Hearne: Star Shrinkage Project Starts in Today’s FYI Section

lets+get+smallRemember that Steve Martin bit, Let’s get small?

Well, as first reported here months ago, that process is well on its way at the Kansas City Star  and took its first baby step today in the FYI section.

IMG_2147In yet another a cost cutting move – albeit one that happily does not entail a known body count – the Star is set to join the Lawrence Journal World in shrinking the size of its print edition newspaper.

Smaller ads, less news content, lower printing costs?

Whatever the bottom line benefits, the plan is supposed to go down March 22nd later this month.

For a preview of coming attractions, note the 10-inch wide image area of today’s FYI versus the 11-inches wide image area yesterday.

IMG_2143Less is more?

If the downsizing of the print paper saves a job or three, I say more power to em!

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5 Responses to Hearne: Star Shrinkage Project Starts in Today’s FYI Section

  1. Jimbo OPKS says:

    Next thing you know it’ll be the FY section.

  2. Maddie says:

    At the risk of being ridiculed for being the dumb ass paying $ for dead tree (hey, I gave up smoking 30 years ago…newspaper is harder) I’d love to comment on the shrinkage here for funsies because doing so to to the reader rep does no good at all.

    Latest was when I asked about the missing “police blotter” in the weekly neighborhood section. First it’s publication got sporatic. When it went missing for several weeks, I asked about it and actually got an answer. “Yes, it’s cancelled I’ll let “them” know you found it useful.” A secondary question–if you’re not going to run it, do you know where I can get the info?–remained unanswered. (Particularly interested in Blue Springs, if anyone can help with that, as I’ve not found it on my own yet.)

    Beyond latest, I’ve inquired about many different features that have gone missing (or been edited down to why the hell bother size) or to complain about the insult of deeming a comic is too controversial to print and never get a response. The Star is the best at providing incentive to seek content and information out online.

  3. Mike says:

    For Maddie, if she’s still there. The website for the Independence Examiner seems to show incidents for Blue Springs. Couldn’t really get it to work for me, but its probably because the site is an htpps site and I keep cookies blocked.

  4. Rick in PV says:

    The comics will be impossible to read, crammed even tighter …

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