Hearne: Scribe Counters CNN Experts on Roids Report

Jeffry LifeTo dope or not to dope, that is the question…

Whether tis less nobler for athletes like Lance Armstrong and A-Rod to engage of the use of performance enhancing drug, testosterone and steroids in pursuit of big bucks and record setting physical feats, or for aging boomers as a means of being buff and staying “young,” as scribe Craig Glazer has often suggested.

A report last night on CNN, “Chasing Youth,” took the opposing view.

“Many are cashing in on a growing customer base outside of professional athletics,” CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports. “And more and more baby Boomers and others are turning toward performance enhancing drugs to regain what age has taken away. Some doctors are now selling the same substances as something of a fountain of youth.”

Seventy-four year-old doctor Jeffry Life and his company Cenergetics took in $100 million last years prescribing testosterone and human growth hormones (HGH) to oldsters trying to fend off Father Time, CNN reports.

“If you think it is too good to be true, you’re not alone,” CNN’s Kyung Lah reports. “Many doctors agree saying, sure, there may be short term gains but there will be long term costs.”

“It’s a fallacy to say that even in low doses that these drugs are not harmful,” says Dr. Tom Perls of Boston University. “I do believe that giving growth hormones for anti aging is quackery.”

anderson_cooper_buff_shirt1There are no reputable studies that show the hormones actually stop aging and the use of HGH in particular can enlarge organs, cause high blood pressure and trigger cancer, Perls contends.

“These things are dangerous,” adds Dr. Ian Smith. “We’re talking liver abnormalities, tumors, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, testicular shrinkage – all kinds of problems using these drugs in a high quantity.

“The problem is, it’s not about aesthetics. Dr. Life looks like a young person but the question is, what’s happening in his biological age? What is happening on the inside? The outside does not necessarily mirror the inside.”

The Food & Drug Administration regulates these drugs and bans their usage outside of specific medical applications, such as young children with hormone deficiencies. However an effective loophole in “growth hormone deficiencies” in adults allows doctors to prescribe them for people looking for a fountain of youth.

“But when you use these anabolic steroids for a long period of time you really are stressing out your organs and your chemical messaging system,” Smith says, “and it can be a problem.”

craigworkoutsmAu contraire, Glazer says.

“For me it’s been great. I only have good things to say about it and I was as leery as anybody. And I have not had one doctor badmouth it, and most of them say it’s a good thing.”

The reason Glazer pays to play:

“Because it’s definitely a program that I believe is really good for you. In general I use it because there’s no doubt about it that with workouts and diet your muscles will be bigger and you get a more youthful physique.

“And the key hormone is testosterone. It will definitely increase your sex drive dramatically.”

What about the smaller winkie side of the equation?

“I haven’t seen that,” Glazer says. “But there’s a counter pill you can take once a week and it counteracts that possibility.”




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39 Responses to Hearne: Scribe Counters CNN Experts on Roids Report

  1. expat says:

    Considering all the xenoestrogen men are exposed to these days, a run of testosterone is probably only getting them back to where they ought to be naturally. Plastic leaching into your food, birth control medicine flushed into the toilet that goes into the drinking water, hormones injected into livestock, sadly even the hops in beer are estrogenic. There’s yammer about “performance enhancing drugs” – a person who eats meat will gain more muscle than a vegetarian, does that mean meat is a PED? What’s the standard here? These doctors you listed are probably advocating no-fat high-carb diets that leave their patients with no energy and ballooning man tits.

  2. the dude says:

    Jesus you dope, do you think they will badmouth it if they are making money off it?
    I can see the use of these therapies if it is shown that there is a real hormone deficiency but not for recreational use “just to look youthful”.

    Remember this: the candle that burn twice as brightly burns half as long.
    You can’t cheat nature and entropy.

  3. the dude says:

    And if that is the physique you get from using that crap it clearly isn’t working well.
    You need to ask for your money back, you look like the average Italian plumber.

  4. harley says:

    I can contest every statement in this article to the max.
    Not one of these statement contains any scientific information that
    proves the truth.
    Glaze is way off base as are the doctors who feed him his poorly researched
    The truth is more involved than testosterone being a sex drug.
    Even for glaze if you examine his body it filled with whats
    called jelly body and extreme water retention. The truth is about to
    be explained in upcoming reports and information available
    to my followers.
    Please sign up to receive these exclusive reports from one of the
    top doctors in this field in the nation.
    Glaze is not a good example of what proper testosterone therapy along
    with bhrt can do if handled correctly.
    We are seeing many men at the age of 60-70 who make glaze look
    very much out of shape. He’s doing the shot which have an extreme
    roller coaster effect and which don’t allow him the best results from
    the total therapy program.
    Information is to follow…stay tuned.

  5. balbonis moleskine says:

    Notice how Craig looks swollen but not strong or ripped? That is a side effect of steroids. If you take that without a proper weight regimen you will just look swollen. Creatine monohydrate does the same thing to a lesser degree.

