Hearne: Widow Determined to Mount Tommy Morrison ‘Necklace’ Tour, Family Plans October Service

Tommy-Morrison-560x330This just in from sources close to “the Morrison family”…

Boxer Tommy Morrison’s parents and family will reportedly hold a service for the former Kansas City pugilist and Rocky V star on October 12th in Sulfur Springs, Arkansas.

The $64 million question being, will Morrison’s fam be allotted any of his ashes for their more traditional sendoff.

Here’s the deal.

Darren Barcomb

Darren Barcomb

Morrison’s widow announced plans last week for an unusual “service” involving a multi city tour and boxing glove necklaces filled with his ashes for those close to him.

Contrary to the more subdued ceremony other members of his family are thought to prefer.

Now the latest from widow Trisha Morrison‘s spokesman, a sports blogger from New York by the name of Darren Barcomb:

“Tommy has been cremated,” Barcomb emails. “Information will follow regarding the exact dates and locations of the memorial celebrations of his life. This is how Tommy wanted it to be done and Trisha will carry out those wishes. I know this has been a sensitive issue for others in Tommy’s family and I do feel for their wishes as well… But in the end The Duke chose his final resting plans.”

There you have it.

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98 Responses to Hearne: Widow Determined to Mount Tommy Morrison ‘Necklace’ Tour, Family Plans October Service

  1. Susan Martin says:

    So has anybody seen Tommy’s Last Will and Testament ? How do we know what Tommy’s wishes were? From the lips of a Blogger from New York??

    • admin says:

      A sports blogger

      • the dude says:

        Where is my personalized pic with a Colorado(!) spliff of the Duke Dust boxing gloves around mah neck??

      • Destiny says:

        A sports blogger that met him in February of 2011. Did you see Tommy’s mugshot picture from April of that year?? I’m pretty sure tommy was slipping before they met. I would assume that Trasha and Darren started banging shortly there after. Or orchestrating their cash-in scheme. Or both.

  2. Susan Martin says:

    I just had this horrible vision of Trisha sitting across the kitchen table from Darren each with a small spoon in their hands, scooping up small piles of Tommy’s ashes and putting it into miniature boxing gloves.
    This is an SNL skit.

    • Darren Barcomb says:

      Hello. I saw this article and some other feedback on a different article on this site that portrayed me as some sort of devil in this whole ordeal. I want to make it clear that I have never made a single cent off of Tommy Morrison, nor do I have any Post-death Tommy Morrison money making schemes. Tommy was a friend to me, and at his request, I volunteered my time into helping him and Trisha with PR over the past three years. I am not in possession of Tommy’s ashes, nor will I ever be. I was not involved in thinking up the celebrations of his life, although I will assist in scheduling them if and when asked to by Trisha. I send my deepest symphathis to all of Tommy’s family and understand their wishes as well, but once again, I was not a decision maker on this by any means. I miss Tommy and wish he was still here with us. As for me sitting at a table with Trisha scheming things, I am in New York and have no plans of heading out her way. That being said, I know she does have some unreleased books written by Tommy and she has stated that she plans to release them in the future. Three different short books, to benefit his children, because that’s what he wanted. She has told me that she intends to honor that wish. That’s all I know. I am not some great mastermind in this whole tragedy, so please do not make me out to be one….

  3. Susan Martin says:

    It never occurred to me that you are a Mastermind of anything. Not one of my thoughts.

  4. Darren Barcomb says:

    Fair enough Susan. I know that you played a part in Tommy’s life and I respect that. It just seemed like this thread was starting to creep towards me exploiting this whole situation. I just want people to know that I offered my help to Tommy, and of course I would lend similar help if I could to his family if they’d like to talk to me. There are of course two-or in this case-many, different opinions on the matter, so it is distressing. As for Tommy’s ashes though, I stand to make nothing off of that or these celebrations of life in any way. Absolutely nothing other than trying to send Duke off the way he wanted to go. No money will cross my hands via these activities……It’s kind of sad that Tommy’s resting place has to become the focus of a family feud. I do know that’s not what Tommy would have wanted. Instead of fighting, I wish everyone could just take a breath and remember their good times with Tommy…that’s what he wanted. And we all know that there were good..make that great….times with Tommy. RIP DUKE.

    • admin says:

      For the record, Darren strikes me as a very reasoned individual.

      I would like to know – since he was in contact with Tommy some the past three years – if he ever heard Tommy express the interest in the necklaces and mutli city tour.

      Sure sounds to me like something Tommy might think up or take a liking to.

