Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Jurassic Park 3D’ – Living Dino DNA Attraction

110912_jurassic3dvidfeat-600x450My plan was to stop by at the JURASSIC PARK 3D screening only briefly…

You know, get a feel for the film’s conversion to 3D and cut out. After all, I’d seen the movie a couple of times before.

But guess what? I got sucked into it again and stayed for the entire two hour-plus running time.

JURASSIC PARK was director Steven Spielberg‘s groundbreaking 1993 adventure masterpiece that raised the bar for special effects in the entire movie industry. It won three Academy Awards in the process— for visual effects, sound and sound effects.

This, of course, is the story of billionaire Richard Attenborough‘s island amusement park filled with dinosaurs cloned from fossilized DNA. And about how Attenborough invited paleontologists Sam Neil and Laura Dern, along with hot shot mathematician Jeff Goldblum to his creation for an inspection.jurassic-park-image1

“How did you do this?….I’ll show you.”

And no matter what Jurassic Park’s insurance company and investors worried about, nothing would or could go wrong.


Spielberg hadn’t really thought of the movie in terms of 3D. That is until he saw the great conversion of TITANIC.

Those same cinema artists have now remastered his blockbuster, thereby introducing a whole new generation of moviegoers to the adventure while allowing longtime fans to experience the world as first envisioned in Michael Crichton‘s novel. Something that was unimaginable during the film’s original release 20 years ago.

Had I not known of the conversion, I would’ve sworn the picture was actually filmed in 3D.

It’s that good.

Jurassic-Park-3D_05In Jurassic park 3D they don’t just throw the three dimensional effects at you. They subtly apply them to the total scenes. The scenes of an action-thriller that delivers the goods with all the necessary cinematic elements of suspense, chills and landmark effects.

About the only thing that hasn’t improved with time is Sam Neil’s over the top performance as Doctor Alan Grant—especially when compared to Richard Attenborough’s top notch portrayal as park owner John Hammond.

I’ve seen better acting at local dinner theaters.

It’s that bad.

Maybe I’m  being too critical here, because I’m recommending that you go back and relive one of the great adventures of all time on the big screen in stunning 3D.

It really holds up!

Our screening audience rewarded the update with deserved applause.

The 20th anniversary celebration of JURASSIC PARK 3D raising 4 out of 5 chilled fingers.

(Reviewed at Cinemark Tinseltown, Merriam.)

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2 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Jurassic Park 3D’ – Living Dino DNA Attraction

  1. Super Dave says:

    It’s the visual effects, sound and sound effects that make this a really great movie to watch. But to me Sam Neil and Laura Dern both was bad picks for the roles they played. The unreal dinosaurs where more real than those two were.

  2. gene says:

    Great movie. Scared the hell out of me when it first came out. Can’t wait to watch it this weekend in 3d.

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