Sounds Good: Lemonheads @ The Midland, Farmer’s Ball @ Bottleneck, Black Keys @ Sprint Center

imageAside from some good bands to check out this weekend, there’s also a little brewfest going down in the cutest of little towns…

Yep, it’s time again for the Parkville Microbrew Fest, and this year’s lineup looks impressive.  Beer lineup that is.  Seriously, they have about 50 breweries on hand, so I won’t bother listing them here.  Not enough space.  But check it out here .

And at only $25, it’s cheaper than some other local area brewfests. 

Friday, April 26th

The Lemonheads at the Midland in KC

OK, I know that the Lemonheads aren’t the headliners for this event, which is free by the way.  But they’re so damn ’90s, and their music still stands up today.  No joke.  I caught Evan Dando and his band a few months ago in Lawrence and it was like it was 1994 again – complete with a moody, unpredictable performance with several peaks and valleys.  And Dando looks and sounds almost exactly like he did 20 years ago.  Which was a little weird.  What’s his secret I wonder?  I’m thinking it’s the dirty hair.

Saturday, April 27th

KJHK Farmer’s Ball Finals at the Bottleneck in Lawrence

This annual battle of the bands is down to four finalists – Brain Food, Forrester, Spirit is the Spirit, and Y(our) Fri(end). has a nice post with videos from each that I suggest checking out before you head out to the show.  I’d say the favorites are Spirit and Y(our) Fri(end).  They play indie rock and atmospheric pop, respectively.  With the winner getting a couple grand cash, you can bet all of these acts will be pulling out all the stops.

Sunday, April 28th

Black Keys and The Flaming Lips at the Sprint Center in KC

These grunge-blues kings have been literally everywhere over the past two years.  The two piece band exploded, winning multiple Grammys, and elevating the duo from playing places like the Replay just a few years ago, to filling arenas.  Not too shabby.  That, and Dan Auerbach has become one of the most sought-after producers anywhere.  He’s worked with Dr. John, Grace Potter, and Michael Kiwanuka, to name a few.

And what needs to be said about the Lips?  Not much if you’ve seen them before – hamster ball, confetti, naked chicks running, close-ups of Wayne Coyne‘s face, you know the deal.

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