Starbeams: iPhone, Twitter & Taco Bell Sex

0Soon you’ll be able to tweet a six-second video on Twitter….which means, I can start tweeting SEX!


Temperatures reached the mid-70s in parts of the metro today.  It made for a great excuse to go outside, get some fresh air…and check if my air conditioner still works.


372588-condom-size-app-logoA survey by Glamour reveals 42 percent of men say they’ve had sex during their lunch break.  I hate the part where I lose my place in line at Taco Bell.


A new app measures your condom size using a ruler on the screen of your phone.  I’ve got your FaceTime RIGHT HERE!
And you thought the Subway FootLong was a fraud!

Kelly Urich hosts the morning show on The Point 99.7 FM


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