New Jack City: From Leipzig to Kansas City — My Legal Journey

West_Germany_&_East_Germany_Flag_Map_(1948_-_1990)Washington is ablaze with immigration issues…

Illegal immigration, to be specific. Like the border security bill being debated with finger pointing galore by both parties.

Do I have an opinion?

Damn right, I do, and it’s bipartisan!

You see, the issue is personal to me, and several people have brought it up lately.

The reason; because I’m a LEGAL immigrant to the United States. Which is why I have very little sympathy for all those illegal Canadians among us. And it’s come to my attention that we now have some unathorized entrants from SOUTH of the border.

When my father and I escaped from the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany) via Berlin to the West, it wasn’t easy to enter the United States.

The first problem being that the U.S. didn’t recognize East Germany. So first we had to become citizens of West Germany which took just under two years. And only then could my father and I visit the U.S. Embassy in Hamburg to apply for immigration.

 Which wasn’t as easy as it may sound.

You see the U.S. has a quota system which dictates how many persons from each country will anually be permitted to obtain a visa for permanent immigration.

It just so happened my father’s brother had moved here in the 40’s, so he became our sponsor which probably fast tracked our application. He also told the Feds that he, as an established business owner, would “look out for us.” Meaning make sure we didn’t become a financial burder to the U.S. Government.

Alhough he had to walk a very fine line in guaranteeing my dad a job upon our arrival in America, because it couldn’t look like the waiting job was denying an American the opportunity to get it.

Missouri Tigers v Nebraska CornhuskersThe bottom line:

About two years after our escape from communist East Germany we arrived by ship in New York City, with Grand Island, Nebraska our final destination where I was inducted into the seventh grade.

Could I speak any English? Not a word (some claim that I’m language challenged to this day).

So how did a survive junior high under those conditions?

They moved me all around from 7th to 9th and to 8th grade classes, depending on which teacher could speak a little German.

As far as my German goes, I don’t get to use it much anymore, except when I run into Scott Parks at KMBZ. He still speaks it well dating back to the days when his family was stationed in Deutschland. And when counting numbers in my head—there it goes again.

Dreizehn und Fuenf ist Achtzehn.

Five years after our arrival to these shores we were sworn in as proud American citizens. And let me assure you that the citizenship test was no breeze.

sgt sCould I take it again today and pass? Probably not.

But it should be hard to make one appreciate the great country we live in.

 Over the years – less so today – I’ve been called a Kraut, a Nazi and more.

Those who’ve gone the Nazi route obviously don’t know their history since I grew up under Communism.

My real name is Juergen. But kids back then had too much fun referring to me as J”ergen” – as in Jergen’s Lotion – hence the name Jack. My legal name however remains Juergen.

Which brings me back to the present and our broken immigration system.

My father and I did everything required by the U.S. to enjoy the priviledges of this great country. And yes, I believe that everyone should have to do the same—be they Canadian, Chinese, Mexican OR even German.

It just doesn’t make sense to support shadow populations.

Here’s hoping for bipartisan immigration legislation and a border security bill—and law—that really WORKS for America.
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29 Responses to New Jack City: From Leipzig to Kansas City — My Legal Journey

  1. Mysterious J says:

    I enjoyed learning about your personal history, and I salute the tenacity of you and your family. However, your story has little relevance to the situation we are dealing with here. and now.

  2. smartman says:

    Do you remember the first fraulein you dumped some Juergen’s lotion into?

    The Senate bill is DOA in the House. Too many loopholes, too much pork. Thank God Senator Ted Cruz is doing John Boehner’s job and whipping the House GOP up on this. He is the real deal. Marco Rubio lost all credibility with me on this issue.

    I’ll support a bill just as soon as the border is secured. I’ll take Joe Arpaio’s word over that chubby dyke on that.

    Enforcement of existing laws might not be a bad place to start either.

    Immigration today, legal and illegal, is bankrupting this country. No Mas.

    All the dems wanna due is flood the system with illegals who will continue to vote for them, and taxpayer paid subsidies and benefits, until we are flat ass broke like Greece.

    Even raging lib Bob Beckel suggested a 3-5 halt on all wholesale immigration so we can finally get our house in order.

    Sounds like a good place to start to me.

