Starbeams: Retro Royals LOL, Al Qaeda Expense Reports, Grad Gifts

ad-braniff-airlines-1966-grangerNew Royals bumper sticker:  “Kansas City RoyaLOLs.”


The Royals have brought in George Brett to be their interim batting coach.  And the team will be flying now on Braniff and we’ll all drive Datsuns and everything will be okay!


Turns out Al Qaeda makes its terrorists fill out expense reports.  Seems like no enemy of the Obama administration is safe from being taxed.


The U.S. National Spelling Bee is underway.  It’s like Words with Friends…if your friends are all from India.


The average American gives $111 to high school graduates and $243 to college graduates.  My dad gave me a Bud Light when I finished reform school.

How about some local web radio?  They listen at Commerce Bank, Hallmark, Shawnee Cycle Plaza, Sprint and Buenos Aires, Argentina!  Click here to listen:

Kelly Urich hosts the morning show on The Point 99.7 FM

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