Sounds Good: Hidden Pictures@Jackpot, Stumbling Through the Streets@Wherever You End Up

eliotWell folks, we’re not quite out of the funk just yet…

This weekend looks to be one of the slowest live music weekends in recent memory.  But soon, very soon, things will pick up.

A few upcoming shows that are firmly attached to my radar screen are at the Granada in Lawrence in the next few weeks.

The first is Eliot Lipp on January 20th.  Lipp is an electronic music guy, but he also has an ugly addiction to analogue.  He’s been simmering on both coasts for awhile and is now breaking into smaller markets as well. 


19887309After that there’s a show with two cool bands on February 2nd – Calexico and openers Bahamas.  If you’ve been playing along, I reviewed a Bahamas show a month or two ago at the Bottleneck and was thoroughly impressed.  And of course, Calexico rocks, but in that Southwestern indie sort of way.  They put out a new album last September called Algiers that has been getting sold reviews.   

A couple picks…

 Friday, January 11th

lHidden Pictures at the Jackpot in Lawrence

This local band is fronted by notorious scenester Richard Gintowt, and it often features the glockenspiel, so there’s that.  They play a sunny brand of indie-pop with lots of boy-girl harmonies and playful interaction.  Check out their latest album at



Also on the bill is Heidi & the Kicking Heels as well as Electro Foam, a band from Oklahoma.

Saturday, January 12th

How about just watch KU dismantle Texas Tech at your friendly neighborhood sports bar, then grab a bite to eat before wandering around in the unseasonably warm weather.  Good enough? 


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