    • chuck says:

      Dead on the money smarty.

      I have a good friend who lives around 3rd and Lydia (Long story.). The Fed’s population replacement program has been in full swing down there for some years. My friend has seen hundreds and hundreds of folks from Somalia and Sierra Leone brought in over the last 10 years. They are recipients of Government largess from the time they get here until the day they die. They form gangs, deal drugs and are violent as hell.

      He has stories about these folks that are exactly what you would expect.

      “Immigration today, legal and illegal, is bankrupting this country. No Mas.

      All the dems wanna due is flood the system with illegals who will continue to vote for them, and taxpayer paid subsidies and benefits, until we are flat ass broke like Greece.”

      A couple of months ago I see on CBS 60 Minutes, Steve Croft bringing in a 747 load of Africans who have no idea, seriously, what toilet paper is. It is all very Kimbaya and wonder of woder, not one of them was forced to work as hard as Jack and his family did to get here. What a shock.

      Again, this insanity, this celebration of multiculturalism and diversity that is Balkinizing this country, as it already has in Greece and the rest of Europe, is criminal, pernicious and treasonous.

      The short term benefits of re election to office for Democrats and the continued destruction of heretofore American values and tradition will continue to weaken the underpinnings of this country and wreck us from within.

      The blow back in Greece from the Golden Dawn, in England from the EDL will be matched at some point by similar organizations here in America.

      Down at 3rd and Lydia, when my friend came out of the shower one day to find some of our newest citizens stealing his stuff, he picked up his shotgun and shot them.

      Make no mistake, the continues disenfranchisement of traditional Americans will result, at some point, in a hell of a blood bath.


    • Super Dave says:

      A very public person even more so than Glazer here in KC, wife just became a Canadian citizen but is going to continue to live and work here. Anyway I am hearing of this type stuff more often. My feeling is if you want to denounce your citizenship in the good ole US then you can move your happy ass out.

  3. chuck says:

    Nice article Jack.

  4. smartman says:

    Chuck, you are correct. There is a silent sunami brewing in the mainstream culture, that includes people of all colors and idealogical stripes. This nation no longer benefits from immigration. The immigrants benefit from it. Immigrants have become liabilities, not assets. They are takers, not makers. Even the most progressive liberals see this as a problem.

    It will not take much for the wave to rise up and crash onshore. We need to get back to E Pluribus Unum. The most efficient way is by pulls of the trigger and not the voting lever. Hate to say that but it is true. Now more than ever.

  5. BG says:

    Hi Jack!
    Glad you (and my parents) are here from the old country!

    But it is easy for me to think escaping from E Germany to West Germany is comparable to escaping from Mexico to the USA!

    I don’t think anyone kows what the hell to do!

    Bill Goetze

  6. harley says:

    we knew chuckles and smarmy would inject racist comments and include
    blaming the dems for everything when under obamatheres been
    the largest number of deportations. Again…listeneing to fox news
    gives you the wrong information.
    Jack….this immigration has been going on for decades…started in 60′
    s and before when the farmers needed help bringing in the crops in cali.
    There is a solution…but the politica ns won’t do it because their
    money sources need the labor and remember the bill includes the
    flooding of tech people in to the country too!!!!!!
    And one article said we could keep social security in decent shape if you
    take those 11 millionillegals…get them paying into social security right now…
    think of the billions of dollars we’d get…
    its all typical politics in that bill…money to promote las vegas put in by the
    democrat and republican senators from Nevada (aha!)…plus other b.s.
    that’s made this a pork barrel bill.
    The problem is not the illegal alients or the Mexican immigrants…the problem
    lies solely with the politicians who could give a rats ass about the voters and
    the people of the nation. They know they’ve gotthe power…no ones going to
    take it away….and we’re all just sheep.
    Sorry…plenty of blame to go around…and still big business needs that cheap
    labor…don’t fool yourself…that wall could have been built decades ago if not
    for the big businesses who made billions with the cheap Mexican labor.

    • chuck says:

      Move your azz down to 3rd and Lydia and tell our new citienz you are a brutha in arms.

      Should go well…

      • harley says:

        hate..hate…hate….that’s all you know chuckles.
        do you live your entire life hating others and the world?
        every city has aplace like that?
        where were you raised?
        you’ve become the most vile commentator on any blogs
        or internet site ever…
        sad…really sad…you once had a positive look on life.
        Where did you go wrong?
        lifes too short to hate everyone!

