Sounds Good: Katlyn Conroy @ Replay, Shooter Jennings @ Knuckleheads

Kind of a slow week for national acts coming through town…

Then again, many of you will be all stuffed full of smoked meat and beer in the Bottoms at the American Royal anyway.

If you can break out of your coma, there are a couple shows worth checking out.

Come with me….



Saturday, October 5th

Katlyn Conroy and Ebony Tusks at the Replay in Lawrence

This one’s billed as a birthday party for Katlyn, and it features an early cover set from “Katlyn and Friends” whatever that means.  Since she knows just about everyone in every band in Lawrence and KC, I’m guessing it means a free-for-all with members of her (other) band Cowboy Indian Bear and perhaps some random musicians that are always drinking PBR at the Replay.  Plus, Ebony Tusks will be throwing a set down, and the Netherfriends from Illinois will be rocking out as well.


Shooter Jennings at Knuckleheads in KC

So I guess this guy has a famous daddy or something?  He’s rolling through KC along with Reverend Payton’s Big Damn Band, fresh off the release of 2013’s The Other Life. Here’s what Glide Magazine‘s Ric Hickey had to say about the new album:

“Shooter’s forte is hard driving country songs that speak brutal truths yet remain accessible and convey a gritty everyman sensibility. It’s a delicate balance and a tightrope dichotomy but he nails it with “The Low Road.” In a slice of dad’s advice set to a rockin’ Honky Tonk bar brawl rumble, Shooter extols the virtues of fighting back when bullies force you up against the wall. “A Hard Lesson To Learn” and “The Outsider” are further examples of lean and muscular Country Rock, and there’s some gratifying detours through Bluesy ballads like the title track as well.”

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3 Responses to Sounds Good: Katlyn Conroy @ Replay, Shooter Jennings @ Knuckleheads

  1. mike t. says:

    was listening to siriusxm radio’s “red, white and booze” channel, oh maybe a month ago now, and shooter was on as a special guest DJ. he was freakin’ awesome. i need to check out this new release.

  2. Another Mike T. says:

    He has a regular gig with his own show on SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country channel every Saturday afternoon.

    • mike t. says:

      ah, right. i got the channel wrong. it was outlaw country. thanks for the correction. too much jack.

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