Hearne: Black & Gold to Reenact Quantrill’s Raid in Lawrence

IMG_1881Think Quantrill’s Raid sans the massacre…

At this point the plans are a little sketchy, but if push comes to shove, Black & Gold Tavern owner Zach Cartwright may celebrate the 1863 burning of Lawrence by leading a band of MU Tigers to the Jayhawk capital this summer.

“August 21st of this year is the 150th anniversary of Quantrill’s excursion to Lawrence, so we will be celebrating it here at the Black & Gold Tavern” Cartwright says. “We might even take a bus load of Missouri fans over to Lawrence that night, but we’ll leave the matches at home.”

The first raid left between 185 and 200 Jayhawks dead.

And while that might seem a little gruesome to the average Kansan today, it’s as good a reason as any to party as any if you happen to be a red-blooded Missouri Tiger football or basketball fan.

IMG_1884Especially one who was recruited to play football by legendary MU coach Dan Devine like Cartwright was.

“I was an offensive lineman in the early 70s,” he says.

Cartwright and his son opened the Black & Gold recently and are hard at it getting their astro-turfed party loft in back ready for prime time.

“We’re going to line it like a football field and paint a scoreboard on this black wall and call it The Stadium,” Cartwright says. “And we’re bringing back food the BLT that (former tenant) The News Room was famous for. Our goal is to start serving food by the Super Bowl.”

Judging from Cartwright’s Yellow and Black decorating scheme, it looks like the last place a lowly Jayhawk want to find himself – let alone be welcome – in.

Au Contrair,

CartwIMG_1879right says.

“It’s not strictly an MU bar,” he says. “It’s for fans of all teams, but we’re proud of our colors and we’re going to decorate it with memorabilia from MU and other local colleges – other local Missouri colleges.”

So no Jayhawk blue, right? Wrong.

kansas-cheerleader-meghan(24)“There is a picture of Todd Reesing with a clod of dirt in his face mask,” Cartwright says of the former KU quarterback. “So we do have one KU picture in here.”

The nicest thing Cartwright can say about KU: “They have some pretty cheerleaders.”

And as for what remains of what was once referred to as the oldest Division One football rivalry west of the Mississippi, “The rivalry will never die,” Cartwright confederate-quantrill-raid-burns-lawrence-kansas-1863says. “Hopefully we will begin playing KU again someday when the hard feelings subside.”

Maybe after they get over over Quantrill and Cartwright’s raids.


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56 Responses to Hearne: Black & Gold to Reenact Quantrill’s Raid in Lawrence

  1. RickM says:

    So Quantrill’s Raid was a mere “excursion” worthy of celebration.

    Beyond tasteless.

    • the dude says:

      Sure, just a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood with torches and guns.
      Nothing special.

    • Christina says:

      Right, because by changing the word from “raid” to “excursion” one can also effectively change history! Mizzou is so lost without KU that even once they’ve left the conference they’re acting like a creepy stalker ex-boyfriend.

      • bullfighter fighter says:

        haha, your coach is fat, and sucks. See, I can throw out stupid overplayed quips too….Seriously, if we needed it so bad why did we burn it down in the first place?

        • nick says:

          you didn’t burn it down. quantrill did. ya know, the slavery-loving bushwacker piece of trash? you want to identify yourself with him, go for it. if it’s any consolation, this is exactly what i’d expect from a bushwacker.

  2. Harry Balczak says:

    Perhaps Vicksburg would like to celebrate the Union siege as well.

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      If you drive through Vicksburg, which is beautiful, the tourism board has tongue in cheek signs on the highway that say “Stay in Vicksburg, Grant did”

  3. chuck says:

    Or maybe Order Number 11?

    What IS number 11 on the menu?

  4. Markus Aurelius says:

    I got excited when I saw a post about the Black and Gold Tavern, not realizing that there was a new Black & Gold Tavern here in KC. The first and best Black & Gold Tavern is located in CoMO. I’ll definitely have to check out Cartwright’s place in midtown but it can’t possibly ooze the coolness of the Columbia original.

    • expat says:

      Lol I mistook it for the Blue & Gold Tavern on 7th street in NYC. A sports bar? zzzzz….

    • Adam says:

      The Black & Gold Tavern in CoMo is a sweet dive bar. But there is very little Mizzou memorobilia inside. The KC Tavern is loaded with Mizzou gear.

  5. Super Dave says:

    Sure the Jayhawks will rise and burn it to the ground as payback.

  6. gerald bostock says:

    Editor edit thyself. “reinact”?

  7. devils advocate says:

    anyone who likes being a missery tiger is perpetuating the fact that they were a slave state full of racist moron bigots, and now just a state full of meth addicts THE METH CAPITAL of the nation. Not to mention complete wimps that routinely got slaughtered by KANSAS and our basketball prowess. Count on your fingers your lovely NCAA tournament appearences
    and here are your retired jerseys of nothings (best thing about it is since your slave owning parents were brother and sister you can count them all on your six-toed foot!!!)

