Glazer: Cinderella Chiefs to Shatter Prince Peyton’s Glass Shoe

hi-res-185445962-outside-linebacker-tamba-hali-of-the-kansas-city-chiefs_crop_exactAs many of my columns have stated, our local sports teams have been anything but lucky over the last 50 years…

  Of the two “lucky” plays that mattered, one was umpire Don Deckinger‘s bad call in the 1985 World Series where he pronounced one of the Royals safe at first when he was clearly out. That extended the inning and led to the eventual defeat of the St. Louis Cardinals and would be the only World Series Championship the Royals ever won.  The other lucky moment was Mario Chalmers three point missile at the buzzer to send Bill Self’s Jayhawks to his only national championship. A foot-note to that; Chalmers is a great long ball shooter as we’ve learned during his time on the Miami Heat so maybe it was more talent than luck.

And this season has seen a cavalcade of  breaks for our hometown Kansas City Chiefs

As we’ve all heard a million times over in the media, they’re the only 9 and 0 team in the NFL but they really haven’t played anybody and really aren’t that good.  To be fair, if you play Jacksonville and Tampa Bay every week, you’d probably lose at least one game, so 9 and 0 ain’t exactly easy in the NFL. 

We’ve all noticed the Chiefs weak offense that seems to get weaker each game.

And we’ve watched our attack defense – also called a “big play” defense – dropping off over the last three or four games.  So let’s be honest, we’ve faced second and third string and emergency quarterbacks over the last three to four weeks and barely won all those games.  All while these fill-in quarterbacks have ripped and run on KC from their 20 to our 20.  All too often we see our defensive line gashed for big runs or long throws, only to see opposing players either drop the ball or get overthrown.

lucky-1-1Which has been our good fortune to up this point.

Conversely, our offense has trouble getting even one touchdown a game.  The Chiefs have counted on their defense to score or set up a score as well as having our special teams do the same.  And our punter has been outstanding at putting the other team back by their goal over and over again.

The big difference has been in our red zone.  These inexperienced quarterbacks face a much tougher task scoring near our goal line when our defense is right on top of them, that’s where many of our important turnovers have come.

This Sunday we face the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning.  If memory serves Manning is undefeated against the Chiefs both as both a Colt and a Bronco.  So it would seem the glass slipper still fits our Chiefs this coming Sunday.  According to a medical expert on ESPN’s Mike and Mike this morning, Peyton Manning has a severe high ankle sprain.  The medical expert predicted that one more medium to hard hit in that area would cause permanent damage to Manning’s ankle and cause him to have a bolt inserted into the ankle to hold the bone in place.  He further stated it would be a career ending injury with Manning nearly 40 years old.  Having said that, he said Manning should sit out at least 2 to 4 weeks.

6a010534db265a970c01543563ffdb970c-320wiBut Peyton wants to play even with the pain reducing shots before the game, but it is likely they won’t help enough.  Manning will not be able to disperse his body weight properly and his throws will become erratic and inaccurate.  The bottom line is this:  Manning will try and make short, quick throws for the most part and rely on his running back to bust through the Chiefs defense in order to win a close, hard fought game.

This is possible.  The Chiefs have been belittled by a large part of the media as a fake and a fraud and most especially put down by the Denver media.  The Chiefs will be highly motivated.

However this is a tough call on the road, even with an injured Peyton Manning. We’re still an 8 point underdog, but  I like the Chiefs and the points.

Hell, I’ll take it a step further, Kansas City 20 Denver 17, Chiefs win.

Remember, Chiefs fans, even with a victory we have five very tough games ahead of us.  PAnd Manning’s back up from Arizona State is six foot six and has a shotgun arm.  He’s also capable of beating us with all the weapons he has and his ankles aren’t injured.

So beware. 

Let’s shock the NFL world and be undefeated, 10 and 0, after Sunday night.  Let those old men in Miami keep the cork in their champagne bottle for another week.

BZ9433B-575x431-1College and Pro Picks


Auburn (-3) over Georgia

Stanford (+2 ½ ) over USC on a tease with Alabama (-17) over Mississippi State

Florida State (-32) over Syracuse on a tease with Alabama (-17) over Mississippi State


Kansas City (+14 ½ ) over Denver on a tease with Seattle (-5) over Minnesota

Colts (-2 ½ ) over Tennessee Titans

Chargers (-2) over Miami


Enjoy Sunday night, go Chiefs!

