Leftridge: The Chiefs Must Crush Cleveland in Resounding Fashion

brownsThe (7-0. 7-0. 7-0.) Kansas City Chiefs host the 3-4 Cleveland Browns on Sunday, but you already knew that.

You also already know that the Chiefs will win, and Arrowhead will be insane and KC will still be undefeated and riding high atop the AFC West. There will be jubilation in the parking lot, and lots of boisterous, projectile vomiting before, during and after the game.

This is all a given.

What you may NOT realize, however, is just how important it is for the Chiefs to absolutely demolish the Browns. Take them out behind the woodshed. Mud-holes must be stomped, and so forth. 

See, scraping by on 17-16 victories against battered NFL teams showcasing a shiny new quarterback making his first NFL start will only get you so far.

Though the vaunted KC defense stepped up when it mattered the most—in the 4th quarter with the outcome still very up in the air—it was a “squeaker,” to be sure.

A victory, yes, but one without many comforts.

Tooth-skin victories only carry a team so far in this league. At some point, you need a statement win. And although a victory over a really good team like the Denver Broncos (regardless of the final score, really) would be just that, they could also do it by beating an inferior team like the Browns by 30 points.

This isn’t the only reason the Chiefs need to obliterate Cleveland on Sunday, though.

JCThe Chiefs Are Eventually Going to Kill Jamaal Charles:

As it stands, his feet are gnarled, monstrous blister-bags that would serve to make even the most seasoned gore-hound cringe. His body has been battered and beaten to the tune of 135 carries—only Philadelphia’s LeSean MCoy and Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch have had more—which puts him on pace for over 300 rushes this year. (His previous career high was last year’s 285.) Historically, life has not been kind to running backs who carry the ball 300+ times. According to Yahoo! fantasy football writer Joe Fortenbaugh, “of those 75 instances in which a running back recorded 300 or more carries in a season, 55 (73.3%) went on to score fewer fantasy points the following year.” And while “fantasy football” isn’t exactly “science,”  it’s statistically based (obviously) and typically, reasonably indicative of a player’s effectiveness.

If the Chiefs are up by, oh, say, three scores at the half, they can seriously lighten Charles’ workload in quarters three and four. It would enable backup Knile Davis to fumble all over the field for a while, and maybe Cyrus Gray could get a shot to pad his heroic 1.6 yards per game.

Let the Defense Rest, by God.

Kind of sort-of similar to the Jamaal Charles thing. Though the offense hasn’t been ATROCIOUS at extending drives, they’ve routinely failed to put games out of reach. Because of this, the defense has found itself disproportionately responsible for the final outcome on an almost weekly basis. AND BOY ARE THEIR ARMS TIRED.

nfl_a_tambahali_ch_600Justin Houston is banged up enough that it’s beginning to show. Stalwart linebacker Derrick Johnson is hurt as well. Brandon Flowers hasn’t been Brandon Flowers for a majority of the season due to lingering injuries.

Oh sure, they’re all playing because WARRIORS! HEART OF A CHAMPION! LION ROAR! but at noticeably diminished capacities. With their bye-week so late in the season, they need a break. By jumping out to an early, substantial lead, head coach Andy Reid can take it easy on some of the guys who figure to be key components come playoff time.

Though the Chiefs Don’t Owe Anyone Anything, Maybe it Would Shut Some People Up.

Because everyone’s favorite counter-argument to the Chiefs impressive start is, “YEAH, WELL THEY AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY GOOD.” And while I know that the Browns aren’t exactly the ’85 Bears, they’re better than the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New York Giants and the Oakland Raiders. (You know, because the NFL always makes a ton of sense.)  While a victory won’t silence the most vocal of detractors, a thorough curb-stomping will certainly add a measure of veracity.

For more descriptions of Jamaal Charles’ feet, follow me on Twitter, @StanfordWhistle

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10 Responses to Leftridge: The Chiefs Must Crush Cleveland in Resounding Fashion

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    The last time Andy Reid went 7-0 they beat the best. Well, at the time anyway as the best went on to have pretty horrible or mediocre records. The same they-ain’t-beat-nobody-yet meme was retroactive though.

    They don’t need to crush the Browns. But they do need to have a game where the O looks like a Formula One vehicle rather than a hit-and-miss engine. I’d settle for a hot, street rod from the Dart Road racing-in-the-street days.

