Lowe: Chuck Dials in Some Humility & Humanity for ‘F Day’

fathers-dayJust a short note to the KC Confidential commenting cognescenti and the many readers who depend on this site for news, humor and most importantly sarcasm…

To all your fathers, may God bless them in their struggles, their familial relationships, their vocations and their prayers.

To those of you, whose fathers now rest in eternal peace, as does mine, let us all remember their hopes and dreams for all of us, their children.  Their sacrifices, their joy at our victories and comfort in our defeats and indeed their prayers that we would live a better and far safer life than they did.

5684To those whose fathers are overseas in the military now, come home safe.

To my father who fought so bravely in WWII in the Pacific Theater, to my children’s grandfather on their mother’s side – first through the fence at Dachau – and to my friend Andy whose father flew the Burma Hump, wore the Blood Chit and was shot down over China, to my friend Joe 9er who drove riverboats in Nam and my friend Lou who served on Rag Boats under fire in the same war and the many more friends I have, and our readers have.

To the fathers that never came home, or, if they did, came home so very damaged, we salute you, we love you and please enjoy this very special day, that honors your efforts at home and abroad.

1251051_f260Even to Harley and the Glaze.

Finally, God bless all you fathers who are reading this in the love of your family and your friends here at KCC.

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16 Responses to Lowe: Chuck Dials in Some Humility & Humanity for ‘F Day’

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    Well said and thanks, Chuck. My dad was in Korea, lost him in 2000. My grandfather was more like a dad than my dad was, lost him 6 months prior.
    I raised my four kids swearing the would not be raised as I was; seems in their adulthood, I focus more on what I wish I’d done better or different than how well I did anything in particular.
    Remarried and took over her four, much younger, and doing it all again. Fatherhood, done right, is a job, but a rewarding one if you don’t beat yourself up too badly over the what ifs.
    Nice piece, nicely said.

  2. smartman says:

    Happy Father’s Day Dad
    You’re my number one
    With each passing day
    I’m proud I’m your son
    You’ve taught me so much
    In word, action and deed
    Not sure what else
    I might ever need
    I’ll be there for you
    Up til the end
    Because you’re my dad
    Because you’re my friend

    • Super Dave says:

      Very touching words indeed.

      Now at the risk of saying that to you I have now been labeled as a hater by your two good friends harley and Glazer who will now go to great lengths to make sure the world knows I worship you and your hatred of them.

      • hardly says:

        ewe are a hatter agreeing wit h smarmyman……….maybe ewe shuld start cleaning discusting disease riddun hott tubbs two……a bunch of waeg slave lusers …….four reel good righting…….low4rmoflife@aol.com

        • TheRealHarlinator says:

          acting like me….. or
          ewe will sea me in Fedurul Cort
          it…… I have teems of aturnies
          just waiting
          two sue all you
          looosers bet it.
          As soon as I can get CG off me
          Im heded to Cort to file
          more papers
          on all ewe haters.
          Harly always write all the time
          100 purcent of tha time.
          Hard rians gonna fall id be
          if I was ewe

          • Greg Clazer says:

            You shouldn’t have said that about me…now Crack Barbie is going to be mad and jealous…I thought that was our little secret.

  3. mike says:

    Very well said, Chuck.

  4. admin says:

    Hey, what about the smartman…


  5. Jimmy Cliff says:

    I usually read this on my phone, but I showed this to my dad yesterday Chuck. He realy liked it.

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