      • Destiny says:

        Gross.. hopefully your just saying that so that he and trasha (yes, I spelled her name like that on purpose) keep updating you with their crazy train, and not because they are reasoned people. Because they are not.

  5. Destiny says:

    You and trisha both sound like maggots to me, feeding off of a dying man that you only knew for a short time (none of that time being his youth, his life as a father, his actual fighting days that your getting ready to profit off of but were never there for to really know). I do not know tommy, I don’t know anyone involved, but I did grow up in NE Oklahoma, and remember actually watching his HIV press conference in Tulsa. When news broke that he had passed, naturally I wondered what his life had become since all those years I had seen him on TV. I came across many websites, then found myself completely enthralled by his whole life, often checking this and a few other websites daily for new comments or memories or what have you, about him. Reading about his wild days, his family, his exes, ect are interesting to me. But definitely not interesting enough to ever purchase any kind of book or funeral ticket or anything at all that has the two of you (Darren and Trisha) tied to it. You’ve already made it very apparent that you won’t be profiting off of his ashes and death, but you make it also painfully aware that you ended it there. I can guarantee you’ll both be trying to profit off of any item or far-fetched ‘tale’ of a book you write (or claim he has written, whichever, I’m sure you’ll both be making sure you get some sort of cut out of it), or you would have made damn sure his family and children were involved in every aspect of his life before he died. To cut off communication shows exactly what kind of low lives you two really are. I hope not one single person gives you a dime for anything you have to offer of Tommy’s. You people are truly, truly disgusting.

    • admin says:

      To be fair, at this stage Darren has made it clear that he doesn’t intend to make any money here, just help Trisha fulfill Tommy’s dying wishes

      • Destiny says:

        To be fair, he made several references above, stating he’s not profiting from death and ashes. And then ends it there. Which leads me to believe that he is going to profit off of other “valuable” things of Tommy’s (Materialistically, and not)… And then, when you look at another tommy Morrison story you have posted, he asks that Debbie girl who’s friend died from aids to contact him because he is finishing a book of Tommy’s in the comments section. Well looky there.. no, no profit indeed..

    • I woke up once with a bad hangover in Antlers Oklahoma with an inverted Mohawk.

  6. mark smith says:

    Im going to go out on a limb here. There’s a real good chance that one book or 10 could be written about Morrison, and in a month every last one of them will end up in the Amazon bargain bin for 99 cents ,right next to King of Sting and anything by Shirley McClain . Tommy is a cautionary tale but his story isnt unique. People piss their lives away every day, live on TMZ and the internet. His legacy has been reduced to opportunists and assorted whiskey tango’s trying to squeeze the last few drops of blood from a played out turnip.

    • chuck says:

      May Jesus find it in his heart to spare the innocent trees deemed necessary by the powers of evil to produce this tome.


  7. JohnnyG says:

    Really for the most part funeral services and memorials are for the living who are left behind after someone passes. That person is gone. It would not surprise me in the least that Tommy may have cooked something up like this. It’s been well documented that Tommy has not been thinking too clearly for quite some time. But c’mon, really? This over the top bizarre. Whether it is Tommy’s wishes or not is irrelevant. When it come to hurting his children, his parents, friends that have been with him, beside him his whole adult life. When it comes down to it Tommy hurt a lot of people during his lifetime. What you really are doing is assisting in helping Tommy to selfishly hurt people one final time. Darren, you and Trisha are of the assumption that his friends would rather have some cheap locket than to see his mother be able to grieve in her own way. And in my mind that is just self-indulgent.

    • admin says:

      Over the top and bizarre, eh?

      How about the time Morrison and his entourage befriended a college kid around Springfield and got into a grab ass game off shaving off eyebrows and a hair highway down the middle of the kid’s head?

      The mountain lions and pet money? The mountains of cocaine? The ultra strange things that came out of his mouth and his inexplicable behavior? Marrying two blonde women and living with them both in the same small town at the same time?

      The only time I saw much of that would indicate level headed thinking by Tommy was maybe during the role he played in the Rocky movie.

      He was one bizarre dude, especially at the end – and I’m talking the last 8 or so years (or longer). Trisha’s funeral plans sound like vintage Tommy to me.

      • Joe Smith says:

        Just a note about the college kid : his hair and eyebrows have grown back. It was the kid’s “five minutes of fame”, he was a celebrity- till his hair came back. He has a story to tell his grandkids. He didn’t really care….

        The wild animals……just a trendy thing to do as Scarface was the movie portraying excesses then….including a pile of cocaine (its in the movie). Baking soda can be used as a substitute, if you don’t wanna spend a lot of money…and want to feed the gossipers columns….

