…and breese finally
    got it together after many tough years at san diego.
    Tough to get a franchise qb in one year…look at Stafford/rg3/flacco/
    up and down qbs…none franchise….and now glaze changes his tone
    for the millionth time about this team.
    Glaze is a fraud to pick on smith…he’s a non mistake qb…but remember
    glaze said just this last week that this team was high in the rankings
    and now he’s exposed because he changes his mind every week….that’s
    not the mark of a handicapper who knows the stats/data…that’s a fraud.
    This team had a massive changeover. Probably the biggest team change
    of any team in the league. Of course they beat some sub par teams…but unless
    he’s a fraud (which he’s been exposed as) any and all wins are a big deal in the
    nfl (henace the upsets this weekend)….and the chiefs don’t getto pick who
    they play…its devised to get some parity in the league.
    glaze doesn’t understand this…and doesn’t understand football or
    picking teams.
    If glaze was a true handicapper (which he isn’t) he would ha ve examined
    the numbers and provided more than the 3rd grade evaluation of this team.
    He didn’t.
    Anyone could see thatif you take Charles out of the game…theres nothing there!!!!
    Glaze didn’t see this…hence he never looked at stats. What per cent of
    offense/touchdowns were thru Charles? Indy had a pretty good defense all
    season….they beat some really good teams (new eng/Denver)…so its a fraud
    for glaze to say indy isn’t agood team…they were and are. But glaze doesn’t
    read anything..he just repeats the JACK HARRY crap week in week out.
    This season has been special for the chiefs.. Reed and coaches had some
    really great talent to work with…but turning over 60% of the players to a
    new coach/system is very very hard to do. Few coaches besides maybe new
    eng. coach can do it year in year out.
    Handicappers don’t blame thej schedule…handicappers don’t let their
    emotions get involved in their decisions (yet every week …its a different
    emotion from glaze…hate em…love em…hate em…love em).
    that’s not a handicapper…that’s someone who just doesn’t get it.
    he’s been exposed…and I could go to every other weeks comments…
    11-5/12-4…I’ll take it!!!! in a heart beat!!!!!!!!! Idon’t care who they played…
    its been an incredible…fun year for real chiefs fans.
    glaze isn’t a fan…he needs to get outand listen to the people who are real
    fans…get out of that kck attitude and look at some real stats and
    lets look beyond glaze’s fraudulent attempt at b eing a handicapper!!!!
    600,000 viewers of each chiefs game on tv…nfl highest based on market size!!!!!!!!
    attendance…ticket scalpers…when were chiefs tickets worth $400 in the
    12th/13th week of the season?????????
    new enthusiasm….yes there are some holes (wide receiver/tight end/def backs)…
    and Suttons new defense is hard to learn withallthe blitz packages and different
    assignments (did glaze ever take this into account…NOOOOOOOO!…NOT ONE
    TIME DID HE MENTION THIS ! and with new players in backfield…cooper/etc
    you’re going to blow some coverage assignments especially when you face
    a top 6 or 7 qb like luck~!!!)….does glaze mentionthis? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    the only thing we’ve learned this year is that glaze has no idea what he’s doing.
    He’s like jack harry…just put out the b.s. of the day or week!)
    was wrong with mu tigers…again and again and again!!!!!
    was wrong with the chiefs…again and again and again!!!!
    his fuzzy math has been exposed as has his complete lack of ability to
    handicap or predict the outcome of games strictly from
    data and stats that real handicappers take into effect.
    Chiefs have had agreat season!!!!! They’ve come back to be talked
    about in the nfl…..biggest comeback in nfl this year!
    and glaze has been exposed for his fraudulent attempt at imitating
    someone who knows anytying about sports.
    sorry glaze…you badmouth my teams…you take the heat.
    I’m the only real predictor on this site. Rememeber I picked the election
    of 2012 numbers on the mark….not some phony 50/50 pick.
    glaze…love ya…but you best sstick to comedy and hotties…that’s what
    you know best ….football and sports is not your GAME!!!!!
    your friend

  6. rkcal says:

    For what it’s worth, the team that lost within the final two weeks of the regular season to a team and then played the same team in the playoffs has won 4 out of 5 times. That being said, the Chiefs lack elite talent at two important positions: WR and CB. I scratched my head at the benching of Cooper. Robinson and Smith clearly have lost steps, and it upset the chemistry. Reid made a mistake there, I think. Also, Reid didn’t want to saddle up and ride Jamaal in those weather conditions. They could’ve run all day on the Colts (Jamaal was averaging about 5 yds a carry, and the Smith bootleg worked every time). But why risk them on an ice rink? It may not have been a conscious decision, but it had to be at the back of their minds. The Chiefs are a few players away from a Super Bowl team, but they can beat the Colts in the playoffs. They aren’t a steaming pile, and I look forward to the moves they make to get better.

    • CG says:

      No they aren’t a steaming pile. However with zero receivers, no secondary, no pass rush…oh yeah a need for another good O lineman…see what I mean, lots of holes. Don’t forget tight end…they could use like 7 or 8 new starters, that’s a bunch. I give them credit for doing as well as they did with these guys. The problem is some of the players we see as very good just aren’t. Our pass D really has no star at all. Flowers is not consistent and also gives up way too many big plays, nobody back there is a ball hawk. We get beat countless times everywhere. To be fair, most teams are in the same boat. Its a game of offense.

      Really only Seattle, S.F. and the Panthers play consistent Defense. Its a new dawn for the NFL, there are only a couple teams that are close to Super and there are the kinda good teams like ours and then the rest. It makes for almost every team to be in the playoff hunt til the end. Keeps it interesting, but upsetting to watch. Towards the end of the year like now, its hard to make any bets on these games, they go any which way.

      The Chiefs are an o.k. team but nothing more and I don’t see a quick fix. Alex is a good quarterback but not a great one, and at some point that will be an issue as well. Finding the new guy, starting again. It’s a giant circle and I don’t see a Super Bowl in our future. Playoffs, yes, Super Bowl, no.

      • harley says:

        duh…glaze…only 2 teams go to super bowl each year…
        real problem (which you fail to realize) is theres not
        much leadership onteam.
        rkcal had some great statistics that I knew nothing about.
        Glaze hadthe usual JACK HARRY B.S. without using
        any stats…his statements are way off base.
        IN REAL LIFE??????????????????? HAHAHAHA1

  7. rkcal says:

    Agree on most points….but I think they’re more like 3 or 4 players away rather than 8 or so. If they had just one WR that could get separation, or even go up and grab a ball when needed…this team could do some damage, because Charles is that good. If he has a monster game, they will beat Indy. With Indy’s run defense, I think the Chiefs have a chance. No, I wouldn’t bet it, either.

  8. kinder says:

    wait didn’t someone just say this last week?
    oh yea, me.

  9. Kerouac says:

    Well, the nice thing about it was, didn’t have to listen to that hyperventilating homer’s “TOUCH-DOWN – KAN-SAS CITY!” but once yesterday; I’m sure Dawson is thankful for the headache he didn’t get, if not the loss his former’s did.

    [cue Perry Como] ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go’ – case the Chiefs, there are holes everywhere that you go looking in their ‘stocking’.

    ~ Time for a year end review, Kerouac’s ~

    Defense? Db’s (berry – he can’t cover, which is why he holds/get penalized relentlessly; other than that, he’s the best in the NFL according locals. Sunday, his worst nightmare is back to torment #29 some more: Antonio Gates. Cb flowers is a shell his former self, while a cooper sighting proximity an opposition wr is oft-seen as was that hijacker DB. Rounding out the fabulous foursome are Smith & Lewis (who play like Martin & Lewis – Jerry.)

    Dl’s & Lb’s/pass rush: ‘the thrill is gone’ (we have a problem, Houston… but he is comin’ back & will solve everything make it all wonderful again, piece of cake (like he did along with the rest the ‘best defense in the NFL’, one that managed ZERO sacks over several games before his elbow/he went out.) LB’s, johnson has been the best, jordan has done his best & hali has been a beast… at times.

    As the season has worn on, poe has worn down…tyson is still a #3 overall bust & devito may not be confused with Danny, but his play has been little to write home about for a good while now. Overall, a better D than we’ve seen in KC in quite awhile suggests that former versions were even more atrocious, years past. On any given Sunday, they can be great or gruesome.

