Whinery: Do I lose My “Jew-Card” Rooting for Hezbollah?

220px-Bashar_al-Assad_(cropped)As I’ve written previously, it would be a stupid decision by the West to go to war in Syria and my prediction is being validated… 

Not only has Syrian President Bashir-Al-Assad solidified his control of the capital, Damascus, he’s now winning back territory from the “Rebel Scum.”

Why do I refer to the rebels as scum and support the “dictator?” Because its the pro-Israel thing to do!!!

A few examples of misguided “NeoCon” policies…

Its been a TRAINWRECK removing Qaddaffi from power in Libya. That country has gone from being a somewhat peaceful “Secular Dictatorship” to Sharia abiding Islamic Terrorist State that is responsible for killing four Americans in the Benghazi Fiasco.

saddam-hussein-1024And don’t get me started on what a mistake its been removing Hussein from power in Iraq. Not only has China secured most of the oil contracts under Obama’s watch, but we basically did Iran’s bidding. Because for all intents and purposes, the Persians have taken over and are in the process of taking a once secular nation and are transforming it into an Islamic State.

Which brings me back to my “Zionist” leanings.

john-mccain_78dc2To all the Jews, NeoCons or people who respect John McCain: How does removing Assad from power do anything to further the security of Israel or further American values in the region? Because if Assad falls, Al Qaeda takes over- pure and simple.

You can call me crazy, but the best thing that’s happened in this civil war are those Iranian-backed crazies from Hezbollah backing Assad and stopping Al Qaeda from seizing control of Syria.

rumsfeldBecause if I have to choose between Al Qaeda and Hezbollah- I’m picking Hezbollah every time. Which reminds of what Donald Rumsfeld said this week.

Remember when America had a REAL Secretary of Defense?

Rumsfeld said, and I quote, “As you go around the Country, do you have the same sort of sinking feeling that the rest of us have, that Obama has switched sides in the War on Terror? You know, I just don’t feel competent to answer. I just can’t tell.”

Thank you Secretary Rumsfeld.

Obama’s moves in Syria are misguided and nothing more than thinking that Al Qaeda can become an ally- when they are the ENEMY!

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5 Responses to Whinery: Do I lose My “Jew-Card” Rooting for Hezbollah?

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thanks for taking the heat off, my brother. As a result of two stories this week, one of the Kaplan stories where I satirically used the term “Jewish Lawya” and then in my story on the Alaska flood where I did a compare/contrast to Katrina, I’ve now been labeled a full on RACIST!
    I can’t wait to see what awaits you and your Jew Card!!

  2. the dude says:

    I hate to support dictator despots but the alternative (al quaeda, muslim brotherhood) are horrible alteratives to the status quo. One look at Libya, Egypt and Iraq should show backing the rebels that are basically muslim militants is a bad idea.

  3. harley says:

    no whinery you dont lose your jew card…many jews feel the same way so
    don’t go swearing off the matzoh and harosisjust yet.
    Part of the changing world… The middle east should be an irrelevant part of the world right now.
    The oil gushing in the u.s. needs to stay here and we tell the arabs whho
    stole our technology to go f*** yourself and we no longer depend on them
    for anything. cut the arabs off…and their governments wither and fall apart
    without the oil revenues that keep the pr**kcs in power.
    just another change we’re seeing…heck even europe is going arab…they’re
    going to takeover europe pretty soon.
    don’t get down whinery boy…we’ve not more politics to discuss….and god
    forbid kcc loses you and i have no one to debate…

  4. mike says:

    I think you may be right. At least when you have the petty dictators, they are only concerned with themselves. With the radical Muslims taking over all of these countries, they have a common cause and will unite against Israel. Israel was better off before.

    • the dude says:

      Dictators are usually easily paid off also. Relifious idealists and zealots like to cash their checks with blood. Tougher to reason with.

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