Hearne: New Accuser Says Not Only Did Paula Deen Use N-Word, She Used Gay Slurs

PaulaDean_621_480x360Look, I know what some of you guys are thinking…

You’re thinking Paula Deen didn’t do it. She got a raw deal on her alleged use of the “N Word.” I know because Paul Wilson as much as told me that last week. After all, Deen says she only uttered the word at knifepoint a couple decades back.

And black people get away with using – not just that – but the word “cracker” and all sorts of pejorative terms for whites. Color it, the White Man’s Burden, a double standard that won’t quit.

But hold it right there, gang.

Because the National Enquirer has Deen’s critic’s backs.

That’s right, the National Enquirer – and don’t take that the wrong way.

I’ve subscribed to the Enquirer for years owing to my need to keep my toe in the door for national celebrity news and gossip, because of my job at the Kansas City Star. And in that time I’ve come to recognize the vast differences between the Enquirer and the rest of the so-called gossip zines and tabloids on the market in this country.

Paula_Dean_225xIn short, the Enquirer may play a bit loose on some stories, but when the rubber meets the road on the important news – O.J. Simpson, John Edwards, Johnny Depp – nobody else in this country comes close.

Stargazing being among the worst, only because zero reporting or fact checking goes into most of the material, with the object of the game being to allow the copy editor de jour or whomever to just add snarky commentary. I don’t recall seeing any corrections there ever, although I know from my time at the newspaper they’ve had some doozy mistakes.

Now on to Paula Deen…

The headline last week: “Paula Deen Used Vile Gay Slurs! Claims Ex-Employee

Notice how the headline is attributed. Believe it or not, the Enquirer takes its reporting seriously. They’ve been sued and lost in the past and they take pride in the many scoops they’ve continued to report in recent years. Stories that resulted in followup stories in the mainstream media like the New York Times and People Magazine…oh and Stargazing.

“All hell has broken loose in Paula Deen’s kitchen since The Enquirer revealed that she admitted using the N-word in a recent court deposition,” the story begins.

“The Enquirer was the first to reveal the bombshell scandal, which stemmed from a discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Lisa Jackson, a former general manager at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House, which Paula co-owns with her husband Earl Bubba Hiers in Savannah, Georgia.

“Now we have the firsthand account from ANOTHER former employee, Renee Mincey McDonald, who claims that the black staff members at Paula’s restaurant, the famous Lady & Sons, “were treated like animals.”

McDonald worked there as a waitress between 1998 and 2003 and passed a polygraph test about allegations in a previous Enquirer story about unsanitary conditions at the eatery.

Her latest claim:

That Deen did indeed use the N-word as recently as 10 years ago and would also refer to homosexuals as fags.

“Nigger was Paula’s favorite word – she used it all the time,” McDonald says. “I’ve heard Paula specifically say she ‘did not want any niggers working in front of the house as hostesses, waiters or bussers.'”

And multiple Deen employees have come forward since the scandal broke to claim she routinely discriminated against black workers with one Deen family member reportedly referring to a black cook as “my little monkey.”

A Deen spokesperson denied that she used either term.

You decide.

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37 Responses to Hearne: New Accuser Says Not Only Did Paula Deen Use N-Word, She Used Gay Slurs

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    Paul Wilson did say that, still says that, and it was GUN point, not knife.
    And I dont buy the white mans plight. It was a hundred years ago, we don’t live in slave times, I didnt enslave Kanye, my grandfather didn’t his grandfather, its over! Period.
    Now, if its a liberal, oh, lets say Alec Baldwin, he can get by with all kinds of things, utter or scream about anything he chooses and gets a free pass. So, it has its bounderies on the white side of town where words and phrases are clearly ok and… not ok.
    My money says she comes back with a new show and more viewers than before. I’m just tired of the whole double standard, white man or not. If its wrong, its wrong. If its OK, its OK.

    • admin says:

      What did I tell you guys?

    • Fresh says:

      “After all, Deen says she only uttered the word at knifepoint a couple decades back.”

      What part of she wanted to have black waiters at her brother’s wedding so it would look like an old time Southern plantation wedding?

