New Jack City: Vince & Associates Wish Overland Park a Very Tacky, Dangerous Christmas

13vincexmasEver driven down Metcalf in Overland Park near 103rd after dark during the holidays?

If so, you’ve undoubtedly seen what could pass for the tackiest holiday display since Griswold Christmas.

That’s where clinical research outfit Vince & Associates decks out its digs every year with what could pass for the most obnoxious holiday display in the metro. An almost entire block-long display of blinking, flashing, zinging electronic kitsch.

Yes, I’m a Christian. And no, I’m not against tasteful holiday displays. But driving past this light arcade on Metcalf several nights a week I’ve observed two near miss accidents in the past few evenings alone.

Seems some cars going either direction like to pull off on the shoulder to further observe the tacky goings on and synch the matching holiday music to their car radios.

Then, as if hypnotized, they mindlessly pull back into the flow of traffic. 

I’ve been told that smarter drivers pull into the church parking lot across the street to get their psychedelic thrills. But for some people that’s just too much of a hassle,

I’ll be honest, driving past Vince’s display at night is distracting as hell even for me.

Frankly I’m surprised that Overland Park’s Zoning or Codes divisions hasn’t stepped in and told Vince & Associates to put it back in their pants.

ChristmasVactionHouseAfter all, isn’t this the same city government that years ago was offended by a red roof on top of the Red Roof Inn? And remember the controversy in O.P. over the building color of the old White Castle being TOO white!

Watching a TV news piece the other day about Vince’s bombastic lighting display I was given to understand that it would continue to grow in size and scope in the coming years.

God help us all…….

So the next time you drive by this nighttime Holiday Hell, watch out for the brain paralyzed drivers pulling in and out of traffic at a whim and sudden slowdowns by light intoxicated motorists.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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12 Responses to New Jack City: Vince & Associates Wish Overland Park a Very Tacky, Dangerous Christmas

  1. jon says:

    How did Raytown miss out on this?

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    When all this mess isn’t going on he does park some fine, exotic cars over by the waterfall. I’ve come far cl

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    When all this mess isn’t going on he does park some fine, exotic cars over by the waterfall. I’ve come far closer to wrecking ogling those. I just close my eyes and drive by this time of year.

  4. harley says:

    I love that. Shows how into the season they are. Sure its bombastic…but isn’t
    the whole xmas season kind of out of control?
    opening thanksgiving…people fighting for a play station….crowds fighting
    to buy a $299 tv.
    whats the matter jack? Is this your war against Christmas. Watch much
    msnbc lately? Are you a Christian hater.
    I drive by the vince and associates and love the lights.
    Whats the matter jack? you don’t think mr. vince has the right to
    express his love of the holiday.
    Accidents….go up to 107th and Metcalf and theres one accident
    a day up there with all those stoplights lined up and people getting
    confused. What do we do? take down all the stop lights on Metcalf
    because those at 107th cause accidents because people aren’t
    paying attention.
    You germans just hate anyone having any fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jack p. says:

    Hey Harley I guess a psychedelic Christmas pleases some people. Only thing missing in Vince’s display are huge signs flashing ‘Eat at Joe’s’…..
    For me less is more. And what goes down in Vince’s front yard brings back memories of ‘Psych Out.’

    • Super Dave says:

      I am a huge fan of outdoor decorations at Christmas, do it for myself and several other commercial places. But I agree with Jack, Vince’s is to much. Psychedelic and Christmas are two things that just don’t go together. They could remove half of it and it then might be awesome. I know I would love to redo it myself, it could be really cool and an exciting exhibit to see .

    • harley says:

      you must have donesome pretty solid “mind enhancers”wathcing that
      movie if it brings back thatbad a memory…
      wow…they don’t make that stuff anymore!!!!!

  6. the dude says:

    I think this is a clever treatise and examination of the rampant consumerism here in Uhmuricuh in a post-modern, nuclear society where he who has the most baubles is celebrated and replaces what should be a celebration of the winter soltice and a time of giving and thanks.

    Or it is just typical excess to the nines with the ultimate gaudiness in taste, you decide.

  7. harley says:

    hey jackkie…went to see the display atmetcalf and 103rd…about
    10 cars parked taking pics of the display.
    no accident…no crazy driving….just smiles on people faces after
    a long year.
    You’er the Grinch…what will you complain about next…too many lites
    on the plaza….candy cane lanee is too expansive and ruins the
    overall streets appeal. Maybe end the macys parade because the price
    of helium has gone up so much its a waste of money to have all the
    balloon characters.
    and no more rose bowl parade….lets let the roses live….
    you’re the Grinch and bill o reily would not like the anti Christmas ideas
    you and hernia have….
    stop being old cranky old men in 2014

  8. PB says:

    Let me get this straight, Hearne thinks excessive Christmas lighting is in poor taste, but posting a picture of Jonestown Massacre corpses to analogize the football misfortunes of a local university is seemingly okay? Got it.

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