Starbeams: Star Trek Love, Ahchoo, DJs Without Teeth Alert

large_child-sneezingGeorge Takei – Sulu from Star Trek – will make an appearance at the Kansas City Comicon.  This is your chance to boldly go where every man has gone before.


The Asthma Allergy Foundation has ranked the worst cities in America for pollen and Kansas City is #54 on the list.  St. Louis is #31 and Wichita 6th. Personally, I’m allergic to meaningless “city ranking lists.”



Afghanistan ranks at the top of the least-visited countries on Earth.  They would have more visitors, but they can’t come to an agreement on how to build a new hotel near their convention center.


There’s a website called Actresses Without Teeth which features pictures of female celebrities with their mouths Photoshopped to look toothless.  If you want to see DJ’s without teeth….just show up at one of our live appearances.

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