      I agree with you, though. It’ll blow over soon and she’ll be fine.

      I don’t think anyone pays attention to Alec Baldwin like they did with Paula Deen. He doesn’t have an empire. He’s just a whiny actor. Not sure that was the best comparison. But I pray to God that Guy Feiri has some skeletons in his closet so he goes away.

  2. the dude says:

    After she made her diabetes announcement with advertisement in hand she lost any semblance of credibility with anyone. This just firms up her public image as being a greedy bigot.

    • admin says:

      A rich, greedy bigot who’s forthcoming cookbook sales are reportedly thru the roof.

      I’m planning to kiss up to Paul starting around Thanksgiving in the hope that I’ll get one for X-Mas!!!!

      • the dude says:

        No thanks, her recipes are just full of butter, lard, tons of sugar and other horrible crap that gave her diabetes in the first place.
        Bourdain was right about her, she is toxic sludge to the cooking world.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Already have yours, signed….. it says;

        “Paul asked me to sign this to his friend, so, to light in the loafers Hearne and your gay-ass Fiat, this books for you! (…with YOUR money you should have had one of the domestics come fetch this for you so my friend Paul doesnt have to mess with it, he’s a busy man, ya homo)”

  3. Bob in Eudora says:

    Alec Baldwin example says it all. What exactly does “treated like animals” mean. Most animals I know get treated better than people. When’s the last time someone rubbed your belly for 5 minutes?

    • Hearne says:

      In Paul’s case, I think it’s a monthly occurrence. Every First Friday he gets his belly rubbed, I’m told

  4. chuck says:

    Am I the last guy on earth with a bad temper?

    Jesus, when is enough, enough?

    Paula is such a whiney bitch it’s nauseous. How much money do ya need?

    Hey Paula, lemme get this on paper for your next public humiliation tour stop. Here is what ya say Paula.

    “Yes, I said it, I shouldn’t have said it. If you don’t fuc*in like it, I don’t see any fuc*in anchor tied to your azz, do something about it. Food Network go fu*k yourself. Matt Lauer, go fu*k yourself, all my chickenshit sponsors, go fu*k yourself, I am done apologising. Did all you azzholes get that recorded? Good.

    I feel better, I hope you do too.

    • Hearne says:

      I’m not sure I share your sentiments completely, Chuck, but…

      At her age and with the kinda dough she undoubtedly has, I don’t get why she’s subjecting herself – and us – to these tearful and probably phony apologies.

      Just take the money and run. Have fun and try to do some good for mankind before you die and let the matter drop.

      She undoubtedly knows what she did was wrong in the eyes of society – I lived and worked in the South for quite some time and I understand that it’s a different world down there.

      Why fight it? Just go away…after I get my collectors edition cookbook from Paul, which by the way isn’t out yet, Mr. Autograph.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Chuck, since Hearne said he wasn’t sure he agreed with you completely, Id like to add, I agree with you COMPLETELY.

        And, Hearne, I know its not out yet. Paula and I are tight, she got me a trade copy, prepublication.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Wanda Sykes said it best, she should have tongue-kissed Al Roker and gave him a lap dance on the Today show.

  5. Paul says:

    The company my wife worked for until last year was based in Savannah, so we have spent some time there. On our last visit to Lady and Sons our server was not only African-American, but was a Grandview native, who was attending the Savannah College of Art and Design. There were also other servers of color, which shoots down McDonald’s claim that this practice didn’t exist.

    I’m not saying Paula is innocent of all accusations, just that the pile-on mentality seems to be in play here.

    • Hearne says:

      It doesn’t shoot down anything, wild man.

      Check the dates that McDonald worked there. Gotta read the fine print, dude.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      It always confuses me when you comment, Paul. It makes me think I said something and didnt remember saying it!

