Hearne: Scribe Reveals How Tommy Morrison Got HIV

dm_100514_30_tommy_morrisonThis just in…

“I know how Tommy Morrison got AIDS,” says Stanford & Sons main man Craig Glazer. “He said he got the virus – or whatever he thought he had – from a stripper he was dating in Texas. A girl that he was just banging and she supposedly had a boyfriend that was gay.

“Anyway, she apparently got the virus from her roommate that was gay – according to Morrison – and he made love to her when she was on her period and got her blood into his blood and Tommy didn’t know she was infected.

“Here’s the deal; Tommy had a big tool,” Glazer continues. “I know, because he used to run into those adult stores and get lube or whatever, and I said, ‘Why do you get that?’ And he said, ‘Because I have a big one and I like to stick it into (the back door).”

Tommy MorrisonAs for word from a source close to Morrison that he knew that he was HIV positive in 1989, “It’s possible,” Glazer says. “But he mainly didn’t want anybody to think he was gay. That’s what all the denial stuff was about.”

Glazer’s ticket to Team Tommy involved an HBO movie about the fallen boxer’s life that Glazer was negotiating for on Morrison’s behalf.

“I was negotiating for an HBO movie about Tommy’s life,” says Glazer, who also produced a series of Champions Forever boxing videos. “And he would have made between $100,000 and $150,000, but the big thing was he wanted to play himself in the movie. And the answer to that was they didn’t think he was a good enough actor.”

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  1. Steve in Bonner Springs says:

    BS BS BS come on Hearne this the best you can do? This is all a lie for the most part and Craig knows it and it can’t be proven as the truth now since Tommy is dead. So up jumps Craig crawling out of the closet claiming this load of Glazer Manure it is true. He has proved more than Harley on here what a liar he is.

    • the dude says:

      Maybe Glaysure knows something about the backdoor and copious amounts of butt lube that nobody else here knows about.
      Wink, wink.

  2. JohnnyG says:

    This is just ludicrous. Unless Tommy Morrison had an open wound on his “big tool” how could her blood mix with his? That’s not even plausible. Just because you fell for that story don’t try to sell it to anyone else. I’m with his ex wife on one thing. He has two young sons that could quite possibly be reading some of this crap one day if not now. How would you feel. Trust me a lot of things are gonna come out of the closet. But try and make sure it’s accurate, and try and have a little respect. If it were your kids how would you feel?

    • admin says:

      Who said I fell for anything?

      This is Craig’s story. He’s on the record and was a known associate of Morrison’s. And while he may be known to exaggerate at times, I’ve yet to catch him making things up out of whole cloth.

      Remember, he’s telling you what Tommy told him that happened. Not what actually happened. And from listening to Tommy’s versions of what HIV and AIDS were all thru those years, it is entirely believable that this would be a story he would tell.

      Or even believe.

      You have to put it into context.

      • the dude says:

        Is this along the same line of story like when he told Mellinger that he teleported himself outside a bar? Ah, this clown is too much, more please.

      • Irishguy says:

        “Remember, he’s telling you what Tommy told him that happened. Not what actually happened.”

        Then why the headline as if this is the definitive truth? Wouldn’t “Scribe tells Morrison’s story of how he got HIV” be more accurate, albeit much less sensational.

  3. cletus says:

    I guess tommy had a big one cause glazer said. i have had at least 10 girls tell me they could not find glazers pee pee

  4. Jess says:

    This story is low and honestly sick. But whatever gets you page views right hearne?

    • DR says:

      No kidding. Great point.

      • harley says:

        exactly…but hearne won’t show us google analytics
        which experts use to determine how many unique
        visitors come to a site…how long they spend there etc.
        Hearne uses this venue to even the
        score. Whywould he bash men who came to untimely
        deaths so young in their lives and in the case of
        Morrison someonewhoprobably had faced battles and
        demons his entire life.
        I read the story of the hooters girl who had to make the
        devastating call on her best friends life support system.
        Nothing can be as life changing as that.
        But having lived the life in the late 80’s and 90’s it was
        all one big roll of the dice. If you weren’t gay or had sex
        with gays yu felt invicible in perfomring unprotected sex.
        Few if anyone I spoke with useda condom or appropriate
        other forms of protection available.
        That time period was wild and without any real serious
        nation problems or war was a heyday for the party lifesty.e
        Whter doing free lines in the vip room at XO or sex in the
        vip bathroom upstairs at john and sstewarts man y named
        joints….it was a wild time to party and have one night
        stands. Everything was great. From the coke to the
        ecstacy coming in from dallas delivered to the dealers
        doors by fed ex delivery guys. The world was truly a
        free xes fest. Many people I knew never wore condoms..
        it could never happen to us. It was a gay disease. The magzines
        said it was.
        So the ultimate party girls were the ones who hung around
        for a free line or to pop a pill or even nitrous oxide…one huge
        I knew Mike…the owner/managing partner at the hooters
        at 106 tha and Metcalf…and sure enough that’s where
        many of the party girls came from.
        A woman performing unprotect sex or agreeing to
        do it witu someone who was wearing protection was just
        as stupid as the guy who wasn’t wearing a condom.
        As we believe…”it could never happen to us”.
        Its a huge party…and everyone knew in the back of their
        minds the risks…but few of us knew really worried about.
        The young woman who lost a ..friend…god bless her and
        the torment she went thru. But as they say … “it takes
        two to tango”. we all knew the risks and i’m sure if you
        asked any male who was intothe party scene there they’ll
        attest that no female ever asked “do you have aids” or
        are you wearing a condom.
        also…few if any would pass u pthe opportunity when
        presentd to party/do drugs and enjoy the free sex and
        the wild lifestyle prefalent then.
        We read about it…feared it…but felt we wereinvicible.
        I’m sure hearne had his wild days…we all did. It
        was a pent up atmosphere of party.
        And it was plentiful. Of course there were thos who
        demanded protect sex…but few and far between
        And having known many of the original hotters girls
        and their lifestyle…they were as guilty as anyone of
        this style of free wheeling bedding.
        Tommy has just an extreme. When we would see
        him out…it wasn’t unusual to see him with his
        closest advisors…from john brown and others who
        wanted the ability to be a part of a national sports
        I met tommy thru a mutual friend..who partied and
        ran the city with tommy as if there was no tomorrow.
        Tomy was one of akind. A boxer in atown that
        was on fire socially. With derrick Thomas/Montana/
        and even allen…this town was a more wild city that
        most people realized.
        From the back rooms at mi cocina to the party houses
        where cokeand ex were available along with the girls
        to party with…kc rocked.
        I’m not a doctor…and never really understookd the
        medical way that aids was transferred. Just knew tht
        you need a condom because it could spreak quickly and
        spread across different people. If your sex partner slept
        with another person who slep with another person that
        hiv/aid was still possible.
        Having spent some crazy times with tommy thru a
        friend (B.C)…I knew of tommys escapades but it was
        nothing at that time. It was a diffenet era.
        Remember running into tom”’my at parkway 600 (in early
        90’snd then seeing montan walk thru the patio bar.
        They were the heros of our town. I know Montana was
        a player as was marcusand derrick and about 10 other
        chiefs players. Brett roamed thru the plazaand worked
        the granfallon during that period. My first apartment after
        college was located across te street within viewing distance
        of the old gran falloon which was in the same building but
        on the north side of the building.
        It was a great time to be alive. I don’t think kc has ever
        seen a more wild party lifesty from Westport to the plaza
        to such places out south in Kansas.
        Many people who realize won’t realize this but
        kc was r ocking.
        It wasn’t unusual for tommy to come to the levee
        and walk in like a superstar.
        Buyt tommy got so enthralled with his lifestyle and his
        appetite to do anything that it eventuallyruined his life.
        Watching him work out insde the basement of ballys
        health clubat 110th and Metcalf was where we met
        and thru a mutual friend became acquintances.
        Having family cnnections to kc fighters like Ronnie marsh
        and chiaverini I was into the boxing sport like few in kc
        Ronnie and tony faded…while tommy made the big
        headlines and the top bucks on tv with his fights.
        ESPN said that tommys fights were some of the highest
        ratings they had…of course their programming at that
        time was limited…but they also said the female viewing
        numbers would skyrocket when he was on. A super