    Bill Stauffer, #43
    Norm Stewart, #22
    Willie Smith, #30
    Steve Stipanovich, #40
    Jon Sundvold, #20
    Doug Smith, #34

    • the dude says:

      Such vitriol from some guy that defends a state that openly teaches creationism in its public schools.
      Science much, Mr. Kansas flat earther anti-science guy?
      How’s that 600 year old Earth treatin’ ya?

      Bombed many abortion clinics lately?

      • devils advocate says:

        you my friend, have apparently not been to Lawrence, and no i haven’t bombed an abortion clinic that your sister should have been to before she gave birth to your child. I suppose though that her “LEGITIMATE RAPE” magical powers didn’t kick in did they?

        P.S. “when in rome do as the romans do…when in israel do as the missourians do and skinny dip in the sea of galilee”

        you will lose this battle of words my friend

      • ku_jhawk23 says:

        Good to know the facts idiot. Kansas does not openly teach creationism. The ruling was that schools did not have to teach evolution. Of course, every single district still does, so the ruling had ZERO effect. Way to pretend you know what is going on. Keep looking stupid, stupid.

        • the dude says:

          The fact that the school board passed it says all you need to know about Kansass, the most backwards state in the union. Welcome to Kansass, we openly support teaching creationism in our public schools!!

  8. the dude says:

    Sorry, I meant 6000 year old Earth. You don’t have much room to talk there Mr. Devil is what I am trying to say. Kansas is a crap hole and so is Missouri, we get it.

    It is like arguing which is better, the turd sandwich or the douchebag.

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  10. KCMonarch says:

    I’m not a fan of either school but i would love to read this guys b~plan. Lets open a business with a theme (college sports) then create promotional events that will ensure fans of the major university closest to us NEVER spend a dime on our product or services. Sounds fail proof to me.

  11. devils advocate says:

    does anybody else notice that the chunky KU girl has vaginas for armpits?

    just wondering…rock chalk

  12. bullfighter fighter says:

    Go back to school people, the Civil war was a war of economies, not beliefs. Those beliefs were just used to support the cause in the end being greed, Don’t get me wrong, I think slavery is awful, but to think the civil war ended it is flat out inaccurate (slavery still existed for at least another decade and then came segregation and now we just live in different parts of the city right?, sad how not much has changed other than the name) and to think the war was started because of slavery is also inaccurate. It was started because of socio-economic beliefs and then other things got attatched to it to further the cause on both sides. This raid happened after several raids on Missouri where many people that would have actually supported the north were also killed just for being in Missouri (Missouri actually stayed with the Union which said a lot about how torn the state was in terms of beliefs) There was terrorism on both sides of this specific conflict, but it all ended shortly after this event. So yeah, its a celebration of Kansas cant touch Missouri, not a celebration of slavery, plus, you do know that one of the men fighting with Quantrill was a black man and very loyal to the cause but not for slavery of course. This was not simply a fight about slavery, stop oversimplifying and go back to school.

    • Noah says:

      This was not simply a fight about slavery

      But it kinda was, right? That’s sort of the line between inspired hostility and hate crime.

      Obvious racial undertones aside, the raid killed indiscriminately including women and children. So even if you stretch it to have economic meaning, this isn’t something you fucking celebrate.

      • bullfighter fighter says:

        I guess you missed the point of both sides being wrong. I forgive you, reading and comprehension doesn’t work the same on both sides of the state line apparently.

    • Creekwoodbanks says:

      You make a great point about the socio-economic basis behind the civil war. The South knew that ending slavery would have an incredibly negative impact on their economy. Afterall, early in this countries existence, much of its financial prowess came from the slave trade. So, thank you for that astute and well written clarification of history. Obviously, the education you received has been far superior than what we get here in Kansas.

      And kudos to you Missourians for having state pride. Never did I think your celebration of Quantrills raid was necessarily an endorsement of slavery. But doesn’t it seem messed up to celebrate a day where people, including children, were raped and murdered? Yes, I know violence was prevalent on both sides, but Kansans don’t celebrate a day where hundreds of Missourians were killed. And if we did, I wouldn’t condone that either. Just saying, arguing the legitimacy of celebrating Quantrill’s Raid is – to put it nicely – screwed up!