        How many of our friends in 1983 were walking around saying “my name is Tony Montana, a political prisoner from Kuba”? I got so tired of that phrase. Take Tommy’s imitation of the movie as an amusement…..that’s all it was….P. R. to get under the competition’ s skin.

        • Destiny says:

          Right?? I thought the exact same things when I read the post above. I mean, bizarre?? Not so much.. I’m a female and have been part of a few of those shenanigans. Its pretty much normal given the circumstance. I’m sure you’d be busy at church had you and him swapped lives for one evening back in the day, right??

  8. JohnnyG says:

    Hearne, I can always depend on you to put things in perspective. So what we’ve learned from all your articles in the last week is: We’ve gone from a tragic and sad tale of a life lost due to denial and ignorance of the HIV / AIDS truths to a comedy of errors.

  9. Harry Balczak says:

    Enough with the Tommy Morrison stories already!

  10. Phantom Ranger says:

    KC was at it’s lowest point in the ’90’s- it was virtually a dump back then- and to have to adopt a person as bottom of the barrel low life as this guy as it’s sports “hero”, who was not even FROM KC, is evidence of this fact. Stop re living the bad old days and put an end to these Tommy Morrison articles.

    • the dude says:

      Eh, it’s still a dump that doesn’t really have much going for it.
      So you have the ‘hemorrhoids guy’ on one hand and the ‘full blown AIDS guy’ on the other to represent your humble cowtown. Meh.

  11. Susan Martin says:

    Still curious about the Trisha/Darren connection. Trisha comes to the US from England, starts work at a Hotel where she meets up with Tommy and falls in love. While Trisha and Tommy are dating he gets arrested for possession of drugs. I’m sure Trisha knew nothing about the drugs.
    Trisha not making enough money to bail his ass out, goes to the public to send her money so that her true love can get out of jail. Did Darren help??
    Darren lives in New York, but some how “hooks” up with Trisha, becomes an expert on Tommy, close friend, and decides he knows what Tommy needs and wants after his death.
    Trisha knowing she can apply for her citizenship to the US if she marries Tommy, sees a perk or two.
    Wonder what brought Trisha to the US to work behind the desk of a hotel? Darren is now handling all press releases for Trisha and Tommy.
    Trisha will be releasing 3 short books to benefit Tommy’s children? Who’s the accountant and is there anything in writing?
    Trisha wouldn’t allow the children around Tommy when he was dying, but wants to dedicate the proceeds to his children??
    I’m speechless, can only handle so much crap.

    • Destiny says:

      From what I have been able to find about Trisha the leach is, she has two adult sons, an ex husband named Charles harding, she has multiple addresses, California, Tennessee, Kansas (and oddly enough, her ex husband refers to land or a home in Kansas on his Facebook… he’s from England or wherever over there also, so I’m not sure how one settles upon Kansas of all places listed on his Facebook), in 2011 I believe, she filed bankruptcy with the state of Kansas, for $121k, I believe or around that amount, and listed $400.00 in assets. Is supposed to be some somewhat famed tennis player, works at some cheap hotel where she meets tommy, and is essentially with him for a few years (the last half, where he is very suck, bedridden, can’t talk or anything) before he dies. Nice lady. I think I found one picture of her, she’s 56 I believe. Anyway, she sounds like a real winner, an absolute opportunist. If I were single, way over the hill in the context of ever scoring anything decent or at least had the potential to become my cash cow, working at some hotel in Wichita, USA, I’d probably latch on too. Cause that’s real love, right? Knowing someone two years, one of which he’s basically a vegetable. Nice job Trish, you sound like a real family oriented lady. Good job at keeping his mom, children, people close to him his whole life, away from a dying man. I’m sure that really gives them all a lot of closure. You and Darren are scum. Both of you.

      • Susan Martin says:

        Hi Destiny, you seem to have caught on quite well in the Morrison family saga. Good research, this is the only way we will expose both Trisha and Darren for what they are, scum.
        When did Trisha get a divorce? This information should be public record. I’m thinking she was still married in 2011 when she filed for bankruptcy, probably during the divorce.
        See what you can find out. You know you are welcome to attend the family service Oct. 12th in Sulfur Springs, AK. All friends are welcome. Does Trisha have a Facebook? What hotel did she work for? How long in the US? Take care

  12. Susan Martin says:

    Can’t help myself had another vision. I know my first vision of Darren and Trisha using little spoons to fill the miniature boxing gloves may be incorrect but I’m sure China has not built a machine that can insert human ashes into miniature boxing gloves.
    So Darren/Trisha, who will be holding the spoons?
    Also, since Trisha and you say that these gloves will go to Tommy’s close friends, why don’t both of you come to the family service for Tommy on Oct. 12th in Sulfur Springs, Arkansas and pass out the gloves then. All of Tommy’s close friends will be there some having been around for more than 30 years, not just 3. Also, will Tommy’s family be able to pray over his ashes in an urn? Or do they get boxing gloves?
    Just a thought.

