New Jack City: Your 2013 Hollywood Barometer

melissa-mccarthy-sandra-bullock-06So what’s the 2013 movie season been like to date?

With the summer movie’s winding down, it’s time to look back and see which ones have scored the best to date.

Here then are the top dozen films at the domestic box office since January 1, 2013. (U.S. and Canada.)

man-of-steel# 1—“IRON MAN 3”  ($407.6 million)

# 2—“DESPICABLE ME 2” ($326.4 million)

# 3—“MAN OF STEEL” ($287.7 million)

# 4—“MONSTERS UNIVERSITY” ($258.5 million)

# 5—“FAST & FURIOUS 6” ($ 238.0 million)

# 6—“OZ: THE GREAT & POWERFUL” ($234.9 million)

# 7—“STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS” ($226.2 million)

# 8—“WORLD WAR Z” ($195.9 million)

# 9—“THE CROODS” ($186.6 million)

# 10–“THE HEAT” ($149.4 million)

# 11–“THE GREAT GATSBY” ($144.5 million)

# 12–“IDENTITY THIEF” ($134.5 million)


* Of the 12 winning titles, half were sequels and/or tentpole continuations.

* Three of the top 12 were animated family comedies.

* Four fell into the super hero category.

* And chubby hottie (?) Melissa McCarthy pulled off the (almost) impossible – namely having TWO top grossing hits in theaters within a 4-1/2 month period.

(And to think I sat through all of them. Obviously)
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5 Responses to New Jack City: Your 2013 Hollywood Barometer

  1. chuck says:

    Jack, you are going to be shocked when I tell ya that those flicks just don’t resonate with me.

    That said, lemme spread a little sunshine today, instead of my usual misanthropic slog.

    Got a chance this weekend to see “The Place Beyond The Pines”. Gosling and Cooper have some real talent and this vehicle was taut, finely paced, well written and shot beautifully. I loved it.

    Then, to top off the best movie weekend of the year, I caught “Mud”. Holy cow, what a flick!

    Actors always run their traps about their “Art” and usually it is total BS. Matthew Mcconaughey is Rembrandt in this film. The casting director should retire, it won’t ever happen again. The 2 kids in this flick pull you into a teeneage tableau fraught with expected angst over girls, parents and loss that is elevated by a story line imbued with love, betrayal and danger.

    Sure, you’re gonna remember reading Huck Finn and if this was any other movie you could use the word contrived in some places. Not here baby, this is real meat and potatoes with seconds for any and all members of the family.

    In my opinion, if you havn’t reviewed this one, you should, it should come up big, BIG in Feb.

  2. StillAtMyMoms says:

    Yeah, Chuck, I second what he said about “The Way, Way Back”, too. If you thought those two were good, wait till you see that one.

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