        man in a sport that few women appreciated or even
        Tommy isno diferent than any of us. Only his decisions
        were bigger…more consequential and involved muc h more
        in terms of money.
        He made some bad calls including leaving the ringside
        grup after a succesfulpath to large moneyinfuture fights.
        he was hardheadee had he listend to those around him at
        the time…this whole thingmayhave never occurred.
        But he chose his own path.
        Say what you will about this guy …but he livedlife his
        way. and he did it with no regret.
        The comments on here by glaze and hearne and boy cow
        were totally uncalled for because they could not be proven.
        The young woman who lost he r best friend was the
        only piece of writing that bore witness to the truth.
        Losing a friend and wathincg them die without many
        family or friends had to change her life forever.
        But it still can’t take the fact away that TM was once
        a success. But success bt rings pressure and money and
        unsavory people. He just happened to pickthe wrong ones!
        Hearnes attempt to throw dirt on tommy has been atrocious.
        it s just that tommys were so more risky that eventually
        everyone knew that something bad would happen.
        But that’s life…you roll the dice …sometimes you
        win..other times you crap out.
        But deep inside was someone who apparently was
        very insecure with hmslef and used his escapades to
        make himself feel invincible and neer losing’.
        That’s probably why he dimssed every ojnce of
        info available on tv/and in the paper….they either
        you roll the dice or you protect yourself.
        The guy picked the wrong way to go. Like a bettor who
        loses his bet on a 50 yard field goal in thev final
        minutes of a huge game.
        Tommys kids have nothing to beashamed of. Neither
        boycow or glaze or hearne mentioned his kids and what
        they were going thru reading the unearther trash that
        was coming public after their dad grew ill.
        Hows that worked out. hearne using his go to guy to evaluate a disease he
        knows absoltuly nothing about. I’m sre that story
        was asfull of hole as any story written.
        Its funny tha t dozens of aggregators and nites wronte
        stories aobut tommy. In the comments section you
        amost none of the vile/disgusting comments you’d find
        on tkc or kcc.
        Nothing. Many were compassionate and healing when
        talking about tommy.
        But in kc..his hometown..his careers starting point the
        blogs were filled with lies/hate/and attempts to smear
        the man.
        He was no angel…and sometimes liked to tell his
        successes with women. Sound familiar…but I heard he
        was also a great father…but like all men…there were
        no rules or instruction manuals on how to follow
        the right way to raise a kid.
        I have noexcuses for the man. Ichoose to let people
        live their lives as they wishs. Or to try to protect
        those who are the are being attacked.
        We once had a nicer gentler society that was behind
        the little guys making good.
        I’m sure more dirt will coe out. But no one story
        jives with the next. Probably because we stilldon’tknow
        about hiv/aids etc.and we haventseen its devastating
        effect on another human
        Tommy ate…breathed…and eventually was guided
        to his final resting place.
        For those who knew him…we knew his modeof operation
        ad hismanynothces on the headboard.
        but again to tangle.
        But to continue to runthe man downbefore his
        body has becomecold isinitself adisgrace.e
        H e lived with whatever disese he hadfor what 18 19 years.
        Nodrugs…notherapy…without the drugs tat might have
        saved his life.is
        He wasa roller coaster life. I hopethat everyone involved
        steps back and accentuates the positive of his life.
        I’m don’t condone nor support his inability to believe
        wht “science ” told him
        may he rest in peace. The
        haters will be out to try to tear up hireputation.
        What good does all this hate have to do now.
        Insread we should be celebrating wt.hat did do right.
        Another life that went awry.
        Maybe this will be story to save lives.
        But the man has family and they need to be
        shown love and care.
        tommy Morrison was in no way a saint hearne.
        None of us are. We’ve all takenthe detour in to the
        problems in life.
        He tired to correct his course…too bad someone
        didn’t keep hm straight and narrow. Had he followed
        browns advie tis whole story never gets written.
        May he restin peace and may his family and friends
        and those who only knew him from the tvor from’afar,,
        we all make mistakes in life..it’s how we correct them
        and adjust to them that makes a diffence.
        tommy lived his life “in his own way”…and never
        backed down on his decision.
        I know whats happening…him andBC are running
        wild inheaven. its the right place for him and the
        both of them are creating more crazy stuff.
        may god blesseveryone who was hurt by this man’s
        actions. ear Everyone lost in this one. How shameful.
        And oh eeah hiv/aid s still exists…30k a year die from it.
        I guarantee tommy wasn’t the only one who lived his
        life on the edge.
        Life is about making decisions and facing the
        repurcussions of the way an individual reacts to
        the bad ones…while enjoying those great special
        rip tony…the final bell has rung. The decision remains
        godblesshis lovedones…his familyand those whoacutally
        knew that behind that tough guy image w.as a human
        being who sometimes strayed offcourse but was never
        knocked down tilthis week.

