Hearne: Cleaning Up the Cowtown — One (Off Duty) Cop At A Time

kc-mo-police-departmentAbout the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners decision to allow off duty police to moonlight a security for local bars and taverns…

Win, win is the way police and bar owners view the move. Stationing cops outside some of the more troublesome nightclubs and bars should work as a deterrent to bad guys doing bad things as well as free up on duty police to attend to murders, mayhem and the like rather than effectively babysitting irascible drunks.

Better yet, with the bars picking up the tab.

It’s not like Kansas City Police aren’t used to working part time after hours or anything.

Bring_on_the_Bad_Guys“Last year 1,000 different police officers worked off duty,” says off duty police coordinator, officer Matt Masters.

That’s out of a total KCMO police force of around 1,200 officers. With maybe just 30 to 40 percent of those officers working off duty on a regular basis, with an average shift of four hours.

“The last three years off duty police have worked 300,000 man hours or more annually,” Masters says. “Every hour of the day about 30 police officers are working off duty, seven days a week.”

Bad guys beware.


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One Response to Hearne: Cleaning Up the Cowtown — One (Off Duty) Cop At A Time

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    I know a female officer in OP, made $120K a year because of all the overtime and off duty gigs! That changes the view we have of the poor cops, struggling to make it on $30K.
    Im all for this. The only thing that would make it better would be to put all the bars on one street, name it MLK, then by name alone, problems would vanish.
    Nice story.

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