  13. Barcomb says:

    Susan- you seem to have some sort of Beef with me. I am a writer who helps get press information out. I have no say in what happens with things. I am not planning Tommy’s path after his death, but simply assisting Trisha with carrying out HIS wishes. You can jump on me all you want on here, but I cannot help you change the outcome of things. You insinuate that I met up with Trisha as Tommy was on deaths bed and helped hatch this. I met Tommy in early 2011 as he was preparing for a comeback fight in Montreal. He asked for, and I offered my assistance back then for him. I have issued press information for Tommy since that time, well before he went into the hospital confinement that ultimately led to his death. I have nothing to do with the ashes…..who they go to….how they get put into the gloves….nothing. It seems you want to confront me and make me a villain out of this. Please take your aggressions and anger elsewhere. Once again, I am not involved in this other than helping to get Trisha’s news out as to her and DUKE’s plans for this. What makes you think I have any power in, or say whatsoever in how this plays out?

    • Rocko says:


      Just an observer in this whole mess.
      How do you know this was Tommy’s wishes? Did he tell you? Did he have something in writing and noterized? Could be just Trish’s wish. Seems odd that Tommy’s Mom whom he loved so dearly, comes across as clueless about the whole idea.

      Although, I will say that it wouldn’t surprise me if he wanted something like this, hearing some of the bizarre things he would say.

    • Destiny says:

      You are a villain, Darren. I don’t know Susan either, but I think she is a wise lady. And I also think its great that she has previously said that they had an issue (her and tommy) years back, yet shes the only one here recognizing that this whole Trisha/Darren thing is really what it is. A scheme for money and publicity. Obviously Susan really does care and was around in his life long enough to have a somewhat falling out with him, yet still care enough to be the only voice of reason around here. Truly, its sad. Hopefully you both (Trisha and Darren) end up in the same situation for your last years, months, weeks, days alive. Freaking sickos.

      • Rocko says:

        This sounds like the crazy idea Michael Jackson’s father had on making money on his son’s ashes. I think other family members stepped in to put a stop to it.

        Maybe that’s where the idea came from. Sad that his blood relatives are not being advised on this. Just going off of some ones word that was married to him for a short time.

  14. Barcomb says:

    Also Susan- I will no longer banter back and forth on here with you on this matter. All this does is add more drama to the issue, and that is not what anyone wants. Feel free to drop me an email if you would like to discuss the issue further…

    • Destiny says:

      I wouldn’t email him anything. Anyone that knew tommy, and his family, should avoid that scumbag and Trisha at all costs!! They will include anything you gave to say to them and twist them into whatever they want to sensationalize this mini series of “Tommy’s books’, and make them the most money ever. Nice job Darren, meeting a dying man right before he’s no longer able to communicate and such shortly there after, and then know all this stuff about him. Congrats on stumbling into that, hope it doesn’t work out as you both have planned. Good day.

  15. booya says:

    Sounds to me that Susan Martin is pissy because Tommy chose to get her out of his life. she would know the answers if Morrison wanted her to. Who the hell is she to question the actions of the wife? She does not represent the wife or the other family, so who the hell cares what she thinks or wants to know. Just saying.

  16. Rich says:

    Hot damn, YES!

  17. Joe Smith says:

    Its too bad that today, Steve Dawson, that local sports reporter isn’t covering a recent boxing win of Tommy Morrison. In a perfect world that would be on my TV tonight.
    They seemed to compliment each other well on TV.

    But Tommy is gone, and Steve Dawson is so very sick and maybe next to leave us.

  18. Big bopper says:

    Destiny- You sound pretty involved to stalk out Trisha like that. You a bitter ex girlfriend or something? You are awful opinionated for someone not involved.

    • Destiny says:

      No, honestly, I know not one person. I grew up close to jay, but that is the closest tie I have to anything or anyone. I just like to read a lot and research things before I make uninformed decisions. But I do have a problem with people that try to make a dollar on someones unfortunate demise. I think that is beyond disgusting. So absolutely, I checked out what I could on her (there isn’t a lot under any of her names, just bits and pieces), and concluded from there, that she was indeed a piece of garbage. I’d like to say a different word, but I don’t know what the rules are to posting here. I feel awful for his family. His parents, his siblings, his children, and his friends. I wonder if they are really even married… someone should check into that. For his families sake. From what I have read of her, she is a COMPLETE piece of work.

