Hearne: Scribe to Chiefs Fans: ‘Told You So’ Team Could Go 0-5

Wild Card Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Kansas City ChiefsLet’s get ready to tumble!

Let’s be clear; Craig Glazer is not a humble scribe, although he described himself as such one time, leading to his tag here on KC Confidential. Far from it, as most, if not all of us know.

But when it comes to this year’s Kansas City Chiefs, why should he be?

Outside of the first blush of opening NFL season blush, Glazer has gone from worrying aloud to borderline branding the team as posers. Little by little, week by weak, he’s ratcheted up the angst, going as far this past week to call out print and talk radio media suck ups for clinging to undeserved optimism long after it became obvious that the team was leading a charmed – as in dumb lucky – life and was headed for a fall.

A fall that well might come today at home against San Diego and continue on through Denver and however many other losses in the final weeks to come. And culminating in an old-fashioned, Wild Card playoff spanking and a return to mediocrity next season.

Who among us wanted to choke down those words?

Well, get ready to choke down some more, because the Scribe’s on the warpath about how mediocre this year’s team is shaping up to be.

And frankly, who among us can really argue the point?

How bad is it?

“Well, before I can tear ’em up, I want to give a little credit to quarterback Alex Smith who proved today he’s a damn good quarterback,” Glazer says. “And Jamaal Charles and Donnie Avery had big games. And that’s where it ends.

nfl_a_hali11_200x300“The defense didn’t do anything today and they’ve gotten worse each week. It finally caught up to them today and they got their pants pulled down. The national sports media was saying almost to a man that the Chiefs 9-0 record was phony. That they’d played no competition and they were barely even winning games. And today we found out they were right. That the Chiefs really are what we thought they were at the beginning of the season; an average team.

“The fans were blinded because they’re fans. And the haters will say, Oh, Glazer’s wrong.’ That I don’t know what I’m talking about, we have a ton of new players on the team. Really? Well, tell me what they’ve done. The draft choices to this point have been horrendously awful – another wasted draft. So folks, what did we really get? Nothing.”

The unfortunate bottom line on this year’s Chiefs?

“We have the exact same team we had last year for the most part with a weaker schedule,” Glazer says. “The coaching has helped a lot, but…

“In defense of the Chiefs, the entire AFC is questionable after Denver. Denver is good and they deserve to go to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs arguably are one of the top four or five teams, because the league isn’t very good, but they’re a .500 team.”

19948685_SSWhat lies ahead?

“What are we in for?” Glazer asks. “Chiefs fans, it’s horrible, a rough ride. I think it’s very possible Kansas City may only win one or two more games. I believe the Chiefs are a No. 5 playoff team. Would it shock me if they went 0-5 from here? Not really.

“They don’t have weapons. They don’t have players that can take over a game on either side of the ball. You know, it’s how you finish a season, not how you start. I was excited too at the beginning of the season, but this ain’t the Chiefs Super Bowl year.”

Hey, but we all knew that all along…uh, didn’t we?


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24 Responses to Hearne: Scribe to Chiefs Fans: ‘Told You So’ Team Could Go 0-5

  1. mike t. says:

    win some, lose some. at least they’re not horrible to watch like last year.

  2. Jess says:

    Glazer flip flops like a fish. The only thing I am 100% positive of with him is that he is a douche bag. Nobody cares what you think….

    • CG says:

      WEL Jess, works this way, things,especially in the NFL and sports, change all the time, injuries, weather, teams get better and teams get worse. The Chiefs have been on a downward slide lately.

      Do people care what I think? Yes many do, that’s why I am on here and radio and tv, weekly. Comedy and sports. YOU may not like what I say or write and that’s fine. Yes there are many who also don’t care what I think or what anyone thinks. “Our Chiefs are great man, you are an asshole Glazer, what do you know” …..well I picked five games this week and put them right here online…what do I know…they all covered and I won them all…hmmm…must know something.

      This isn’t a political point so flip flop doesn’t work. It’s sports and it changes. The Chiefs are better but not much above average, and guess what, YOU ALL KNOW THAT INSIDE…we don’t have enough talent, we don’t. We tried, but only two teams go to the Super Bowl. We aren’t one of them. Maybe next year.

      • smith says:

        Mr. glaxer was the one that wrote off jamall charles after he hurt his leg a couple years ago. his quote went something like this ” jamall charles is finished and will NEVER be the same”. Oh humble scribe how are the chiefs horrible when they are playing for first place next week in arrowhead? sure 2 of their best defensive players went down but that is part of the old game. the old sayings r once a alcoholic always an alcoholic,once a teeny tiny shmuck, always a teeny tiny shmuck. JeeeeeZ

        • CG says:

          Thats a new one Alcoholic? WTF. The Chiefs are an average team with one new guy and a good coach, like I said, that’s all, you can forget first place, that goes to Denver. Sorry.

