Hearne: P&L District Poised to Swipe Cancer Drunkfest from Westport

Do the math…BingeG_small

Ten team members, umpteen pitchers of beer, eight hours. That my friends is the working formula for the upcoming Kansas City-based Crawl for Cancer which for the 13th time goes down on May 13.

The question being, where?

While Crawl for Cancer’s website shows the event going down in Westport, the Midtown party zone appears poised to lose one of its biggest, baddest, drunkest events to its dreaded rival the Power & Light District. That according to sources who say Westport no longer has enough bars to host May 13th event.

Not after the closings this past year of two of the party district’s largest venues, America’s Pub and The Beaumont Club. Two other large Westport anchors – McCoy’s Public House and  Kelly’s – have opted out of the crawl over the years. In the case of Kelly’s, reportedly because it thinks the “charity” overserves attendees.

0-1Having attended a number of Crawl for Cancers, I can tell you it’s the biggest public daytime drunk I know of outside of St. Patrick’s Day.

And the Kansas City-based Crawl for Cancer is no stranger to controversy.

In 2009 the Better Business Bureau stripped it of its accreditation because the crawl refused to disclose how much of the money raised actually goes to charity. On top of that, civic leaders in other communities have criticized it for promoting widespread public drunkeness.

A crawl in Lincoln, Nebraska, for example, was cancelled in 2007 over police concerns. And Oklahoma City’s Bricktown entertainment district voted unanimously to pull the plug on Crawl for Cancer in 2010 after “reports the fundraiser had participants urinating from building balconies, jumping into the canal, getting into fights and verbally assaulting families — all in broad daylight,” NewsOK reported. “At 7:30 p.m. that same day, police were called to America’s Pub in Bricktown, where a patron was beaten unconscious by an assailant described as being ‘extremely intoxicated’ and wearing a shirt that read ‘crawl for cancer 2010.’ The victim was hospitalized and the attacker fled from the bar.

0“An executive with the Bricktown Hampton Inn reported an “unresponsive” participant was dropped off and abandoned in the hotel lobby. (And) Andrea Griggs, co-owner of Put a Cork in It, reported participants were being loud and foul-mouthed along the Bricktown Canal and some even jumped into the water.”

Some charities have declined to accept Crawl for Cancer donations because of the debaucherous nature of the event.

But back to the situation involving Westport and Power & Light…

“Crawl for Cancer has applied to the Guinness Book of Records to break the record for the World’s Biggest Pub Crawl,” says a source. “And they’re shooting for 10,000 people. The Westport event usually draws around 5,000 people.”

The problem being that without America’s Pub, the Beaumont, Kelly’s and McCoys there’s barely room for the current attendance, let alone doubling it.

Stay tuned.


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12 Responses to Hearne: P&L District Poised to Swipe Cancer Drunkfest from Westport

  1. Chico's Lumber Yard says:

    A little bit of statistal info on charitable contributions, and bang for your buck-Salvation Army.

    93% of your donation makes it to the needy, as compared to 13% when you donate to the American Red Cross.

    Thanks to this unknown phenomena called the internet, you (yes, YOU) can do a wee bit of research to find how your dollar is spent.

    Look at what the CEO of the red cross makes, and then compare it to what the CEO of the Salvation Army makes.

    No brainer.

    So……if you want to make a charitable contribution that actually makes it to its respective cause, the SA is the way to go.

    If you just need an excuse to get drunk in public, while PRETENDING to “do good”, well…….

    Also, if you want to support your LOCAL merchants, stay away from the [white]Power & Light District.

  2. Chico's Bail Bonds says:

    I blacked out and puked on some poor bystander’s shoes for cancer!

    Woo Hoo!

  3. Wonderen aaloud says:

    As a former bar owner in Westport, what does Glaz the Amaze think?

  4. Rick Nichols says:

    Come one, come all –
    It’s the annual Cancer Crawl,
    Aptly named since more than a few folks end up on their hands and knees
    Barfing all over some guy’s shoes and screaming, “Get me an aspirin please!”

  5. hollister says:

    Where is Glazer?

    • Jess says:

      I have been wondering that myself. I wonder if Hearne did not stroke his ego enough and he quit. Hey, I can dream.

  6. Orphan of the Road says:

    Another faux charity, it is a money maker for sure. Get drunk for a good cause! ‘Cept the “Good Cause” is a hefty payout to the partners and a pittance to any real charity.

    I’m surprised Cordish hasn’t bought it out and gone national with it. P&L is the perfect place for puking and being FUBAR.

  7. Pub Crawler says:

    In case anyone is curious where the money goes. Haters are always going to hate without any real facts.

    Crawl For Cancer has gone national. Check their website.
    Why wasn’t anyone with the organization interviewed for this article?

    Nice pictures by the way. You do realize they aren’t from the actual Crawl For Cancer.

    • admin says:

      Crawl for Cancer has repeatedly declined to disclose how its funds are distributed, citing that it is a for profit enterprise and not a not-for-profit.

      • the dude says:

        Well, at least you get a semi-faux good feeling in your gut besides wanting to barf up your stomach contents after getting kaslammered, eh pub krawler?

  8. Glenn says:

    A sanctioned excuse to get publically drunk. Where does the money go??

  9. Pub Crawler says:


    Their financials are disclosed on their website on the FAQ page.

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