  19. JohnnyG says:

    What I don’t understand from Darren Barcomb is that he published an article on MMADIRT on August 21, 2013 with a picture of an HIV test from Tommy in 2011. He states that is proof of a negative HIV test. HIV-2 shows as negative. If you look at the bottom left corner of the photo it says:”HIV-1 Interpretive Criteria: gp 160/120, gp41, p24…positive”. To me that does not look like a negative report as stated. HIV-1 strain is most common in USA. Any two of the indicators named as positive indicates a positive HIV test according to the Mayo clinic standard. Did anyone ask the named Doctor on that document? A Doctor Nicholas Compton before publishing that?

  20. EWW says:

    y’all seem like a bunch of scumbags. that’s because you are.

  21. Debdeb says:

    Destiny you are all worked up for being a spectator . At least Susan knee the guy so I get her anger. You sound like a girl who wanted to get with tommy but couldn’t. He give you the cold shoulder at hooters back in the old days or something? Maybe u could bully your way into having some if his ashes to cuddle with.

    • Destiny says:

      ‘Debdeb’… No, honestly, I did not know tommy, I was a young girl in the early 90s. I find it funny though that since ‘I’m all worked up’ (which I am not), I must be some jilted ex lover or some tommy groupie. From everything ive read, tommy pretty much had relations with anything with a pulse, so it would be rather hard to be some girl he didn’t want to shag. And no, unlike his current ‘wife’, I’m not interested in any ashes for profit, nor spooning purposes.. wait, I just said spooning, as in cuddling, but now I can’t get the vision of the little spoons of Tommy’s ashes with trasha and Darren… too funny.. Anyway, I said before that I have read many articles and checked many people out in relation to Tommy Morrison stories, because they are interesting. Researching is my passion, per se. So while reading one story, I’d stumble upon another, and the ball just kept rolling. But I do believe in being a good person. And karma. And you don’t have to be a brain surgeon after you read about ‘the duchess’, to realize that shes an opportunist preying on a dead man that was once a ‘celebrity’ of sorts. To love someone, yet keep his family away, especially while he is dying, says everything. I liked reading about her at first, but then discovered more, then more, and quickly decided she truly is a disgusting individual and you can’t love someone, then do the things she did, or say the things she said. She’s ultimately a predator. If I ever find myself in his situation, I’d hope someone would stand up for me instead of letting some washed up English hag that worked at the Drury Inn as a ‘sales manager’/opportunist decide my fate. I cant help but feel bad for the guy.

  22. Makala smith Rose says:

    Yes, pray for sportscaster Steve Dawson. He is really ill. I remember watching him as a kid, he was great..,

  23. Susan Martin says:

    Booya you are thinking I’m against Tommy by reading my words? I’m sure wherever you live you can take an English Comprehension course.

  24. Susan Martin says:

    Heh Destiny, keep up the good research, it’s the only way to find out the “whole” story. You and I and the others know Tommy didn’t schedule a tennis lesson, he never played and was too sick.

    • Destiny says:

      Hey Susan, thank you for the compliment. I’ll be back on later this evening to divulge what I have found about the twisted twosome known as D and T. Shes been lying to people for quite sometime…

  25. Reagan says:

    Actually, the memorial is private. For family only and a few friends that the family has invited personally. The church is very small and the family wants privacy. Patricia and Tommy were married May 7, 2011 in Sevier County, TN

  26. JohnnyG says:

    I still think the bigger picture in all this saga is that this woman in interviews was a self proclaimed “caregiver” for Tommy before she supposedly married him. In doing that you not only place some moral responsibilities on yourself but also some legal ones. You can speak to any HIV / AIDS professionals and they will speak to the Dimmentia that creeps in in latter stages of AIDS. It is well documented that he was suffering from this. Interviewers would do his interview and the take-away was that he was crazy as shit, and a laugh would be had by all. This was all by-product of the disease that was killing him slowly. Tommy has adult children I believe as well as minors. If he were my Dad I would file an injunction against this woman to put a stop to this “Road Show” and all of it until such time that she could provide a Marriage Certificate and proof that she made sure proper medical attention was done with reproach. For quite some time Tommy was operating with diminished capacity. Many of us have asked ourselves if we were in our right mind when we got married to someone. But all jokes aside, I don’t feel that marriage was / is valid. Based on my question about the validity of that HIV test mentioned above, it seems that a lot of stock is being taken just on the word of Trisha. I just think that Trish has a lot of explaining to do and it should be done factually and not through a spokesperson or in “press releases”.