    • harley says:

      glaze resembles what happens when a long time weighlifter
      stops lifting weight.
      And the drugs can’t change that no matter what he says.
      For a 60 year old man he looks okay but it will never imprive.
      he needs a regimine of kickboxing….core workouts and a
      serious weight loss progrma that could shed 10-15 pounds.

      • expat says:

        Jesus wtf you’re actually right about something…. There must be a snowball in hell.

      • harley says:

        let me riterate…glaze look great…
        forget the shot at 6am…i’m sure wilson/super slave/
        hearne/hot carl/and the guy who shows his wife
        pics of guys tov see if she’d sleep with them (omg…what
        is this dude thinking)? when they wake up look
        any good either.
        lets be real…most of you guys are probably out of shape
        beer gut bald headed nerds.
        get of f the personal crap…keep to the topics…
        that menas not using glaze for a punching bag.
        so…not one of you have used these products..you have
        no scientific evidence…you used wikipedia to get
        your stuff from…you don t have any personal
        evidence off what these products do…and you think
        you know what the f you’re talking about
        Well…you don’t…
        if you need information i have to top md’s in the
        nation who can answer your questions so feel free
        to address them to my email address and we can
        provide real time information to you on how to
        stay young…feel young…and have the energy of a
        25 year old male.
        thanks…i get tired of having tocorrect the commenters
        on this site…but do your homework before you
        speak…thanks again…harley

  6. mike says:

    Steroids, like all drugs have side effects. I used to know some body builders who used them and the most common one is connective tissue injury. The muscles grow faster than the tendons and ligaments can keep up. Another side effect is gynocamastia, also known as bitch tits. Some body builders have to have them surgically removed. The testicles can shrink from their use and cause infertility. They can cause mood swings, also known as roid rage. A friend of mine said that is what destroyed his first marriage.
    A person is better off in the long run getting in shape through proper diet and nutrition, along with both cariovascular and resistance training.

    • harley says:

      mikey….stop getting your info from comic books…
      if you have questions address them to me and i’ll forward them
      to the top md’s n the nation who are experts in this field…thanks.

  7. Super Dave says:

    Well lets be honest here. Take a long good look at Craigs life and just what part of it has really ever been good for any one person? Drugs then jail, more drugs just missed jail, more drugs while getting older and still thinking that doing drugs is great for you.

    The guy in the first picture looks ten times more buff than Craig is.

    • admin says:

      I think he’s 72 in that pic. He’s 74 now.

      But he’s a happily married doctor, grandpa dude. He’s not on the party trail like our G Man.

  8. CG says:

    Once again I am needed to get anything going here I guess. Oh well. I have taken some better photos, that was an early morning shot by another comic, still not too bad, I think when posing on purpose I look better than this 6 am sneak shot out of focus, but I’ll take it as a B shot…ok…

    Anyways. Yeah I’m guessing none of you look as good, even the two younger guys on here. Remember follow the leader boys, ME.

    • Hot Carl says:

      So I stopped at a light next to a Lotus yesterday about 4:30 at SM Parkway and Mission and thought “Who’s the fat douche?” Lo and behold, it was the one and only Glaze.

  9. HonestAssessment says:

    I just showed pictures of Craig to my HOT wife, 30 something (way too OLD for Craig but impeccable taste and judgement) and asked her, “Do girls honestly find a guy like this attractive, because he thinks he’s hot and gods gift to females!”
    Her immediate reply was, “What’s hot about him? He’s way too hairy, not at all attractive, and he’s all puffy looking. He’s either taking something or drinks too much, but no, he’s not attractive! I couldn’t get any of my girlfriends to go out with him, I can tell you that!”
    Sorry, Craig, you remain a legend in your own reality and with meth whores who need cash, drugs or a ride in your “Corvette”.

  10. harley says:

    oh course honest assessment shows his wife men’s pictures to see if
    she’d sleep with glaze. Now that a great sign of a great marriage.
    and he says she has impeccable taste and judgement.
    Then what the f**k is she doing with this dude. Going on a site making
    those comments. Come on honest…you’re a phony m-f er.
    I mean seriously…what loser asks his wife that.
    Glaze looks great for his age. No doubt about it. I’veseen hundreds of
    men and woman his age and seriously glaze looks great compared to them.
    Say what you will honest assessment and stupid dave but you ain’t even
    close to the guy.
    He might need some adjustments in his workouts. or maybe atweaking of
    his testosterone (moving from the roller coaster effects and downsides of
    shots to maybe pellets)…but regardless he’s not the cenegenics man but
    he’s doing well.
    and stupid dave…lets be serious…you’re not specimen yourself…tell us
    your workout/regimen for health. What? potatoes/gravy/tv 5 hours a day…
    maybe throw in a 12 pack of tall ones…seriuosly…give us all a break.
    you ain’t nothing!!!! stop banging on people striving to do better things
    in life. To try to judge glaze on things that went on 30 years ago shows a
    deep stupidity on your part. Get real!
    every 60 year old dude shoudl look like glaze…but when we have
    people likechuck and dihonest assessment trying to bring the guy
    down it pretty sad for those who ain’t got it going on in life.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Harley, that seems highly unfair of you. You’re bitch slapping SD for judging someone on past facts when you’ve made a hobby out of doing that to me. With, I might add, little or no facts. What’s the difference?