    Of course they play a lot of weak teams, they were 2-14 and that gets you said teams on your schedule. I temper my expectations with that they-ain’t-played-nobody-yet mantra.

  2. Jess says:

    Lefty the real question is, what are you teasing this game with???

  3. Kerouac says:

    Can’t agree that the 7-0 Chiefs are best nor their defense is – those be relative due the results tending not be worth the stat sheets they’re printed on’ teams playing the NFL equivalent of KU’s every week, the sound of victory is a hollow one.

    The cries of ‘uncle’ emanating little sister opponents exceeded only by cackling league management, content their annual manipulation plan is majorly working – to boost last year’s poor teams & make harder the road good ones, parity plan.

    Saying that a team can only play the teams the league schedules is farcical, its naivete.

    That the World Champion Baltimore Ravens stand but 3-4 to date playing the hardest schedule in the league suggests that the NFL $cheme is alive and well, ‘half’ teams i.e., imposters having ‘great’ seasons as their fans intere$t the deux together happily go to slaughter post season.

    I think back to a time pre-free agency 1970, Chiefs were defending ‘World Champions’ but missed post season entirely that season not due having an bulls eye upon them so much as they became complacent. They were ‘great’ again in 1971, but not due NFL’s massaging. They knew they were # 1 and rested on their laurels in ’70, more so than having a bulls-eye on them, whereas today it’s moreso a matter the system is ‘rigged’, normal attrition player retirements, injuries and free agency aside.

    It’s the cyclical busine$$ plan that serves the NFL so well, but in the process, tends to leave a veteran fan like Kerouac (who saw pro football when’ great teams’ – legit ones – roamed the gridiron), apathetic.

    MLB doesn’t use a strength of schedule method, and the NBA I have no idea about any more as I haven’t followed it in years, However, both of those leagues also use a format whereby every team and it’s brother basically makes post season, no team left behind / every team’s a winner mentality.

    Broken record that I can be, play it again that the day IS coming when EVERY TEAM WILL MAKE POST SEASON – EVERY SPORT. Said will have to be implemented just due the various leagues financial viability, they preferring/indeed ‘needing’ mediocrity to flourish, only other alternative to move teams, eliminate some or go out of business entirely… which they will in due time, my opine.

    CLEV 20
    @KC 13

    • Hot Carl says:

      “Saying that a team can only play the teams the league schedules is farcical, its naivete. ”

      You’re right. They can obviously choose not to play the Browns and instead play the Seahawks in Seattle this weekend.

  4. harley says:

    Lefty….listen to Harley…you’re wrong.
    we don’t need a statement win…we need a win.
    You don’t have to runall over this team…you only need
    to have more points.
    This defense is like the 85 bears…..keeping gary gibbs and
    bringing in some new fresh faces with Sutton was perfect.
    Gibbs has created monster linebackers that rival any set in
    all of football.
    and without a starting qb the winning % plunges by 40%!!!
    secondly…stop the inferiority complex this town is famous for.
    we’re 7-0….and we’re not making excuses…and we’re not
    trying to convince anyone to like us or respect us…the only
    respect in sports and business comes after you kick their
    f*cking ass. Forget about respect…do you want to win
    for self gratification or do you do it for wanting and seething
    to be a winner. If you’re there for respect…you’ve already lost
    the game in the locker before the game. If you’re there to win..
    to beat the other team (forget about respect)…WHO THE
    FUK NEEDS IT…..as long as you freaking WIN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. mike t. says:

    i got the chiefs winning again by a nose, but agree a blowout would be nice.

    chiefs 23
    browns 21

    take that kerouac

  6. PB says:

    When did the NFL become college football? Style points mean dick except for media hacks that need to find a reason to shit on the Chiefs fast start. When they start ranking teams based on the opinions of sports writers or engraving asterisks on to the Lombardi Trophy, then you might be on to something, but until then, undefeated is undefeated and I could give two shits what non-Chiefs fans have to say about that. Quit worrying about jealous detractors, the team’s limitations or 20 years of playoff failures and enjoy the fcking ride. Jeezuz, Kansas Citians are more insecure then Sarah Palin at a Mensa meeting.

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