    • Destiny says:

      Your a very wise man, and his children and family should absolutely think about that injunction for sure…

  27. Susan Martin says:

    Reagan, that’s nice that you are in touch with Tommy’s family. So you have been invited to the memorial service? I assume Trisha is going along with Darren since he states he’s a close friend. Maybe at the private service Trisha will able to answer some of the questions his close friends and family have been having for these last two years.

    • Reagan says:

      Susan I can’t make the funeral but my brother is going. The text I got was that it was for family only and a few close friends that the family was inviting personally. It said that Tommy wanted a small, quiet and private funeral. It’s my understanding that not just anybody can show up. The church only holds about 60 people and there will be a lot of Morrisons there. I don’t think they even wanted it on a website. It’s just that with the family having it in a small place, I don’t think they want people lined up outside that they don’t even know and who the mother or father didn’t extend an invitation to. This is their private time to lay their son to rest. Not deal with a mob of people. If a person was contacted directly by the family, then it’s all good for you to show up. They never wanted anything big. That’s his wife’s deal, not the families.

      And no, she wasn’t a US citizen when they got married. They had to be married 2 years before she could become a U.S. citizen. The 2 year anniversary was this last May. She has said that she now has her citizenship papers.

  28. Susan Martin says:

    OH my, just realized something. The same year Trisha filed for bankruptcy with a debt of $120,000, she marries Tommy. Coincidence? Of course it is. Also that same year he gets arrested for drugs and she goes to the press to try and raise money for bail. Bankruptcy and bail, and marriage. Interesting year 2011.

    • JohnnyG says:

      Actually more directly she went to Darren Barcomb at one of his publications for the plea for bail money.

  29. Debdeb says:

    Who is everyone on here to determine who he married? He chose his wife isn’t that his right? People don’t like her but I guess he did so live with it. My god let this rest and get over it. The people posting here aren’t even family!

  30. Destiny says:

    I’ll be back later this evening with updates on everything, very busy day… 😉

  31. Susan Martin says:

    So JohnnyG, Trisha knew Darren before she met Tommy, no way she would have contacted nor known how to contact a total stranger who is a sports blogger in New York to help raise bail. Interesting that she contacted someone who was not from any state where she had lived. That cougar got around. Never knew Tommy to date someone that was over 10 years older than himself, much less want to marry her. He must have been so sick and the Trisha promises must have been sooo good, that he never saw it coming.

    • booya says:

      I believe Barcomb has stated several times on several sites that he started doing PR for Tommy after meeting him in Early 2011 in Montreal. He made the plea for bail for Tommy on Trisha’s behalf in late Summer 2011. Get your timeline straight! as for which one came first I f you don’t get it Im sure you can find a reading comprehension course somewhere near you to figure it out!

  32. JohnnyG says:

    Susan there is an article dated August 23, 2010 from North Myrtle Beach, SC where they had a Council meeting to approve a “charity, pay per view” staged fight for Tommy and others there back at that date. It fell through because they were requiring “extensive medical records”. Trisha Harding tells them then that their requirements are too much more than other states. You would have to read the article in it’s entirety to get the full picture but I guess she was working on Tommy back then.

    Not to harp on the subject but since Trisha had the access, if she at any point would have plead for help with Tommy’s health situation the same way she did for the $5,000.00 I do believe the best AIDS Doctors in the country would have come from everywhere to help him. When his T-Cell count fell below 200 he was in a “full blown” AIDS situation. There is no HIV debate anymore. But his life was quite savable. I have known patients with a T-Cell count of 22 go to the hospital with a Pneumonia with a name as long as my arm that nearly died. But their life was saved all the same.

    In so much that she was in a “waiting game” for the two year time to arrive I believe the marriage was a sham and a fraud for her own purposes and that being partially why she kept family and friends away until the time was right. I hope that people like you and Reagan and anyone else will follow up to get to the bottom of the wrong both morally and legally that this woman has done. All the Darrens aside she was in this con all by herself. Everyone else was / is just being used.

  33. kenzie witt says:

    my name is kenzie witt im tommys middle son.. im not forsure who any of you are nor do I care.. to be honest these were my dads wishes he did not want to be gawked over… and as for the Morrison family they really do not care about a ceremony just publicity and for some weird reason only wanted the ashes because they felt like trish had beatin them in some way by doing what any loving wife should do and take care of there husband and never give up on they unlike the Morrisons who just wanted it to be over with and him just pass…I know this I just had to leave aurora where I moved for 9 months to be closer to they not very kind or caring people and I don’t care if they read this or not cause I have no plans on going to any family functions this whole screwd up ordeal explains why I just wanted to set things strait good day and god bless… rest in peace dad..

