Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Wolverine’ Goes Solo—Puts Claws to Japan

the-wolverine-hugh-jackman-bloody-clawsSo you missed last week’s Comic-Con…

What, again? Not to worry.

You can re-live a couple of hours of it this weekend in THE WOLVERINE when Hugh Jackman returns for a sixth big outing in Marvel’s X-Men franchise—but with a twist.

This one is a stand-alone edition which almost feels like a spinoff. Hence no mention of X-Men in the title.

Here a series of nightmares, flashbacks and circumstances prompt the Clawed One to venture to modern day Japan where he faces unexpected and deadly opponents in life-and-death battles that leave him forever changed.

“You don’t want what I’ve got…..”

Yes, the Wolvertine for the first time finds himself vulnerable as he’s being pushed to his physical and emotional limits. Far away from home confronting not only samurai steel but his inner struggle against his own immortality.

“A lot of people have tried to kill me….but I’m still here.”

The_Wolverine_31990All that plus crazed ninja fighting and a sexy mutant named Viper—a.k.a. evil mutant bitch.

So does Wolverine get his nails trimmed?

He sure does, but rest assured that in Marvel’s universe they grow back fast. And what about his self-surgery? Well let’s just say the Wolverine is amazing.

the-wolverine-hugh-jackman-bone-claws-600x406All of that in a neat visual package during which the powerful bad dudes drive German Audi’s and Mercedes cars. Go figure.


(Guess they’re too good for own their homeland’s Lexus and Infiniti counterparts.)

My favorite scene?

A killer battle atop a speeding bullet train as the fighting parties try to dodge overhead obstacles that could literally tear their heads off.

And once the end-credits begin to roll, DON’T LEAVE YOUR SEAT!

About 40 seconds into the credit crawl a surprisingly lengthy scene suddenly pops up with some very familiar faces which teases the future of the franchise.

The-Wolverine-Viper-LoganFinally to the matter of 3D or not 3D.

This movie was converted to the third dimension in post production. Not that they did a bad job but here the 3D process adds practically nothing to the enjoyment of the film. You would be wise to save the up-charge and convert it instead to calorie counting sustenance at the concession stand.

The PG-13 rated THE WOLVERTINE scores a B- from this reviewer.

(Reviewed at Cinemark, Merriam.)

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5 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Wolverine’ Goes Solo—Puts Claws to Japan

  1. chuck says:

    This flick should be a “See Me After Class”.

    Then you could shoot the student and bury him under the swing set.

  2. brother sunday says:

    What happen to the 3.5 out of 5 ?!?! We were 1 through 5, now we are A through F? Omfg.. Now what? You know this Kansas City, Jack. We are so scared of change. Plus this kills my bashing of everything getting 3.5s. Now what?
    All kidding aside, I do appreciate the advice to skip the 3d. Cheers, Jack.

    • jack p. says:

      hey brother, Hearne hasn’t convinced me yet to change my 1 to 5 ‘Ticket Stubs’ scale on radio. So if you need numbers check me out Friday mornings at 6:40 a.m. and again at 8:40 a.m. on KMBZ Fm & Am.
      As for the new letter system here on KCC I’m afraid there will still be some B+ ‘s and C- ‘s.

  3. Josh Cote says:

    spoiler alert so how does he get his adamantium claws back cuz all the movie shows is his bone claws?

    • jack p. says:

      Josh, think of it as Hollywood magic. Remember anything is possible in the Marvel universe!

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