Starbeams: Stale Twinkies Back, Drafting George Jones, Meat Market, Clint’s Couch

george-jones1Twinkies will be available at local stores in 10 weeks as the Twinkie factory in Emporia will start production in eight weeks.  They want the Twinkies to sit on the shelves and age for a couple of weeks because people couldn’t handle fresh Twinkies.


The Chiefs took Eric Fisher in the first round of the NFL draft.  General Manager John Dorsey looks like a genius today because his second choice was George Jones.

clint eastwood dogCheating website says the top restaurants men take women to when they’re having an affair are Morton’s and Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  This can only mean women aren’t having a lot of affairs with radio DJs.


Clint Eastwood‘s wife is being treated for depression.  She says, “When I sit on the recliner, it’s like he’s talking right through me.”

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