New Jack City: ‘Standees’ Unveils New Movie Eatery Concept

LXLGBMRNTRUHWCO.20081229032933AMC founder Stan Durwood was one of a kind…

He was a trendsetter in the movie exhibition business that no one could or would deny. Sure, some in the industry thought some of his innovations were impractical and outlandish at times.

Who, for example, had ever heard of a multiplex theater? Let alone, God forbid, a four screen complex.

Then there was that December weekend in 1997 when Stan insisted on opening his three new Kansas City complexes—Town Center 20, Barrywoods 24 and Olathe Studio 30—ALL ON THE SAME WEEKEND!

It must’ve been hell on his operations staff.

But in the end Durwood Theatres transformed itself into the all powerful American Multi-Cinema and it was Stan who had the last laugh.

But time doesn’t stand still.

AMC has seen plenty of changes since Stan’s death in 1999, and a lot of his handpicked brain trust has moved on.

Rash_FrankWhich brings us to three of AMC’s previous old guard – former C.E.O. Peter Brown, Frank Rash and Doug Stone – who’ve founded a new company called DinePlex International.

And yes, it involves the moviegoing experience, but no, not the way you’re used to it.

DinePlex’s protoype is an upscale-casual 300 seat restaurant that just happens to have three attached movie theater auditoriums.

And as a tribute to Stan Durwood, DinePlex calls its new operation STANDEES–The Entertaining Eatery. As in Stan and a movie advertising standee combined. Get it?

standees_restaurant_copy_homepage_slideshowAll of which gives an all NEW meaning to phrase, dinner and a movie.

DinePlex plans to open its first Standees in Prairie Village in little more than three weeks on May 24th.

The Entertaining Eatery is located in the Prairie Village Shopping Center just north of the Macy’s store there.
What kind of movies will Standees play?

42-movie-photo-2Definitely adult oriented film fare along the lines of ARGO, LINCOLN, MONEYBALL. And maybe a BOURNE adventure or a GREAT GATSBY. You get my drift.

But the movies will all be first run product utilizing the latest in digital projection and sound presentation.

Yet unlike other theaters offering food and drink service during the show, you won’t have waiters rushing in and out of the auditoriums.

Why? Because you eat in the restaurant area of Standees.

Although you’ll be able to take your dessert and/or adult beverage into the movie auditoriums.

standees_exterior_project_slideshowWhat if you just want to eat and not see a movie?

That’s OK too. Having just lunch or dinner in the restaurant at Standees is perfectly all right. Same goes for the movies. You don’t have to eat at Standees if it’s only a movie you’re wanting to see.

Movie ticket prices will be competitive with other theaters in the area. And the plentiful chef-infused cuisine ranges from $5.00 to $22.00.

As for the demographics Standees is shooting for?

According to DinePlex C.E.O. Frank Rash, the sweet spot will be the 40-plus crowd.

“There will be a cool factor that makes this a place where 21-and-up people want to come and enjoy themselves, but our core audience is mature,” Rash said.

Mature, eh. You talking about ME?

Actually, I can’t wait to try the place out. And if it works the way the ex-AMC team is hoping it will, there could be future Standees sprouting up nationwide.

My personal best wishes to Peter, Frank, Doug and PR guru Justin Scott.

Stan would be proud.
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7 Responses to New Jack City: ‘Standees’ Unveils New Movie Eatery Concept

  1. StillAtMyMoms says:

    I already experienced this before: It’s called home.

    • jack p. says:

      You must have quite a come—and chef. And where are you getting your first run movies from?
      All kidding aside it’s good to get out of the house some time. You should give it a try.

  2. jack p. says:

    thanks kansas carl. And yes I know that it’s already been written about. Matter of fact I first talked about on radio—what…about six months ago?
    Think of this as an update. A reminder of sorts.

  3. smartman says:

    What is their policy regarding “urban scholars”? If it takes a village to raise a child what if they all decide to go to Prairie Village.

    Will the menu have any movie themed specials? Like Goodfellas would be Italian, Django Unchained chicken and waffles.

  4. Brother Sunday says:

    JP it appears you know some folks at DinePlex? Wait… I was trying to find them online. They don’t have a WEBSITE? WTF? Well anyway. Would someone please tell them to stock the bar with Rumple Minze. Thank you in advance.

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