      • bullfighter fighter says:

        Ill speak with you, you caught the point and I agree, to the point of I don’t believe that this event is a celebration of the loss of life more than it is a celebration of a suicide mission that actually ended up being a success that was a retaliation to the same tragic loss of life on our side, so maybe the idea should have been celebrated or at that point been more of a remembrance on the day that we were killed so it would be ok then. Like Pearl Harbor Day But lets be honest, remembrances are boring and not good for bar moods Are there this many politically correct, pedestal sitting, perfect little angels in this bar and the many in the surrounding area attending these events? (not saying you are, just saying I live right around the corner from these bars and have seen worse celebrated a few times) Its a bar, they are not known for their politically correctness. I think the the celebration comes from a different angle than it is taken by many and will agree that it is not politically correct but it is his right as a bar owner and if he wants to stick his neck out for a bit of publicity as this is becoming it seems, I’m ok with that. I just find it unfair people labeling a business owner as a racist or supporter of murderers when he may be taking his state pride back to the roots of this states pride which is why we all despise each other in the first place and you even care about this right? Its not a race thing, its a Kansas VS. Missouri thing and there are casualties on both sides. I agree I am not too thrilled about celebrating an event where women and children were killed but am I happy celebrating any time we beat Kansas at something no matter how politically incorrect? Heck Yeah, don’t take the meaning past a rivalry in sports since it is occuring in a sports bar and it happens to be a rivalry involving two schools that ended up adopting the names of these groups that this conflict involved.

    • nick says:

      slavery or no. doesn’t matter.
      the man killed two hundred people. period. you call that a ‘kansas can’t touch missouri celebration’? are you… are you fucking kidding me?

      YOU’RE CELEBRATING A MASS MURDERER. do you not see the problem here?

  13. Mike says:

    We Jayhawks should be gracious hosts and show the mizzou folks wonders that they will never see in Columbia, like indoor plumbing and Final Four banners.

    • Noah says:

      I can’t even imagine a life where you have so little tradition that celebrating Quantrill’s Raid is a thing. When they come to Lawrence we’ll be sure to show them real traditions like our segregated schools, the city-wide ban on hate crimes, and our conference championship banners.

      • Noah says:


        damn it.

        • bullfighter fighter says:

          I can show you schools in Kansas that don’t appear to be desegregated by looks, heck it happens in Missouri, it happens in the entire country…are they truly desegregated or is there a larger issue that is still relevant today. Yes, even in Kansas.

  14. ProudBeaker says:

    Nothing like alienating one of the largest fan bases in your market when building a new business. Nobody ever accused Missourians of having great business acumen. This place will be shuttered within the year.

  15. RIP Stan says:

    Do they plan to let the Broadway meth heads in? Either way this place will be lucky if it lasts a year. And the Quantrill thing is beyond tasteless.

  16. Creekwoodbanks says:

    What could be better than joyfully celebrating a day comprised of THEFT, ARSON, RAPE and MURDER!!! Oh boy oh boy, you tigers sure know how to tap into your humane side. What mass murder do you guys want to celebrate next?!?!

  17. balbonis moleskine says:

    The people who actually care about these rivalries aside from getting a nice seat a couple of times a year are usually people that never even attended much less graduated from these schools.

    Mizzou suffers from Alabama syndrome where it is a really good university but most of its fans are total hicks. While KU is just shorthand for “Johnson County Kid not smart enough to go anywhere good”.

    • bullfighter fighter says:

      I cant argue with this.

      • bullfighter fighter says:

        although a really good school? I never think of it as really good, just good, but that’s good. Right?

        • balbonis moleskine says:

          MU is actually small one cut above KU for everything but their med school.

          Slightly better law school, better business school, better engineering, better journalism school. MU gets more non-med school research money. MU also doesn’t have a ‘regents admission’ program that guarantees in-state acceptance like KU does if you take a mediocre college prep coursework so their incoming freshman classes tend to be smarter.

  18. Steve says:

    KU is living in MU’s head rent free. It’s so funny that KU won’t play MU but will play Colorado, could have played A&M if they had one a game this year at Sprint Center and are talking about playing Nebraska again. It’s fun to see MU cry and moan and beg us to play and then not do it while playing everyone else who left. I hope the owner of that bar doesn’t die from a heart attack trying to reenact the racist history of his state.

    • the dude says:

      Mu could care less about the rivalry because they are counting their move to the SEC by the millions each year. KU is just sour grapes because MU got out before the Big 12 implodes like Texas has done to every conference it has been in.

  19. snappietom says:

    Kansas, a poor state, just above Mississippi. Last in tourism. The state of Fred Phelps and Phil Kline.

    • SMH says:

      And Missouri has Todd Akin. What’s your point? This is a reprehensible act that transcends any silly college rivalry. The vitriol that comes KU-MU rivalry – on either side, but mostly MU in my experience – is just pathetic.

  20. RIP Stan says:

    Everyone has gotten off point. The story is about a bar and the racist views of its owner.

  21. bornhuge says:

    Has anybody seen the photos of this bar? Holy God it looks ghetto.

  22. Aaron says:

    MU fans are so stupid and that bar looks like a toilet bowl What a disgrace to react something that awful in Kansas history what Trolls

  23. Chris says:

    Black and Gold? More like piss and shit

  24. Chris says:

    Black and Gold? More like p*ss and s**t

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