  6. mark smith says:

    Alec Baldwin makes gay slurs, no problem. The voice of Elmo turns out to be a short eyes, give him a couple of emmy awards. Polanski drugs and buggers a young girl, get over it. A 60 plus year old woman from the deep south uses the dreaded n word and it’s off with her head. White progressives love to show righteous indignation over anyone from their tribe using a racial slur, unless of course it’s one of their own liberal progressive brethren. Deen was the perfect target. They filleted her like a catfish. Progressives pat each other on the back. Job well done. We are good people.
    Let some black guy assualt, rob, rape, kill , a loved one, and that dreaded N word will roll off their lips smooth as silk. It isnt a surprise that a southern woman in her 60’s used a racial slur, or even a gay one. The surprise is that she was stupid enough to admit it under oath, knowing what the media would do to her. So, plus 10 for her honesty. Minus 10 for her stupidity. It’s a wash.

  7. Orphan of the Road says:

    And so Jesus walks into the crowd and says, “Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone.” And the crowd bowed their heads in shame.

    Then a rock strikes the harlot in the head.

    “You know, Mom, sometimes you really piss me off”, sighed Jesus.


    The MO/KAN meeting for P>40WHNSTNW ( people over 40 who have not said the ‘N’ word) will be held at Jardine’s.

    We apologize for the size of the accommodations but a smaller venue could not be secured.

  8. hou arley says:

    I was down at an lsu football game….eating dinner at a nice restaurant…
    the 2 couples behind us when they wanted the waiter referred to
    him as a n******.
    Shocked the hell out of me.
    That’s the way it is down there. So if you’ve not been there you can’t
    understand that its not taken as harshly as people take it up north.
    By the way…I’ve received numerous emails about the zimmer trial.
    I predicted two days intothe trial that Zimmerman walks.
    Remem ber this is not a black and white trial…its a black and Hispanic
    trial but the media can’t make much of a hsipanic shooting a black
    kid so they ginned up the wording to make it seem that Zimmerman
    was white to get big ratings. Hopefully things are cool at the verdict
    but every whinery could have gottn Zimmerman off murder 2.
    the prosecution just seemed like they were lost without any real
    witnesses to prove their case and the girlfriend of trayvon (uh rachquel?)
    she was a huge big bust for the prosecution.
    love to all…peace.

    • the dude says:

      It is not a black and anything trial you doodyhead. It is a murder trial and unfortunately everyone wants to insert race into the equation to skew the outcome. Race should not have anything to do with it.

  9. breck says:

    correction: “which Paula co-owns with her husband Earl Bubba Hiers in Savannah, Georgia.”
    Earl Bubba Hiers is Paula Deen’s brother. Her first husband was Jimmy Deen (why her boys surnames are also Deen). She is presently married to Michael Groover.

  10. hou arley says:

    paulas famous in the south…where they could care less about the n word.
    its only the north and west that the n word is so forbideen.
    put her on larry the cable guys show…the show where they wrestle alligators…
    duck dynasty…maury….the view but be sure whoppi s on vacation…
    put her on hlnwhere every southern red neck calls in to talk about the
    murder of theday….run her on qvc/…put her on sec football games at half time…
    the sec network….late night tv hustling her new “georgeo foreman soul food
    steamer”….get an endorsement for her from golden corral and dennys….tie her
    into the new Kentucky fried chicken 2000 calorie 8 piece dinner for 1 and poor
    little paula wil make that 17 million she made in 2012 look like beef casserole.
    America will love her…she’s like “mom”…or “grandma” or the relative in the
    family whoscrewed. Howshe became so big is because she filled a void
    ….we were all looking for a real middle class cook….not some foreigh
    lady like lidia or the blonde guy fierro….or some other freaky guy like puck…
    America wanted a real American woman who knew how to cook greasy/buttery/
    calorie laden /unhealthy food at 90% of americans slop down everyday.
    Forget her language…theres enough rednecks in the south to keep this
    lady rolling in vats of lard for the rest of her life……

  11. hou arley says:

    I’vee commented here about chuckels the sad clown of race but here’s something
    written that I could never have come upi with …….read it and understand

    Ku Chuck Klan in all his verbosity fails to mention that the Missouri Town thing is a supposed to commemorate Order 11, issued by a white guy, to force white folks in four counties from their homes because a bunch of other white guys raided Lawrence and killed most everyone, including women and children. Black folks didnt have very much to do with it.

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