    • booya says:

      Sorry for your loss Kenzie. Sorry you had to hear us all squabble here about it to. Time to close this thread.

    • Jeremy Knight Carnithan says:

      Thank u kenzie.

    • K Stu says:

      So sorry for your loss, Kenzie. By all (reliable) accounts, your dad was a good and generous man. He had to deal with alot in his life, starting from childhood, and made good with the hand he was dealt. Peace and blessings to your dad, you, and your family.

  34. Noreen Martin says:

    First, Trisha is a wonderful person, who stood by her husband’s side throughout his ordeal. She did not profit from all of this but has to fight with the public and ignorant doctors. Do you folks not realize that there isn’t a test for the “actual” HIV virus, there are only “antibody” tests which the ELISA test has 70 things that can cause one to have a false positive, including pregnancy and vaccinations. The back-up test, the Western Blot test isn’t any better, as it is not specific to only HIV and it too can cross-react, thus causing a false positive. And by the way, the manufacturers of these tests all have disclaimers that they are not to be used to diagnose HIV but doctors used them just the same and go right on ruin people’s lives. This is the biggest medical blunder in history, not based on science but on greed.

    Tommy, along with others had a special test done, and HIV could not be found in any of the participants which is not surprising because HIV has not been properly isolated/purified according to the classical rules of virology. Even Frenchman Montagnier, who won a Nobel Prize for the discoverer of the harmless, retrovirus HIV, stated in the House Of Numbers Documentary on YouTube that HIV could be cleared in a few weeks without drugs or vaccines with a healthy immune system. So what does this day about a deadly virus?

    For those who are not familiar with the AIDS controversy, go to rethinking AIDS sites an YouTube.

    • Rich says:

      Sure, watching loons on YouTube is superior to peer reviewed medical journals by real doctors. Sarcasm aside, how about you wad up your tin foil hat and stuff it up your business end?

    • the dude says:

      Uuuuhhh… NO, quacks on youtube is not something I will be looking at for info on AIDS. Sorry.

  35. Noreen Martin says:

    We are one of the few countries that use CD4’s or T-cells as most of the world does not recognize them for an AIDS diagnosis. Many could walk across the border to Canada and no longer have AIDS as Canada does not recognize CD4’s for an AIDS diagnosis. Olympic athletes have been known to have low CD4’s and many things can affect them such as exercising, the time of day, the lab, etc. They are not the best yardstick of health.

    Getting an AIDS diagnosis depends entirely upon where one lives on the planet, for example, the United Kingdom does not recognize the Wester Blot test while Africa uses the Bangui Definition of AIDS; a point system is used for diseases and when one reaches 12, an AIDS diagnosis is given. The world isn’t even on the same page in regards to AIDS.

    Bottom line, if these faulty tests would go away so would AIDS as all of the 29 AIDS-defining diseases were on the planet prior to AIDS and all of them had known causes, this is nothing new.

  36. Rocko says:

    Hi Kenzie,

    I feel for you. If you are who you say, I can understand your feelings. If Tommy had better home situation he may not have gravitated to the wrong people and influences.

  37. JohnnyG says:

    Ms. Martin I do not see an MD or PHD after your name so I’m going to cut you some slack. The arguments you are making could be debated for some time in a different venue. As a matter of fact I would like to see you have that debate with a Dr. Sharon Lee right there in Kansas City. The argument that Doctors have only made this diagnosis up as an example. This Doctor has fought this epidemic since the middle 80’s. She pays herself $14.00 per hour as well as her staff at the Southwest Boulevard Clinic there. They treat everyone even if they have no insurance or can’t afford meds. So how is that a profit? Your debate with her on this subject I would pay for tickets for.

    The contrast between you and her is this: I know of at least one life she has saved this week in regard to AIDS. You on the other hand…there is no measure as to how many lives your line of thinking can cost. It’s just plain shameful how much misinformation someone can spread and not have to pay a price for it.

  38. Noreen Martin says:

    I will not get into arguments with you folks who are misinformed. If you think that you know so much then ask the doctors where is the epidemiology study proving that HIV causes AIDS, where is the study proving that it is sexually transmitted, why are the AIDS person now dying from the side effects of the disease and not some illusive virus not found in anyone, and the lists go on and on. I know what I am talking about a I had AIDS ten years ago and have not taken the medicines for 8 years and am fine and so are so many others. HIV cannot be found in me either. But if you want to argue all of this, I would suggest that you go to the blogs as I have better things o do with my time than this!