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19 Responses to Glazer: Cinderella Chiefs to Shatter Prince Peyton’s Glass Shoe

  1. harley says:

    hearne…what happened? wasn’t this in another story…did you repeat a
    story? whats up? maybe call in the star people to get this taken care of! lol.
    anyway…glaze if peyton is 40 you’re 65 and on social security
    get thefacts straight.
    plus I doubt peyton would put his career on the line for one game
    if it meant possible career ending injury. get your facts straight.

    • admin says:


      Last time I checked, Craig wrote Manning was pushing 40, not that he was 40. Best get them spectacles checked

      • harley says:

        was this story redone under another headline…I think
        you’re going nuts hearne….this story was put on
        before with another title.
        maybe you need to see a shrink!!!!

  2. downtown_scotty says:

    Manning did lose to the Chiefs at Arrowhead once in 2004. I believe its the only time we have beaten him though?

  3. kinder says:

    kiss of death.

  4. Hot Carl says:

    “And this season has seen a cavalcade of breaks for our hometown Kansas City Chiefs. ”

    Nice editing, Hearne. We all know Glaze would never use a three syllable word like “cavalcade.”

  5. harley says:

    “nearly 40″….glaze is upping the age thing…

  6. balbonis moleskine says:

    Sweet Science of Boxing:

    Take “La Bomba” Rodriguez, a 7-1 underdog to win against a ring-rusty Andre Ward in a WBA super middleweight champsionship belt defense. Ward looked good fighting Chad Dawson to TKO victory but hasn’t fought in 18 months due to a rotator cuff surgery and promoter issues. “La Bomba” looked good winning the million-dollar Monte Carlo 2 fight challenge earlier this year.

    If you want to be safer, take +9.5 rounds in this but I prefer the excitement of the underdog. Unlikely to win but it he does have the tools and an opportunity to pull off the upset.

    Obscure Sports bet of the Week:

    The best rugby team in the world (and the most dominant team in the world if their leaked locker room converations in the Independent are to be believed) is the New Zealand All Blacks. Undefeated in 2013 they travel to Twickenham to attempt to avenge their unusual defeat at the hands of the Brits in 2012- their only loss in rugby since 2011.
    British hearts have driven the line down to England +13.5. Bet with your head. Take the Kiwis.

    Miami Hurricanes -3.5 over @Duke
    Michigan +3 over @Northwestern
    West Virginia -6.5 over @KU

    @ Denver -8 over Kansas City (heres hoping I am wrong)

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      La Bomba failed to make weight at 168, has a pre fight weigh in where he will be required to be under 180. Take the over 9.5

  7. Kerouac says:

    Chiefs fans are hoping for snow, wind, injury, luck – whatever it takes to beat Manning at Peyton’s place. Winners hope not, ask not and fear not: nod Smith-Barney, do it the old fashioned way – they earn it.

    Sunday night, KCinderella’s season strikes midnight: play their ‘first’ game of the year, and the only undefeated team the NFL becomes second best AFC West one fell swoop, ‘Chiefs are back’ turning to ‘fade to black’.

    I see the Chiefs losing three straight (@DEN, SD & DEN again) – one loss impetus. Barring bad weather, # 18’s ankles crumbling or Providence interceding, the dream becomes nightmare & the ‘best team in the NFL’ exchanges second best AFC West, fan dreams Superbowl replaced familiar refrain ‘one & done’ post season.

    No 2010 Northern Iowa vs Jayhawks, no ’80 US Olympic hockey team vs USSR and no ’69 Miracle Mets; this time, Rocky loses to the Champ… DEN 38 KC 20


    Chiefs also were lucky in 1969…had they not benefited from a one-year wildcard format AFL, would have missed post season entirely (finished second behind the Raiders) and we would still likely be waiting win our first football Championship…

    • bschloz says:

      Old QB’s , fucked up weather, fat coaches, all part of the equation. I remember you don’t like to count W’s it rains. Hope it rains and snows and Manning’s ankle looks like grapefruit. Fuck Manning….no betting no teasing Lets just play this game KC CHIEFS style.
      Get me to 10-0 —–DEFENSE BITCHEZ

    • CG says:

      Ker I can’t argue much with this again well written breakdown, hey Hearne offered you to do an article now and again, you should. However, in 1969, the Chiefs proved with not anything lucky they were the best team in the NFL. Going on the road to New York Jets and beating the world champs(Joe Namath and crew won it all the year before) and then out to Oakland. The Chiefs manhandled the Raiders and destroyed their quarterback, remember.