    • admin says:


      This is a story that a pretty reliable source says that Tommy told him.

      Frankly, I have no reason to doubt Craig on the retelling.

      • DR says:

        “This is a story that a pretty reliable source says the Tommy told him.”
        This would be exactly how it eould read in the National Enquirer! Still a joke, Hearne. At least for the 20+ years I’ve known about you!

        • admin says:

          Dude, this is a first hand, on-the-record account by an established local businessman and club owner who has three nationally recognized boxing documentaries under his belt, a book and movie deal and was in negotiations with Morrison for an HBO movie.

          You think Craig would just make this up out of thin air?
          And btw, you need to read the Enquirer more closely. They would have used an unnamed source more than likely rather than a widely known public figure.

          • DR says:

            “And btw, you need to read the Enquirer more closely. They would have used an unnamed source more than likely rather than a widely known public figure.”

            LOL, You just made my point that I’ve been pushing about you all day with this one paragraph. It is testiomy to the kind of garbage jounalist that you are by knowning how the Enquire would structure a sourced (ha) quote.

          • DR says:


          • No Woll says:

            HEARNE, we now realize you’ve been in glazer’s pocket forever! Until know we could only suspect….. Now we know.

            Just because someone has a book” and/or a movie deal means nothing about credibility.
            For God’s sake you so-called journalist; “The Hitler Diaries”, “The Mormon Will”, and the “Protocols of Zion” were books too, you fool!
            Despite the highly questionable nature of
            Glazer’s stature as a producer, his self documented admissions of cons, frauds, and even violent crime, and his love affair with everything related to ‘stings’, you have finally revealed your admiration for this obvious fraud. You are nothing more than a sychophant for a con artist who has earned a masters degree in the subject “Cashing in; There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute”

      • DR says:

        No Woll, Hearne is to Glazer as Bob Getz was to Carl Peterson, a puppet.

  5. CG says:

    This story was around for some time. Hearne asked me about it today. The truth is Morrison likely doesn’t know for sure how he got it. I also mentioned using needles for steroids at the gym is a possible, people who did steroids may have used other needles thinking they were clean, this was a way before people knew about AIDS. I said I liked Morrison. If this is what happened, it doesn’t make him evil. He was a player and had many women, no surprise there. AIDS is blood to blood and what Morrison’s tale brings out is he was cut she was bleeding, so it would have been blood to blood. Again nobody will ever know, but the story was out long before he died. I represented Champions Forever trying to get Tommy and his people to move on an HBO deal, we were not a team. They thought they could do better, in the end they never did anything.

    I read about this girl who says her friend got AIDS from Morrison, this all after he died. I never heard that before, but you all jumped on him and called him ‘dirt’ not knowing if it was true or not, she was a name on a website that may not be real. You didn’t care. You just want to hate on someone who had a shinny life til it wasn’t. That is who most of you comment people here are, hateful jerks. Again not all, but too many. Over and over and over.

    While Morrison made mistakes, he also gained international fame as a talented fighter, one you all cheered for before he fell. He didn’t want to get sick it happened. Many stars have sex with a large amount of women, you don’t hate them. Morrison let us down, not because he got HIV, but because he LOST and fell from grace. The crimes he did were minor and out of being a broke pass it man with nowhere to turn. He needed friends not hateful, want to be’s like many of you who would have lined up to meet him when he was on top. You are the public, the MOB, we love the winner, but God help him after the fall, there will be nobody around to catch him. Hearne as always takes things from context, what he wants to put out there and leaves much out. I said many good things bout Morrison. It’s true he put this story out there, did it happen, who knows, was it the thing that made him ill, who knows. We will never know, but to hate on me for giving out to Hearne one explanation of what may have happened is just your way of being again jealous and small, as always.

    • Irishguy says:

      “. . . this was a way before people knew about AIDS.”

      Really, Glazer? Morrison was discovered to be HIV-positive in February 1996, before a scheduled bout against Arthur Weathers in Vegas.

      1996 was “way before people knew about AIDS”?

  6. Mysterious J says:

    I am on the phone with the Pulitzer committee right now discussing a special achievement award for this story.