    • JohnnyG says:

      Then I suggest you go and do it because I don’t think you’re going to sell too much snake oil here.

    • Rich says:

      If what you say about yourself is true and you’re not trolling, hopefully you’ll die soon and not fatally infect others with your disease and your ignorance.

  39. Susan Martin says:

    Johnny G, I know you didn’t mean me. When Tommy was living with me and we were picking up the tab to get him back on his feet and boxing again, there was a bill for over $1400.00 per month just for the HIV medication. To think that this is some kind of conspiracy is insane. In Amsterdam where prostitution is legal in the Red Light district, the staff is checked every two weeks for any STD /HIV.
    So what this character is saying is that Tony Holden and Tommy’s staff all lied? His boxing career stopped because of?????

    • JohnnyG says:

      Do you know at what point Tommy stopped taking HIV meds? There are many people who carry HIV+ for years and due to not being tested don’t know until they have an infection and then they find out. BUT with PROPER treatment they are saved and go on to live for many years. It’s sad that he didn’t get the proper treatment.

  40. Susan Martin says:

    JohnnyG, I’m not sure when he stopped. While he was out here and living in California he was on meds. Could not have had the money to keep them up after he moved back there. However; with State assistance or if he filed as disabled, his health needs would have been picked up. Maybe not the best stuff, but keep him functioning. When I saw his booking photo from 2011 I was shocked. He looked like he was in his 60’s. Back in 2006 I remember him standing next to me with a rented tux on at a charity event I was involved with. Simply not the same man. Hearne has the photo .

    • Rocko says:

      Not for sure but I think I remember reading somewhere that he stopped taking his meds a few years ago. Then read something that those implants he had got infected and had to be removed. Which led to complications and possible his immune system was not strong enough to fight it off. That is kinda of what I gathered from different articles.

  41. Susan Martin says:

    Rocko, that would make since. Once he took a knife and cut out the upper arm implant’s himself. And since he was arrested for possession in 2011, had starting taking drugs again, which depending on the drugs also hit his immune system. What a shame. I wonder who talked him into not taking his HIV medication? Since he had no money, the State would have helped.

  42. JohnnyG says:

    Susan that Noreen Martin mentioned that Trisha was arguing with both the public and the “ignorant Doctors” . I wonder if they were operating against Doctor’s advise at times. I’m sure that pretty much any Doctor being made aware of an HIV+ or a compromised immune system would go for putting in implants. Even people with normal immune systems develop infections from those all the time. Maybe I’m stupid but how could someone with those implants hope to ever step back into the boxing ring?

  43. Susan Martin says:

    JohnnyG, I don’t believe the Doctors that did the implants were aware at the time that he had HIV, unless they were done after 1996. I don’t know when he did them. The implants when he lived with me and was training out here were not a problem. Trisha had Medical Power of Attorney. She could have stopped all of his HIV meds. There are Doctors in at least 4 states that I know of that have treated Tommy for HIV. So Trisha thinks it’s a conspiracy? All anybody has to do is ask Dawn#2. Dawn was around long enough to have two children. Bless her heart, she has done such a good job as a mother. She protects those boys.

    • Rocko says:

      Look at the youtube video “fight night champion still standing Tommy Morrison” Looks to be done in 2012. There are several closeups of his arms and hands. You can see spots and looks like bumps all over them.

  44. Dog says:

    how come no other girlfriends or wives referred to themselves as duchess?

  45. Susan Martin says:

    OMG, Duchess of what??

  46. JohnnyG says:

    Someone in the family stated that the story of Tommy being a distant relative to John Wayne was not true and just was a story that Tommy “went along with”. So I take it that she isn’t any longer and really was never “the Duchess” that she proclaimed to be. I wonder if Darren’s going to “press release” that?

  47. Susan Martin says:

    John Wayne’s real name was Marion Morrison, that’s why Tommy stated he was a relative, same last name. A Duchess that uses little spoons to put human ashes in miniature boxing gloves. Listen someone will have to do this a machine cannot. It’s the Adams Family Duchess.

  48. Stew says:

    No concerns for the Hooters Girls. They lived on the edge anyway. It coulda been bad cocaine, riding in a out of control corvette, a drunken ride in a fast speedboat, a freak ax murderer posing as a photographer, a hottub fall, a Hooters girl’s life is more dangerous than most. They attract troubled men – like a turd attracts flys…

  49. Jeremy Knight Carnithan says:

    I would so snort tommyz ashez outta a mini boxing glove cuz he wuz one of my heroz. How much is a gram of pure tommy goin 4?i kid,but seriously…

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