Hearne: Santa Comes Knocking for Country Station KFKF FM

taylor-swift-santa-hatIf you subscribe to the opinion that there’s eight more months until Christmas, cancel your subscription

Because the sainted holiday arrived today for the gang at KFKF FM in the form of a No. 1 Arbitron ratings ranking for persons 12 and older, Monday through Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight.

The country station pulled down an 8.1 share of listeners to soar past KPRS FM in the No. 2 slot with a 7.1 share. KCFX “The Fox” came in third with a 6.4, followed by Magic 107.3 at 5.8 and 98.9 The Rock in 5th with a 5.5 share.

The secret of KFKF’s success: would you believe Christmas music?


“I think Christmas music created a huge sampling of people and they’re sticking with the station,” says a source. “There’s gotta be some reason for the huge growth and they had that big spurt during the holidays.”

In years gone by, multiple stations duked it out for top Christmas ratings honors, dividing the holiday pie into smaller slices.

No mas.

janedearkbeqWith both Star 102 FM and KUDL FM out of commission, the holiday music honors were up for grabs this past year and KFKF was the only station smart enough to grab ’em.

But that’s not all, folks!

Country is hot right now and with artists like Taylor Swift and the fastest growing segment of the genre being adults 18 to 24 years of age.

And now try this one on for size, Save the Buzz fans:

Kansas City is the No. 1 top 45 radio market in the counCountryMusicHOFtry for country music with an 18.2 share divided amongst three stations – KFKF, WDAF & Q104.

With more country listeners as a percentage of the population that even Nashville, with a relatively paltry 16 share.

Merry Christmas and to all a Yee haw!



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18 Responses to Hearne: Santa Comes Knocking for Country Station KFKF FM

  1. Libertarian says:

    How can anyone stomach commercial radio anymore?

    The really GOOD music never gets played on the commercial crap stations.

  2. smartman says:

    So a combined 25.3 share goes to the two types of music most associated with low IQ individuals.

  3. Kitchen Table Ad Agency says:

    I thought you didn’t write about 12+. The biggest story of this book was WDAF kicking everyone’s ass.

    Adults 25-54 6a-7p Top 10

    WDAF 7.1
    KCMO F 6.3
    KQRC 6.2
    KPRS 5.7
    KCFX 5.6
    KMXV 5.3
    KBEQ 4.7
    KMJK 4.6
    KRBZ 4.4
    KFKF 4.4

    • Super Dave says:

      I thought KZPT 99.7 was knocking them dead in the ratings war? Am I being fed false info?

    • admin says:

      At present, that’s all I have access to, but that’s a big cume.

      I assume your numbers – unsubstantiated naturally – are Monday thru Friday?

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    And we can all see where local news talk comes in…………….it appears to be down in the basement with Tony at his moms house.

    • Super Dave says:

      Careful Paul we don’t know that to be fact and harley might try to use that against you in federal court.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        SD, in Harley speak thats Fedurul Cort. Where he is currruntly soooing me and you other broke dick looozurs. He got all da facts and stuff. He got that big atturney, Stan, helping him. Thats why Im not commenting as much as I used to. He said “a hard reign is gonna fall” so I’ve been umbrella shopping.

    • admin says:

      Yeah but it’s one, if not the highest, billing station in town and money talks.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    Admin, Im just wondering, based on the numbers, who listens to talk radio in KC?

  6. Radio dude says:

    Kitchen table ad agency. You posted some interesting ratings. I am curious if you are looking at March? It seems very odd that a station with a 8.1 share in 12+ would drop from an 8.1 12+to a 4.4 share 25-54 in prime. Are you referencing March monthlies?
    How about backing up your statement with a PDF to Hearne. I would agree if WDAF was # 1 in prime as you state is a real story. My bet Hearne would write about in demo if there was substantiation to your claim. Also would be interested where KMBZ ranks in that money demo . Please enlighten us.

  7. admin says:

    I’m throwing in with the Radio Dude.

    Put up or shut up with those wildly suspicious numbers on WDAF country and KFKF.

    (Anonymous) talk is cheap.

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