    • CG says:

      That would go to Hearne not me, my story is up now on Tonys…a bit more complete than this one. Again I liked Morrison, how he got HIV doesn’t change that…could happen to ANYONE that is a player, ANYONE. DOESN’T MAKE HIM A CRIMINAL. I’d like more information on this lady who posted Tommy gave her girlfriend AIDS and she died, find that one hard to believe, why are we just now hearing this story? If its true, so sorry, just a bit odd to come out now.

      • Dreamwriter326 says:

        It’s not that tough to find that gal, Craig. She listed her name as Debbie Moore-Miller, and a quick Facebook search turns up someone who very easily could have been (and still be) a ring girl. I tend to believe her.

    • admin says:

      While you’re at it, why don’t you take a break Mysterious from patting yourself on the back and put your name in nomination for the Comments Section Pulitzer. You should qualify nicely both for the insightful questioning and humor categories.

      Could be a two bagger!

      • Mysterious J says:

        Hey, where in my confession that I read you for your pettiness and salaciousness do you get me patting myself on the back?

        I am not sure if there is actually a Pulitzer for pseudo journalism…I am, however, positive there is not one for online comments sections. That fact that I am in your head shall have to be reward enough for my efforts here today.

        • DR says:

          Because he’s a shallow person, Mysterious J. When he got his DUI in ’09 he was more concerned about getting his mugshot redone rather than showing any remorse for driving drunk.

        • admin says:

          Must be nice, Mysterious

          That you got my attention a couple times for like 30 seconds and it made your day?

          Glad to be of service

  7. Very sad that such a talented guy passed away so young! We all lived the wild life back in the day…Let us not forget Tommy’s talent and what a shame it was wasted!
    God gives us a special talent some choose to use it and others choose to throw it away. Very sad that we will never know the demons that Tommy dealt with daily…he is now at peace….I met him several times and seemed like a sweet guy trapped in the media blitz, that can destroy even the best of souls. RIP Tommy you are now at peace!

    • CG says:

      Well said Candice. Hope you are well. Miss you. Everytime I think of Jack I think of you. I miss him every day. Every day.

      • No Wol says:

        I knew Jack when he was younger, and he made it clear that he felt utterly mistreated by his older male relations. He was treated like a dog by bigger, worse dogs, and it ruined any chance he had for solace. He died a tragic, lonesome figure, who only seeked the approval of his criminal older relations.\\\\

  8. BS says:

    a new low.

  9. Doug Orsmond says:

    Tommy risk his life each time he got in the ring. He had a warrior personality. You expect a warrior to be gentle, kind, modest and shy?? If he he would have lost an arm to cancer, he would still be out there boxing. If he would have lost a leg, he would be out there boxing. So is it any surprise that HIV didn’t stop him from continuing his life? Due to the common herpes explosion from 1980, those women knew they should use a condom. Some probably had condoms in their purses. Doubt the girls were ignorant about sex or inexperienced. It takes 2 people, both refusing to use a condom to spread HIV. So I think both parties are equally responsible, and its their business if they want to risk catching something. Lets not blame just Tommy. One of those girls had HIV already – that’s how he got it. He was a victim too! Tommy was the 1st victim of this horrible story. Does anyone feel sorry for him?


    • admin says:

      Good point, Doug.

      I think a lot of people feel sorry for him, but not universally. Not after the life Tommy lead and the things he did, including to his family and before he was diagnosed.

  10. Doug Orsmond says:

    If you have read about Mike Tyson and other boxers you know they are extremely aggressive in everything they do. People used to blame the girls Tyson “hurt” by saying “they knew he was Tyson, what did they expect would happen”? Give Tommy credit for that same level of danger. He was not a chess, tennis player or golfer. He was a very brutal boxer! You people cheered when he would viciously beat the conciousness from his opponents in the ring, now you criticize his lovemaking? Some of you will catch an STD someday, and may not even know it….will you then be a terrible person or a victim? Give him a break…..

  11. It’s hard to react to that stuff, Hearne. Sounds like mostly B.S. for shock value from your sources. But regardless, I’ve no dog in the fight. Morrison was a world class caliber puncher, with a highly suspect chin, and a terrible propensity to derail himself through his demons and party animal side. Gotta give him this: He was always highly entertaining to watch, since he (much like another troubled local soul — Victor Ortiz) could win by knockout or be knocked out at any given moment. Now That’s Entertainment, Baby!