      • Super Dave says:


  7. harley says:

    oh…and fyi….theres going to be no immigration bill this year according to the
    top echelons in d.c.
    Which is just what the republicans want. Its that they want to shoot themselves
    in the foot AGAIN> oF COURSE their right wing nut edge of the party doesn’t
    want any amnesty or any really viable solution so we’re going to watch the
    republican party implode over the next 10-15 years as the fastest growing
    populations are going to never vote for a republican.
    I could see Christie and Rubio change parties…they’re going nowhere…and
    come rubios reelection its going to be a tough tough haul.
    Thanks boner/kantor and the rest of the right wing nuts….you’re accepting
    the fact that your grand o party will be dying off as time goes by.
    so boys look for another 16 long beautiful years under democratic
    rule of the nation…….because the dems want to make sure you’re getting
    your ss checks every month

    • Cheech Lifting His Pud says:

      I have renewed faith knowing Harley is also an immigration law authority. Between all the law suits he’s filed and won against KCC and TKC people and working with the “top lawyurs in the nation”, I’m sure he’s picked up a lot of sound legal knowledge. Get his latest newsletter at

  8. smartman says:

    Harley, you ignorant slut. Both parties are to blame for the cesspool of immigration.

    Even you have to admit that the whole damn system is broken and has been forever.

    Time for the El Pollo Loco’s to come home to roost.

    I have no problem with people that want to come here and contribute. 80% of the people that have immigrated illegally to the US are getting some sort of public assistance for doing nothing but occupying space.

    The safety net is turning into a suite at the Four Seasons. That’s B#llsh#t!!!!

    I might let a stranger into my home to use the bathroom. I’m sure not gonna wipe their #ss.

  9. harley says:

    smarmy…dave….I agree…everyone in dc is to blame…if you’re reading my
    posts and my online blogs you’d see this… for example: inmy comments above

    “The problem is not the illegal alients or the Mexican immigrants…the problem
    lies solely with the politicians who could give a rats ass about the voters and
    the people of the nation. They know they’ve gotthe power…no ones going to
    take it away….and we’re all just sheep.
    these pols can’t agree on anything much lessx solve any problems…I’ve
    outlined my program…and its similar to what should have been done
    decades ago…
    build the fence…put the national guard/military on the border…
    legalize pot (take the profits out of it for the Mexican mobs)…
    patrol the border and enforce the laws….and follow the dream act
    but stop screwing around with these ticky tack laws…..we could
    shut the border down in 24 hours…we shut down every airport
    in the u.s. within 30 minutes….they shut down every cell phone
    in boston in 5 minutes….it can be done but until the pols
    get their sh*t together (both of them) we’re just fooling ourselves.

  10. Cheech Lifting His Pud says:

    Pray tell, where are these online blogs? We’d love to read them. Just link us to one.

  11. smartman says:

    Again Harley, speaking for tea baggers, gun nuts, Oath Keepers and decent honest Americans the current immigration bill is DEAD.

    Once the fence is built, border is properly secured and it has been independently verified that all systems, like E-Verify are working properly we can begin a logical discussion about immigration.

    First thing all illegals currently imprisoned in the US get shipped back to where ever home was with their families.

    All other illegals must come forward in an amnesty process do determine who they are, how long they have been here and what they have been doing.

    If they have been employed off the books they rat out the employers.

    They are fingerprinted and swabbed for DNA. This process should take no more than a year to complete. After that time anyone caught illegally in the US gets deported immediately.

    Illegals will be granted conditional amnesty and put on a path to citizenship that is revokable based on their behavior and or burden on federal and state support systems. If they can’t be productive and contribute soyanara “ese”

    Anything less than that is a non-starter.

  12. Libertarian says:

    Father Guido Sarducci called Canadian illegals ‘snowbacks’.

  13. Cheech Lifting His Pud says:

    (still no link to Harlinators important national blog writing examples……. see: another myth)

    • chico's bail bonds says:

      I hope you are not holding your breath waiting for the harlinator’s imaginary blogsite. If you are you will die infinity times over before you get the address.

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