      Wild card teams have won many Super Bowls since, not just us. Going on the road is tough in the playoffs. Plus KC had Len Dawson hurt for several games that season, his comeback was fantastic. You got one thing right here Ker, we were THE first wild card Champ. Because it was still the AFL and NFL in the Super Bowl, the Raiders get the nod as ‘first’ Super Bowl wild card. If you are asked in a quiz, I know cause I was and that is the offcial answer…figures.

      Ker, I think the Chiefs D that season was the best I’ve ever seen. Ever. So no they were not a ‘lucky’ team, they were the best team, by far, KC has ever had.

      • Kerouac says:


        Easy one first – 1969 Chiefs were not the best team that season – Raiders were (Stram alluded to said aft Championship Game: “we just beat one of the greatest teams in football – maybe the greatest.” I know I know – “we wear the Ring!” Well, so did the 1971 Dolphins wear a ‘W’ Christmas Day in KC (tho aft the fact, their CB Foley said “you know, the best team didn’t win today.”

        One can take Stram’s statement as a complement his own team – “we” beat the “best” – or an acknowledgement of record: OAK 12-1-1 in 1969 & 37 wins in their previous 42 games. I seriously doubt ‘The Mentor’ would give the Raiders kudos less it worked to his team’s benefit, subtle or no. That ’69 Championship Game reminds of the game KC vs @DEN Sunday night. As Lamonica’s injury ’69 ‘probably’ allowed KC prevail, Manning same present may provide a similar opportunity. One game proves nothing of course, it’s just one regardless the stage. Were the ’69 Chiefs to play those Raiders 10 times with all hands on deck, suspect that OAK would probably win about 70%…ditto KC & DEN, Manning et al intact; we may just have to agree to disagree.

        Raiders lost just 4 regular season games 1967-1969; Chiefs lost three alone in ’69 – two of those games ‘with’ Len Dawson at QB. Raiders beat the Chiefs both times in 1969 and 6 out of 7 games going back to 1967, including the 41-6 humiliation Playoff Game out in Oakland, 1968. Their same defense took the field in ’69 as in ’68 with but one new starter, CB Marsalis. Added experience no doubt to a Culp et al, but the ’68 defense was actually ‘better’ than ’69, giving up even less points, for what it’s worth – same D that surrendered 41-6 in Oakland just one year before. Moreso, my Chiefs parlayed good fortune/got lucky, still the contention, 1969 Raiders were overconfident, fate intervened the Lamonica injury and the Chiefs to their credit played an great game under those circumstances.

        Upshot: a winner may wear the ring when all is said and done, but the ‘cut’ may suggest the sparkle is more so cubic zirconia.


        Re: 2013 Chiefs, “been there, done this before.” Call me a cynic or call me Cyrano de Bergerac, just don’t call me convinced.

        2010, 2003, 1997, 1990-1995, 1986, 1971, 1966… fact is, only once in 50 years have the Chiefs won ‘the’ Championship, ’69, and as referenced above, even that most glorious moment our team’s history came without consensus of merit superiority.

        The ’85 Bears 46-10 Superbowl triumph might be an model the Chiefs 2013 team aspires to. Unfortunately, as be the case most Championship teams the Bears were complete, ranked 2nd NFL in offense to augment their # 1 ranked defense. Case the Chiefs, no cigar appends, 2013. Unmentioned too until now, the Chiefs Coach Reid is Schottenheimer lite or heavy, depending on your take: an post season Superman under the influence kryptonite. Reid/his team’s must become Bud Grant & Marv Levy before I am convinced he’s more than perpetual also ran, all due respect. There is a reason as well a distinction for reverence a Lombardi, alone… everyone else, even the best the rest, pales comparison.

        KC may have everything going for them game time Sunday & they’ll still lose (Manning’s physical condition, cold weather & momentum KC’s undefeated record, etc. etc.) I’m not one who says ‘all that matters is the final score’, an end somehow being justified by the means. A neutral field, perfect weather & both teams at full strength, “it’s clobberin’ time”, nod the Broncos.

        As the late comedian Myron Cohen offered, “well, everybody’s got to be someplace.” 1st or 2nd, the 2013 Chiefs glass half full – defense sans offense – does not convince they’re the best team NFL let alone AFC West. If they are, what an indictment of the modern game in all it’s over-expanded, watered-down no team left behind incomplete glory, what passes for ‘best’ today. Take away Dawson ’69 & the Chiefs still managed to win course the regular season; take away Manning 2013 & the Broncos as the rest the 32 mediocre lot present NFL wilt like a 10 cent orchid.