    • Irishguy says:

      Isn’t unprotected sex with multiple “partners” — some of whom at least are also as promiscuous — kind of like Russian Roulette? When the gun finally goes off and you wind up dead, who are you a victim of besides your own stupidity?

  12. Bizzle Dunkers says:

    Tommy was a big cokehead back in the day and birds of a feather flock together with CG who was in the cola distribution business.

    Truth be told he probably got the virus from gay sex. Those don juan lothario types usually swing gay a few times.

    • admin says:

      Craig wasn’t in the coke distribution business.

      He was absolved of that charge.


      • CG says:

        Thanks for the support Hearne. Appreciate it when you set the record straight. Course with all the bullets fired my way that is a job in itself. Ha.

  13. JohnnyG says:

    CG, Hearne or Harley I hope you did not misunderstand what I said earlier. I in no way wanted to imply that you made up the story about how Tommy Morrison contracted HIV. I believe he did tell you that. I moved back to KC from Denver in 88 or 89. I was working at the Ramada in Overland Park at that time. Tommy stayed there from time to time and he would have weigh ins there when he had a local fight sometimes. I met him once there. He was intriguing but I saw the way he treated people so I wasn’t really all that impressed at the time. But I thought well he’s 20 or so he’ll grow up. But Tommy had been doing training nearby and having Tough Man matches and already Kansas City was enthralled with this kid. Beginning about that time Kansas City began the love affair with Tommy Morrison. It’s an affair that has lasted all these years. The thing about his HIV. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter how he contracted the virus does it? But like any love affair when you find out that you have been lied to and or deceived all along it tends to make people have all sorts of emotions. Anger, hurt, bitterness and foolishness. Add to that fact that they are no longer here to ask why. Not only his family but his fans loved him and got their hearts broken with lies just like the one he told you. With the truth all be told he will be forgiven no matter what that might be. I hope this makes sense.

  14. Lance The Intern says:

    “Hearne: Scribe Reveals How Tommy Morrison Got HIV”

    No, he doesn’t.

  15. newspaperdelivery says:

    Didn’t he punch some girls. I know he punched one in a bar in Lenexa.

    • Super Dave says:

      Your right he did more than once. I as well saw him get into a beef with a guy over a girl but this was after Tommy had shoved her. Least that night Lenexa’s finest had two officers there that get it handled quick and fast as Tommy was escorted out the door and told to never come back. Craig can paint Tommy how ever he wants but way, way more people than him in the Midwest know the real story about the real person. Sort of like the old saying “One “oh sh*t” can erase a thousand attaboys.” Well in Tommy’s case it was a couple of attaboys and a thousand oh sh*t’s.

  16. Zinmon says:

    Donkey Punch would be more accurate!

  17. Rich says:

    “I know, because he used to run into those adult stores and get lube or whatever, and I said, ‘Why do you get that?’”

    So you really didn’t know what lube from a porn shop is for? That doesn’t sound like a real conversation.

  18. Skeptic says:

    Please quit pummeling the deceased equine.

  19. CG says:

    Folks the guy you all say you once know is now gone. He was a famous, flawed Kansas City Star. He had his good side and bad side. Enough has been said and written. His passing was no surprise, he had been ill and looking poorly for years. Hearne did get out in front of the real final notice, his death.

    In knowing Morrison, I only knew what I say and observed. He seemed no better or worse than most young pro sports stars I knew in the 90’s. As I wrote in another story on Tommy, its the way it is, has been and always will be…we help make these young men what they are…spoiled and pampered…adored and loved….they are young and human so too many of them let that go to their head.

    Tommy Morrison was a lightening bolt in this town. His likes may never be seen again. For the good, the bad and the ugly. May he rest in peace.

  20. CG says:

    P.S. I notice Hearne added my five movies were videos, all were not on boxing either..all of them were feature films in movie theaters including here in Kansas City. There was much press on Latin Legends which opened in KC with a premier at Stations Casino Theaters back then around 96. There several celebrity guests including Michael Buffer..”Lets get ready to rumble” and one of the films stars former champ Carlos Ortiz, some Chiefs including Nick Lowery and I believe Hearne and Jeff Flanagan were there as well. They even had fights televised by ESPN, a light weight title fight and a special, two female fighters one the cover of Life Magazine gal Christine Dupree, my former girlfriend in LA when she was a Penthouse Centerfold..fun night…so all my films though doc’s were in theaters and are not videos except they are all on DVD now as all films end up…

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