Hearne: Leiweke’s Failed NFL Bid Wasn’t FIrst ‘Pipe Dream’ to Bite Dust

Mickey-Mouse-in-Disneyland-CaliforniaJust how how flying were Kansas City’s High Flying Leiweke Brothers?

As high as it got back in the heady days of the early 1980s here in the Cowtown. Baby Boomers were mostly in their 20s and 30s back then and were beginning to flex their muscles. And nobody flexed them better or was better known than Tracey, Tim and Tod Leiweke.

“They were the Golden Boys, the Kennedy’s of Kansas City,” says former event coordinator Marti Dolinar“Tracy was being encouraged to run for Mayor. Tracy was married. Tim was banging all the good (TV anchor and deejay) cooch…Tod dated around but wound up marrying some newsie at Channel 62 – Tara can’t remember the last name.  They’re still married.  Timmy is on marriage number two or three.”

Leiweke BrothersUntil the financial disaster that was Walk Thru Rock took down their company, the Leiwekes could do no wrong in the public’s eyes. And most locals never really knew why the brothers left Kansas City so suddenly and unexpectedly given that their financial demise went largely unreported.

“They had a lot of great ideas but not everything panned out,” says former Capital Automated Tickets exec Mardi Silva. “They were young, good looking and charming and then they left town.”

Like Tim’s failed effort to build a new stadium and land an NFL team for Los Angeles, not every bright idea fostered by the Leiwekes turned to gold.

Take this Leiweke pipe dream…Christo1

“They wanted to put a deal together to build a Disneyland here,” Silva says. “They were always coming up with some wild ass stuff. They tried to bring Disney to Loose Park – they had Disney fly in and look around but they needed the city to give them part of the park, but the city wouldn’t do it.”



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10 Responses to Hearne: Leiweke’s Failed NFL Bid Wasn’t FIrst ‘Pipe Dream’ to Bite Dust

  1. smartman says:

    Tim already has a development deal with the Game Show Network for a program called Are You Smarter Than A Leiweke. Contestants start the game with one million dollars and at the end of the 1 hour show get to keep whatever is left.

    Jack Abramoff will host as Tim tries to convince contestants to invest in his deals behind curtains 1-4 to double, triple or even quadruple their money.

  2. CG says:

    Smartcoward are you trying to put someone down again? Be careful they might read it and want to find you.

    • chuck says:

      Glaze, smarty’s comment was hilarious.

      It’s a nebulous, generic shot at a family who aquired 15 minutes of fame in KC and is still newsworthy by way of that fading fame.

      The Liewekes would probably think it was funny too. A little sarcastic bonhomie.

      Forget about smarty, enjoy his biting and caustic takes with a grain of salt in the company of your latest courtesan and apply your energy to more worthy efforts.

      No one is stupid enough to meet ANYONE for a fight.

      At this age, we are all extemporaneous, utilitarian, spur-of-the-moment pugilists who shed blood only as a last resort.

      Have Tony post some pics of the chicks at the Jones Pool or Woodside. Dedicate it to all your “Haters” and make lemon outta lemonade. Something as simple as that, could turn a negative into a positve and fits right in over at TKC.

      Looking forward to it!


  3. 1790s guy says:

    How much blow do you have to do to think Loose Park could be Disneyland? CG?

  4. smartman says:

    Fine, you want your vaunted matchup? Meet me at 7th and Minnesota in front of El Camino Real at 530pm. I’ve got the Lengua and you’ll be the Pollo.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      A handful of vitamins, drop them on the floor
      My ex-girlfriends’ are laughin’ from the icebox door
      I put their photos up there, yeah, we talk all the time
      But they ain’t talkin’ back now, the pugilist is 59

  5. Gem Podium Guy says:

    The Missing mom and daughter Amber alert was a fraud. She was found in Blue Springs on a synthetic pot binge with the ex-hubby and the kid.


  6. smartman says:

    Give it a rest Glazer. I didn’t call you out the first time or even the one above. Somebody pretending to be me.

    For the record I have been taking martial arts classes for the past 10 years, always have a knife on me and have a conceal carry permit. In short I’m really the last guy anybody wants to mess with. If provoked I will defend myself as necessary to neutralize my attacker(s).

    As part of the study and discipline of martial arts one never uses or abuses their acquired skills unless provoked or attacked and only then when escape to safety is not possible. So in that regard I’m a pacifist. I’m only going to fight as a last resort.

    Besides I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you. You are a great source of amusement. Your continued existence brings joy to many people, even if it may be for the wrong reasons.

    • Hey, Evil Smartman is just smarman with a mustache! says:

      shh, man I almost got him to stand out in front of another taco shack!

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