Whinery: What Government Shutdown?

Unknown“Gentlemen, you see that in the anarchy in which we live, society manages much as before. Take care, if our disputes last too long, that the people do not come to think that they can very easily do without us.”

Benjamin Franklin on Government Shutdowns to the Constitutional Convention 1787

I drove by the Bolling Federal Building today in downtown KCMO and didn’t see the place boarded up. I even stopped for a bit and noticed  that people were coming and going and the parking lot wasn’t empty.

Could that be because in actuality less that 20% of the Federal Government workforce has actually been furloughed?

As with everything else perpetrated by Media/Government- the “so-called” government shutdown is a fraud. Unless it’s a part of the government you may actually use, like parks and monuments, it’s probably still open.

In short, it’s the “Ruling Elite” that is most threatened by a government shutdown. Because what does a bureaucrat really do besides read and write reports? They do little to create wealth (other than their own) and, for the most part, just confiscate the fruits of other people’s labor and make up rules and regulations to justify their existence.

c16aa16c165efa213e0f6a7067009b82Remember the Sequester?

Those “draconian” spending cuts happened months ago and I don’t see where any of the “dire predictions” sold to us by the powers that be have come to pass. If anything, the sequester may have saved us from a war in Syria, due to the cuts in the Pentagon’s budget. There’s just not a lot of money left over to play “World Cop” with… and that’s a GOOD thing.

Of course, the Army, Navy and Air Force football team will all be playing this weekend.

I say leave this “shutdown” in place.

If nothing else, it’s a hoot watching the Democrats tell everyone the sky is falling, as most people see that everything is muddling along as usual for the most part. The Benjamin Franklin – who would probably be being held in Guantanamo Bay awaiting trial for terrorism if he were alive today – quoted above is very prescient.

The “Power’s That Be” are on the road to becoming the “Power’s That Were.”

Government has become overly intrusive, burdensome, inefficient and debt ridden. What does it do anymore except stand in the way of progress and spy on its citizens?

I’ve been walking by the same water leak for THREE YEARS bubbling up onto the asphalt on a street near my house. I don’t think my Municipal Government is ever going to fix it.
Any more than that the Federal Government is ever going to end poverty or win the War on Drugs.

Government shouldn’t do any more than provide a national defense, regulate commerce and restrain people from hurting one another. How many more years have to pass and trillions of dollars spent on these paper-pushing Leviathans in DC and State Capitols before they destroy this GREAT COUNTRY?

I can only hope that the System collapses under its own weight. Which is what has happened to every other government throughout history that has not lived within its means and became embroiled in becoming an Empire.

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6 Responses to Whinery: What Government Shutdown?

  1. harley says:

    wtf winey boy? Where ya been. Saw your pic with mitt on ebay and saw
    if garnered a huge bid of 29 cents. Bad investment…but that’s what
    lawyers usually are…smart lawyers…bad money managers.
    Shutdown? what shutdown. smokey the bear isn’t getting paid…who give
    a f*ck? Bears crap in the woods so its no big loss that he’s homeless.
    shutdown? this aint no shutdown. Just a audience benger for fox
    news. who cares? another way to show how the repubs and dems
    are both incompetent ..BUT THIS TIME IT THE REPUBLCANS.
    talk about war…this shutdown will end up costing more than a
    fw bombs dropped on Syria….the repubs are killing each other..s.tabbig
    each in the back….this isn’t about the nation..its about boner and
    cruz and the battle to destry the republican party. It will end when
    boner gets some balls and the 20-30 repubs deicde it ends.
    But they hate cruz in he senate..the repubs want to kick his ass…
    its like watching 2 old men fight at a senior home.
    whiney? its staged…the t party dudes want some respect and they
    aint getting it. also thisover alaw that s already passed nd being
    I’m enjying this…seriously as the repubs annihilate each other..
    its been brewing for years…t party versus moderates..andeventually
    the moderates wake up and say FU t party…you’re killing our
    aprty ….then the money stops flowing and boom th t party
    then the repubs want to destroy the economy…for what…
    we’re rolling…more money coming in than ever…taxes already
    raised…business booming….the dems agreed and cut the money
    to the elvels the repubs wanted…so whatsto fight about.
    the repubs are dying…never a national party again….they gerrymandered
    themselves into oblivion…..I predicted it 1 year ago …..what the
    f and who cares.
    Whiney…cut your hair and get a Washington wig ….its over for you
    and your repub boys.
    2016 is your last stand….bring in Hilary and take over the house…
    because the blacks with their Obama phones (another lie) and wheres
    the story Wilson you promosied ????
    and free handouts take over America …..with black and Hispanics
    copulating like dogs in heat…its over for the repubs.
    back stabbing…knife throwing…I’ve got a dozen bags of popcorn to
    watch the repubs get their asses kicked.
    Its perfect…lie…cheat ….steal…force women to stick vaginal
    utensils up their holes…try to take away voters rights…it’s like
    a disaster movie that better than possinger ever ssaw.
    stop whining winey boy…its just one big ego driven
    death watch for the republicans….its a joke.
    maybe bob dole…or bush…or maybe ron reasgan reappaears to
    save these clowns…probably not…
    might as well put the keyboard away whiney….its going to be
    a long long period of watching your pals self destruct.
    and I’m lving it….kind of sad but hey…you reap what you sow…(is that
    spelled right)>>>>>>>
    hahahahaha….what a comedy of idiots.

