Hearne: WTF? Star Celebrates ‘Creepy-Ass Crackers’ & White Trash

WT classy

Very classy

Does it strike anybody else as hypocritical that after days of preaching political correctness, championing racial harmony and calling for more sensitivity where stereotypes are concerned, that up pops a giant photo spread on the Kansas City Star website celebrating -wait for it – creepy-ass crackers.

One alert KCC reader was a little shocked.

WT crotch dance

Classier yet

“Now that they finished chastising everyone about being racially insensitive, here come the white trash party pics on their main page, with a link to the gallery,” says one alert KCC reader.

The photographs were taken by Nightlife KC and featured in the Star and it’s offspring weekly, INK.



What’s next?

“I assume the ghetto party pics are soon forthcoming? I couldn’t believe it when I went from your link to Hoopz front-page scolding to the Star’s main page, which had these pics.”

No need to go on and on, the pictures tell the story.

WT beer gut toast

Skoal, baby!








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8 Responses to Hearne: WTF? Star Celebrates ‘Creepy-Ass Crackers’ & White Trash

  1. the dude says:

    Oh, those crazy-assed honkies.

  2. What’s so creepy-ass cracka about that blonde broad at the top? I’d like to hit that $hit.

  3. Sergent Shriver Stedenko says:

    I appreciate the quick publish on these. Aside from reminding us that ad revenue trumps a good scolding, NightlifeKC reminds us that nobody ever looks as good as you think they did at the bar.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    I know a man who makes his living, selling stocks and options
    He wears fine clothes and drives nice cars but when nobody’s watching
    He puts catsup on his steak and wipes his mouth of on his sleeve
    You might think his family tree looks something like a reed

    In the meantime you may find me in a continental palace
    Dinning with some heads of state and drinking from a chalice
    But I’ll probably get drunk and start a brawl
    ‘Cause there’s a little bit of white-trash in us all
    Some more than others
    Yes, there’s a little bit of white trash in us all
    Not just causcasians…
    (apologies to Jeff Porter for mangling the words)

  5. mark smith says:

    If you stare at the pics in Ink for too long, you’ll catch chlamydia. Fact.
    That said , chances are nobody was shot, , stabbed, or beaten until dead during the taking of the photos. Possibly roofied. Is that Harley in the orange half shirt?

    • the dude says:

      Rumor is also if you get too close in proximity to Glazer you could catch various STDs.

  6. Chris Lyon says:

    Holy Cow. That is my niece. Not really surprised.

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