Starbeams: Hourly Royals Too Cheap to Buy PEDs, Paula Deen Nixes Dancing With Stars

eric-hosmerGood news!  None of the Royals were suspended by Major League Baseball because none of our players could afford performance enhancing drugs.  Yet another advantage of being paid by the hour.


K-State football coach Bill Snyder admitted to flunking out of the University of Missouri as a freshman in 1958.  This explains why he went on to have great success at K-State!


imagesAl Roker was late for his TV gig for the first time in 40 years because he overslept Tuesday.  I’m never sure what to think when Al says he woke up POOPED.


Paula Deen has turned down an offer to appear on “Dancing with the Stars.”   That’s bad news for people who like to watch Rescue 911.

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