  11. Kerouac says:

    “there’s a counter pill you can take once a week and it counteracts that possibility.”

    – reminds me of the late Elvis Presley’s demise, apparently taking one pill to get him up, (awake…perhaps ‘homo erectus’ otherwise too), another make him (it?) lie down (sleep), another to… well, he died age 42 – his recipe for disaster: pills.

    Seems prescient now Major Tom’s being advised ‘take your protein pills & put your helmet on’, Zager & Evans warning dire consequence tomorrow ‘In the year 3535, ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies, everything you think do & say is in the pill that you took today’; to each their own device… progress to decline, my opine.

  12. Irishguy says:

    Does anybody else think that Glazer could use a bra?

    Also what is this guy spending on Grecian Formula, Just for Men and whatever else he is using. Somebody should tell him he might as well use Shinola. It’s cheaper and it wouldn’t look any less phony.

    • the dude says:

      Shinola, good one Irish.
      Yeah, I think he falls somewhere between doesn’t look horrible but sure as hell doesn’t look great. And before you blast me back just remember that I never said I was the most handsome dude in the world or was totally buff and bragged about it like you do Glaze. You are basically boasting about mediocrity here, nothing great.

      • Irishguy says:

        Check out the flab folds under the armpits.

        You could show that picture at a gay bar and they’d all go straight.

  13. CG says:

    Ah I knew I had one guy on my team, Harley. Yeah this is like I said a B- shot of me, we all have our good ones and bad ones…still for a 6 AM radio angle, out of focus, phone pic, its ok…yeah my body when I face and pose is way better looking, but hey this is not bad. Yeah my hair was a mess after hitting my shirt taking it off fast…but still not bad…I know few 35 and ups in my shape, like less than 1 per cent. Honest fake name coward ass man..first off if you have a wife she is likely a fat pig, like you and way too ugly for me to ‘hit.’ However with a clothes pin on my nose, in the bathroom of a bar on a rainy Monday and for like 5 grand I’d do it for you as a favor so you could get off after with her I guess thats what you are driving at…but no man, your wife has like banged the city…David Rice told me who you were and your wife does Quick Trip car bangs with gang members for crack…damn. What an F’d up marriage you two birds must have. I know a dwarf that will do her for cab fare. Hows that?

  14. Sidney Huggins says:

    Glazer, how come you are exposing a non-public figure such as the ubiquitous David Rice? Hasn’t his life been difficult enough without being outed by you?

    Hearne, what about Rice’s rights?

    • CG says:

      Yep David ratted on several of you haters. He writes his hate mail at the library I understand. He told me who Bubba was, the dope dealer and now I understand an old high school enemy is an online hater Tom Bow.. he knows the rest of it…no suprise. These are people who have f’d up lives and just stew daily. Nothing to do with me, they like many of you, the handful really, just hate pretty much everyone, including themselves. Reason! They reached middle age and more, life is clearly not the way they dreamed it might have been, gee isn’t that true for most? I have done more in life than 99.9% will do in a few lifetimes..so thats why the hate. David GET off the streets damnit.

  15. harley says:

    stupid dave (whoever you are)
    why the hate and grudge against the glaze.
    seriously…you’ve beat the guy down about his past life..his business..
    his physique…his past..his businesss in comedy…his book…his stories..his
    family…his ups and downs…his radio gigs…his predictions…his stories..his hair…
    his problems in his past life…
    his lifestyle…his women…i mean everything in glazes life you find a
    huge negative thought in it all.
    what gives dude?
    you hate this guy? he hurt you? did he do something so bad to you
    that you stalk him like a coniving low life scum with all the negative
    comments you make about him.
    What is it dave that sets you off about glaze.
    There has to be something seriously bad that caused you to hate
    glaze like this…..what is it…or is it just that you are a loser.
    You ocme off as a loser on here. I get emails from people asking who
    is this dave guy and what’s his chip on his shoulder?
    tell us wh y all this b.s. with glaze. We want to know.
    Til then…stfu….and maybe for one time say something decent
    and get the chip off your shoulder.
    get it dave?????

    • harley says:

      glaze puts persons names up that nobody even knows. thats why he is a convicted felon many times over. need i say more.

      • CG says:

        I know this isn’t Harley. Harley, Super Dave hates me cause I did his old lady years ago, when I was drunk…had I seen her in the light, oh boy…uh never would have happened.

  16. Dan Saults says:

    I want to hear about the workout regime of Craig Glazer. How long have you been working on that body? Were you fat before you started? How often do you take the hormones? What sort of exercises do you do? And what sort of diet are you on? I think knowing these factors make it easier to determine if it’s the hormones or the exercise/diet which is shaping you.

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