        And you deign to wonder why Kerouac doesn’t write articles for KCC, regularly? Hearne hasn’t sufficient internet paper contain my prolixity, sound of mine narrative music my own ear, same Narcisssus reflection by way Nemesis.

        To wit re: writing articles, can’t commit due circumstances my situation, but appreciate KCC’s forum. So, having satisfied the character requirement keyboard and own grandiose tack, wish best of luck to my Chiefs Sunday night; if only ’twere enough.

  8. mike says:

    Manning is 8-10 in his career when the temperature is below 40 degrees. He has a makeshift offensive line that has not been protecting him well lately. He is even less mobile than he normally is. The Chiefs have two of the top 5 pass rushers in the AFC. Even if we lose this game, our records are tied. They have to play in New England next week and play us in Arrowhead the week after that. Whether we win or lose this game, if Manning takes a beating and is sidelined or even hobbled worse than he already is, Denver’s chances to win our division go down the toilet and we could be looking at home field advantage throughout the playoffs. I like our chances.

  9. chuck says:

    1 and 3 last week, ouch! Just missed, but it was my first negative weekend all year, so…, once more into the breach.

    I like Glaze’s pick of taking the Cheifs and 8 points.

    Washington goes to Philly, who is giving up 4 pointa, I think the Eagles kill ’em.

    Seattle is giving up 12 points at home against Minnisota. I like the Hawks.

    The tie breaking Monday night game— New England and Carolina.

    Carolina wins 23 to 17. The over under is 46, obviously I like the under.

    • CG says:

      Bad news Chiefs fans, Manning looks great and healthy in practice, saw video. Yikes. If we don’t get to him, Kerouac is correct, they could tear us up. But I stick with my pick, just uneasy about it. I hate that our offense is so lame. He’s also correct on that one, we could easily go 0-3 if we don’t play at our A level. How depressing that sounds. NOT AGAIN.

      Lets be honest WE ALL KNOW THIS TEAM HAS MANY HOLE, TOO MANY. We are all just hoping for the miracle. I am too. Why. WE DESERVE IT…the miracle is a Super Bowl shot, not just beating Denver. That’s a start.

  10. Kerouac says:

    Bad news indeed… reality’s arrival: Broncos all alone in 1st place, even a hobbled Manning too much for the Chiefs… let the excuses, yeah buts, if only’s & woulda, coulda, shouldas append (cue Brando, ‘KC choulda been a contenda’.)


    1st takes…

    We have a problem Houston, Hali – no sacks from the ‘all world’ defense – none.

    Zero offensive breakout vs a defense just as horrendous KC’s offense, same – no.

    Butterfingers and alligator arms a ‘not ready for prime time’ cast of receivers. Si.

    Breaks a silly penalty, missed field goal & their end fumble by DEN? You betcha.

    We’ll get ’em next time… right, sure. Guess all that’s left is for KC fans hope someone else can beat the Broncos, as despite their own best effort KCinderella isn’t able do so themselves. A DEN team lost its starting LT, C & CB beat ‘the best team in the NFL’, from start to finish… no one should honestly be surprised. Back tomorrow to provide more insight & analysis (translation: to rub it in.)


  11. CG says:

    Yes guys the truth is just that. The Chiefs proved they are a hard working, big hearted team. They left it all out there. Denver is just more talented. Our pass rush has been fading for a month and last night they didn’t touch Manning. That was the key to the Chiefs winning, it didn’t happen. Manning had his way with us when needed. The Chiefs were never really in the game. Not really. It was Denver wire to wire. We just don’t have the offensive weapons. Our defense is good enough to win big games, but far from good enough to win with no offense to speak of weekly. Not against the big guys, like Denver.

    All this points to an early exit in playoffs, again. It’s been a fun ride, though at times I find our team kinda hard to watch. On offense. Last night was one of their better offensive displays. Bowe had his best game of the year, but we can see he is not at a level with top receivers, he’s good, not great. Denver handled Charles, he had no real impact on the passing attack, and Alex played well, many of his good throws were dropped. But he is not Peyton Manning.

    We were all hoping for the best but expecting this result, or worse. Hey we are way better than last year and the years before. We just don’t have an ‘elite’ team yet. They are better, they can be good, they will need luck to go deep in the playoffs. There is no help coming to them, the team is what it is, a below average offense with a ‘big play’ not shut down, defense. Last night the Defense overall played well, just one big play to maybe turn the game was wasted on a following Chiefs fumble. To be fair, Denver would have won even had we scored. Manning would have gunned us likely not matter what. Denver was never ever in trouble in that game. Never. That hurts.

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