    • chuck says:

      “…and free handouts take over America …..with black and Hispanics
      copulating like dogs in heat…its over for the repubs.”

      There ya have it folks, the keys to our cities and now the country, by way of fecundity in conjunction with bribes in the form of government cheese to the new demographic, in return for more votes, in return for more cheese, which in turn, will have that same demographic, shooting chilluns out of their birth canals like a fu*kin Jesus canon.

      Some day, we will all live in Detroit.

      • harley says:

        chuckles…I applaud your previous comments but
        this was a joke.
        the only people getting handouts from the government
        are the corporations rolling trillins of tax free money
        out the country…the oil companies….big banks…
        lenders….ag subsidy rip off artists….wall street..phamacuetical’compaines and doctors.
        and the politicians who take the bribes to let them
        do this.
        get serious…Obama phones were a lie…welfare
        cheats are are a lie…
        old cranky white guys like chuck are becoming extinct.he’s
        holding onto his social security paycheck and his
        free medicare and free stuff HE GETS so he can
        make ends meet.
        get it chuck…its a joke….but the jokes on you dude
        and the rest of your do nothing/hateer buddies.

  2. chuck says:



  3. Stomper says:

    Counselor; First off I’d like to compliment you on your choice of topics here. Of all the contributors at KCC, you are the one that I can consistently count on to opine on a subject that gets my juices flowing and draws me to my keyboard here to comment. For that I am sincerely appreciative.

    Next, I’d like to respectfully offer a suggestion or two that should substantially increase the level of credibility your offerings bring to the table. The next time you happen to be sitting with your colleagues in the elegantly appointed writers lounge that Hearne provides for his talent, try following Dwight to the Keurig machine. He probably drops more facts by accident than you have used in months. Better yet, sit next to Paul W. and ask him for tips on how to research a subject properly prior to spewing your rhetoric. Simply rummaging through Sean Hannity’s trash to pick out thoughts that even he felt didn’t measure up is not cutting it.

    I get it that you are a small government advocate and I respect that greatly. However, your thoughts above, especially the next to last paragraph where you enumerate the three areas that you feel the fedral government should limit its’ activities do not serve to support your argument. You write that it should “regulate commerce”. As learned counsel, I know you must have taken some courses in constitutional law. In their infinite wisdom, our founding fathers, knowing they were creating a living document and that they were unable to accurately gaze into the future of how our fledgling country would develop, did not specifically define the word “commerce”. As a result, SCOTUS has repeatedly used the “Commerce Clause” to EXPAND the role of the federal government, not restrict it. Then you go on to add the third area of responsibility and eloquently write ” restrain people from hurting one another”. As a liberal ( or socialist in your vocabulary) I couldn’t have come up with a better description of how our federal government should act. I’m sure you recall the Citizen’s United decision handed down by SCOTUS, controlled by GOP appointees, where they affirmed that corporations are people. Would you agree that fraudulent acts by banks and Wall Street serve to hurt people? Would you agree that unregulated production of tainted meat serves to hurt people? How about prescription drugs that have not been tested and cause unforseen and deadly side effects? Children hurt by the lack of a basic education funded by their state legislatures? Citizens without access to health care? The list goes on and on. I fully agree that the federal government has a responsibility to “restrain people from hurting each other” !!! I have to believe that you didn’t intend that paragraph to actually support a greater role for government, not limit it.

    David, I know you are a smart guy but if you continue to go to gun fights with only your worn-out, dull pocket knife, it will never end well for you.

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