      • j. charles says:

        oh great humble scribe there will b 30 teams not going to the super bowl. u talking shi nigga. im going to rush for 100 and fitty yards this coming sunday! shi.

    • PB says:

      He’s jumped on and off local teams bandwagons so often, I’m surprised he doesn’t suffer from road rash.

      “They don’t have weapons. They don’t have players that can take over a game on either side of the ball.”

      And this quote is just proof of his idiocy. Outside of the QB position, Jamaal Charles is perhaps the most valuable and productive offensive player in the entire NFL who only sports the best yds per carry average in NFL history, but yeah, he can’t make plays. Derrick Johnson is as good an inside LB as there is in this league and Houston and Hali’s absence was magnified by this stat from yesterday…4.7 yds per play by SD while they were in the game, 8.8 yds per play after they left. Only a blowhard like Glazer looks at the simplicity of sack numbers to determine a pass rush’s effectiveness. Those guys are Pro Bowlers and playmakers in every sense of the term and taking them from a defense is almost akin to losing a Brady or Manning on the other side of the ball.

      The Scribe needs stick to spinning tired yarns about hoes and washed up hack comedians as that kind of crap is clearly more in his wheel house than football analysis.

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Glazer has been pretty consistent in his criticism of the Chiefs. While I don’t agree that yesterday’s game somehow proves Alex Smith is a good quarterback (what about all the previous games where he sucked? One game doesn’t change that.), otherwise he’s fairly spot on. Now, if you want to talk waffling, or flip flopping…look back on his articles regarding Mizzou. When they lost Franklin, he all but proclaimed them dead. Then Mauk and Co. made him look stupid, and he jumps back on board just in time for the South Carolina game. The lose a heartbreaker in double overtime, and Glazer leaps off the bandwagon like it’s on fire proclaiming Mizzou has been exposed and would be dropped out of the top 10, and might only have one or two wins left in them. Wrong & wrong. Mizzou has since reeled off three wins and is sitting pretty at 10-1 with a massive game against Manziel and aTm in Columbia. Win that, and it’s off to the SEC championship game in Mizzou’s second season in the conference.

    • the dude says:

      Yeah, Glaze let’s hear some more bullcrap about how Mizzou sucks now and they made a BIG MISTAKE by leaving the Longhorn ruined big 12 for greener SEC pastures.

      Eat that crow boy, EAT IT.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Actually wasn’t that some moron bar owner in Lowrents KS that was spewing that verbal diarrhea? I never could figure out why Hearne went to ask someone in Lowrents about whether it was a mistake for MU to join the SEC, and if MU fans & admin regretted it or not. Now if you want to try and gauge the feeling of Jayhawk fans, perhaps speaking to a local bar owner would be a good source.

        • admin says:

          Allow me to explain, Guy Who Thinks…

          Since KU and MU have an ongoing bitter rivalry and Brett Mosiman looms large on both the KCMO and Lawrence fronts – he runs the Bottleneck in Lawrence, the Wakarusa festival and Crossroads KC, plus does shoes at the Uptown and Midland – and is a huge, outspoken, quite intelligent sports fan, I let him have his say.

          Correction; I wanted to hear what he had to say.

          He’s also dissed KU football, btw. But it’s always interesting hearing what local celebrities have to say…especially when it’s both controversial and well thought out and explained.

          Make any sense now?

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            No. If you want to know what MU fans and admin are thinking, just ask them. Or here’s an idea, why don’t you interview the owner of Harpo’s? And for the record, there’s nothing else TO do but diss KU football. It’s flipping atrocious.

          • the dude says:

            Yeah, MU fans dissing the KU fooseball team is kinda like making fun of the slow-learning fat kid in class- not really all that fun or worthwhile.

      • CG says:

        You are right.

    • CG says:

      Yes MU is the crown prince this season, I was wrong..they are playing great. Chiefs are an average team, better, not that good yet. Sorry Chiefs fans.

      • admin says:

        Guy Who Thinks:

        I didn’t want to know what MU fans think. That information was already in evidence and like Chiefs fans hoping against hope, what they think is not only predictable, it’s as biased as can be.

        By getting an outsider – a KU fan and a KCMO celeb – I was able to harness an opinion that was also predictably biased but at the same time well thought out enough to matter.

        As I recall, Mosiman addressed the travel time and expenses for all of the other MU sports based on the extreme distances. There’s more to life than just football (don’t tell anyone) and Mosiman’s points in that regard were on target.