    Special teams are probably the one unit that has been most consistent in ’13, if an ‘two steps forward and one back’ overall impact at times due injuries & youth being served, mcluster, davis, demps, colquitt & succop, blocking/toub’s schemes oft-times superior the opposition’s attempt subdue them.


    Now to the club that scored 56 points last week, and 7 this week… here in Kansas City, we spell consistency C-U-P-C-A-K-E-S, as in 11-0 when playing them, 0-5 when not.

    Offense? Qb: Mr. Smith goes to WAS/OAK and looks the part, but IND shatters the illusion that ‘parts is parts’: the best parts Trent Green & the worst Matt Cassel = a Steve Bono-ish affect, in effect. Wr: bowe knows the name on the back of his jersey; that’s all apparently but he’s the best KC’s got & he knows that too. Rb: it’s charles in charge (till he succumbs to the weight of the load, same his predecessor former Chief LJ did.) Ol: many high draft choices (2 #1’s, 2 #2’s, 2 #3’s)… do any of them deserve recognition being NFL’s best? Not really. TE: fasano & mcgrath sound like a law firm, but the position has been more infirm since the season began (even before, kelce IR’d before the pre-season even ended.)

    Coaching: this appears to be the best coaching staff the Chiefs have had in a long time, at least going back to the days schottenheimer, cowher, dungy, et al.) Course, with so many coaches on staff being the NFL norm nowadays they should have an impact (KC has some 5 times as many coaches as Hank Stram did during his tenure.)

    Have said it before & will end this missive same: all records are not created equal. The modern parity-addled NFL, mediocre teams proliferate – all/any of them can get to an double digit win total and ‘appear’ worthy of acclaim. Fact is however, these are among the worst pro football ‘team’s I have ever seen, terms of overall quality. A league full of half-teams due economic nece$$ity the 21st century makes it so, sadly.

    Good luck to the Chiefs (make that ‘bad’ Luck, which is their only chance to prevail vs the Colts in Indianapolis.)

  10. the dude says:

    I blame it all on Crag Galzer. If only he could have pulled ol’ Clark aside and tried to get him high like he tried to with Louie CK he could have given his pearls of wisdom of how to properly run an NFL team because he has so much wisdom to share on this subject.

    • harley says:

      glaze doesn’t know sh*t…sorry…he’s a jack harry puppet.
      jack harry is old and worn out…the only reason he’s where he’s at
      is because the guy he rpleaced keeled over and had a heart attack..
      otherwise jack is in fayettvilee on tv.
      for glaze…this has been a horrendous season…mistakes…wrong
      calculations…missed openings….terrible predictions….way off
      base analysis of almost every team in the area…chiefs/royals/
      mu tigers/etc…
      but don’t cry boys of kcc….spring and summer are right around
      the corner and glaze is sure to bring out his woodside hotties
      for the new season and he’ll be the only guy on socialsecurity
      hanging with a 27 year old massage therapist in a thong.
      god bless the guy….because hopefully in 2014 he realizes his
      true talent is in the world of babes and babies…not in the
      highly statistical and data filled world of sports.
      can’t wait for summer…

  11. CG says:

    Well now that you’ve all had your say… picking in sports against the spread is tough, my 53-33 record is pretty damn good, ya think..thats with the spread. Had it just been pick the winner like TV, I’d be 70-16. Vegas doesn’t really let you do that much…I never said the Chiefs were a great team Harley. I picked most of their games correctly..I did say they’d win this one, they didn’t…can’t get them all, like you…

    I’m not the bad guy, THE CHIEFS ARE.

    • harley says:

      stop trying to tear down the home team…
      you should be cheering them all big time…going to the games…
      brining in their comics….they’re yo u’re team.
      why beat them down? why try to badmouth them?
      admit you were wrong and we can all sing
      kumbaya on xmas night at bobby bakers…
      okay…you were W R O N G ….wrong
      now go to your room and read a book….no porn allowed!!!!!
      and no hiding those woodside hotties under the bed so
      super dave and hearnecan see them. see hearnes married
      now…he get no nookie!!!! (lol…come on hearne smile you
      big nutjob you !!!0

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