Hearne: KC Confidential ‘Joke’ Fools Local Celebs

374e_6036757.tFor the record, Craig Glazer is not buying KC Confidential

For many of you, last week’s April Fools prank – announcing that the local comedy club main man was taking over KCC starting today – was exactly what it appeared to be, a joke.

However, in order to make it seem more believable, we opted not to set the record straight.

Until now.

So for those of you who figured it out, congrats. For the rest of you, don’t feel bad, you’re far from alone and in excellent company.

“It’s funny, Tony was worried,” Glazer says. “He emailed me because I hadn’t written anything all week and said, “It’s not true, is it?’ So I went ahead and sent him a story and he was all relieved.”

JohnHoltFoxStudiowebThere’s more…

“The head of KMBZ, the program director, walked up to me and asked me about it – how much I paid – he believed it,” Glazer says. “And I ran into John Holt, I think, at Fox 4 and he said, ‘Congratulations on buying KC Confidential.”

The $64 million question: Does Glazer want to buy KCC?

“No,” he says. “You know, you created it and there was a time when we talked about me possibly becoming a partner, but you didn’t want to do it, so I just let it go. Plus it’s a full time job and I have my hands full.

IMG_0201(1)“I try and write something for Tony’s Kansas City three times a week, but I didn’t write anything for him until late last week and it began to look like it was true.”

So for all of you who took the bait, a belated, April Fools!

Until next year.

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25 Responses to Hearne: KC Confidential ‘Joke’ Fools Local Celebs

  1. Jess says:

    Yea, right………….

  2. hardly says:

    oh know! eye was looking fourward to glaze running this sight…….now it is going two keep going into the ground…….eye was all reddy to right articles on hear……finaly put my jurnalism skills too use……this is terrabul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • the dude says:

      Hey Harlinator,

      Is it true you live in a government subsidized studio apartment in overland park on ssi disability for being a level 5 whackadoo? And that you are a dishwasher and line cook instead of the successful businessman you claim to be? Inquiring minds want to know.

      • hardly says:

        eye halve moore money than a luser liek ewe has ever scene…….eye no the economy…….am always write…….had my home feetured in usa today…….if ewe want two turn youre life around………contract me at low4rmoflife1000@aol.com

  3. TheRealHarley says:

    Hardly, ewe azz, qit imutating me! Ill ad you’re name to the list and sue ewe in Fedural Cort two! This is yur last warning. I can pretend to bea an aturnie but ewe can’t bee me! Cease and disist all imutations ore ewe will here from the meanest atturnie in the cuntry, Stan Freeburg! I meen Greenburg. Ewe ar nuthing butt a hator loser broke dick nothin. Cunsidur yurself warned.

  4. Duke says:

    John Holt is a tool and more.

  5. the dude says:

    I don’t think anyone was fooled save the harlinator.

    • admin says:

      Well dude, you would be wrong, as a number of people asked me (and were concerned) and if you can read, also asked Craig.

      • the dude says:

        Well, they are gullible rubes and need to remember the date on the calendar before they ask silly questions.

  6. BS says:

    this was probably one of the all time great hoxes and pranks. Right up there with the original War of the Worlds broadcast that freaked everybody out, and Mante Teo’s girlfriend. You got us Hearne, just like Tom Leathers used to get us every single year with that fake Squire on April 1st. We will never learn. Even John freaking Holt was fooled, and he’s this town’s top celeb next to Craig and that guy who owns Keif’s..

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    Well, BS, I fell for it. I went to GoDaddy and bought several off shoot URL’s just in case. I thought I could make some fast bank so I got asshatconfidential.com, kcdouchebag.com, law4lifeconfidential.com, confidentialjurnalizm.com and thecraigandharleyshow.com. It cost me $47.50 for a year, thought it was as good as a teaser bet on the Shockers, so I put my money there! (token relevant Shockers reference since Im a sports agnostic)

    As it is, Im now just stuck with worthless web sites and I’m out the cash. Thats not good news for a broke dick loser like me. I almost saved enough for a pot to pee in, but now those hopes are lost.

    • hardly says:

      ewe just want to bee liek me butt youre time has past…….another angry old has ben white guy…….wage slave luser……..by youre cloths at goodwill……..mess with termite invested old furnuture…….nead to lose wait…..if ewe need advise on changing youre life…….contract me at low4rmoflife1000@aol.com

  8. rico suave says:

    “The head of KMBZ, the program director, walked up to me and asked me about it – how much I paid – he believed it,” Glazer says. “And I ran into John Holt, I think, at Fox 4 and he said, ‘Congratulations on buying KC Confidential.”

    hey.. those aren’t “local celebs”!

    they are world-class SUPERSTARS!

  9. CG says:

    Nobody said they were major celebrities. They were just people in the media who asked about it, by the way John Holt was not one of them, he sent me an email that he liked what I wrote on a regular bases. It was not him at 4. No big thing. Hearne was just having some fun, and some of you hate schmos want to turn it into something more. Thats all.

    • Irishguy says:

      So the headline says “local celebs,” two of them are named, and Hearne gets one of them wrong.

      This is why this blog is so valuable.

  10. CG says:

    Glad to see I’m still the ONE.

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