        It was also interesting to here his devil’s advocate view of how MU would fare in football this season and to see how far off his predictions were. Not that he was alone.

        Now tell me you didn’t enjoy seeing him be so wrong and watching KU spin out of control for yet another year.

        • the dude says:

          I got a kick out of hearing Ku kick the dog crap out of Nebraska for a while there
          and I am not a Ku fan.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          The problem was, Mosiman’s was full of shit on all counts. While there might be more travel distance-wise, the destinations are considerably better. Give me Nashville TN, Lexington KY, Oxford MS, Gainesville FL, Athens GA, Columbia SC etc, over Lowrents KS, Mancrappin KS, Ames IA, Waco TX, Lubbock TX, Stoolwater OK… Anyone with a clear grasp of the facts will acknowledge that the SEC is a better conference. Mosiman is just another red-assed KU bitch, who can’t stand that Missouri left them behind, and continues to have success.

  4. Kerouac says:

    This week, rematch: THE biggest game of the year: Broncos vs Chiefs – the two ‘best team(s) in the NFL! And the crowd goes… *sigh*… a collective “meh”.

    Exhibit A: here in Kansas City we spell ‘greatness’ C-H-I-E-F-S. Or did. Then the plot thickened (if not stiffened, defense.) A 9-1 steamrolled by a then as still now sub .500 Chargers team, KC allowing 41 points & 500 yards the process… ‘Swiss Chiefs’ indeed, ‘best D in the NFL’. No Hali and Houston was the problem? No, was not. They’ve been MIA for several weeks now, including the first half vs San Diego. Be an excuse.

    Exhibit B: how does a ‘great’ team blow a 24 point lead? Ask the Broncos. “But it was the Patriots”! As if. Comparing the Patriots/Brady to their former’s is as comparing a trail’s end Starr/Packers to theirs variously, earlier 60’s versions. Brrr, it was cold, it was inclement (and it was – in GB 1967 ‘Ice Bowl’). Not Sunday night, that was result of “one play – a fluke” DEN fandom cries. That too is an excuse, same as KC’s.

    Manning goes down, and DEN is toast… KC loses Hali & Houston same, and they’re fini. In ’69, Dawson went down yet KC reached/won the Superbowl – ditto the ’72 Dolphins Griese same, nod depth (this before massive over-expan$ion compromi$ed NFL, only ‘depth’ today those of despair.)

    The league would have you believe this era is better than any before it, the players are bigger, stronger, faster – yadda yadda yadda – yet, the product is nigh on pathetic with a CAPITAL $, complete teams having given way half, almighty buck reigns $upreme. And still they come the $heeple pay for it…Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – NFL 2014!

    DEN 41
    @KC 24



    • CG says:

      Ker, injuries give the Chumps a shot, not a good one, I like Denver but it may be closer. We have no D, now one of the worst D’ in the league…who knows if Alex can redo that strong passing attack again…with Denver having as many stars out as us, might be closer…Denver 31 Chiefs 21.

      • Kerouac says:

        Could be closer… could win it, even; I suspect they will not.


        Always ready with the “yeah buts” Chiefs fandom, as if KC is the only team has to deal with fate. The excuse: ‘Reid can’t tell time, Hali and Houston were out’ (otherwise, woulda coulda & shoulda shut out SD 2nd half/sacked Rivers 10 times or so!) etc. etc. etc.

        Such be known in the parlance as ‘a loser’s lament’. Reminds me a comedy routine, two guys comparing infirmities: “Your ‘back’? My LEG – MY LEG!!!” Chargers could have done the same, had they lost.

        “We lost our starting RB Matthews – otherwise, woulda coulda shoulda scored 55 and he woulda run for 150!” SD nonplussed too were playing sans their starting LT & 2 best pass rushers, LB’s Freeney and English/2 on IR & LT out too, etc. etc. etc.

        Kerouac thinks the worst thing that could have happened to the Chiefs Sunday did happen; the Broncos lost. DEN is still alone in 1st place, record, head-to-head & an perfect mark vs AFC West opponents at 3-0, the Chiefs 1-2.

        DEN loses, would fall to 2nd in one fell swoop; second chances being rare, same opportunity presents Sunday. Can’t see that happening, Providence not interceding their behalf.

        ‘Taps for epitaph’: Chiefs 2013 destination – also ran.

  5. LOUD_GUY says:



    • CG says:

      No that’s not true, they try and say what I do, but its watered down. We have a bad D, and no identity…which makes for hoping to win games but likely not beating anyone that is good.

      • PB says:

        And yet Denver has beaten exactly one good team, the Chiefs, no wait, according to you, they’re not good either.

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